Official ‘Expendables 3′ Cast Includes Wesley Snipes; No Jackie Chan or Milla Jovovich?

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expendables 3 director Official Expendables 3 Cast Includes Wesley Snipes; No Jackie Chan or Milla Jovovich?

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks, as far as casting for The Expendables 3 is concerned. Director Patrick Hughes will begin principal photography on the film – the third installment in Sylvester Stallone’s franchise centered around a group of seasoned mercenaries who undertake the most dangerous of missions available – next week, in order to make a release date that is just over a year exactly from the time of writing this.

Series producer Boaz Davidson – who also teamed with Stallone on Rambo – has unveiled the current official cast lineup for Expendables 3, which once again looks to include most of the big-name players (read: aging 1980s/90s action icons) who appeared in the first two movies – save for Bruce Willis. However, a couple of heavily-rumored new cast additions were not mentioned in Davidson’s breakdown.

Davidson posted the following Expendables 3 lineup on his Facebook page (via Bleeding Cool):

[Sylvester] Stallone, [Jason] Statham, [Harrison] Ford, [Mel] Gibson, [Dolph] Lundgren, [Wesley] Snipes, [Jet] Li, [Randy] Couture, [Antonio] Banderas, [Ronda] Rousey, [Terry] Crews, [Arnold] Schwarzenegger, [Victor] Ortiz, [Kellan] Lutz.

Rousey, Ortiz and Lutz – who were confirmed for Expendables 3 a few weeks back – will costar in the film as “a younger group of tech-savvy action heroes” who initially butt heads with Barney Ross (Stallone) and his hard-lived team – but, in the end, manage to work out their differences, play nicely, and kick all sorts of ass together. THR is also reporting that 24-year old Glen Powell, who is a little-known actor that played “Trader #1″ in The Dark Knight Rises, might join the previously mentioned young (read: under 30) cast members in the action throwback – with his role described as “a highly trained combat veteran who is also an expert hacker and drone pilot.”

wesley snipes expendables 3 Official Expendables 3 Cast Includes Wesley Snipes; No Jackie Chan or Milla Jovovich?

Wesley Snipes has essentially been on Stallone’s wish list for Expendables 3 since Day 1, but this is the first official confirmation we have that the Blade star is onboard for the project. Similarly, while there’s been no question about people like Statham, Crews and Lundgren coming back for the third installment, some fans were beginning to worry that Jet Li wouldn’t be involved – not only because he was onscreen for such a brief amount of time in The Expendables 2, but also because it has seemed that fellow martial arts movie legend Jackie Chan might all but replace Li in this movie.

However, assuming the lineup that Davidson listed is basically the final roster, then it appears that neither Chan nor previously-rumored candidate like Milla Jovovich and Nicolas Cage – all were reported to be in substantial talks at some point – will be involved with the project after all (for the record, Cage already mentioned that he probably won’t show up in Expendables 3 back in July). It’s possible that there is some last-minute negotiating taking place right now; that aside, though, it looks like Gibson being confirmed to play the villain may be the last major casting announcement for this flick.

Do you approve of the official casting lineup for The Expendables 3, as it stands?


The Expendables 3 opens in theaters on August 15th, 2014.

Source: Bleeding Cool, THR

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  1. Kudos to Mr Stallone, for the thought and aligning of the fab stars of 80 and 90’s. I had a thought which i shared on twitter with Mr stallone to have John Abraham from Bollywood India whom he appreciated when he saw John’s ripped up muscles body in the movie SAW AKA Shootout At Wadala. May be if not now then Ex -4 for sure would be pleased to see John being accommodated into the Ex-4 team by Mr StALLONE AND team…Dream and aspire, can always come true if work towards it…Thanks for the fab update team Screenrant, appreciate it.

    • John Abraham is a pathetic actor, if only a ripped physique is a criteria then Sly can summon hoards of them from US. Even for the sake of marketing in India, John can’t be added because John is not even a part of the front league of stars in India. Anyway no harm in dreaming and wishing.

