Nic Cage Attached to ‘Expendables 3′; Clint Eastwood & Harrison Ford In Talks

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nicolas cage ghost rider spirit vengeance Nic Cage Attached to Expendables 3; Clint Eastwood & Harrison Ford In Talks

The Expendables 2 opens this weekend and is expected to dominate the competition, meaning Expendables 3 is more an inevitability than a far-fetched hope. Series producer Avi Lerner says they’ve already attached Nicolas Cage to play a character in the threequel – assuming it gets the green light (again, the odds are in its favor).

Lerner is also confirming that grizzled acting icons Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford have been approached to join the Expendables crew for their third go-round. While that means the two are “in talks,” it should be emphasized their discussions are preliminary (so hold off on telling your friends that Dirty Harry and Indiana Jones are in a movie that features Rocky, Terminator, and The Transporter).

Cage was rumored for Expendables 2 last year, but that casting possibility did not come to fruition for undisclosed reasons (the actor was busy starring in as many B-movies as possible). Hence, it’s not surprising that a deal was worked out for Cage to join the third Expendables installment. We’ve heard rumblings that another previously-sought candidate, Steven Seagal could also sign up for Expendables 3 – in addition, Antonio Banderas has said he’s open to the idea, after passing on Expendables 2 due to his hectic schedule.

Lerner informed Total Film about Cage being up for Expendables 3, along with news of gestating deals with Eastwood and Ford. The former emerges from semi-retirement in next month’s Trouble with the Curve, where he portrays another age-appropriate curmudgeon; it’s the sort of role Eastwood and Ford prefer nowadays, and Expendables 3 should offer just that. The threequel may be a bit too, well… stupid low-brow (not, per se, in a bad way) for Eastwood, so Ford seems the more likely to actually accept.

expendables 3 eastwood ford Nic Cage Attached to Expendables 3; Clint Eastwood & Harrison Ford In Talks

Eastwood and Ford are wanted for 'The Expendables 3'

Expendables 2 adds vintage action movie icons Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme to the mix, while also upping the screen time for Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The sequel is being touted as closer to Sylvester Stallone’s vision for the first film, with more bromance, old-fashioned killing, references to its cast’s back-catalogue – and, of course, explosions galore. It’s not exactly a recipe for a critical darling, but the “bigger and badder” mantra seems to work for Expendables 2 (and thus, logically, should be carried over for Expendables 3)

Wesley Snipes is also on the wanted list for Expendables 3, though Lerner admits they’re waiting for the Blade actor to finish his current prison sentence before they can actually make an official offer (he’s up for release in July of 2013). Moreover, Mickey Rourke was not brought back for Expendables 2, but could return in Part 3 – so long as “he won’t be too crazy,” says Lerner. There’s increased demand for all aging action stars to sign on for Expendables 3, as it could be the finale.

The Expendables 2 opens in theaters this Friday.

We’ll keep you updated on The Expendables 3 as the story develops.


Source: Total Film

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  1. Nonononooo….

    No Cage, No Ford.

    Save Eastwood to play Rambo’s father in the next movie. And yes, I know, according to the lore R. Rambo is supposed to be a Native American, but that hasn’t stopped anyone else from stretching their acting chops now has it?!

  2. I would love to see Clint Eastwood,Stephen Seagal,Mel Gibson, and Harrison Ford in the third film.


    • Carl Weathers is the man.

      • yes weathers should be a bad guy .. why not just make the fn movie expendables vs predator ???

      • nah Weathers is too busy tryin to get a stew on…

  4. I need The immoratl Carl Weathers, Jackie Chane, Kurt Russel and Steven Segal.

    And lets not forget the ladies. Sigourney Weaver, Pam Grier, Michelle Yeoh and Lucy Lawless!!

    • ^All awesome suggestions as well, especially Jackie Chan.

      • no thanks to chan .. unless you are gonna add chris tucker … im sure eddie murphy is wrtiing stallone right now hoping to reprise his axel foley character ..

        • Add Bolo Yeung

    • how about pierce brosnan in the mix while were at it

  5. A CGI Bruce Lee, Hulk Hogan, Seagal, Mark Dacascos, Jackie Chan, Russle, Gibson, Ford, Christopher Lambert, Chow Yun Fat

  6. We need Jackie Chan, ad Michael Biehn.

  7. I think they should bring in Mr. T and Carl Weathers. Then all the memorable Rocky villains will be in ONE FILM. How awesome would that be?

    Anyway, if they add all those actors they mentioned, I think it’s going to get a bit too bloated.

  8. Please review the proper use and spelling of the phrase ‘per se’. No wonder you’ve seen both Expendables movies.

    • My apologies for not catching that, thanks for pointing it out.

      It’s been corrected.

    • @E.F. – While I appreciate you pointing out the grammar error, I don’t appreciate you making backhanded insults at our authors.

      It IS possible to point out errors without coming across like a jerk.

      Paul Young – Moderator

  9. Ron Perlman, Vin Diesal, The Rock, maybe Tom Jane, Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones. But They Should Have R. Lee Ermey. It would be the single most manliest movie ever. Eastwood, Ford, and Cage should be in this movie.

    • will smith wants 50 mil per movie .. not gonna happen.

    • I would say if they include Tom cruz,Brock lesnar,pierce brosnan,& all Filipino action movie star…

  10. It would be great to have MR.T, Carl Weathers, Hulk Hogan and maybe Robert De Nero and Al Pacino with Clint Eastwood. I think having Nicolas Cage is a disaster.

