Nic Cage Attached to ‘Expendables 3′; Clint Eastwood & Harrison Ford In Talks

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nicolas cage ghost rider spirit vengeance Nic Cage Attached to Expendables 3; Clint Eastwood & Harrison Ford In Talks

The Expendables 2 opens this weekend and is expected to dominate the competition, meaning Expendables 3 is more an inevitability than a far-fetched hope. Series producer Avi Lerner says they’ve already attached Nicolas Cage to play a character in the threequel – assuming it gets the green light (again, the odds are in its favor).

Lerner is also confirming that grizzled acting icons Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford have been approached to join the Expendables crew for their third go-round. While that means the two are “in talks,” it should be emphasized their discussions are preliminary (so hold off on telling your friends that Dirty Harry and Indiana Jones are in a movie that features Rocky, Terminator, and The Transporter).

Cage was rumored for Expendables 2 last year, but that casting possibility did not come to fruition for undisclosed reasons (the actor was busy starring in as many B-movies as possible). Hence, it’s not surprising that a deal was worked out for Cage to join the third Expendables installment. We’ve heard rumblings that another previously-sought candidate, Steven Seagal could also sign up for Expendables 3 – in addition, Antonio Banderas has said he’s open to the idea, after passing on Expendables 2 due to his hectic schedule.

Lerner informed Total Film about Cage being up for Expendables 3, along with news of gestating deals with Eastwood and Ford. The former emerges from semi-retirement in next month’s Trouble with the Curve, where he portrays another age-appropriate curmudgeon; it’s the sort of role Eastwood and Ford prefer nowadays, and Expendables 3 should offer just that. The threequel may be a bit too, well… stupid low-brow (not, per se, in a bad way) for Eastwood, so Ford seems the more likely to actually accept.

expendables 3 eastwood ford Nic Cage Attached to Expendables 3; Clint Eastwood & Harrison Ford In Talks

Eastwood and Ford are wanted for 'The Expendables 3'

Expendables 2 adds vintage action movie icons Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme to the mix, while also upping the screen time for Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The sequel is being touted as closer to Sylvester Stallone’s vision for the first film, with more bromance, old-fashioned killing, references to its cast’s back-catalogue – and, of course, explosions galore. It’s not exactly a recipe for a critical darling, but the “bigger and badder” mantra seems to work for Expendables 2 (and thus, logically, should be carried over for Expendables 3)

Wesley Snipes is also on the wanted list for Expendables 3, though Lerner admits they’re waiting for the Blade actor to finish his current prison sentence before they can actually make an official offer (he’s up for release in July of 2013). Moreover, Mickey Rourke was not brought back for Expendables 2, but could return in Part 3 – so long as “he won’t be too crazy,” says Lerner. There’s increased demand for all aging action stars to sign on for Expendables 3, as it could be the finale.

The Expendables 2 opens in theaters this Friday.

We’ll keep you updated on The Expendables 3 as the story develops.


Source: Total Film

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  1. I want Kiefer Sutherland as bad guy!

  2. Get Jackie Chan!!!

    • Jackie Chan actually talked about the Expendables franchise at the Comic-Con panel for his new film:

      In short: he’s been too busy in the past, but he’s open to showing up in EX3 (IF he can manage his schedule, that is).

    • Oh yes!

    • I agree. Now they’re just scraping the bottom of the barrel. Harrison Ford? Really? I thought this was supposed to be about REAL action heroes.

      You haven’t got Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan or Carl Weathers on board, and you’re talking to Harrison Ford? Hell, even Mr. T has a more valid claim.

  3. RUN Mr. Eastwood!! RUN Mr. Ford!! Run fast as you can AWAY from Expendables 3! Please!!

  4. Eastwood and Ford?! That would be amazing!
    Don’t care about Nick Cage though.

  5. Should be cool, loved the first movie and I’m going to the second one on release so the more the merrier.

    Plus it’s about time Ford and Eastwood were in a decent movie again, it’s been too long for either of them.

    • Yeah and it will be even longer for them to get in a good movie if you considered Expendable an oscar worthy movie?

      • He never said anything about Oscar worthy…just decent. These movies are made purely for action value nothing else and thats why they’re are decent movies. If you watch the previews they are sold as nothing more than shoot-em-up, over-the-top, kill-all-badguys, movies. How many of the guys in these movies have been considered for an oscar nom (Eastwood excluded)? First one was awesome, second one will be awesome, and third one will be awesome. Mostly because men love ridiculous action movies. I will see them all.

        • Um, trust and believe… we ladies love them, too.

  6. I still can’t believe that these movies are getting made, as a kid me and my friends would sit around and day dream of these actors all starring in a movie together, imagine Van Damme fighting Stallone and Arnie, yeah right, like that would ever happen!

    And yet here we are on a sequal! Can’t wait to see this movie, think this will be the most all round satisfying film of the year, all boxes ticked!

  7. Would be cool to have Lou Ferrigno in E3 too.

  8. Kurt Russell!!!!

    • Agreed!!
      Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favorite movies.

  9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!!!

    • AMEN!

  10. lol idk about clint eastwood. i mean, i’m a fan but this guy is SERIOUSLY old. like, really old lol. but i’d def check it out if he’s in it.

