Official ‘Expendables 3′ Cast Includes Wesley Snipes; No Jackie Chan or Milla Jovovich?

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expendables 3 director Official Expendables 3 Cast Includes Wesley Snipes; No Jackie Chan or Milla Jovovich?

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks, as far as casting for The Expendables 3 is concerned. Director Patrick Hughes will begin principal photography on the film – the third installment in Sylvester Stallone’s franchise centered around a group of seasoned mercenaries who undertake the most dangerous of missions available – next week, in order to make a release date that is just over a year exactly from the time of writing this.

Series producer Boaz Davidson – who also teamed with Stallone on Rambo – has unveiled the current official cast lineup for Expendables 3, which once again looks to include most of the big-name players (read: aging 1980s/90s action icons) who appeared in the first two movies - save for Bruce Willis. However, a couple of heavily-rumored new cast additions were not mentioned in Davidson’s breakdown.

Davidson posted the following Expendables 3 lineup on his Facebook page (via Bleeding Cool):

[Sylvester] Stallone, [Jason] Statham, [Harrison] Ford, [Mel] Gibson, [Dolph] Lundgren, [Wesley] Snipes, [Jet] Li, [Randy] Couture, [Antonio] Banderas, [Ronda] Rousey, [Terry] Crews, [Arnold] Schwarzenegger, [Victor] Ortiz, [Kellan] Lutz.

Rousey, Ortiz and Lutz – who were confirmed for Expendables 3 a few weeks back – will costar in the film as “a younger group of tech-savvy action heroes” who initially butt heads with Barney Ross (Stallone) and his hard-lived team – but, in the end, manage to work out their differences, play nicely, and kick all sorts of ass together. THR is also reporting that 24-year old Glen Powell, who is a little-known actor that played “Trader #1″ in The Dark Knight Rises, might join the previously mentioned young (read: under 30) cast members in the action throwback – with his role described as “a highly trained combat veteran who is also an expert hacker and drone pilot.”

wesley snipes expendables 3 Official Expendables 3 Cast Includes Wesley Snipes; No Jackie Chan or Milla Jovovich?

Wesley Snipes has essentially been on Stallone’s wish list for Expendables 3 since Day 1, but this is the first official confirmation we have that the Blade star is onboard for the project. Similarly, while there’s been no question about people like Statham, Crews and Lundgren coming back for the third installment, some fans were beginning to worry that Jet Li wouldn’t be involved – not only because he was onscreen for such a brief amount of time in The Expendables 2, but also because it has seemed that fellow martial arts movie legend Jackie Chan might all but replace Li in this movie.

However, assuming the lineup that Davidson listed is basically the final roster, then it appears that neither Chan nor previously-rumored candidate like Milla Jovovich and Nicolas Cage – all were reported to be in substantial talks at some point – will be involved with the project after all (for the record, Cage already mentioned that he probably won’t show up in Expendables 3 back in July). It’s possible that there is some last-minute negotiating taking place right now; that aside, though, it looks like Gibson being confirmed to play the villain may be the last major casting announcement for this flick.

Do you approve of the official casting lineup for The Expendables 3, as it stands?


The Expendables 3 opens in theaters on August 15th, 2014.

Source: Bleeding Cool, THR

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  1. I would love to frickin see Kurt Russel, and Carl weathers since well both were in a bunch of stallone and Arnold action films back in the day. They need the Rock and golberg in the next one.

  2. Nich Cage for 4

    • NO. Stop encouraging his badness.

      • What badness?

        When he’s in great films like Knowing, he’s enjoyable. When he’s in bad remakes like The Wicker Man, he brings enough mental to make it somewhat worth watching.

      • agreed!

  3. Shame Chuck won’t be back.

    • +1million to that

  4. These movies could be never ending… since the current young actor will eventually get older. Its like the “classic rock” radio station. It just ups it a decade, every decade.

  5. Damn. Jackie Chan was the main reason I was excited for this movie.

  6. no Chan or Seagal (sp?)?

