Sylvester Stallone Confirms Mel Gibson for ‘The Expendables 3’?

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mel gibson expendables 3 villain1 Sylvester Stallone Confirms Mel Gibson for The Expendables 3?

Mad Max versus Rocky/Rambo? That’s the showdown we’ve been teased with over the past month, thanks to rumors about Mel Gibson being cast to play the central villain in writer/star Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables 3.

Sly previously announced that the Oscar-winning actor/filmmaker had passed on the chance to direct the cheesy action-throwback flick, so it came as a bit of a surprise when Gibson’s name later reappeared as a potential new cast addition. On the other hand, Gibson’s next onscreen appearance will be that of the antagonist in director Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Kills, where he plays a madman bent on spreading anarchy across the globe. That is to say, it’s possible that Mel’s decided to have some fun (while revitalizing his career in the process), before he returns to making serious fare like his next planned directorial effort: the gruesome Viking tale Berserker.

Here is what Sly recently posted on his Twitter account:

Does this count as official confirmation that Gibson’s onboard for Expendables 3? Technically, the answer is no, but there’s very little reason to think that Stallone would intentionally mislead his fans to such a degree – if there weren’t a legitimate fire behind all the smoke, that is. Basically, if you’ve been chomping at the bit by the prospect of getting to see Gibson chew the scenery and battle Sly – along with the rest of his craggy band of muscleheads – then it sounds like your wish is going to be granted.

expendables 3 director Sylvester Stallone Confirms Mel Gibson for The Expendables 3?

Similarly, it would appear that the Expendables 3 cast will include new additions Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage and Resident Evil leading lady Milla Jovovich, in addition to (possibly) the series’ longtime holdout Steven Seagal. The plan seems to be to make Expendables 3 bigger, crazier and even more of a tongue-in-cheek affair than the last installment, similar to what Rodriguez is doing with his Machete sequel. Cast-wise, everything in place for that to happen, so now it’s up to director Patrick Hughes (Red Hill) to guide this testosterone-fueled boat to shore.

Be sure and let us know your thoughts about the cast for The Expendables 3, in addition to what you’re hoping to see in the movie (Sly brawl with Gibson, Nic Cage ham it up, etc.).


The Expendables 3 opens in U.S. theaters on August 15th, 2014.

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  1. Tom Hardy is Mad Max aswell.. “D

    • Tom Hardy is above this travesty of a movie series

      • But he did do Dark Knight Rises, which ended with him being taken out like a chump. He also did This Means War.

        • Touche (on this means war at least)

    • As much as I like Hardy, he hasn’t paid his dues enough yet to even be a consideration for this movie… unless it’s as a character that dies in the first 15 minutes.

  2. It is hard not to like the idea though I wish Mel
    was doing the kinds of projects his talents warrant.

    There is the feeling of a lost decade or more of great work.
    Mel is not the only one who has paid a price for his meltdowns.
    Every fan of his and movies in general experienced the loss as well.

    • Agreed. While not a huge fan, I DO think he’s got some talent. I was pleasantly surprised by The Beaver. And here’s hoping Berserker is something along the lines of Braveheart, which I own.

    • We very rarely disagree, Robert, and again, with this, you are spot on! Braveheart, The Patriot, The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto…he could have done so much more in recent years. Let’s hope he can control his anger management problem/bipolar disorder, and let’s pray that the hypocrites in Hollywood can learn forgiveness. I am more optimistic about the former, however, than I am the latter…

      • A lot of fine actors have tried their hand at directing film.
        Mel was the rare one who proved to have great talent
        as director and the films he could have directed
        are sadly now simply what might have been.

        Hollywood has forgiven others who arguably did
        far worse and like you I am not optimistic Jeff
        there will be a sea change in their attitude.

  3. He should play an abusive to women leader of a neo Nazi group

    • I shouldn’t address your ignorance, but perhaps you should suggest that to all the female and minority actors he has ever worked with, including his close friends Jodi Foster and Danny Glover, and see what kind of response you get from them. He is neither a racist or a sexist…he just likely suffers from an anger management problem and possibly bipolar disorder.

      Now go back to the rock you climbed out from under…

      • So people he works with say he is a good guy. However a cop pulling him over for dui he says anti semetic rant and he beats up his wife. Forgiving RDJ for being an addict is understandable , but Mek Gibson is an anti semtic women beater.

