‘The Expendables 2′ Trailer: Explosions, Humor & Macho Men Galore

Published 3 years ago by , Updated May 7th, 2012 at 8:34 am,

Looking for an action flick overflowing with beefy stars who are not wearing shiny costumes or multi-colored unitards – but instead, craggy-faced and armed to the teeth? Then you will definitely want to check out today’s full-length theatrical promo for The Expendables 2, following yesterday’s trailer preview (as was hosted by a yelling, crotch-grabbing Terry Crews).

After a straightforward teaser trailer that showcased the Expendables sequel’s legendary manly cast, we now have a better taste of what explosive (in all meanings of the term) material the film will serve up, now that Sylvester Stallone has handed over directing duties to Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider).

One of the first things that jumps out about this Expendables 2 trailer (for this writer) is how much better the action scenes look, in terms of camerawork and editing. West may not have a perfect track record as a director, but he knows how to stage a good set piece, as evidenced by the loads of cleanly-shot… er, shoot-outs, explosions, crashing planes – and the brief glimpse of a fistfight between Stallone and new addition Jean-Claude Van Damme – in this footage.

If nothing else, Expendables 2 has already one-upped its predecessor by remembering to include a bit where Arnold Schwarzenegger gets to mutter his calling card one-liner. (As though we even have to mention what it is…)

expendables 2 trailer The Expendables 2 Trailer: Explosions, Humor & Macho Men Galore

There’s no real hint of the storyline for Expendables 2, wherein the titular team of mercenaries head out to avenge the death of someone in their party – but that’s to be expected. Marketing for a movie like this is all about the flash and spectacle, regardless of how much viewers eventually (or are expected to) become invested in the characters and plot, while watching the actual movie.

Overall, Expendables 2 looks to offer more tongue-in-cheek humor, ridiculous action sequences and an expanded cast of iconic cinematic badasses (now, with 100% more Chuck Norris) tearing up the screen – than offered in the first film. And really, those are the main things that’ll guarantee butts in the theater when this flick arrives, right?

The Expendables 2 charges into theaters around the U.S. on August 17th, 2012.


Source: IGN

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  1. Van Damme vs. Stallone – Sweet!

    And call me old school, but the inclusion of a female “Expendable” seems like pandering to political correctness to me.


    • I agree about the female “Expendable” pandering, but it may work in this context…. The rumored plot is that a mission went wrong and killed one of the team members, the rest of the team decides to go get their revenge. Now in this trailer you don’t see a lot of Jet Li, maybe Nan Yu is playing his daughter or sister (he did talk a lot about his family in the first one), if so then she would fit into a throwback “revenge for a fallen family member” tale.

      • Jet Li’s character confessed he didn’t have a family later on in the first movie, when he was riding shotgun with Sylvester Stallone’s character.

        mac :]

        • AAAAAAAAH, you are correct…. BUT I thought it was more wife and kids, it could be his sister… again this is assuming that it is in fact Jet Li getting the “Judy Winslow” treatment here

          • So does that mean Jet Li is gonna do porn now like Judy Winslow?

            • Well ya never know now, do ya? :-D

    • Vic – I’m with you on the pc theory, unless they had brought on Cynthia Rothrock (sp?). ^_^

      mac :]

    • Stallone on the receiving end of Van Damme’s splits roundhouse?? Holy hell!

      • I know, Who would’ve thunk :-D

        Van Damminator!!

    • or to bring in some female audiences that want to see a chick kicking ass. And, younger viewers with the inclusion of Liam. Which is fine, whatever works.

      I’m just in all smiles to see Arnold doing more than walking. Arnold without a weapon is blasphemy

      • Yes to what you and Vic said…

    • Do vaginas really scare you that much?

    • Or… they just wanted a woman to help expand their appeal to the female demographic and therefore make more money.


      • That to…

      • Dolla Dolla Bill Y’aaaaaaaaaaaaaall ;-)

    • You’re an old prude….and I agree. :-D

  2. Ohh mann so many action stars man this is so sick “im back”!!!!! Yeee

  3. damn, willis is in everything nowadays (along with sam jackson)

    • u did not hear when u are a bald actor u can star in loads of movies

    • What do you mean now a days…Sam Jack has been in so many movies it seems like he was in movies since the beginning of time. And I don’t mind Bruce Willis I like him, he’s one of those aging stars that I don’t get tired of seeing…

  4. this Avengers and Promethius

    All I need this summer

  5. wow awesome!!!! and simon west i think was a very good choice. Con Air is one of my all time favorite action films!!!

  6. Looks much cooler than the first one, and i enjoyed the first on for what it was.

  7. God it’s good to see Arnie back but how many times is he gonna say “I’m back” or “I’ll be back”. It’s getting a little old! 1st one was a little disappointing but This one looks awwwwwwwwwwesome.
    “I now pronounce you man and knife” NICE!

    • “I now pronounce you man and knife” NICE!

      It almost felt like there was some Assasins Creed inspiration in there…

  8. I loved the first one just because of the 80′s action star throwback. This 2nd film looks to be a little cleaner and better shot. As far as the Arnie one liner goes…you gotta have it! And yes, Arnie is back!

