Schwarzenegger, Norris, & Travolta Rumored For ‘Expendables 2′

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expendables 2 poster Schwarzenegger, Norris, & Travolta Rumored For Expendables 2

The boys will be back in town for next year’s The Expendables 2, which now officially has a director in the form of Simon West. Production is slated to begin in a matter of months, with stars like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Mickey Rourke prepped to reprise their turns from the original movie.

Lots of rumors have been circling around the sequel, with regards to what other action movie icons could be joining the next Expendables party. Today, we have a few more for you to consider.

In an interview with Novinite, NU Boyana CEO David Varod was talking up Expendables 2, which he says will begin shooting on location in Bulgaria this year, around the second week of September. Naturally. The star-studded, big-budget Hollywood production is expected to prove lucrative for the country.

While Varod mentioned names like Stallone and Statham as being among the celebrities that are “coming for sure” to Bulgaria for Expendables 2, he also listed the likes of Bruce Willis – who’s long been all but officially confirmed for the sequel – as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and John Travolta.

Van Damme was previously rumored as a potential villain in Expendables 2, while Schwarzenegger’s recently-resumed return to acting left a lot of fans wondering if he’d reprise his cameo appearance as a mercenary from the first Expendables pic. However, this is the first “serious” word we’ve heard that both Norris and Travolta would have roles in the film as well.

Bear in mind, while Schwarzenegger may in fact appear in Expendables 2, there’s no guarantee he won’t be making anything but another brief appearance (for better or for worse). Couple that with word that Ah-nuld’s new starring vehicle, The Last Stand, is slated to begin filming this fall, and his possibly playing an expanded role in the next Expendables adventure seems all the less likely.

On the topic of Norris: His potential involvement makes a fair amount of sense. The former Walker, Texas Ranger star passed on appearing in the first Expendables, but he might be more inclined to accept an offer for the followup – especially since it promises to be the real no-holds-barred throwback to testosterone fests from the 1980s and 90s that its predecessor aimed to be (but ultimately came a bit short of reaching that mark).

Travolta, by comparison, isn’t the renowned veteran badass of the big screen that people like Norris and Van Damme are, but there are definitely fans out there who would approve of the actor getting back into Broken Arrow and Face/Off mode for the Expendables sequel.

The Expendables 2 movie poster and synopsis Schwarzenegger, Norris, & Travolta Rumored For Expendables 2

Willis previously stated that Stallone was “going for all the marbles this time” by cramming as many (former) brawny blockbuster stars into Expendables 2 as possible. So although it’s best to take any unofficial casting news with a grain of salt, don’t be surprised if at least a couple of these rumors actually turn out to be true.

We’ll see out it all goes down when The Expendables 2 hits theaters on August 17th, 2012.

Source: Novinite (via Collider)

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  1. I really enjoyed the first one alot looking forward to seeing a sequel. John travolta as action star really?.What happen to Steve seagal being in it.

  2. The Expendables was awesome, the best action movie in years.

    I hope the sequel will be better than the original with more fights, more guns, more explosions and more huge action hero stars.

    I think it is time for the real men to return and show all those Robert Patternisons, Justin Biebers, Shia LeBeoufs and those twilight movies that the real hard men are back and kiss a**** like 80′s action style.

    Even I hope Arine returns in the sequel with a larger role and Norris makes a cameo in the movie.

    • you meant KICK a**** right ?? not kiss a**** …… cuz that would be a very different type of movie.

      • Hahahaha, with Travolta in it, you never know… :D

  3. Expendables 2: Revenge of the Toupees!!!

    but seriously this is good news.

  4. I’m really looking forward to Expendables 2.
    I loooooooooooved the first one.
    Was it the greatest action movie ever ??
    no , but it was a helluva fun flick and was worth seeing on the big screen.

    It would rock to get Arnie and Bruce onboard again , and it would be very cool to get Chuck and Travolta in the mix as well.

    and JVD should get in on this

    and Seagal should get in on this

    and Danny Trejo

    and Liam Neeson

    and Uma Thurman ( I may or may not be kidding about Uma ).

    • And Bolo Yeung.

