Mel Gibson Confirmed to Play ‘Expendables 3′ Villain; Antonio Banderas Joins the Cast

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mel gibson expendables 3 Mel Gibson Confirmed to Play Expendables 3 Villain; Antonio Banderas Joins the Cast

He’s been rumored for months now, but today we have official confirmation that Mel Gibson – who plays a cartoonish megalomaniacal villain in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez feature¬†Machete Kills – will also portray the antagonist in next year’s The Expendables 3.

Moreover, the third entry in the action throwback franchise that is Expendables – once again starring and written by Sylvester Stallone – has added yet another 1990s icon of the machismo sub-genre to its cast – in the shape of the El Mariachi and (former) Zorro himself, Antonio Banderas.

Gibson’s name entered the Expendables 3 conversation when Stallone asked his Twitter followers if they wanted the Oscar-winner to direct (i.e. before Patrick Hughes landed the job). Most everyone knows about Gibson’s personal life issues over the past decade – in terms of how the public backlash affected his Hollywood career – but he could be positioned for a professional comeback. That may start with Machete Kills, based on how the most recent trailer suggests that Mel will serve up a thick slice of hammy fun in the Grindhouse-spinoff sequel.

Thanks to EW, we now have official confirmation from Stallone that he’s recruited the original Mad Max to appear in Expendables 3 – after Sly not-so-ambiguously teased the possibility about a month back;¬†EW also has the exclusive on Banderas signing up as a cast member. Appropriately, Banderas’ next onscreen appearance will be alongside Gibson in Machete Kills, where the former plays “Gregorio Cortez.” (Readers with good memories: you may recall when Banderas admitted to having been approached by Stallone about starring in Expendables 2.)

antonio banderas expendables 3 Mel Gibson Confirmed to Play Expendables 3 Villain; Antonio Banderas Joins the Cast

Banderas isn’t the only longtime name on Stallone’s Expendables cast wish list that have joined the party for round three. Earlier this week, Sly revealed that Harrison Ford will make an appearance; in addition, it seems that Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes have been secured as cast members for the movie. However, we are currently awaiting for confirmation either way, with regard to the rumor about Steven Seagal saying yes to an Expendables role – though, Nicolas Cage himself said that he probably won’t be working on the project (assuming he’s telling the truth…).

With all the new cast additions – plus returning players like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis (read: the story behind him being replaced) – there is more than a fair chance that some of them will be used in a rather limited capacity in the third Expendables installment (a la Chuck Norris’ glorified cameo in Expendables 2). Having said that: so long as the third movie continues to embrace the cheeky fun and self-aware ludicrous tone of the sequel, then it seems fair to assume that fans and moviegoers in general will be getting their money’s worth.

Are you excited to see Mel Gibson play the baddie in The Expendables 3? How do you like the other recent casting announcements?


The Expendables 3 opens in U.S. theaters on August 15th, 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. Cool. But they still need to get Wesley Snipes and Kurt Russell aboard somehow!

    • AGREED 100%!!!

    • WS is going to be in it. I haven’t heard any speculation about KS’s involvement. Maybe, he’ll be in it if there is an EXP 4.

      • Oh, Snipes is in? I must have missed (or forgotten) that. Awesome!

        • Yeah, he’s definitely going to be in it. Sly offered Snipes the role soon after he got out of prison.

  2. YES! HELL YEAH!!!!!! :D Go Crazy Riggs!!!!!!!! (Lethal Weapon)

  3. Glad bruce the jackass wilis has gone.

  4. Awesome Mel is in!!! Yeah!!! now we need Kurt Russel and Carl Weather

  5. SWEET!

  6. No Jet Li? Damn.. It would’ve (would be) awesome to have him and Chan together on the same screen!

    • Jet is back

    • Jet’s one of THE expendables. he’s not going anywhere.

  7. just rewatched Expendables 2.. probably the best made movie of 2012. i mean what else could you ask for? great directing, best actors available, and amazing special effects. can’t wait until part 3… just praying that they add ralph maccho!

    • Hope that was sarcasm.

      • I suspected as much, but actually replied in earnest. ;)

    • Best made? Nah… I would give that title to either Prometheus or Dredd. Expendables 2 was up there, though.

      • You guys must not wafch many movie, best made prometheus or dredd? How about oscar movies like silver linings playbool amd lifr of pi.

        • You are kidding right? you apparently dont get out much.

  8. no serious. maybe not best overall made but best action movie of 2012! and who wouldn’t want the Karate Kid kicking some a$$ with Sly and Friends

    • best actors available though…give or take a few

  9. i heard that just now awesome !!!

  10. love the additions.

  11. awesome. His gonna make a sick villain

  12. With this cast this one has the potential to be the best of the lot but
    I hope Sly doesn’t write himself taking out Mel mano a mano in the end.