  2. YES, last but not the least definitely Mr Liam Neeson also in would be rivetingly extra ordinary

  3. I would love to see Jean-Claude Van Damme play the twin brother of his villianious character.

  4. Jcvd sounds good. But also get Kurt Russell and Michael Keaton, Robert Forster, Michael Madsen, Val Kilmer, Steven Seagal, Andy Garcia, Rutger Hauer, Gary Oldman , Chris Cooper, Alec Baldwin, etc.

  5. I love all the Expendable films I think they are great action films, but the person I would like to see in perhaps Expendables 4 would be Cynthia Rothrock. I think she would be a fantastic person to have as a new member of the team and she can really kick arse.

    • that’s good idea if even Jackie is involved too.
      Else all the hongkong artists should go for a martial expandables

  6. So where the heck is Dwayne Johnson?


    • Yeah,he’s good too.

  7. im disappointed with this line up… where is mickey Rourke? Nicholas cage and jackie chan and milla jovovich who were all said to be confirmed a few weeks ago! you cant have an all packed action movie without the rock… vin diesel… liam neeson… steven seagal… nicholas cage… john travolta in it… the annoying thing about the expendables is they only ever have one main villain against about 30 expendables! too many gun fights and all these action stars with there ability to fight and they get waisted just like van damme did in the last one!! why cant Stallone see that every1 wants a team of bad ass expendables going up against them! mel gibson playing the main villian who then fights arnie at the end… steven seagal as the 2nd villain who rucks it out with stallone then have wesley snipes as steven seagals right hand man who comes to blows with jason statham!! you could throw in somebody like vinnie joens or danny trejo to make up the numbers!!

    • Agree with you completely. I would love to see a bunch of recognizable action stars as villains and as protagonists instead of just one vs 30 like you said. Of course Stallone has to fight the main villain but have more recognizable actors as part of the villains team. Maybe have an expendables movie where a bad ass villain makes a team to counter stallones team kind of like how they did it on fast 6 lol.

  8. Hologram Bruce Lee.

  9. pls add stephen segal he is my icon

  10. please jackie chan in xpd 3 i love to see the expendables my idoles gatherd in one sly,li,coutore,lundgen,arnold,tery,statham,hope van damme will back even noris not comeback and allso willis beacause of him demmand.. its intertested because i heard that snipes,cage,gibson,harrison,seagal,jovovich and jackie chan are rumored to be part of THE EXPENDABLES 3…its so very great and awesome movies,..i hope its gonna happen…only you i dole sly can decide..jackie chan hope you will be in the xpd 3…
    THE EXPENDABLES 4 if its gonna happin,i hope kurt russel, kieven costner..sean connery,smith,deep and vin diseil and the rock will be part…and all the original star..

    • oh god! Jackie is casted out. But I hope he could make it in a funny cameos in the movie or outrages as a guest

  11. In my humble opinion, probably I am speaking not as one fan’s voice but as a voice of many fans. Bruce Willis brought a critical number on the discussion table according to what he believes is his actual value as an actor on this third film and I respect that. On the other hand he could have accepted the original offer of the producers because at the end the earnings from the third film could overpass the expectatives and compensate the difference in money. As a big fan of Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone, I hope that all this get resolved in the near future because both are excellent actors loved by the majority of the people around the World and the people want to see both again at the same screen if there is an Expendables 4 film. Hoping to see a Comeback of Bruce Willis in the future of The Expendables!!! Just for saying something…ex4ever

  12. a young actor, huh?

  13. They should get Bill Paxton for the next one.

  14. Yes!!!

    Harrison Ford’s got my vote – he’s THE original action star of the eighties if ever there was one – Han, Indy, Deckerd, all just as iconic as anything Sly and Arnie did


  15. Stallone’s use of his one time nemesis Simon Phoenix, aka Mr Snipes is genius.
    More than Van Dame and Norris in part2 cause he already knows of the chemistry they had on Demolition Man. Its things like this that will keep classic action movie fans coming back to this franchise

  16. John Travolta and Samuel Jackson would be an awesome bad guy combo

  17. Richard Gere would be awesome villan in The Expendables 3

    • Are you joking Richard gere!!!!!!!!

  18. Dwayne johnson,micheal jai white,scot Adkins,vin diesel and the old team that will be perfect.

  19. Why not Sean Penn

  20. EVERYONE HAS TO THINK 80S 90S THESE ARE THE GUYS WHO HE HAS TO STICK WITH. There must be more?????? Hulk Hogan for a cameo would be hilarious.