    • OOOOOOOOh, De Niro, Pacino and Eastwood in a movie. Now you’re talkin’. But it would have to be a drama with action, not an action flick. That would be the s***!

      • Oops, I got censored. That would be super awesome. Is that better?

  11. they will never get eastwood or ford, eastwood i think is retired from acting and only does sophisticated films(drama/documentary etc.)

    Ford does all sorts of roles but apparently he’s got an ego(impression i get from some things i’ve heard)so he may mot be the center of attention he’s used to being or his potential co stars may not be A enough for him

    they’re better off asking Mel Gibson or Jackie Chan

    they should try to get Gene Hackman as a Villain,he makes an excellent douche…tommy lee jones would also be good as a villain same as hackman

  12. What About Steven Seagal

  13. Oh yeah and Kurt Russell


  15. keanu reeves , MORGAN FREEMAN , burt reynolds ,

  16. Eastwood should play Bruce Wayne, That’s right.

    Bolo Yeung should have been in part 2 with Van Damme.

  17. I think these should be the cast for the 3rd one.
    Van Damme
    De Niro
    Lee Jones
    D. Johnson
    yeah a CGI Lee
    Dean Morgan

    Oh yes there’s a lot and the producer has limits with his money.
    BUT since it will be the last one might as well put em all in one movie right? besides i think that if they put all of em in there, the movie will sell like bigtime :P

  18. I think I will trust Stallone to handle getting the right people, or we could come up a list of every action movie actor and get totally unreal with our expectations

  19. I heard theres a producer of the exspendables that has a big problem with steven seagal. Thats why seagal hasnt been in either movie yet.I hope sly stallone by some chance gets steven seagal for a major role in Ex 3.
    I thought seagal played a good bad guy in machete and he would be cool in my opinion as the bad guy for Ex 3.

  20. Clint Eastwood
    Bolo Yueng
    Wesley Snipes
    Rutger Hauer
    Michael Dudikoff (from American ninja movies)
    Carl Weathers
    Tommy Lee Jones
    Gene Hackman
    Kurt Russell
    Michael Jai White
    Tom Cruise
    John Saxon
    John Amos
    Mark Dacascus
    Morgan Freeman
    Steven Seagal
    Robert Ginty (the exterminator – ala CGI)
    William Katt
    Val Kilmer

    I just hope whomever they sign on for the 3rd installment that it has a great story. Looking forward to seeing part 2 this weekend.

  21. Kurt Russell is a must, perhaps wheel out Charles Bronson but Harrison Ford is a big ‘no’ for me, he never really did the ‘kick ass’ movies of the late 80′s and early 90′s. Perhaps Tom Seleck for Magnum should be in and I agree with Clint Eastwood as long as he as ice cool like Dirty Harry. Stick Tom Cruse in for a laugh and also that guy from Goodfellas – Ray Liotta

  22. Would love to see Danny Trejo in Exp 3. Make a great villain. :P

    • Helloooooooooo! I have always felt he doesn’t get nearly the recognition he deserves!

  23. sean connery for a part as wel

  24. phil mitchell for a part aswell

  25. Ok guys here’s the movie that will end all this:
    Matt Damon as a CIA operative framed for killing a government operative (Harrison Ford) and on the run to find out who framed him. Along the way, he helps a few fugitives, led by Denzel Washington, with Russell Crowe as the Medal of Honor winner turned fugitive, Christian Bale as the fugitive who is detached because a woman (Anne Hathaway) left him, Sean Bean as a mysterious fugitive who turns out to be a double agent, Jeremy Renner as the rebel, Tom Hardy as the comical fugitive, and Joseph Gordon Levitt as the young, naive fugitive. Mila Kunis as Gordon Levitt’s bartending girlfriend, Brooklyn Decker as Damon’s fiancee.
    Anthony Hopkins as the corrupt CIA deputy director, Natalie Portman as the task force chief, Morgan Freeman as the police commissioner, Will Smith as the detective, Gerard Butler as the district attorney, Liam Neeson as the director of the CIA, Keira Knightley as Ford’s daughter.
    Al Pacino as a ruthless mob boss, Robert De Niro as the consigliere, Joe Pesci as the brutal enforcer, Ray Liotta as Pacino’s son, James Gandolfini, Paul Sorvino, and Frank Vincent as the other mobsters.
    Martin Scorsese directs, Chris Nolan produces, Francis Ford Coppolla, Paul Greengrass, Irwin Winkler, Doug Liman, and Jonah Nolan executive produce, Christopher Rouse edits, Wally Pfister cinematographs, Hans Zimmer scores, U2, Bon Jovi, Journey, and Survivor sing.
    Any suggestions?

  26. They also need to snag Gibson, Russell & Travolta…

  27. I know he’s more of a newcomer to action, but Liam Neeson would f****** own in Expendables.

    • Fuh sho’!


  29. To one of the above posters. Charles Bronson passed away in 03. While it would be great to see him in the third Expendables. Its unfortunately Physically impossible. Jackie Chan, Carl Weathers, Danny Glover {he can have one of his lines, Im to old for this s***}, Wesley Snipes, and Donnie Yen are my picks for the next onel. Leave Fat idiot Sea Food Seagal out of it.