Steven Seagal Joining ‘Expendables 3′ After All?

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Steven Seagal joins Expendables 3 Steven Seagal Joining Expendables 3 After All?

Steven Seagal is probably the biggest holdout on fans’ wish-list of aging badass action stars to be featured in The Expendables franchise. The first two installments had Seagal’s name associated with them (if only by fan nomination) – but in each case, the hope was never rewarded. It comes no surprise then that The Expendables 3 casting process has once again entertained rumors of Seagal joining up; it’s even less surprising that that same rumor was once again debunked earlier this year by franchise architect Sylvester Stallone.

What IS surprising, however, is new word that strongly indicates that Seagal could pull a complete 180° turn and sign up for a go of it (pun intended) with the rest of the Expendables crew.

It is Sly himself rekindling this particular casting news fire, with this not-so-cryptic tweet:

Unless Steven Spielberg is going to be brandishing big-ass guns that make his fellow man explode like water balloons, the “Steven S.” Sly refers to is almost certainly Seagal. We’ll let you marinate on all the many, many – MANY – jokes one could concoct about Seagal holding out for a part “that fits” – but keeping things classy, we’ll just say that seeing him join the crew would be a lark for fans of the franchise.

Best known for his early-90s action films like Hark to KillMarked for Death and Under Seige, in recent years Seagal has become something of a strange, borderline self-parodying figure, starring in questionable TV fare like True Justice and the reality series Steven Seagal: Lawman - in which the actor actually goes out on patrol as a full-commissioned Louisiana Sheriff’s Deputy. In other words: it’s a ripe(?) time in his career for an Expendables appearance. And, given his appearance in the 2010 grindhouse spinoff Machete, one truly wonders why Seagal has been so hesitant about throwing his lot in with Sly and the gang…

Expendables 3 The Raid Steven Seagal Joining Expendables 3 After All?

Expendables has a new director in the form of Patrick Hughes (Red Hill), but it will bring back the cast of badasses seen in the first two films (including a return by Mickey Rourke). Other new additions are rumored to include Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes, and the wish-list still includes a slot for Nic Cage – but no word yet on if Sly has snagged him officially.

Are you hoping Steven Seagal signs on the dotted line – or is he past his prime?


The Expendables 3 will likely be in theaters some time in 2014.

Source: Twitter

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  1. At quick glance i read Jason Seagal and i laughed then i realized the mistake and i didnt care

  2. I don’t like seagal as an actor or action star so I’m not that excited if he plays the villain I’d like the others to behead him. I just don’t like him very much.

  3. It’d be cool to have him purely because its Seagal but I can’t see him as a villain.

    He was the villain in Machete but it was such a cop-out because he went by his usual Superman routine where he couldn’t be hurt or killed but then when he did die, it was because he performed seppuku on himself rather than the hero ending him.

  4. too bad Van Damme is dead in the EX franchise… would love to see Van Damme mop the floor with Seagal…

    • Eh… dead is never dead in the movies.

      You can bring Van Damme back as his twin (Double Impact anyone?).

      I used to like Seagal… then he got fat and started using body doubles.

      So if you he’s in it, as a villain, so I can watched him get offed in the end.

    • Haha…too bad it wouldn’t be in real life as that would never happen

  5. Don’t care for him. He tries to act like a bully, but he’s just a fat retard.

  6. Bas Rutten for Expendables 3!!

  7. Who isn’t past their prime in Expendables? As a fan of the series I say what’s important is that they don’t take this too seriously and keep having fun like they have been for the past two movies.

    • Statham? And Hemsworth but we know how that turned out.

  8. I still remember how his clothes never got torn or dirty throughout all of the fighting and explosions in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. Almost made me glad to see him die in Executive Decision.

  9. As much as I want to like this franchise, each installment hasn’t lived up to the casting potential. God Mode with infinite ammo wasn’t fun to play in Doom, and it isn’t fun to watch with a bunch of 80′s and 90′s action stars. If the story isn’t there, S. Seagal’s involvement won’t change a whole lot bettor or worse.

    • I dunno, I love them.

      Then again, I grew up with 80s and 90s action movies and Commando is in my top 3 movies of all time.

  10. his 1st 3 films were awesome, and under seige was the start of the decent. i just cant take him seriously anymore after lawman. maybe as a villain. if sly could whip him into shape maybe it could work. stallone’s in his 60′s and is still ripped like someone half his age (lucky b@stard lol!). all that discipline and he cant get rid of that belly?