        • Jeff and Robert are fully signed up members of the Mel Gibson fan club Pete. You can’t get through to ’em. I’m not saying they condone the mans despicable behaviour but they see no wrong in him, shame really. Check out below… I’m a cowardly geek for expressing my views and it appears you now live under a rock, ah well.

          • I never said I see no wrong in him.
            All I’ve said is he should not be judged
            by wrongs he’s done which he himself regrets.

  4. Kind of off topic, but I have a hard time seeing Stallone’s character as a tough guy with the name of the big purple dinosaur (or a short blonde caveman). I wish they would have chosen a different name.

    Anyway, even though I’m not so excited about these movies any more, it’ll be interesting to see Gibson as the villain in this one.

  5. Think it’s funny how Jews have their own sub class of racism. ‘Anti semitism’. Any other ethnic group and it’s just plain old ‘racism’. And before you mention the holocaust, remember the African slaves. Or the Australian Aborigines. Native Americans.

    • +1

    • Well, ethnicity, race and religion are all different. As for anti-semitism, Jews were actually targeted for elimination by the Nazis.

  6. Mel Gibson would make an awesome villain

    • He’s great in Payback.

  7. They should make expendables 4 be the next predator film, have the predator pick off the crew one by one to lean down the cast for the expendables 5. after all, the first predator was like an expendables film for its time.

    • Interesting point. I’d love to see that.

  8. I think Gibson would make a great bad guy for Sly and the guys

    • “Sly and the guys” is a great phrase.

  9. Point blank refuse to watch anything with the hairy short arse (Gibson ) in it. The mans a grade A scum bucket. The historical errors in Braveheart made the film unwatchable for me, I’ve never made it to the end. And as for The Patriot, presenting a violent slave trader who indulged in the casual genocide of Native Americans and holding him up as some kind of freedom fighter is just reprehensible. Also likening the Brits to Nazis, the first nation to fight back against them is a diabolical liberty. I could go on but, needless to say I’d pay good money to rip his jawbone out his face and shove it up his…

    • You should look in the mirror, Trent, when pointing your finger. You sound like a real “brute”. I’d love to see Mel take you up on you offer. Those who speak so boldly on the internet often do so because, in real life, they aren’t so menacing. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a skinny college freshman who thinks you know everything, nods in agreement with everything your professors say, and are afraid to speak up yourself…

      • Fair point Jeff, I often lambast keyboard warriors and I feel I did let myself down there, went a bit too far. Caught up in the moment, not that that an excuse. apologies to all for bringing down the discussion, will try to keep myself in check hence forth.
        I’m no geeky freshman though (not sure what that is I’m afraid), I’m a 6.2″ rugby playing London fire fighter who stays up too late. And slapping around a man whose a lot smaller then me is hardly covering myself in glory. Think I’ll lay off the red meat for a bit.

        • Well done, Trent, for apologizing. Now I hope you can appreciate how, in a fit, we can sometimes do or say things that we do not really mean and later regret. Add alcohol and a mild mental disorder into the mix, and I hope you can also understand Mel’s problem. I truly don’t believe he has a racist or sexist bone in his body, as evidenced by all of his friends and coworkers through the years, but rather, an anger management problem and/or bipolar disorder. I don’t know what religious persuasion you are, but if Christian, than you should also hold some forgiveness in your heart, as you may need it yourself one day…

          • I have often thought of that combustible mixture too.
            A moment of anger fueled by alcoholism and uncontrolled
            rage would certainly amplify an ordinary slip into a major fall.
            Add the media spotlight of being a worldwide star together
            with its inevitable distortions of what actually happened.

            • Fair enough fellas, I know your comments come from a good place and your right. A little forgiveness would certainly do us all some good. I doth my cap.

              • I’m chiming in to say: “Good on all of ya! ” We need more discussions like this on the ‘rant !!

  10. Will Danny Glover be on his team of assassins?

    • No. He’s too old for that s***.

      • :)

      • Danny is the same age as Stallone.
        These films are about denying reality.

        • So is religious bigotry and hiding behind cameras to rewrite history.

