‘Expendables 3′ Roll Call Trailer: The Whole Gang is Here

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It’s not all “just” super-powered heroes, robotic aliens, intergalactic warriors, and mutant reptiles, as far as what the Summer 2014 action movie crop has to offer. There’s also some nice vintage machismo to choose from, as is presented this year in the form of The Expendables 3: the third installment in the Sly Stallone (and his buddies) throwback franchise.

Every one of the Expendables films has been sold on the size and combined strength of their ensemble cast (in terms of the player’s literal muscle and remaining box office draw). This upcoming third chapter has upped the body count even higher, in order to incorporate some “fresh blood” in the shapes of old-school tough guys and some well-sculpted youth on the side. Hence, Lionsgate unveiled 16 different character posters for the movie’s individual main players earlier this week.

Similarly, a second trailer for Expendables 3 has been released online – you can watch it above thanks to Yahoo! Movies - though, much like the first teaser, this preview is primarily concerned with reminding you of all the name actors who are onboard for this installment. There is some actual footage from the movie this time, however, and while it’s not enough to properly gauge director Patrick Hughes’ (Red Hill) visual approach, what we do see appears to be shinier, smoother around the edges, and overall polished than some of the cinematography from previous Expendables movies.

expendables 3 trailer Expendables 3 Roll Call Trailer: The Whole Gang is Here

Expendables 1 arguably went overboard on the herky-jerky camerawork/editing, while Expendables 2 featured better-staged action and set pieces, though also distractingly grainy imagery at times. The director of photography on Expendables 3 is Peter Menzies Jr., who also shot The Incredible Hulk and Clash of the Titans (2010); those films were usually pretty solid as far as visual clarity goes (well, unless you watched Clash in 3D anyway), and in the “Roll Call” trailer what little action footage we see looks to have been filmed at spacious angles – the kind that may better allow you to appreciate Sly and Co. blowing up/shooting everything in sight.

Stallone co-wrote Expendables 3 with Katrin Benedikt and Creighton Rothenberger, the duo behind last year’s fun 1990s throwback Olympus Has Fallen, which bodes well for their work on this vintage action franchise. Add that to a bigger (and badder) cast and – fingers crossed – better direction, and if this is indeed the “last ride” for this series, then it seems things may well go out with an impressive bang.


The Expendables 3 opens in U.S. theaters on August 15th, 2014.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. Being written by the guys who wrote “Olympus Has Fallen,” one of the absolute worst and laziest movies I’ve ever seen in my entire life, makes me a little worried. But I’m hoping for the best. If it’s half as good as the second one, it’ll be great!

  2. Anyone else thinking fast & furious when the trailer started? looked like the FF logo

    • yeah, the same type font and effect, also looks like the avengers

      • Cookie cutter marketing for cookie cutter movies. ;)

        • I dont get people who look down upon the expendables,I enjoy both of them. hell, the Avengers is just the expendables in masks

          • Me Neither man. Yea they’re cheesy, and over the top, but that is the best thing about action movies. If you can’t enjoy a Arny one-liner, then I pity you. I think the expendables movies are awesome, for what it is. Sometimes you just gotta realize what you’re about to watch, and not look at it like its trying to win an Oscar, or win any award related to acting, or plot lol

            • I don’t look down on The Expendables. I enjoy them a lot and own the first two on Blu-ray. But that doesn’t change the fact that they crank them out like on an assembly line and that they are always very samey. The same is true for the Marvel movies, which I love. They are still cookie cutter products, otherwise we wouldn’t have 10 of those movies in 6 years.

          • The first 2 Expendables movies were terrible!

        • Lol, so true but yet I wanna see this!

  3. I don’t like their individual posters looking all smiley like they are in a comedy movie or something, like everything’s a joke. Show serious badass look please! :(

    • I hate to go Cpt. Obvious on you, but this all IS a joke… Have you not noticed how both movies are pretty much comedies with action mixed in? Honestly, if they were not comedies, they are really poorly made action movies. So many puns and references to their own movies… I liked both of them, but let’s be real, they were never meant to be taken seriously…

  4. I’m still bummed that Bruce Willis isn’t in it anymore.
    But I’ll still see it.

  5. This. Looks. AWESOME!

  6. I don’t get the Antonio Banderas casting

    • Banderas has an impressive catalog of action movies under his belt. Assassins (in which he costarred w/ Stallone), Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, 13th Warrior, The Legend of Zorro, Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, Evita.

      Okay, not Evita.

      • Puss in Boots :3

  7. it’s rumoured that this is stallone’s last movie, so he might get killed in the end (suiting the ‘darker tone’ he said he would be ‘copying’ from the raid). plus there are the other lesser known rumours that crews will also bit the dust.

    to kinda back up these theories, if you look at the imdb page for expendables 4, neither stallone or crews are listed as possible cast, when one would think at least sly would be there… if they kill of the main character, then they’ve got a pair and if they can make things as fun as ex2, then i’m a happy camper :3

  8. If they go up against Gibson no way it can just wrap up with Sly walking away from a pnch up. There has to be a serious cost. Like a loss of limb/s or his life in the process.

    Mel Gibson is way to cool to just lose in a fight. They need some clever angle to spin this.

    Maybe Gibson is victorious and walks off as leader of The Expendables.

  9. ‘Olympus has Fallen,’ was Amazing compared to the horrible campy ‘White House Down,’ of last years action flicks. Actor Gerard Butler is so much better than Channing Tatum as an action star. I Hope Butler joins the next ‘Expendables,’ along with Jackie Chan. The more I see of this movie, I’m glad that Sylvester Stallone ca still get his buddies to bring action flicks back.

  10. Curious to see what the tone of this film will be, more like the first, the second, somewhere in between, or something new… (I’ve enjoyed these thus far, so short of them going into ‘scary movie’ territory, it should be good.)

  11. I’ll be seeing this when it comes out in August. I also hope they can continue after this third one.

    If they do, they should bring in:

    Dwayne Johnson
    Jackie Chan
    Nicolas Cage
    Samuel L. Jackson
    John Travolta
    Russell Crowe
    Liam Neeson
    Terrance Stamp (would make a pretty badass villain)

    • oh and make Jackie Chan and Jet Li fight for real this time their last movie together wasnt that great.

      and also bring in:

      Brad Pitt
      Mr. T
      Carl Weathers
      Robert De Niro
      Alfred Molina
      Steven Seagal

  12. hell yeah baby