    • just googled it…clint eastwood is 82 years old! who knows how old he’ll be when part 3 comes out!

      • as long as he is physically able, why the hell not?!

      • He still would probably kick your ass! He is CLINT EASTWOOD for God’s sake he is still in great shape and he it cooler most of the world will ever be. There is a saying to you will never be as cool as a old black musician, Eastwood is that cool.

        • Clint Eastwood took two big dumps some years back and they grew up to be Chuck Norris and Vin Diesel. He will dominate even at his age.

      • Okay, well how about Bill Hader AS Clint Eastwood a la SNL? LOL!

  11. Listen, the Expendables is made up of a bunch of B movie action stars (Chuck Norris, Van Damme, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, to name a few) and 80s action heroes (Stallone, Arnold, Willis). I think the additions of Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford are welcome, Eastwood more than Ford, but they are both much better actors than the others in there and Ford is a much better actor than Eastwood. But still, this is better than what both these stars have done since the 90s. I mean, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci could also use something like this but then again they’re getting a better opportunity with Martin Scorsese in The Irishman in a few years. Nicholas Cage is an overrated actor, I thought National Treasure was a pretty good movie with a great villain (Sean Bean, who else?) but Cage didn’t do well in the lead role and usually overacts like his counterparts Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio.


  13. No problem with Eastwood or Ford but I’d much rather see Kurt Russell,Sean Bean and Mel Gibson.

    Cage = meh.

  14. You guys talk about the age of these actors as a bad thing. Just imagine how great in the movie, “The Shootist”, the ending fight scene would have been if along with the man who played “Palidin” and “Wyatt Erp” had the “The Man with no-name” in it. Those actors were Richard Boone (ALAMO), Hugh O’Brian, and of course Clint Eastwood. What about all those stars that appeared in “The Longest Day” young and old. The added to the film and didn’t detract from it.

    You know the best part for an actor is when he has given his all, he literally dies on stage, and gets a standing ovation.

  15. I can’t imagine Eastwood or Ford doing it. I could be good cameos I guess. That being said, Eastwood and Ford together in something could be pretty cool. Nic Cage is a huge box office risk, I’d be scared to get him, though he apparently has no shortage of projects.

  16. Wesley Snipes, The Rock, Michael Jai White and Steven Segal would be dope addition IMO. If you wanna really take it back to the 80s, you gotta get Carl Weathers in there.

  17. I definitely agree that they should add in Kurt Russell for part 3.

    I would also like 2 see them bring in Michael ironside as a villian.I’ve always been a fan of his work.

    • He really does make a great villain. He’d be a great addition, especially since he ALWAYS seemed to play the part of the villain in the 80′s.

  18. One word get liam neeson on board and jackie chan now that would be amazing

  19. Wow, some of my favorite actors of all time might be in part 3 the biggest piece-of-$h!t movie franchise ever… sad.

    I for one hope this does not happen.

    • They’re talked of as potentials for The Expendables 3, not The Hangover 3.

      • Well, the first Hangover was pretty funny. The first Expendables was cr@p-tastic. But that’s just my opinion. I know people love this Expendables garbage… far be it from me to put down someones favorite movie.
        I just think the entire concept is born out of laziness and greed. Hey, just like The Hangover 2! ;)

  20. o.k. i thought m.rourke will be the reason for the revenge of the exp.. so,let´s wait and see.

  21. Clint Eastwood, awesome a real legend.

  22. Why are some people so down on Nic Cage above? He’s had plenty of stinkers but then again he is freaking awesome when he plays a a crazy, psychotic dude, i guess since his overacting can be hid from that type of role. Him as the next villian would be epic.

    • He just plays the “crazy, psychotic dude” way too much – it’s over saturation.

  23. Lets face it, it was cool to check out the first movie just one time. Now they adding alllll these actors and the plot is going to get even more watered down.

  24. Can’t wait to see who they cast in the reboot of these movies. Matt Damon and Renner are probably already in. Vin Disel, the Rock and everyone from Fast and Furious. Ryan Reynolds will sneak his way it too……

  25. Why no love for Carl Weathers ? Granted he was not a huge star in the 80s but given his appearances in the Rocky films, and Predator he would be a great addition to the cast and serve as nod to Arnold and Sly’s most popular films.

  26. They need to get some FEMALE action represented. Not just throw in a pretty girl, but female leads that have proven they can at least APPEAR physically or violently intimidating. Particularly from the 80′s, Cynthia Rothrock, Lucy Lawless, Linda Hamilton, Pam Grier even “newer” (post 80′s) gals like Jennifer Garner or Sarah Michelle Gellar. DO IT!

    Coming Soon… “The Expendagals”

  27. They should get linda hamilton … that would be boossss

  28. Linda Hamilton, Carl “Action Jackson” Weathers, Brian Thompson (The Night Slasher in Cobra). They should really lay it on thick with the 80′s action guys.

    Jackie Chan as a serious bad guy would be pretty damn sweet if done right.

    Someone mentioned Michael Ironside, great pick. Him and Kurtwood Smith would do nicely.

  29. I haven’t seen either 1 or 2 but if they get Clyde the ape to team up with Clint Eastwood again I would consider watching.