More ‘Expendables 2′ Rumors: Cage, Lambert, Lautner, & More

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expendables 2 casting More Expendables 2 Rumors: Cage, Lambert, Lautner, & More

The only bits of concrete information we have about The Expendables 2 right now is that lead actors like Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham are returning, Bruce Willis is seemingly set to play the villain, Simon West will be directing – and the screenwriter of Muppets from Space and Curious George is co-writing the script (no joke).

Word is that there are a whole lot of actors being eyed as potentials to star in the second Expendables flick, which explains the slew of unconfirmed casting news and rumors we’ve been hearing. Today, we have some more fuel to add to the fire.

Twitch has confirmed that stars like Donnie Yen, Chuck Norris, and John Travolta are high on the wish-list that West, Stallone, and their Expendables 2 production team have put together. None of them are officially signed on or even in negotiations right now, though, according to the report.

Moviehole has dug a little deeper and found out that there are many other noteworthy names on the list, including:

  • Nicolas Cage, who remains as busy as ever, and would reunite with his Con Air and Medallion director Simon West if he signs on for Expendables 2. Not to mention, if Travolta comes onboard, it will be a Face/Off reunion for the two actors.
  • Christopher Lambert, the star of the original Highlander – who, by coincidence, is hoping for a comeback by starring alongside Cage in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.
  • Christian Slater, who is currently appearing in the Stallone-headlined Bullet to the Head (formerly, Headshot) and is a veteran of ’90s action flicks like Young Guns II, True Romance, Broken Arrow, etc.
  • Taylor Lautner, who will attempt to leave his Twilight days behind him and become a full-blown action star, with this fall’s Abduction. Lautner is also a trained martial arts athlete, as demonstrated by his bo staff skills.

How does the Sesame Street line go, again? “One of these things is not like the other…”

taylor lautner abduction trailer More Expendables 2 Rumors: Cage, Lambert, Lautner, & More

Could Lautner appear in 'The Expendables 2'?

It ought to be mentioned that NONE of the aforementioned rumored candidates should be considered sure-things at this point. Stallone has been (for lack of a better word) infected with 80s/90s throwback fever for a while now, which is what prompted The Expendables in the first place. Whether his fellow aging macho men stars are interested in joining him for the party is another matter.

That doesn’t mean that most of these gentleman won’t give serious thought to signing on for Expendables 2, which promises to be more of what its predecessor was aiming to be: an old-fashioned testosterone fest, chock-full of explosions, catchy one-liners, and badass actors killing everything in sight. The Expendables delivered some of that, but the idea that its sequel is going to be bigger and better is what will ultimately convince other stars to jump onboard.

In the meantime, we will continue to keep you posted on all news and rumors concerning The Expendables 2.

Source: Twitch, Moviehole

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  1. Maybe Lautner is being eyed for a role as someone’s kid/grandkid? The whole “like father, like son” bit?

  2. FREAKING LAUTNER??????????????????


    • thats what im thinkin wtf??? but cage in it would be pretty kool

  3. Chuck norris vs jason statham. I’m calling it, thats gonna be awesome

  4. I will NOT see this even as a rental if Lautner is involved. He’s horrible. If he’s involved I want this to tank just to show them that he shouldn’t be getting any roles

  5. That’s lame, neither does Cage nor Travolta nor Lambert are fit for this. They were not action stars of 80’s-90’s. Some of them did a few action movies but not like Chuck, Stallone, Van Damme. Wtf is Travolta gonna do? Only good action movie he made was From Paris with Love. All the others were dancing, comedies and a little bit of Con Air. For Lautner, I hope he plays a role of someones kid and not the main bad ass.

  6. I think that Lautner could make a pretty decent action star. According to Wikipedia, he began studying Karate at the age of 6, and by the age of 8 he had advanced to the rank of black belt and won several junior world championships. Whether or not you believe in the effectiveness or practicality of karate, you’ve gotta think that he has a lot of athleticism to win competitions on a world scale.

    • To clarify – it’s not that I’m dead set against the idea of Lautner appearing in Expendables 2, in some form. I just found it funny that his name popped up alongside all these established action stars in their 40s and 50s. :-)

    • as a person who has studied unarmed combat for a good 15 years myself, all i cant do when i hear about an 8 year old advancing to the rank of black belt is shake my head in shame. It’s supposed to be bestowed upon someone who had put in almost a life times worth of work, not two freaking years.
      I’ll agree with you in the athleticism aspect of it…
      but hell, that just makes the guy an overpaid stuntman. Sure as heck doesn’t help his acting any.

      • anchampion03 – I agree with your statement. I’ve studied American Kenpo for almost 6 years and I’ve still got 3 to 4 more years before I earn a black belt. Getting a black belt in 2 years just screams black belt factory. However, I’ve read that Lautner was #1 in the world for several karate categories. Whatever the legitimacy of his black belt, the guy evidently worked very hard (and possibly has a lot of natural talent) to achieve what he did in international competitions.

