Mickey Rourke Returning for ‘The Expendables 3′; Are Chan & Snipes On Board?

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Expendables 3 The Raid Mickey Rourke Returning for The Expendables 3; Are Chan & Snipes On Board?

Apart from beating up bad guys in action movies, there’s nothing Sylvester Stallone quite likes more then connecting with his rabid fanbase, especially on Twitter, where the 66-year-old actor-producer-director routinely shares updates about his projects.

And recently, Stallone dropped some juicy tidbits about the status and direction of The Expendables 3, the latest film in Stallone’s macho action franchise.

First, Stallone had several updates on the cast of the film, tweeting that Mickey Rourke would be reprising his role as Tool, the team’s tattoo artist. Rourke will be returning to the franchise for the first time since the original movie, having passed up Expendables 2.

Stallone also hinted that action legend Jackie Chan may be joining the film, an idea that’s been discussed before, as well as the possibility of Wesley Snipes coming on-board. Of course, Stallone’s Twitter feed isn’t the same as an official confirmation. In fact, he’s actually tweeted about Snipes joining the cast before only to delete the tweet later. Still, it certainly helps get you excited about the action-packed possibilities for the movie.

And speaking of those action-packed possibilities, Stallone also tweeted about the movie The Raid: Redemption as possible inspiration for the film. In typical Stallone fashion though, he promised to go even bigger than the hit Indonesia action film.

The Raid has certainly had a big influence on the action genre – even the Ninja Turtles reboot will apparently be taking its cues from the film. It could be interesting to see how The Expendables crew use a similar approach. Or, it could be boring, since it’s something we’ve already seen before.

A lot of it will depend on young director Patrick Hughes, who should bring some fresh blood to the franchise after the first film was directed by Stallone and the second was helmed by veteran action director Simon West (Con-Air). Those are big shoes to fill, but if the director’s indie film Red Hill is any indication, he should bring real talent to the production.

What do you think about Sly Stallone’s updates? Are you excited to hear Mickey Rourke is returning and that Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes may be in the cast? And what do you think of Sly’s references to The Raid? Is that a route they should go down? Let us know in the comments.


The Expendables 3 is expected to hit theaters in 2014.

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  1. I love the innuendos that celebrities use… so clever.

  2. I wonder if Mickey Rourkes fingers will be the new villainous threat!

    • +1

  3. snipes should play a corrupt DEA agent dealing with the triads (chan and donnie yen (yen being chan’s son)). the twist being that maggie (asian girl from 2) is chan’s daughter and is made out to be the bad guy until the end.

    translates perfectly into cliche’ action movie plot line :P

    i highly doubt they will be able to top the raid in terms of hand to hand fights or end fight scene, but one can hope that is sly has watched and acknowledges the raid as a good action movie that he might get ex3 right (2 was sorta there but not quite).

  4. Cool news, Snipes needs that chesse. I like the comradery that Stallone has created between the old actions stars through these movies.

    • Me too.

  5. I have enjoyed seeing all the stars together in the same movie. To Stallone it would be nice if the movies were a little longer to watch so fans can enjoy there favorite actor more or maybe switch up to different theme maybe sports?

    • Haha, I think that would be hilarious if they made a sports movie. They could film a movie about them training for and competing in the geriatric Olympics :)

  6. Rob, on April 15th of this year, Stallone tweeted that Snipes will join Expendables 3. I am looking forward to him joining that cast. But, he then deleted the tweet. i still think that its just about a certainty that Snipes will be in Expendables 3. I am looking forward to seeing a Demolition Man reunion. I’m still disappointed that Seagal is so thick headed and refused to join the cast. I think that it’s be cool if Michael Dudikoff was in the movie. I think that he was pretty good in the American Ninja series.

  7. If Carl Weathers and Mel Gibson are not in it im not too interested.

    • I think that it’d be awesome if Weathers is in the movie. As for Mel, I would rather him not be in the film.

  8. Given all the Star Wars talk in recent times, Stallone should be getting on the phone to Mark Hamill for a small role. I’d say Harrison Ford as well, but not sure he’d be interested. Still a scene that had Hamill and Ford as cops or something would be awesome.

  9. It is clear that Willis will play a villain, since he is nuisance and a powerful player :)

  10. The first two installments were dogs really.

    Saved due to our desire to see all of our fave action heroes once again.

    But I do not think they can keep going based on our sentimental attachment to the actors. There has to be a decent story at some point. And why can’t there be?

    Make story priority and then go kiss Mel Gibson’s butt until he agrees to be part of it too.