  7. well that is VERY disappointing if Chan is not in it. i was already excited for E3 but with Jackie, it bumped it up a couple notches on my most anticipated list. I thought he was basically confirmed? Jackie Chan NEEDS to be in an Expendables movie. He pretty much IS the greatest action star alive. having done all his own stunts (until recently). I hope they can at least negotiate a cameo for him if they cant get him for a significant role.

    • His best movie is Spy Next Door.

      • youre joking right? i guess thats your opinion, but have you even seen some of his older movies and chinese movies? Rumble in the Bronx, Who Am I? Police Story 1 and 2, Operation Condor, Legend of Drunken Master, Supercop, New Police Story. those are just a FRACTION of his great films. There are many more that are WAY better then Spy Next Door, in my opinion anyways.

        • Couldn’t agree more with you !

    • I though Jackie Chan died already… hmmm…

  8. If Chan not joining, I wish they bring Donnie Yen to play as the villian to fight JetLi.

    • Oh, hell yes! That would be the showdown of the movie for sure.


  9. i never wanted steven seagal period okay but i wanted jackie chan instead but that wont happen its too bad

  10. The first one was intriguing to me, as you get to see the Big Three sharing the same space on the screen.

    Second one, eh…

    Third one, I will wait for DVD.

  11. I really hope that Cage will NOT be in 3 & I wish someone would just say with all certainty that Cage IS NOT part of the cast and stop talking about him. EVER. Also I thought they(Stallone) had confirmed Mickey Rourke was going to be back? They need to get Carl Weathers for sure though. That would be $$$$$.

  12. I’m still waiting on Tony Jaa becoming a member of the cast.

    Nathan Jones could be great too. Hell, Nathan Jones and Vernon Wells as the main henchmen.

  13. for expendables 4 they need
    Steven Seagal
    Kurt Russel

  14. This is my list of the ones I would like to see in the next EX movies. If they make them :)
    Dwayne Johnson,
    Tony Jaa (to play a bad guy),
    Tom Cruise,
    Danny Trejo,
    Hugh Jackman,
    Matt Damon,
    Charlie Hunnam,
    Bryan Cranston (maybe to play a crooked cop/FBI agent),
    Denzel Washington
    Mark Wahlberg
    Micheal J. White
    Vin Diesel
    Karl Urban
    Jeff Bridges
    Josh Brolin
    Jake Gyllenhaal
    Micheal Pena

    So far that’s all I can think of.
    What you guys think?

    • sorry, buy your list ridiculous and will NEVER happen…

      • not saying it would happen man, just saying it would be cool to see them in it.

    • You never make movies with people who command more in salary than the main stars.

      Dwayne Johnson
      Tom Cruise
      Hugh Jackman
      Denzel Washington
      Mark Whalberg
      Matt Damon.

      Those actors command 8 digit salaries some in the low to mid 20 million range.

  15. Id add Hulk Hogan on Ross’s team to fight another wrestler.

    Kurt Russell
    Michael Bien
    Danny Trejo
    Hugh Jackman
    Jason David Frank since he’s a great fighter in real life.
    Carl Weathers
    Karl Urban
    The Rock
    Ray Stevenson
    Ray Park
    Maggie Q

    • outside of hugh jackman and dwayne johnson, your list is more realistic (ie possible), if not a tad boring… A for effort, sure beats Rigo’s pie in the sky… sorry Rigo!!!

      • @ figs

        Thanks I guess. Im sure there’s other choices im forgetting. These were top of my head ideas at the moment.

      • Lol

        *puts heads down*

        sorry im just sweating through my eyes is all.

