‘Expendables 3′: Stallone On Mel Gibson Directing; Wesley Snipes and Joe Taslim Cast?

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expendables 3 director cast Expendables 3: Stallone On Mel Gibson Directing; Wesley Snipes and Joe Taslim Cast?

Sylvester Stallone breathed fresh life into the conversation for The Expendables 3 last week, when he asked his Twitter followers how they would feel about Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson sitting in the director’s chair. The response was pretty overwhelmingly positive (among our readers, anyway), and so Sly has responded to the feedback.

Meanwhile, now that Wesley Snipes has been released from prison, he’s officially on the roster of possible newcomers to the Expendables franchise for round three – which includes seasoned martial arts sensation Jackie Chan – with another potential addition, in the form of up-and-coming athlete-turned model/actor Joe Taslim (The Raid: Redemption).

Here’s what Stallone said, about how (un)likely Gibson is to direct Expendables 3:

Gibson could, in my humble opinion, kick this nostalgia-fueled franchise up a notch and deliver the off the charts blast of testosterone-fueled madness that both of the previous Expendables movies have aspired to be, yet ultimately fallen short, while still offering fun entertainment for fans of action throwback fare.

The question, of course, is whether he could be tempted to take the job, especially since Gibson is still working on his new passion project: the Viking tale Berserker, which he is developing with screenwriter Randall Wallace (BraveheartWe Were Soldiers). An Expendables movie might not be something that Gibson would be as personally invested towards, but if he came aboard and turned the project into a hit, it could help in convincing studios that Gibson’s name isn’t box office poison – and assist in getting him the funding to make Berserker the way he wants.

Mel Gibson as Driver in Get the Gringo Expendables 3: Stallone On Mel Gibson Directing; Wesley Snipes and Joe Taslim Cast?

Mel Gibson in ‘Get the Gringo’

Speaking of a guy whose personal woes have left his career needing a boost: Snipes has been included in the Expendables 3 casting conversation for a while now, and Stallone recently posted a Tweet that seemingly confirmed him as onboard, before it was subsequently deleted (via TwitchFilm and Moviehole).

Passing over what that means – maybe Snipes isn’t a done deal yet or studio heads are saving it for an official announcement – the addition of the Blade trilogy star is as much a no-brainer as the decision to recruit people like Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme for Expendables 2. There’s a reasonable chance that Sly might call it quits after the third movie (if only due to age restrictions), but people like Snipes and interested parties such as Dwayne Johnson would be able to help and carry the torch onward for a fourth installment and beyond.

joe taslim raid fast furious 6 Expendables 3: Stallone On Mel Gibson Directing; Wesley Snipes and Joe Taslim Cast?

Joe Taslim in ‘The Raid: Redemption’

Taslim, in particular, is a young’un who could help the Expendables property evolve and transition into something new after Expendables 3 is released. Besides having training in Wushu, Judo, Taekwondo and Pencak Silat, Taslim’s work in The Raid: Redemption secured him a supporting role in this summer’s Fast & Furious 6 – in addition to the third Expendables movie, if a report from Cinema Teaser is to be believed.


The Expendables 3 looks to begin filming this Fall for a Summer 2014 release, so expect an update on all this rumor-mongering in the foreseeable future.

Source: Sylvester Stallone [via TwitchFilmMoviehole and Cinema Teaser]

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    • What, if anything, can be believed until “officially” announced?

      For the first EXPENDALES, Sly Stallone wanted Wesley Snipes until it was certain the actor was headed for prison life. He also wanted Van Damme for that one; the actor declined. Chuck Norris said no; Arnie was in for only a cameo (while still governor) and Bruce shoehorned the project into his tight schedule. Bullock turned him down, Rourke made it happen, and so on.

      Only heaven knows before the camera roll.

      I honestly believe Sly ran this past Mel Gibson before sending it out on Twitter to fans, pretty much like he did with 50 Cent, whom (the majority of) fans rejected, so Sly hired Terry Crewes, instead.

      As for Mel…so many in Hollywood have been slow to forgive Gibson for his anti-semetic tirade, he’s being cast like a character actor for roles in films that in one instance went straight to DVD (GET THE GRINGO). Filmmaker Jodie Foster, sympathetic, gave Mel the starring role in THE BEAVER…there’s EDGE OF DARKNESS (classic Gibson) and now the upcoming role of the villain role in a B-movie sequel, MACHETE 2.

      Point here is, notwithstanding the BERSERKER, Mel Gibson is hardly withholding his considerable talent by not going to work on a noteworthy film project that will further hone his skill as a director just for the sake of holding out for something considered more “prestigious”. If the overture has in fact been proffered by Sly, and Mel opts to take a pass, it’ll be for reasons that are not as yet apparent.

      Personally, I hope my assumptions are correct, and furthermore that Mel Gibson accepts Stallone’s (presumed) offer because…look, acting opportunities in the film industry are hit-and-miss unless you’re on the A-list, and far easier to come by than mounting a multi-million pet project.

      BESERKER (in develop now for several years, like MACCABEES, which he continues to nuture) will there when Mel gets back from THE EXPENDABLES.

      • Good read here and on your site..

  1. If they are going to add anyone from “The Raid” it should be Mad Dog!!!

    • How about we just get the whole cast in Expendables uniforms? Throw in Karl Urban’s Dredd for good measure.

    • Agree… it should have been Mad Dog!

  2. Mel should also act in that as well as direct. Like I said maybe work with sly arnold Bruce dolph and the rest of the cast and more specifically Harrison Ford. I would love to see Harrison ford and Mel Gibson in a movie together even if its the expendables.