    And Danny Glover for that matter.

    and Chloe Moretz.

  11. I didn’t like the second expendables I hope this one is much better

  12. Casting is a tease until it’s official. The narrative is chasing the production (casting)or so it would seem. The novice director will have his hands full; will need the aid of a strong (line) producer. A good script is needed now…cliche but not an outright and not a copycat.

  13. WESLEY!!! Next up on the to-do list, get Carl Weathers and Mel Gibson.

  14. Oh and get Michael Biehn too. Thanks.

  15. I thought 1st movie was awsome. the 2nd not so much. @Exspungable, I think Carl and Mel would be excellent additions especially since Norris isn’t coming back. Maybe Chan, Snipes, Weathers & Gibson could be a counteractive force of some type to Stallones’.

  16. get lorenzo llamas on board!

  17. No way this can even compete with The Raid. Best action movie ever.

    • @ Traps

      The Raid was good, but this will defiantly give The Raid a run for its money, no doubt.

      • Really?? The fighting choreography, cinematography, and story were all great in The Raid. I feel like Expendables relies on big name actors (from the 80s and 90s) and the “explosion” type action that is typically overused in Hollywood.

        I watch the Expendables movies and feel like Im watching just another typical action flick. The Raid was different.

        My favorite action movies are more martial arts based though. Ip Man, Ong Bak, etc.

    • Best action movie ever??? Oh my, I might watch that movie. Who wouod pass up the chance to watch the best action movie ever. If I don’t like it, I know who to blame ;)

      • I speak in hyperbole. Haha. I think it is MY FAVORITE action movie, though.

        Have you really not seen it? You need to get on that…

        • Hahaha, admittedly, hyperbole irks me. But, I didn’t mind the way you used it in this case.

          I had never actually heard of it before!!! I know, the horror, ha. I look forward to watching it.

          • Oh, I know of your issues with hyperbole. I think that “EVERYONE THINKS ITS THE BEST ACTION MOVIE EVER”, may have gone over a little differently with you.

            A sequel to The Raid, I believe, is being made right now. They are making it into a trilogy, and I cannot wait.

            • Hahaha, it would have definitely elicited a different response from me, albeit it would have been relatively tame since I know that you aren’t a troll.


              Out of curiosity, which Marvel movie is your favorite (doesn’t necessarily need to be from MCU)?

                • Best Marvel character shown on the big screen to date has got to be Fassbender as Magneto, though. My god he owned that role in First Class. RDJ as Iron Man is slightly overrated, in my book, and if Hugh Jackman was half a foot shorter, he would probably win that one.

                • Haha, I like asking tough questions.

                  I like that you took the time to write a detailed response and showed your thought process.

                  Good choice. While it’s not my favorite, it’s number 3 in my favorite five. don’t see people write about that much, and I find that unfortunate. With the success of Blade, it helped launch the resurgence of CBM, and definitely gave Marvrl confidence that its characyers, even more obscure ones, can be the focus if successful movies. It really helped set the momentum for X Men and Spider Man.

                  My Favorite Five: (1): IM I (2) Spider Man I (3) Blade (4) X Men I (5) Thor

                  • I think people just tend to forget that Blade is a CBM. At least some of the people that I have talked to about this topic.

                    I know that lots of people liked Thor, but it just didnt do much for me. Though I have never enjoyed that character, going back to my early days when my dad tried to force Cap and Thor on me. I was always more into X Men and Spiderman. Didnt pick up a DC book until I was grown.

                    If I had to list them, it would go something like…

                    1. Blade
                    2. X Men
                    3. Iron Man
                    4. First Class
                    5. Spiderman (Reboot)

                    This has inspired me to go back and watch, at least, the first two Raimi Spidermans, and the first couple X Men movies. Thanks!

                    • Yeah, that’s a possibility. I just think that it’s a “slept-on” movie. I was watching a little bit of Blade Trinity last night on tv. To me, it’s not nearby as good as the first one, but I find it entertaining. And, I liked that Triple H is in it. I’m a pretty big WWE fan.

                      Yeah, I actually know a lot of people who didn’t like Thor. And, obviously, that’s totally okay. We all have our favorites and non-favorites. I think that part of the reason why I liked if is going into the movie, I didn’t think that I would. I am stoked to see Thor II though.

                      First class is my sixth favorite movie. I really liked it. As for the reboot, I was pleasantly surprised. I definitely liked it better than Spider Man II and III doesn’t exist :)

                    • Wow, I thought I was the only one that watched Trinity last night! Though the only reason it was on was because I didnt change the channel after the basketball game. HHH rocks, man! Im right there with you, Trinity wasnt nearly as good as the first.