    • What age was he when he joined the cast for the most annoying teen sensation that shamelessly sold sex to young girls and made pedophilia acceptable for middle aged women? Oh and his presence on screen is laughable at best

      • I wonder what moving he’s talking about. 😎

  7. NO NO NO NO NO Nick Cage, did I mention that it would be good to say NO to Nick Cage. They dont need his over acting stinking uo this movie.

    • I totally agree.

  8. Two simple (dangerous) words….. CHUCK! NORRIS!

    • DONNIE! YEN! πŸ˜€

  9. “the screenwriter of Muppets from Space and Curious George is co-writing the script”


    Why could’t Stallone write it?

  10. Wouldnt mind seeing a certain teen heart throb werewolf getting slapped around by the guys from the original movie, then hooking his nuts to a car battery…

    What? Movie, oh, not in the movie… Just thought out loud, not wanting him in it, just wanted to see it…

    • lol

  11. MUST HAVE HIGHLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the ladyboys must be happy wi Lautner (UGGGGGGGGGGGGH)

  12. all this movie needs now is some HOT ladies in it. wish they would bring back Charisma Carpenter, as for Lautner HELL NO

  13. Christopher Lambert. Yes.

    taylor launter = clown shoes.

    Esto va en respuesta al comentario de Aleric.

  15. Yea if that Twi-tard is anyway involved in this movie, I will not be seeing it no matter what.

  16. With Lautner on board, the title makes sense. Because heΒ΄s so effing expendable. Just kill him off in the first two seconds.

    • “You’ll regret this for the rest of your life….both seconds of it!”
      Stallone – Demolition Man

      We need lines like this in this movie.

  17. If Taylor Lautner is in this movie I am going to vomit, Sly!!! If your reading this dont cast that horrid actor in your kick ass movies! PLEASE

  18. really?! that stupid wanna be actor is gonna be on the movie ….i love Stallone movies but if that guy s gonna be is the first Stallone’s movie i won’t see.sorry can’t do it.Damn is not enough that the twilight crap is in everything no they have to appear in my favorites movies too.

  19. Why is Hollywood trying to make Lautner a action hero? Being in the most dark, romantic vampire movie as a werewolf tangled in a love triangle doesnt help out his resume. Abduction is going to be a flop because the male demographic that Expendables shoots for is nowhere near in line to watch this piece of crap and the money that this movie will be bringing in will be from tweens. If Lautner does sign, which I doubt because he being paid $7mill for abduction which 10% of the budget, I think it will hurt the movie. And if you get Cage, Travolta, and Slater starring in it, you might as well get John Woo to direct it

    • True That on the John Woo part :)

  20. I think Stallone is forgetting one hardcore, martial-arts fighting badass that would be awesome with this group, and that is Michael Jai White.

  21. walker texas ranger is in this movies

  22. sly tried to get white for the first one, but the dude didn’t want to audition for the part. Not sure if he would go back and try again. As for Lautner, I’m not in the whole hate boat as everyone else. The guy puts in the work and has an extreme amount of talent in the martial arts field. He’s always interviewed well(at least in my book) and comes off as a decent enough kid. It’s funny how so many people can hate someone so drastically(all over a certain movie series) when that someone isn’t even the primary two characters in the series. Guilt by association lol.

  23. Nicholas Cage, Christopher Lambert and Christian Slater deserved to be in The Expendables 2.

    Taylor Lauther in TE2? No way, he hasn’t prove that he is a great action hero and besides no hearttrobs in 80’s classic theme movie.

    What’s next? Shia LeBeouf and Zac Efron.

    • Replace taylor lautner with rutger hauer… the guy was great in blade runner and blind fury… he should be in the expendables…

  24. Please nooooo Jacob from Twilight. Sure he’s young but not ready for expendables 2, too hardcore.
    Nic cage/John travolta & Chuck Norris would be awesome, along with Jackie chan & Jason statham. Hope the sequel will blow everyone away!!!!!

  25. Taylor Lautner hasn’t prove that he can be a action hero.

    Besides I think Cage, Lambert and Slater could great additions to the sequel.

    I liked the first one, the best action movie ever in decades.

    I hope the sequel has more explosions, more fight scenes, more gunfights, more 80’s classic actions heroes in it and also the sequel will better than the first one.

  26. Lautner could play as Dice in g.i.joe.

  27. lautner yes.. only if he gets manhandled in the first 30mins by any of the guys πŸ˜€

  28. I wanna see Jean-Claude Van Dame(sorry if i misppeled)in this movie.

  29. wow, the more casting rumors come out, the more the title is appropriate… this film WILL be expendable.