  3. I am excited in knowing that an expendables 3 is happening. Wesley Snipes in the film will be excellent. Nice addition. Stallone has some good ideas, and I would definitely want him to continue on with the franchise. Danny Glover should also be added, as he too has played the action star (predator 2, and lethal weapon with Mel). Glover could play a third contractor, along side Arnold and bruce’s characters. I would like to see Mel Gibson in the director’s chair, but I would also want him to act in it as well. I enjoyed Payback.

    Mel, Passions of the Christ was excellent. Thank you, sir.

  4. Still no Mention of Action Jackson, Carl Weathers? WTH???

    Kurt Russell with an eye patch would be an awesome addition too.

  5. Öh man, Carl Weathers? How did I overlook him? Yes, Action Jackson would be a really good addition to expendables as well. Believe or not, I think Mr. T would fit in well, too (as a result of his rocky and A-team days). Anyone else saw him in the new old navy commercial? Dude looks good for his age. He could play their contact and their driver with a black van (who has a fear of flying). DON’T MESS WITH MY VAN, SUCKA. Awesome.

    Dazz, tell Stallone to do the movie with these guys.

  6. What should we expect

  7. All for Gibson as the director, especially if he gets some screen time as well…

    • They shouldn’t give that anti-semite a chance to do anything.

  8. I could really see them transitioning after the third film from being about once-mighty action stars to being a vehicle to feature the best up-and-coming, such as Taslim. I think that would be a great way to go.

  9. Since Mel Gibson is crazy he would fit in nicely.

    • So, how many actors/actresses in Hollywood don’t have issues? You may call Mel crazy, but at least the guy is an extraordinary talent.

  10. they need to make the setting somewhere in asia so they can have chan, donnie yen and some south east asian actors as the bad guys. it would be a dream to see mad dog from the raid wipe the floor with these old guys* 😛

    *funny b/c he’s not that much younger then them 😛

  11. I think one really good thing about getting Gibson involved would be that he would be likely to give it some heart. The first two, while fun, were just over the top action. Don’t get me wrong, I like action, but I can see that same formula getting old – especially since we’ve already seen most of the major action stars from the 80s. I’m already not nearly as excited about Expendables 3 as I was about 1 and 2 (and my main reason to be excited about part 2 was Van Damme), but if Gibson was to direct the film, that would bring the anticipation right back up for me.

    Can you imagine the cast of Expendables with a serious film maker behind the camera? Something where I’m actually engaged in the story and care about the characters? And then having awesome action scenes on top of that? It would be great.

    Yes, it is a long shot, but if anyone knows long shots it’s the man behind Rocky (especially the first).

  12. I think Gareth Evans of The Raid would be a good choice to direct

  13. NO!

  14. Definitely would like Micky Rourke to be in the 3rd film. He didn’t participate in the action in the first film, and was not in the second. Imagine, Stallone, Crews, Li, Lungren, Statham, Couture together with Gibson, Snipes, Schwarzeneggar, Willis, Weathers, Mr. T, Russell, Chan, Glover, and Norris all in one film. I know many of these guys are long shots to be in the film (maybe not for expendables 4 though), but make it happen, and I want all of them to be the good guys all working together. Man, even bring back van damme and let him play the twin brother to the bad guy he played in expendables 2. COME ON!

  15. Taslim kicked some major ass in raid redemption if he joins the expendables oh boy this is gonna be awesome

  16. Good choices all around. Carl WeThers would be great if he’s in shape, so would Mr. T. Mel Gibson should direct and be the vilian IMO.

  17. Mel needs to be in the film as well, and Carl Weathers.

    • Carl Weathers could play the Expendables loyal stew chef.

  18. Get mickey rourke, kurt russell, Robert Patrick, Michael Keaton, Gary Sinise, carl weathers, mr. T, Kevin Costner, don Johnson, John travolta as well.

    • @ Andymovieman

      Kevin Costner?

  19. Does anyone else want to see more of Jet Li in the third installment other than me? I mean, seriously. I felt jipped when he disappeared in the second one for the entire flipping movie. I payed to see ALL the action stars. Not MOST of them.

  20. Mr. T and Carl Weathers need to be in this.

  21. My wish list:
    Clint Eastwood
    Harrison Ford
    Dwayne Johnson
    Vin Diesel
    Michael Jai White
    Sean Connery
    Kurt Russel
    Steven Segal
    Mel Gibson
    Robert DeNiro
    Christopher Walken
    Danny Trejo
    Carl Weathers
    Mr. T
    Tom Berenger
    Al Pacino
    Samuel L. Jackson

    • Oh, and forgot Donnie Yen and Chow Yun Fat

      • I doubt Clint would do it, but he would be my first pick, too. I can see him playing the founder of the Expendables and mentor to Stallone’s character.

  22. Snipes would be a nice addition to the cast. So would Dudikoff.

  23. my list for expandables 3,,




  25. The first two were cool simply to see all the guys get together but a third outing has to be more than nostalgia. It must have a great story this time.

    Not only is Mel a great actor and a brilliant director but his legacy is that every film he has appeared in or made that requires action has raised the bar on what is acceptable violence.

    That to my mind makes me think Mel Gibson has all the credentials to make an Expendables movie that takes the franchise to a new level on every level.

    Bring on Mel Gibson.

  26. Get a bunch of the old Bond’s in as well. Connery, Brosnin, Craige,

  27. How about some love for the old time wrestlers? Toss in Rowdy Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan. 😀

  28. kevin sorbo!

    • I also add Mr Barack Obama and Mr Osama Bin Laden (played as a ghost figure) in Expendables 3 is guaranteed Box Office.