‘Expendables 3′: Chan, Snipes, Cage and Jovovich in Talks to Join the Cast

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expendables 3 cage chan snipes Expendables 3: Chan, Snipes, Cage and Jovovich in Talks to Join the Cast

Sylvester Stallone is getting his boys back together for The Expendables 3, and he wants to convince all the cool kids to join them – while includes people like Mickey Rourke (who was unaccounted for in Expendables 2) – for a third round of reliving the testosterone-fueled action genre movie glory days.

We’ve been hearing for a while that the invite list could include names like Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan – in addition to Wesley Snipes (who’s fresh out of jail) – while, more recently, Sly confirmed that the longtime holdout, Steven Seagal, may finally be willing to join in the explosion and cheese-riddled festivities.

Today, we can announce that yet another iconic action movie star – and a (gasp!) woman at that – is lining up to “track ’em, find ’em, kill ’em” with Sly and his boys (or craggy-faced muscleheads, whichever you prefer), based on a report that lists Milla Jovovich as being – along with Chan, Snipes and Cage – in “advanced negotiations” to become a member of the Expendables acting crew.

The report from Deadline confirms what we’ve been hearing from Sly for some time now: that Chan and Snipes are all-but officially locked down. Furthermore, it gels with Dolph Lundgren’s previous comment about Cage ranking high on the Expendables 3 Wanted List, and that filming – as mentioned in the announcement by Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer – is expected to begin in late Summer/early Fall 2013, to keep the film on-course for a Summer 2014 release date.

resident evil 6 release date Expendables 3: Chan, Snipes, Cage and Jovovich in Talks to Join the Cast

However, this is the first we’ve heard about Jovovich being on the verge of striking a deal to board the project. Nevertheless, this potential casting makes sense, seeing how the Fifth Element and Resident Evil franchise’s badass leading lady fits the bill – when it comes to a role that Sly described as “a young woman who is not a sex symbol but funny, tough, REAL.” (Sidenote: Jovovich is, technically, both a sex symbol and tough cookie, but we’re not complaining.)

Sly has recruited new blood to work behind the scenes on Expendables 3 – in the form of budding indie filmmaker Patrick Hughes (Red Hill) – and Jovovich may not be the only whipper-snapper (relative to this franchise, anyway) who’s added into the mix. A previous rumor indicated that Joe Taslim – the martial artist star of The Raid: Redemption and Owen Shaw’s (Luke Evan) mostly-silent thug in Fast & Furious 6 – could also become a cast member. That would be in keeping with Sly’s comments about wanting to beat The Raid at its own game (re: by delivering more non-stop thrills and bone-crunching action).

There are still big questions about Expendables 3 casting that remain to be answered – like will Cage be chewing the scenery as the villain and is Jet Li going to return (in some capacity) – so keep your eyes peeled for additional updates on the Screen Rant homepage over the forthcoming months (as we approach the start date for production).


How do you like The Expendables 3 lineup so far? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Deadline

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  1. What about Vin Diesel?

    • Vin is too busy with co-producing/acting-in Fast and the Furious Seven.

      • Statham is gonna be in Expendables 3 and Fast and Furious 7 so Vin Diesel could very well join the cast

        • Is that a spoiler of fast six? If so, poor move spoiling that. Anyway, more importantly, Vin is too big time to be in the movie. Even if he were in it, which I doubt, it’d only be a cameo.

        • @TheLostWinchester, what does Stratham being in the film have to do with Vin Diesel? I don’t get the connection you are trying to make. Also I hope Milla won’t do this. Milla and Vin (and Ron Perlman, too) are all working and making actual hits. They don’t need to be in a film with Stallone.

      • Yeah, he’s making actual hits and blockbusters of his own. He doesn’t need this “retirement” movie.

  2. And The Expendables series still hasn’t learned that it doesn’t simply take adding famous action stars to make a good movie.