  9. Can’t wait.


    • yes, yes, YES!!! Glad I am not the only one that wants him. He is one of the greatest action stars. Though I love pretty much all the stars here, none of them compare to Jackie Chan!!!

      I would also like to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the Expendables 3

      • The “Rock” doesn’t reach the age requirement.. -__-”

    • They’re not gonna put Jackie in it when they already have Jet in it…

      • What does one have to do with the other. That’s like saying they don’t need Stallone because they already got Willis. Just because their both kung fu Chinese stars doesn’t mean they’re the same person. Plus Jackie owns all of them in innovative action.

        I want Clint Eastwood! Grandaddy of action.

        • @Al

          I guess he’s one of the people who doesn’t really want to see Asians in the cast and figure one is “enough” as if it’s a compromise and should be handled like one, meaning do the bare minimum…

    • Nah, I say Donnie Yen. Honestly, both Donnie Yen and Jet Li are better martial artists than Jackie Chan. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jackie Chan for what he is, but I’ve been a fan of martial arts movies for a while and when it comes to pure real talent in martial arts, Donnie Yen and Jet Li are actually pretty top notch. Jackie Chan is more of a performer, but he’s a very good one of that. But Yen and Li have other martial arts credentials besides the movies.

  10. Expendables Assemble!!!!

  11. Van Damme, is BadAss

  12. The trailer was awesome.

    Stallone vs. Van Damme? I’m in.

    Schwarznegger and Willis togther was funny.

    I hope this will be R rated and better than the first movie.

    Also I hope evert actor gets a fair amount of screentime.

  13. wow that trailer got me pumped for that movie…van damn vs. stallone? awesome

  14. Yes, it certainly looks like they’ve upped the ante this time around and I feel we will get a superior sequel.

    Although, some scenes looks a bit too dark and unclear visually, Simon West will be more adept and skilled in staging the action sequences than Stallone was first time around.

    Not doubt at all that this will be another huge hit at the box office.

  15. I hope Li and JCVD have a fight scene. We all know who would win that fight, but since it looks like JCVD is a big bad, Stallone will finish him off.

  16. Spoiler: Chuck Norris wins.

    • Chuck vs. Van Damme, Jett Li, Lungren, and Statham; not a fair fight. You’d better add Arny to the list so that Chuck won’t get bored kicking all their butts. :-P

  17. EXCUSE ME while I go clean mah draw’s out!

  18. Am I the only one that is a little saddened that it wasn’t Norris vs. JCVD? I was hoping for that. Other than that this movie is gonna be soooo awesome!!!

  19. Norris is cool but hell man Van Damme is the God of old school cool. Flying kick to Stallone!!!! I just about s*** on the floor.

  20. At the begining of the trailer Stallone shoots the guys with a fake gun. They totally stole that scene from the movie the losers where Chris Evans does the exact same thing lol.

  21. i think my theory (and that of others) is right – jet li is the one that dies, otherwise he would have been with the team when they where standing on the hill (right before stallone talks about tracking and killing someone).

    i really hope scott adkins get more screen time then garry daniel’s did in the 1st one, the man has crazy martial arts skills, it would be a shame to see them go to waste. end fight between stallone and JCVD = pure epic, regardless of length b/c i don’t think the 2 have every starred along side one another (much like willis, arnie and sly).

    lets just hope the rating doesn’t effect anything (i dont want any shaky cam like and quick cuts like the edited theatre version of the 1st one.

    • I don’t think Liam is there either. It would be very fitting to kill the rookie off to inspire. A lot of the old action movies did it and is kind of a staple. I’m thinking either or both. Although I thought Jet was going to die in the first one with the lack of promotional material wth him in. We shall see!

      • Perhaps they BOTH die??

  22. Shut UP !!! and take my money :D

  23. Double Impact, what a Van Dam classic(among others of course)

    • Last time I counted I had around 24 JCVD movies and for some reason this one is one of my somewhat least liked movies…

  24. Van Damme. 51 years old. Does a leaping roundhouse kick. That’s just frackin’ridiculously good!!

    • There’s a You Tube channel dedicated to his fans. There you could see a goldmine of JCVD footage including footage of him training for this film. Though not as fast or limber as he once was(Obviously) He’s still somewhat got it though…

  25. Add Segal, Kurt Russell, Carl weathers, and Bolo Young, and you have an 80′s kickback flick.

    • +1 for Kurt Russell & Carl Weathers.

      Kurt needs to have the eye patch though!

  26. I held out watching this trailer as long as I could, I saw it a minute ago and just about had an accident in my pants. This looks awesome!

    I’m so glad I grew up in the 80′s when movies were fun.

  27. This trailer made me feel like a 12 year old again. Very cool stuff.

  28. Yo…this is gonna rock…

  29. I agree with A & Santa. Kurt Russell (eyepatch included),Carl Weathers,Bolo Yueng. Plus, Wesley Snipes,Mark Dacascus,Michael Jai White,Steven Segal,& Michael Biehn as a villain similar to Eric Roberts character in the first one would be cool. Anxious to see the oldheads get off the bench to whip some culo…