                      I did enjoy Thor more than I thought I would, but I had my expectations VERY low going into it.

                    • “Did we just become best friends?!”

                      Haha, nope, you weren’t the only one. And, that was the same reason that I stumbled upon Blade Trinity on TNT.

                      I’m a big Knicks fan.

                    • HAHA! And here I was expecting a wisecrack about watching the NBA. Carmelo is my boy and all, but…

                      GO HEAT!!

                      (Only a bandwagon fan because of LeBron. Wherever he goes, Ill go.)

                    • Haha, expect the unexpected, bane.

                      At least you’re honest about being a bandwagon fan. I like honesty.

                      I don’t “hate” LeBron like a lot of people to. Dude is a three-time US Olympian, 2-time gold winner, a 4-time NBA MVP and a member of a championship team. LeBron is a winner.

                      Did you ever root for your hometown team? I’m from NJ (I work in NYC), so I’ve been a big Knicks fan since 1992, when I was 8.

                    • Bron should have a 5th (in a row) MVP, but D Rose stole that one a couple years ago.

                      Never rooted for my hometown team, never wanted to conform in that way. Im from michigan and have enjoyed watching the likes of Barry Sanders, Isaiah Thomas, and such, but Ive always wanted to be different.

                      I root for the Miami Dolphins (because of Dan Marino, really). And in the NBA, ive always been more of a fan of the players and not the teams (MJ, Vince Carter, LeBron, Carmelo, etc). And for some odd reason, as far as colleges go, Ive been a Florida Gators fan my whole life.

                      Okay, so I do root for the Red Wings, but I dont pay extremely close attention to hockey.

                      I went to a Pistons game years ago and saw the Nets team with J Kidd, Richard Jefferson, K Mart, and them. That was probably my favorite NBA team of all time.

                    • Well, MSG is only an hour and a half from my house. It’d take a similar amount of time to get to the Iziod Center. Plus, the Nets are in BK now.

                      Ha, I still think that Marino is upset he never got a ring. But, I am sure that he’s not as upset as Kelly!!

                      Yeah, it was cool to go even though the Lakers won. Snoop Dogg was court side, ha.

    • They are doing a sequel that takes place a few days after the events in the apartment building.

      I do agree with you, Raid was awesome.

  18. if he does come back awesome !!! i wonder if jackie chan and wesley snipes are still going to be on expendables 3 as well

    • I would be shocked if Snipes isn’t in it.

      • Yeah, that guy needs money more than I do!!

  19. i would love to see Mr. Chan and Mr. Snipes in The Expendables 3. maybe Jet Li and Jackie Chan can mix it up again like they did in The Forbidden Kingdom. I would also love to see a really hot catfight in this one since at the end of 2 the woman who went in with Mr. Stallone and company left with Mr. Willis and Mr. Schwarzennegger

  20. Forget Jackie I’m all about Donnie Yen

    • ^^^Yes!!!

  21. If the female Expendables happens they have to have 3 women who are the equivalent to Sly, Arnold & Bruce. The only possible choices are: Sigourney Weaver *** Linda Hamilton *** Michelle Yeoh.
    Nuff said…….

    • Good list. I’d add Kate Beckinsake to that list.

      • I would let her under my world.

        • Hahahahahah. Nicely done. I’d question your taste in women if you didn’t.

          • I would question my sexuality if I didnt!

            • @Traps

              I would have ignored you forever if you did not.

              Hell, Kate Beckinsale makes my wife wonder.

  22. Old farts in action.

  23. Why never any word or discussion about steven segal in an Expendables film? Isn’t he the only obvious one still left out?

    • It seems that you missed one of my posts on this very thread about his absence.

      • Unfortunately I must have. I liked your top five. Would like to see Ironman and Spidey in the same film. They were in some very good animated stories together.

        • Thanks.

          That’d be awesome. However, that’s very unlikely to happen in the near future since Sony owns the cinematic rights to Spider Man.

  24. I dont know why jackie chan is participating in the expendables if he believes the US is the most corrupted country in the war. Then you should go back to hong kong and earn your chinese money and not the US dollar. I am chinese myself.. this is how much his comment about America disgusts me

    • That’s a fair post, Alex. Chan acts like he’s on the Chinese government’s payroll. Jackie is on record saying that he supports censorship in China since he thinks that the people need to be controlled. So, he’s an apologist for a totalitarian government.