  3. Please not Jovovich. So sick of her bad acting.

    • You’re worried about bad acting in an Expendables movie? Really????

      • Ha, fair counterpoint.

    • @Patrick, don’t worry. she won’t be in this “Retirement Flick”. you can watch these old geezers on-screen all day. The last installment (now Expendables 3) made the least amount of money. People are tired of this “old stuff”. Milla will be continuing carrying the successful Resident Evil franchise, for which she is the leading and only star in those films. Thanks. Goodbye old man.

  4. Not trying to be rude or anything but if these are the new cast memebers instead of Car Weathers and Mel Gibson im really not interested in it, just my thoughts.

    • Personally, I don’t think that you’re being rude. What you wrote is your opinion, which you’re certainly entitled to express.

    • I’ve liked the idea of Mel Gibson for a long time. Never thought about Carl Weathers, that would be awesome! And if you’ve got Drago and Apollo, you gotta bring in Clubber Lang and Thunder Lips!

      • mel gibson can be their wildcard lol

    • @ Film Fan

      Carl Weathers would be great, but he is soooo far out of shape, it’s almost like Seagal.

      Just NO Vin Diesel please!!!

  5. yesssss love jovovich in re series she’s gonna kick ass in expendables

  6. Interesting, can’t wait to see how Chan fits into this movie since it would be more hardcore than his usual stuff these days.

    • right chan is is good

    • why don’t you add Chris tucker,hmm

      • Chris Tucker is not an action star, just a second banana.

  7. I have liked Jovovich every since The Fifth Element. (I wish they would make a sequel to that!!) She is a great choice.

    Snipes. Cage, & Chan could be good too, depending on their roles. Seagal, meh,

    I thought I read somewhere about the Rock being interested in this franchise too. I would love to see him show up.

    • @Stark.

      I think the Rock is at the level where Sly, Arnold, Bruce, Jackie, Wesley, was at back in the 80s and 90s.

      I doubt he would appear in The Expendables. He is quickly becoming the Defacto Action star of this generation.

      • Exactly.

  8. These announcements come with Sly Stallone’s fever-induced fugue and supercillious smile, and that premium presentation for a movie project frantic to become a blockbuster.

    Right now, Sly is giving this proposed film flavor which, for the moment, has none of its own.

    Supremely chilling, Stallone on his Twitter account did a shout-out for “a young Sigourney Weaver”. The answer apparently is…Milla Jovovich?

    Hard to argue with something hard to believe.

  9. How about Iko Uwais (The Raid Redemption) ??

  10. Maaaaaan, what about Micheal Jai White… He played Spawn and in several other action movies, Although who ever wrote the Spawn movie; lets say is lacking… But I digress, he does kick major butt though… Even Jean Claude’s in one of the universal soldier flics

  11. And I keep wondering: Where the hell is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson?

    How is it that Sly digs deep enough to get the likes of Snipes and Jovovich but neglect the who probably best embodies the beefy action star in the modern era?

    Does he have some personal grudge against Johnson? I’ve been suspecting that ever since the first Expendables.

    • The Rock is too busy since he’s filming Hercules in Budapest, which is going to take months. Then, I am sure that he has lined up another movie after Hercules.

    • Cant afford The Rock.

      As I stated above.

      Dwayne Johnson is where Arnold, Sly and Bruce were in the 80s and 90s. The Highest Paid Action Star.

      Plus, his mere presence on screen would take away from the Egopendables

  12. The Rock would be a great addition as well as Kate Beckinsale.

  13. Expendables 2 sucked. Van Damme dying!! Stupid ass s***!

    • Might wanna put a spoiler warning there.

    • I thought part 2 sucked all the way around.

  14. they need machete in there too lol

    • That’d be awesome.

    • Throw out Chan and put in Danny Trejo…a great Latin American actor!