  21. You have forgotten Carl Weathers!!! Rocky’s long lost rival def should be in this next movie, also Pierce Brosnan, Hulk Hogan, Christopher Walken, Samuel Jackson, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Laurence Fishbourne, Keannu Reaves, John Travolta, Danny Treo, Emelio Esteves, Charlie Sheen, Lou Diamond Philips, Kiefer Southerland, Don Johnson, you can even have a team of heros vs a team of villians.

  22. Would still have loved to seen: Steven Segal, Jackie Chan & Nicholas Cage…. Also, Tom Hardy would have been a perfect fit. Either way, The Expendables series is AWESOME!! Keep em coming SLY!!!

  23. et van damme pourquoi il a pas été sélectionne pour 3 et mel gibson il a pas une allure de méchant

  24. Yes: Steven Seagal, Carl Weathers, Dwayne Johnson, Mickey Rourke!!! and Clive Owen! (“Sin City”; “Shoot Em Up”).

    Glad they’re in: Wesley Snipes!!!, and alright, Mel Gibson (Road Warrior).

    Harrison Ford?: Is barely up for an interview now, let alone a film.

    Maybe for a villain: John Travolta (Punisher); Rutger Hauer(Sin City).

    NO: Jackie Chan (not tough-guy enough; comedy would water this franchise down), Nicholas Cage (now only does G.I.M.P. films: Genre Iconoclastic Masochism by Proxy), Gary Oldman (only does G.I.M.P. films, doesn’t do heroic Iconic films), Val Kilmer (too asleep), Pierce Brosnan (too wussy), Hulk Hogan (too Hogey), Christopher Walken(to dancey), Samuel L. Jackson (too camp), Sean Connery (too spoiled), Clint Eastwood (too old now), Laurence Fishbourne (too Larry), Keannu Reaves (too Neo), Emelio Esteves (too bratpack), Charlie Sheen (too comedy), Lou Diamond Philips (too soft), Kiefer Sutherland (too nice), Don Johnson (too smooth), Richard Gere (too gigalo), Christian Bale (too victim/too masochist), Vin Deisel (too Theatre-Lovey), Liam Neeson (not tough, not a real action star, a wooden actor, exists only for ‘Sex & The City’ audience). Sam L Jackson would make it a cartoon. Michael Keaton was a good comedian, but not a serious action star.

    No More: Jokes about famous catch-phrases. Wrong turn! Lame.
    More More: Great Dialogue (like the conversations between Stallone & Stratham, in the first film).

    Prediction for Expendables3: Snipes will steal the show!

    • Hey like it!

  25. I feel they could of added a few more bad guys such as Sean Penn, Ray Winstone, Steven Seagal and even Hugh Jackman would have made a good bad guy. Would have loved to have seen Jackie Chan take on Seagal and maybe Jason Statham v Vinnie Jones.

  26. Bring back some 80’s/early 90’s villains…Vernon Wells, Brian Thompson, Michael Rooker…even if it’s just cameos.

  27. Chow Yun-Fat, Rutger Hauer, Kurt Russell, Daniel Craig, Liam Neeson?

  28. Steven seagal & mark decascos

  29. People I Would Love To See In Expendables:

    Michelle Rodriguez
    The Rock
    Vin Diesel
    Michelle Yeoh
    Lucy Liu
    Lucy Lawless
    Kelly Hu
    Nia Peeples
    Lorenzo Lamas
    Gary Busey
    James Remar
    Cole Hauser
    Micheal Jai White
    Tommy Lee Jones
    Cary Tagawa
    Russell Wong
    Zhang Ziyi
    Collin Chou
    Hugh Jackman
    Donnie Yen
    Marc Dacascos
    Channing Tatum
    Uma Thurman
    Zoe Saldana
    Salma Hayak
    Willem Dafoe
    David Roberts
    Liam Neeson
    Jeremy Renner
    Chewetel Ejifior
    Catherine Zeta Jones
    Gina Carrano
    Morris Chestnut
    Christian Bale
    Tom Hardy

    That’s all I have for now