      • hell Yea Bolo Yeung !!!!! that , also , would be cool :)

  5. a movie with seagal and jcvd is not going to happen. they pretty much hate each other.

    • I bet if they weer offered a nice paycheck they would work together. Besides what are vandamn&segal doing these days anyway im sure they could use the money. if it was the right amount.

  6. I demand Cynthia Rothrock be in this.

    • FTW!

      mac :]

  7. Now this is big news and hype for the film!!! Liked the first one, Will be seeing this one again…

  8. bring it…

  9. hell yeah !! arny is bak

  10. is a cargad?

  11. no travolta or norris, they don’t fit (both physically and consistency wise) with the rest of the cast. norris is to old, a cameo is the only thing he should do and travolta sucks.

    i think they should get the current gen of action stars, like michael jai white, scott adkins, matt mullins etc they could play the bad guys (old vs new kinda thing).

    at this rate the only thing that i care about is: the amount of practical effects being used (i hate CG blood), the plot (but that doe4snt really matter that much) and the locations they’re gonna be shooting in.

    • Norris is old sure, but he could pluck a whisker from his lengendary beard, fling it at Arnie, killing him instantly. :)

  12. God no Travolta please. Hulk Hogan instead per favore

    We need Sly Vs. Arnold

    • The would likely be competing team leaders. Who gets wherever/whatever first…but then wind up working together to achieve the mission. Actually slugging it out…which one is going to accept being the on screen loser?

  13. jet li wow the expendables 2 will make it big before, but it looks like jet li’s not coming back for segunda.espero yes, arnold hopefully make a bigger part than the first I’m a fan of Arnold, I hope that put a expendables 2 ”The Rock”

  14. wow the expendables 2 will make it big before, but it looks like jet li’s not coming back for segunda.espero yes, arnold hopefully make a bigger part than the first I’m a fan of Arnold, I hope that put a expendables 2 ”The Rock”

  15. wow the expendables 2 is larger than expendables1 do but it seems that jet li is not coming back for expendables 2.espero yes, arnold hopefully make a bigger part than the first I’m a fan of Arnold, I hope that put a expendables 2 ”The Rock”

  16. the 1st one sucked quite a bit and wasn’t really ‘homage to old school action’ like sly said ti would be, mainly b/c they had: poor camera work, CGI blood (partly due b/c the movie was gonna be PG13 then got pushed to R so they had to add blood afterwards like they did with diehard4), the shoot-outs weren’t all that great, pacing was way off (like rambo 4), car chase scene was terrible (again due to poor camera work) and some of the supporting cast (terry and randy) where useless/unexplained and poorly executed.

    imo he should keep the team of good guys small and straight forward, and just have a ton of popular action stars as bad guys. like i suggested before: old gen vs new gen of action stars would be epic.

  17. Scott Adkins,JCVD,Michael Jai White have got to be in it!!!! Maybe Dwayne Johnson aswell,Also have Arnie,Steven Seagal,Jackie Chan in cameos and i wouldnt mind Johnny Messner,Dominic Purcell & maybe Vinnie Jones having roles as Bruce Willis’s henchman even if they are very small roles

  18. From Paris With Love, that is all I have to say.

  19. Heres how it happens. Bruce Willis asks both Stallones and Arnolds teams to go on a mission to kill some random terrorist group. Which ever team gets the higher body count, gets paid. But it turns out that it was all a set up. Willis planned for both teams to be killed to cover up his dirty dealings with them. Now both teams (after suffering a few loses) join forces and go after Willis himself.

    Awesome Movie

    • copying peoples ideas however, is not so awesome ;)

  20. Why all the hate for travolta? the guy was great as a villain in FACE-OFF/BROKEN ARROW/THE PUNISHER. Having him play a role like Eric Roberts character in the first one maybe as CIA or EX CIA, which ever is acceptable but even more sadistic and psychotic as a character.