  13. I’ve seen Chan and Li on the same screen before, and it wasn’t that jaw dropping feeling that I was expecting.I would like to put my two cents worth on Bruce Willies’s feeling’s for wanting more money. First off I, I can TOTALLY agree with him if he hadn’t been in a movie in over five year’s; but the guys been in several over the course of 5 year’s, and to demand THAT much per day is crazy, I mean he was already supposed to get Roughly $3 million for four day’s work. It simply shows me that he doesn’t care what might the fans want. Personaly I was hoping for the ExP3 to have the majority of big time late 80′s and 90′s stars; I feel Sly wishes to do the same, I mean it’s almost as all us fans want it also. I’m not a HUGE fan of the ExP movies, but I am a HUGE fan of the whole cast on the exception of Chuck Norris; also I do like the idea of former action stars showing this generation and mine that they’re still thinking of all us fans and still enjoy the same thing’s we grew up enjoying, having us say or think out loud at the end of the picture ”Well, that kicked ass!” Gotta hand it to Sly, he’s been giving what he think us fans have want since the late 70′s,and I’ll always have the up most respect for him. As much as I love Kurt Russles movies, my number one ALL time fave is Tango&Cash. Always wanted sequels to those but never got them :/; so to see those two in a picture together should be very interesting. Mel Gibson is another fave of mine; I would think it be cool if his character started out as a villain in ExP3; but have the main big time villain turn on him, and Mel ends up going all Mad Max on everyone-seems legit right? haha- As for Wesley Snipes, I can see him playing the villain role better then the ”good guy”; I remember He was casted to play Hail Cesear, and turned it down and that role would of been the one for him. Antonio Banderas…he can easly play the janitor in one scene, and in the next sliting throats from the shadows; so I’m angsious to see him in it as well.

    • I really enjoy watching Tango and Cash.

    • Tango & Cash was my favorite

    • Willis has been acting (pun fully intended) strange lately. Remember the I-don’t-give-a-s*** or I’m-to-old-for-this s*** attitude he seemed to have when giving one of the promotional interviews for Red 2 recently ? It was in the news. Mebbe he is just tired of movies. He has got the jaded look acting in his latest 3 or 4 movies.

      • I just think that he’s really tired of the interviews he needs to do to support the movie. Nevertheless, I’m not excusing his pretty bad conduct as of late during those interviews.

    • Wesley Snipes couldnt be in the first or second films because he was in prison for tax evasion and is only able to be in this film because he is being released from prison, Stallone to start production to allow Snipes to join in.

  14. Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas and Harrison Ford a real plus. For all these guys it’s more action we needed from them since the 80s and 90s. Hope it is good. I hope they get Kurt Russell and Steven seagal as well.

    • Is Kurt Russel in talks I think he’d be great to

  15. Love the new cast additions.
    Im super excited for this!

  16. Awesome news Gibson will make a really entertaining villain cant wait to see him through down with the others including the new Harrison Ford

  17. I was just talking today about how it’s a shame that Banderas hasn’t been in many movies as of late. So, I’m certainly surprised by and happy with the news. I am also glad that Mel is playing the villain.

  18. Love Mel Gibson & Antonio Banderas

  19. Hope mel gibson and Harrison ford have screen time together in this film. Also get Andy Garcia and Jeff Bridges for Expendables 3 as well.

  20. MEL GIBSON AND HARRISON FORD?!?!?! This is like a DREAM come true! I hope they each have their own fight scenes and that they do them good, because this film has the potential of becoming a MASTERPIECE.

  21. I Am ready for the Mel Gibson comeback tour, if we can let murders go free we can forgive someone with a foul mouth and alcohol problem.

  22. yeeeaaah Mel is great…

  23. Considering Jean Claude was the best part of #2 as the villain, he just oozed evil and enjoyed doing it (and I am a huge Jason Statham fan, so it pains me to give that nod to someone else) Mel Gibson will have to work to hold that up. But lost in all the back lash against him: Mr. Gibson is an accomplished actor who has carried some great roles.

    Banderas? I can take or leave him. He has been in some horrid movies and been horrible in them, but then he does a great Zorro.

    Hope this works. Love these mash-up movies.

  24. I know some of you might think I’m crazy for saying this, but I would kind of like to see Cary Elwes added to this cast. I mean, maybe he’s not quite the caliber of action star you want, but we’ve already seen him spoof himself (just look at Robin Hood: Men in Tights) and aside from guest appearances on Psych and indy flicks he hasn’t been up to much lately. Thoughts?

    • Love Cary Elwes and could see him in an Expendables flick.
      Always enjoyed his performances, especially his arc on the X-Files.

  25. Am i excited? HELLLLLLLS YEAH! Kinda question isthat? Rocky , Terminator, Mad Max, Indiana Jones, and Zorro! Shoouu’ be illegal to even think bout such a movie. Now, wanna get a little Giggy with it, you know who to call..

  26. Will Smith!

  27. I still can’t believe Harrison Ford is doing this. granted I love the guy, and I love the Expendables!! AND I even see him being good in one of these movies. But based on his personality and attitude towards films, I’m surprised he agreed to this sort of thing. He did a cameo for Anchorman 2, and it looks like he just did it for money or maybe because he knew somebody on it. He didn’t even remember Will Ferell’s name. He referenced them as “Applewood, and that other guy.” He wasn’t speaking in poor taste, he didn’t seem to dislike Anchorman, he just seemed to have more on his mind. There have been a ton of instances like that, so I was shocked to hear he was in this. I’m so happy! and excited!

    on another note, Antonio Banderas is playing Gregorio Cortez in Machete Kills? ummmm that’s the same name as his Spy Kids character, also written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. AND Danny Trejo’s name is Machete in Spy Kids also. Is this like some badass spy kids spinoff? If so…AWESOME!

  28. The series is fun but Stallone has reached a new low with this actor
    I personally will not see anything with Mel in it
    A real antisemite

  29. He’s a racist. I will not watch anything with him in it.