    • Yeah, You got a good point there. He needs to put his ego away and have Stallone get him back into shape.

    • His “discipline” is only half there anyway. He was practically granted his 7th dan and titles when he married the daughter of an aikido grandmaster (who he later left to return to the US…).

  11. Everytime I see Segal..I want to yell

    “Take a LAXATIVE!”

    • Are you mad?????? I can already see the headlines : skinny man found dead asphyxied in a pile of s…!

  12. have him die in the opening credits lol

  13. What role would he “fit” into? These guys are all buff and ripped up, and here comes Segal, “rolling” in. What’s he going to do, make them lunch? Bring them a snack?

    He’s cool, and it would b fun to watch him get pounded by Sly, or Stathem but other than that, what does he have to offer this franchise?

    • He was the cook in Under Siege. He could probably whip up a good sandwich.

      • @ LeatherCheerio

        Exactly my mean and thought behind the post!
        Ha! :)

  14. Kofi, I retweeted this to SR’s official twitter account around two hours before you wrote this. It would have been nice to get a hat tip for the scoop.

    As for the news, I have been clamoring for Seagal to be included since there were rumors that Sly was going to make an Expendables. Unfortunately, Seagal had big problems with Avi Lerner, one of the producers. I am glad that they have seemingly out their differences aside. Obviously, it’s not confirmed that Seagal will appear in Exp 3. Still, to me, this is good news.

    • @Justin J Poppiti

      I’m not the one who manages that account so I don’t what goes on there all that much.

      That said: Always happy to give a hat tip to people who send us stuff. Do you have a particular link you want sourced?

      Let me know I’ll updated the article with it.

      • Oh, if the dude that handles SR’s twitter account didn’t inform you that I RTed what Stallone wrote to SR’s twitter account before you wrote the article, then no hat tip is necessary. I had thought that he might have told you since he responded to me saying thanks for the heads up and he’d tell the guys (at SR) about what I had retweeted.

        I was really glad to see the tweet by Sly. Hopefully, it all works out and Seagal is in Exp 3.

  15. Hope he’s discipline enough to loose some weight, would be cool to have him be in the movie.

    • I hope so too. I would like to c him in good shape for this. I’m not sure I would like to c him in a villain role. I think he fits more as a good guy but where? I would love to c Arnold’s team finally featured in the end at the final battle or whatever. Mr. T, Hulk Hogan, Michael Biehn, Cung Le, & Segal? Too much star power for one movie?

  16. The reason Steven Seagal hasn’t been involved up to this point (at least according to him) is because he doesn’t have a good working relationship/history with Avi Lerner, one of the producers.

    • Damn, why didn’t I point out Lerner’s role? Wait, I actually did :)

      Yeah, I am glad that they seem to have out their differences aside.

  17. Well, I dont mind watching him in other movies even thought he is not powerful person and I hate one thing about him: He always walk like a macho and acting like he is manly. Its annoying.

  18. I wish that Jan Michael Vincent could get his act together enough to get a part in this series. It’d probably save the troubled stars life.

  19. “-or is he past his prime?” – Um, aren’t they all past their prime.

  20. I’m not a detractor in any of this. Chuck Norris is in good shape for his age, but in EX2 it was more of a cameo. I’m thinking for Seagal it might be along the same lines.

    By the way—Seagal may have put on a few pounds and all, but he trains/has trained Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida in recent years. Does that tell you anything?

    • Hmm…You know a Norris-like cameo wouldn’t be a bad idea for Segal. And as for the whole weight issue, I think most people want him to lose some weight so he won’t look so bloated or out of shape when put agains’t all the other old action stars whom are in considerable better shape for their age. I don’t think anybody questions his ability, It’s his weight thats the issue.

  21. Man, get MEL GIBSON already. So he’s not directing? Give him a part!!!!

  22. Well, we got Rourke back and we might be getting Segal, Chan, and Snipes, but there are so many other potential stars they could hire like:

    Clint Eastwood (Most likely cameo)
    Harrison Ford
    Sean Connery (Again, cameo)
    Vin Diesel
    Dwayne Johnson
    Donnie Yen
    Chow Yun Fat
    Christopher Walken (Villain)
    Mel Gibson
    Carl Weathers
    Mr. T
    Robert DeNiro
    Al Pacino
    Danny Glover
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Liam Neeson
    Denzel Washington
    Gary Busey (Again, would make a good villain)

    • Oh, and forgot Danny Trejo.