    As for the cast my vote is:

    Donnie Yen
    Bill Goldberg
    Kurt Russell
    Michael jai White
    Danny Trejo
    Michael Biehn
    Steven Seagal
    James Woods
    Powers Boothe
    Ving Rhames
    Antonio Banderas
    Andrei Arlovski
    Kevin Nash
    Rutger Hauer
    Christopher Lambert
    Jean Claude Van Damme

  21. This is my list for the cast for The Expendables 2:

    Stallone’s team:
    Jason Statham
    Jet Li
    Dolph Lundgren
    Randy Couture
    Terry Crews
    and Stallone

    Arine’s Team:
    Michael Jai White
    Dwayne Johnson
    Mark Dacascos
    Ving Rhames
    Vin Diesel
    and Arine

    Villain’s Team:
    Jean Claude Van Damme- The Main Villain
    Bolo Yeung- The 2nd Main Villain and Van Damme’s trustworthy friend
    Robert Patrick- A rouge CIA agent who works for Van Damme and is also the main third villain
    Teruma Morrison- A terrorist leader and Stallone’s old emery who kidnaps Stallone’s ex wife (Sigournery Weaver) for his scarred face.

    Villain’s Henchman:
    Scott Adkins- Van Damme’s bodyguard
    Andrei Arlvoski- Van Damme’s second bodyguard
    Sash Mitchell- A former soldier with martial arts skills who is in Van Damme’s team.
    Vinnie Jones- Patrick’s bodyguard
    Michael Clarke Duncan- A violent ex mercenary who is Patrick’s second bodyguard
    Donnie Yen- A martial arts soldier who is in Van Damne’s for revenge and is also Jet Li’s enemy

    Other characters:
    Jackie Chan- Chan doesn’t like playing villains so he can play Jet Li’s friend and helsl him fight Donnie Yen.
    Tony Jaa- A mysterious solider who wants revenge against Bolo Yeung and joins The Expendables to finish that mission.
    Michael Biehn- A FBI agent who helps The Expendables.
    Tom Sizemore- Biehn’s partner
    Jean Reno- Stallone’s old longtime war friend.
    Sigournery Weaver- Stallone’s ex wife.

    Chuck Norris- The former leader of The Expendables
    Clint Eastwood- He cameos as Stallone’s father.
    Steven Seagel- Cameos as a former team member of The The Expendables
    Kurt Russell- Cameos as a former team member of The Expendables.

    • This is MY list:

      This is my list for the cast for The Expendables 2:

      Stallone’s team:
      Jason Statham
      Jet Li
      Dolph Lundgren
      Randy Couture
      Terry Crews
      and Stallone

      Arine’s Team:
      Michael Jai White
      Dwayne Johnson
      Mark Dacascos
      Ving Rhames
      Vin Diesel
      and Arine

      Villain’s Team:
      Chuck Norris

      • whose Arine?

        • Schwarzenegger´s twin brother who doesn´t have a child with his housekeeper.

    • Dude that would conquer the box office for the entire month! and the testosterone alone will blow peoples heads even before the premiere!! LOL!

    • Holy crap NawTNT..

      Did you leave anyone out? LOL! Your list is like the action guy’s wet dream!

    • I also think needed to be added in the movie is Tommy “Tiny” Lister “Zeus,DeeBo”, Mel Gibson “Road Warrior”, you forgot Bruce Willis in there also Harrison Ford, Carl Weathers,you can also think about Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Keanu Reeves even though they not big time action stars like that also Lou Diamond Phillips and if they thinking of throwing Tavolta in there they should throw Nicolas Cage in there as well Michael Douglas, Hulk Hogan, Michel Qissi as Tong Po from Kickboxer why not don johnson you got mickey rourke in there and kevin costner well I know alot of these guys are not super action stars but still alot of good actors that worked with each other here and there ya know. also Phillip Rhee “Tommy from Best of the Best he worked with Eric Roberts that was in the first film”, Wesley Snipes if he is out of prison by that time and don “The Dragon” Wilson” and after they get all these guys or the best of these guys make the movie a good 3 hour movie to give everybody good roles not just little cameos. thats what I think plus all the guys you already said and just throw John Cena in there too for the hell of it since he is doing some action movies and well.