    • Got to admit, pretty cool list. better than mine lol

  16. Josh Bolin hell yeah

  17. no Chan or Jovovich is disappointing, but i am VERY disappointed that Rourke is NOT coming back!!! since Milla is not joining, i’d hate to be the one that gets his ass kicked by Ronda Rousey…. that would be BRUTAL/HUMILIATING!!! ;)

  18. They really need to include STEVEN SEAGAL…It doesn’t matter how he looks these days but he is part of that generation of action stars these movies are based on. He has to be part of that franchise…has to…

    I don’t think they’ll ever be able to get Denzel Washington for these…he’s far too clever and tasteful to be part of those romps. But I good imagine Nicholas cashing in the payceck… And then they need Diesel and The Rock, but they are already part of a multistar action franchise, so I doubt they will do these…

  19. For the most Part.
    With the exception of Jason Staham.

    The Exependable are made up of actors long past their prime

    The Budget for the Expendable was 80 Million dollars
    Expendable 2 was 92 Million dollars
    Expendable 3 will be about 100 million. There is no way you can get A List actors to do it, unless they take a considerable pay cut.

    And lets be realistic, The Expendables was an experiment that every guy growing up in the 80s wanted to see all the heroes in one film.

    These guys are just in it for a buck, there is nothing more to it.

    • I think more on the list would be joining Bruce Willis if all they were in it for was money? I see them doing it for the enjoyment they get, for nostalgic reasons and for fans.

      But I could be wrong too.

      Regardless, I enjoy them tremendously, especially with some buddies after hitting a bar for an extra rare burger, a few beers, some bourbon and a cigar. :-)

  20. they have got to get Vinnie Jones in one of these movies…

    despite Ratner screwing up the Juggernaut so very badly in x-3 Vinnie did a pretty good job in the role. I could see him playing a villain in the next ex movie.

    • Omg i forgot about VInnie! I can totally see him as a Villain, he would be awesome, I could see him Taunting Silvester and the crew while he wreaks sh*t up! lol

  21. Shame about Jackie Chan not being in the cast list, but hey its not like this film series is going anywhere soon so theres still hope.
    I could definitely see Vinnie Jones as a villain, he did a great job in The Condemned.

  22. I’m glad to see that Wesley Snipes is going to be in EX3,because he and Stallone were in Demolition Man,back in the day,plus Mr.Snipes is an incredible martial artist,his ‘Blade’ movies proved that,I’m looking forward to it.

  23. With Chan not officially aboard, I just wish Jet Li will have more SIGNIFICANT role this time around… he’s a bit underplayed in the 2nd movie

  24. its great but i also wanted to see milla in the movie

  25. I would like to see Liam Neeson included in The Expendables 3 cast.
    That would be awesome. Cause you know. He will find them, and he will kill them….

  26. I actually like this list – but I do understand why people would be disappointed about the omissions.

    Harrison Ford – awesome!
    Mel – awesome – Get the Gringo proves he’s still got it
    Antonio Desparado – Yeah
    as well as the regulars

    I’m guessing constraints on the number of old big names in one movie would have something to do with budget constraints.

    I just hope that the climax isn’t as lame as the Van-Damme vs Stallone end brawl. I get that Van-Damme was famous for taking a ridiculous amount of punishment, but in Ex2 it just made him look like a pathetic fighter with no defense whatsoever. Stallone must have got in 10 hits to each of Van-Damme’s 3 whole split kicks – the only hits he gets in for the entire fight. Then he just plain gives up and LETS Stallone kill him! What a let down.

  27. Keep Snipes away from the ganj and he might do alright….

  28. For some odd reason.

    The Expendables do well overseas but not in the US

    The Exependable 80 Million , 102 million domestic, and 274 Million internationally

    The Expendables 2
    92 Million budget…85 Million domestic gross…312 Million internationally.

    Shows a trend that, We Americans were not into Expendables 2 as we were in The first one, and if the trend continues,it will go down in the United States and up in the foreign markets…That is weird.

  29. Finally , after a long wait an almost confirmed cast with new members …WoW, scintillatingly fantastic additions to more splendid and seasoned actors such HARRISON FORD,MEL GIBSON,WESLEY SNIPES and the young fellas.Gungho ! fantastic team so far, feelin left out as missing JCVD, Jackie Chan, Nic Cage,Steven Seagal.Nevertheless the repeat cast and new additions are terrific as it comes around, though read somehere that JCVD will also be in as a twin brother of villain , also another Villian :).

    All said and done though Bruce and others wud be missing definitely a new aura will build to the EX-4 ANDpumps up more expectation and fun…