  15. i dont want that woman from resident evil in this franchise, she ain’t no action star and has no talent (which is saying something when comparing her to the cheesiest hollywood actors) 😛

    i would love for the next one to have the ‘old school’ guys vs the ‘new age’ guys, like the rock, vin diesel, mat damon, colin ferrell etc, that imo would be the ultimate manly movie ever 😀

    • Milla Jovovich is not a action star? Have you seen her movies? 11 are action movies and she is the star, I do think that qualifies her as a action star!

      • I own The Fifth Element, all the Resident Evil films, and Ultraviolet (plus, A Perfect Getaway). I agree with you. She is an action movie star. And she does it convincingly. I think she has at least one more Resident Evil film to make, so she’s not an action “has been” quite yet. As for her acting, she pulls it off adequately. I haven’t seen any of the Expendables films, so I can’t really comment on them.

  16. Hell yeah! I’ve been saying they should add Cage for a long time.

  17. I will boycott Expendables 3 if Chan is in it. Last year he made some incredibly anti-American statements about our country. i’m long on memory, so screw him. I absolutely refuse to give him another dime of my money.

    • So your boycotting a movie because someone said something back about the U.S.A…..s*** man you must not watch a lot of movies…

  18. Cynthia Rothrock, Michael Dudikoff, Kurt Russell, Peter Weller, Danny Glover just to name a few.

  19. Since the Expendables is a mash up of action stars…you could still have some cameos of older actors/actresses in supporting roles… Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Christopher Lambert, Michael Bien..I would like to see vin diesel in it. Now that being said what if they added some of memorable villain actors to the mix…up-the-ante playing brains vs braun…say: Alan Rickman, Clancy Brown, Rutger Hauer, and anthony hopkins…just a thought. You need a good master mind to manipulate the villainous muscle.

  20. I’m actually ok with all the choices, mostly Snipes cause i know that dude can still kick ass!

    For the peeps asking for Diesel or Rock…they are NOT in the same class as these guys from Expendables. We’re talking hard hitting action stars from the old days before all the wire work and green screen work became the norm.
    And if Seagal wants to sit out, no biggie considering he’ll never get into good enough shape for this film anyways. He was a joke in Machete!

    • “We’re talking hard hitting action stars from the old days before all the wire work and green screen work became the norm.”

      You mean like Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Liam Hemsworth, Wesley Snipes and Nan Yu? All ‘action stars from the old days’ right?

      Vin Diesel and the Rock can hit hard with the best of them. They’ve had expendables-worthy scenes in their past films without any extensive wirework or CG.

  21. They should let Mel Gibson direct it and that will bring a lot more seriusness to the franchise. Hate him or scorn him but the dude can direct very well. The idea of the Expendables is cool but part two got cheesy so in order to save it, they need the right script and a better director. Cast who you want but behind the camera is where the real action is.

    • Hasn’t it been made clear that Mel Gibson had politely declined the offer?

    • @Tomm

      Did you say, it would bring a lot more seriousness to franchise?

      If that were the case. They should go up against an Elite SeAL Team, that went rogue and half of the Expendables would be Extinguished.

      Seriousness and the Expendables do not equate.

  22. i never wanted nic cage on expendables 3 and never will i hope it does not happen as for jackie chan dont get your hopes up and wesley snipes im okay with that but milla nope no way i liked her better on resident evil put seagal back

  23. Kurt russell should be in it and he should lose some weight like seagal so he can be in good shape to run, jump, shoot, etc. don Johnson, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Peter Weller, Rutger Hauer, Jeff Bridges, tommy lee jones, kris Kristofferson, Al Pacino, Nick Nolte, Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, John Travolta, Michael Madsen, Tom Sizemore, John c mcginley, Burt Reynolds, James Gandofini, etc.

  24. Another old forgotten old-school action star that Sly should consider is Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame.

  25. Danny Trejo!! Would be badass!!

  26. ,or maybe Antonio Banderas

  27. The only problem with this that I see is that, as thousands of people across the country will happily attest, Nicholas Cage can’t act.