  22. I’m very surprised Travolta is being considered, even in rumor. I thought he was awesome in Broken Arrow and enjoyed him Pulp Fiction but he burned his action card for me with Hairspray.

    mac :]

    • oh i couldn’t agree more no cred for be a action star anymore.

      • Arnold has played a pregnant…PREGNANT…man. Just sayin’ so don’t be hatin’.

  23. Barry’s got a point there. Plus, Travolta’s a better actor. Yes, good acting does have a place in movies like this too (i.e. Rourke had a nice moment in the first Expendables).

    Anywho, I don’t really care about cramming as many action stars into the movie as possible. I understand that that’s the point of these films, but I’d still like to see each character shine more. The first one was fun, but it was clear that there wasn’t enough time for everyone to get their due in full. There were moments here and there, but we’re used to seeing each of these guys get their due for an entire film. Cramming even more action stars into a sequel will only compound the problem.

  24. Add Carl Weathers, Steven Seagal, Michael Biehn, Mel Gibson, Michael Dudikoff, Wesley Snipes and it would truly be an homagé to 80s action flicks

  25. STEVEN SEAGAL SUCKS!!!!! There is nothing good about him being in this movie. I do not know why anyone wants to see this guy in a movie with people he doesnt even compare to. Yes maybe he knows how to do some real fighting but thats it. I know im being bull headed but i just dont like anything about the guy and dont see the appeal.

    • I agree with that… Just let Seagal talk at the film… don’t make him fight, it would ruin the entire film for everyone…

    • In your opinion you might not like Steven Seagal, but in reality there were a big 4 in the 90′s and it was Arnold, Stallone, Seagal, and Van Dammn. That’s the reality. So, if you take Seagal out the equasion something will be missing totally.

      I happen to like Seagal, maybe he might have a rep for having an attitude or seem aloof etc. But he is popular and his success in the action straight to DVD market through out the 2000′s have lead to other action stars doing the same. He has made big contributions as an action star! HE”S A MUST! Whether Van Damm Likes it or not, – SCREW HIM- Seagal must be in it! But Seagal must get past the stupid producer beef though.

      Stallone’s team:
      Jason Statham
      Jet Li
      Dolph Lundgren
      Randy Couture
      Terry Crews
      and Stallone
      SEAGAL – Bombs/detonations expert

      Arine’s Team:
      Michael Jai White
      Jackie Chan
      Ving Rhames
      Vin Diesel
      John Cena
      let by Arnold

      Villain’s Team:
      Jean Claude Van Damme- The Main Villain
      Steve Austin
      Vinnie Jones
      Bolo Yeung
      Tony Jaa
      Henry Silva- The Senator Palpatine of the Bad Guys and advisor to Van Damme from the shadows.
      Wesley Snipes- A violent ex mercenary who is JCVD’s top bodyguard/ associate. Looks for opportunity to take control of the whole enterprise, wouldn’t hesitate to betray Van Damme.
      Donnie Yen- A martial arts soldier who is in Van Damne’s for revenge and is also Jet Li’s enemy.

      Chuck Norris- The former leader of The Expendables joins up with Stallone on one of the shorter missions.
      Clint Eastwood- He cameos as Stallone’s mentor and friend.
      Kurt Russell- Special agent that works alone, never joined up with the Expendables cause he says “I don’t do ensembles.”

  26. The first film was terrible. I can’t believe it did well enough to actually warrant a sequel.

  27. i’m sourry’s baby’s , but dis is a thrully cargad, em a raight? picos, camon, jaun ken arnold y chuk bicaim a part of de tim? if iu said slay , well, is okay, but chuk has uan jandren sixtin years right nau, em a right?

    • Wow, someone break out the Ebonics Translator

    • klatuu barada nikto! just kidding man…

  28. Must Have Thunderlips and he must where his Thunderlips Tophat

    And Carl Weathers

    And Mr. T

    • I agree thunderlips should be there, but i think Hogan’s n.W.o hollywood hogan get up would be better, looking like a big bad biker…

  29. Donnie Yen should choreograph the fight scenes, the way he choreographed HIGHLANDER: END GAME made it the reason to be watchable, and his FLASHPOINT and DRAGON TIGER GATE choreography, epic!!!