      • …and how about the latino guy with long hair who has been killed in a bunch of movies. predator, they live, for example.

    • So many people are your list are nonsense. These movies bring together aging action stars of the past. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson? They are both in their prime as far as their careers go, Diesel might be on the wrong side of 40 but is far from aged, and the Rock is in his prime all around. Christopher Walken – not an action hero. Robert DeNiro – not an action hero. Al Pacino – not an action hero. Denzel Washington – not an action hero. Danny Glover? LMAO. Gary Busey? LMAO x 2. Mel Gibson – kind of, maybe, but still never considered an action hero. Liam Neeson – on the fence, he was never an action star until recently.

      • Diesel and Johnson can be allowed. They are using current action stars like Statham and Hemsworth. So its not far fetched.

        Walken — Might not be an action star but is an extremely intimidating man all around. He could play an amazing villain.

        De Niro — Plenty of action thrillers. Righteous Kill. Showtime. Ronin. Heat.

        Pacino — Same as De Niro. Righteous Kill. Scarface. 88 Minutes. I don’t even need to go on.

        Denzel Washington — The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, Unstoppable. Man on Fire. Virtuosity.

        Danny Glover — Lethal Weapons. Predator 2.

        Gary Busey — Lethal Weapon 1. Predator 2. Point Break.

        Mel Gibson — Mad Max. Lethal Weapons. Payback. Ransom. Braveheart.

        Liam Neeson — Taken, Taken 2, The Grey.

        All are action/adventure/crime movies. All work.

        • Well, cheerio, I highly doubt that Diesel and the Rock would be in Exp 3. They are A-listers who will unlikely join an ensemble action movie.

          I also think that Walken would be a good villain, but he really doesn’t have a true action movie background (compare him to Stallone, Arnold, Willis and Norris). I think the same applies to all of the actors you focused on except for Mel, Busey, Glover (maybe) and Liam (lately).

          As you even pointed out, some of them were in action thrillers. But, they wouldn’t truly be considered action movies. The only one that kind of fits that is Scarface.

          Frankly, I don’t think that Nic Cage truly fits into the whole action movie motif. Alas, I am looking forward to him potentially being in the movie. More importantly, I don’t think that Pacino and De Niro would agree to be in it.

          To me, the only glaring omission in the Exoendables franchise has been Seagal. Whether people like it or not, he was one of the biggest action movie stars in the world.

          • Walken was in The Deer Hunter, Dogs of War, King of New York, True Romance, Things to Do in Denver When you’re Dead, Last Man Standing, et. al.

            I think his action background more than trumps some of the guys already featured in the Expendables.

            • Fair point, although I don’t see DH as a true action movie. It’s a lot more than that.

              I still don’t see him as an action star (even earlier in his career). More importantly, I would be shocked if Sly wanted him in the movie and if he did, for Walken to accept it.

              Also, I find it funny when people list like 20 name brand actors to be in the movie. Obviously, there’s no way in hell Sly could add so many people to Exp 3.

              As of now, Snipes and Cage are confirmed. Seagal is a big possibility, and he’s the most glaring omission. So, if all three join the team, it’s unlikely that many more name brand actors will be added.

  23. him and snipes as corrupt DEA agents f***ing s*** up :D both do pretty good villains and it would be awesome to see stallone have a round 2 against snipes ;)

    • Snipes as an IRS agent? LOL!

      • That’d be hilarious.

  24. Nice!

  25. they need to get van damme to play a hero and fight seagal alonside stallone

    • Have you not seen The Expendables 2?

  26. I would like Steven Seagal to play in EX3.. I would definitely watch it :)

  27. Steven Seagal is a joke. The movie works best when it’s OLDER action stars passed 50 that people actually like. Jackie Chan would be awesome. Where is Michael Biehn!

  28. Segal’s early career had some good action in it, like the movie where he beats up a bunch of bikers in a pool hall with a cue ball wrapped in a towel. That was great. These days he’s pretty fat and I can’t see how he’d beat most people in a fight. I’m up for him to be in Expendables 3 as long as he gets into serious shape and works on his combat forms.

  29. Mel Gibson needs to be in the next expendables, but as a villain. Jet Li can have his payback for lethal weapon 4.

    • Awesome