          • Oh, Trent…why don’t you try letting go of YOUR hatred. The man is an actor/director, and a talented one at that, who happens to have an anger management problem and possibly bipolar disorder. If he’s such a “bigot”, then why are people like Jodie Foster, a known atheist and lesbian, and Danny Glover, a black man, such good friends with him? You should really look in the mirror and start working on your own problems, such as your “holier-than-thou” complex…


          • In addition to the points on Mel’s friends Jeff has stated,
            there is the case of one of the biggest stars Mel has lighted.

            That of Robert Downey, Jr., who has said it was
            Mel Gibson who taught him about second chances.

            After jail with his long history of substance abuse and
            work unreliability, Downy was made uninsurable and
            therefore unemployable by anyone in Hollywood.

            Mel Gibson reached out to Downey and cast him
            in the The Singing Detective, insuring Downey personally
            at great expense to help and instrumentally restore his career.

            This is what Robert had to say about Mel recently on the Today show:

            “The truth is, he and I have a friendship that spans well over two decades, and he’s a stand-up guy; he always has been for me.
            There’s the reality of what happens to people and the mistakes that they make and the journeys they’re on, and then there’s the media, and then there’s everyone’s opinion. The way I honor my friendship with him is by not getting too involved in whatever the public discussion is.”

            What’s good enough for Robert Downey, Jr. is good enough for me.
            The kind of friend Mel is is the measure of the man and not
            any drunken rant when out of control and irrational.

            • @Jeff and Robert
              I could not have said it better. :)

            • I’m letting go, I’m letting go…. Jeff, Robert how about that second chance?

              • Apology accepted, Trent.
                We all say things at times
                we would like to take back.

              • Same here, Trent. With your comments both above and here, apology accepted!


      • @Jobin

  11. Crazy Riggs back in action!

  12. I reallllly want Berserker to be made!

    • I’ve been waiting for that one, too! I think, if made, it will be awesome. As you can see from some of the comments above, however, there are still people who would rather throw rocks at Gibson than let him perform his craft…

      • William Wallace ran away from the battle field TWICE and ransacked as many Irish and Scottish villages as he did English. The barn burning scene in The Patriot simply didn’t happen. It did happen in Nazi occupied France though. People walk away from cinemas thinking this stuff actually happened and when you misrepresent history that’s a bad route to go down. And when it’s a blatant insult to your own country you can’t help but take personally. I’m sure most of you guys would feel the same way. If your going to make an ‘historical’ film, at least respect the facts. I don’t see this as a ‘holier than thou attitude’.
        Still, I shouldn’t have said what I said. My bad, as you say.

        • All true, Trent, but Mel is f-a-r from the only one embellishing things for the movie screen, and most of us are aware that writers and directors take a certain “artistic license” with their story telling.

          • True, true. Irksome though, isn’t it?

  13. Glad to hear mel might in it. He would make a great villain. Can’t wait to see what happens next

  14. Martin Riggs and Ray Tango……. lol.

  15. Just make one more Lethal Weapon please :(

  16. really cool lol !!!!

  17. Yes!!! now we need Carl Weathers, and Kurt Russel and we will be set.

  18. Did I mention I don’t care for the man… Oops, sorry Jeff, Rob.
    I’m letting go… I’m letting go. Breath in and breath out…

    • Just get a stress ball to squeeze…


      • Lol

  19. Martin Riggs vs. John McClane showdown

  20. They should go the rout that Fast and Furious took.

    The first couple of ff films were crap really but had hot women and cars. More of the same and the franchise would have ended long ago.

    The expendable 1 and 2 has worked for pure nostalgia reasons but we have that in both of those films.

    What the franchise needs is not to go over the top silly but to get their hands on a decent story. One that gives some actual background to a couple of characters. A problem we can believe in and some actual stakes.

    Get a story not more slapstick. Or this series is dead in the water.

    • My point with ff is that they started coming up with some semblance of a story. The films actually started to take some shape.

  21. It will be good to see Mel Gibson work with Stallone, Schwarzenegger and the rest of the cast. Sly get kurt Russell for this or the next one.

    • Kurt Russell would be AWESOME !

  22. Kurt Russell hell yeah, and WE cannot forget Carl Weathers, he was in Predator with Arnold S, and the Rocky films with Sly so why the hesitation on these two characters, should be no brainer.

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