‘The Expendables 2′ To Be Rated PG-13 Because of Chuck Norris [Updated]

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chuck norris expendables 2 rating The Expendables 2 To Be Rated PG 13 Because of Chuck Norris [Updated]

Considering that The Expendables 2 will feature a who’s who of macho male action icons, be chock-full of explosion-happy set pieces, and aims to embrace the model of testosterone-fueled blockbuster romps that were all the rage in the 1980s and ’90s – even more so than the first film – it is assumed that this would be a very hard R-Rated movie, right?

Well, apparently that might not be the case after all, as the screenplay for the Expendables sequel is said to have been watered down to a PG-13 Rating, thanks to (bizarre though it may seem at first) co-star Chuck Norris.

Norris was interviewed recently by the Polish paper Kazeta. That story was thereafter translated by Expendables Premiere into English, which fished out a comment from the Walker, Texas Ranger actor about how “playing in this movie was a lot of fun. I play a super hero, who saves everybody’s life” – along with the following tidbit:

“In Expendables 2, there was a lot of vulgar dialogue in the screenplay. For this reason, many young people wouldn’t be able to watch this. But I don’t play in movies like this. Due to that I said I won’t be a part of that if the hardcore language is not erased. Producers accepted my conditions and the movie will be classified in the category of PG-13.”

Now, Norris is not at all shy when it comes to letting people know about his Conservative outlook; so, the idea of him demanding that Expendables 2 not feature an excess of f-bombs isn’t so ridiculous. Seeing how star/co-writer Sylvester Stallone was reportedly very determined to get just about every aging, muscle-bound badass of the silver screen onboard for the second Expendables, it’s certainly possible he might’ve agreed to remove some of the more naughty language from the film’s screenplay, in order to snag Norris.

That said: seeing how the above quote was translated from English into Polish and then back again, some errors might’ve popped up, in the process. Hence, Norris might’ve actually meant that Expendables 2 just won’t feature anything worse than PG-13 Rated language – as opposed to the film itself being tailor-fit for anything lower than an R-Rating, as a whole (violence included).

[Update: Stallone confirmed the PG-13 rating with AICN but promises the film will deliver on the action. If the overall movie is better than the first and the action stars do what they do best, then it won’t matter in the end. Below is Sly’s quote.]

“…the film is fantastic with Van Damme turning in an inspired performance… Our final battle is one for the ages. The PG13 rumor is true, but before your readers pass judgement, trust me when I say this film is LARGE in every way and delivers on every level. This movie touches on many emotions which we want to share with the broadest audience possible, BUT, fear not, this Barbeque of Grand scale Ass Bashing will not leave anyone hungry…”

The Expendables 2 Maggie The Expendables 2 To Be Rated PG 13 Because of Chuck Norris [Updated]

"Remember, guys: no bad language while killing the terrorists, cool?"

For the time being (and for the sake of discussion) let’s just assume that Expendables 2 is going to be Rated PG-13. Is that, per se, a bad thing?

Well, on the one hand, studio heads should like the idea; after all, PG-13 movies tend to be much more lucrative than R-Rated films. Plus, seeing how a good chunk of the blood and guts spilled in the first Expendables flick was either CGI or digitally-rendered, it probably wouldn’t require an extremely different filmmaking approach to produce a PG-13 sequel. Not to mention, naughty language wasn’t really that big an aspect of the first Expendables movie, anyway.

However, graphic violence and cursing is a big part of many decades-old action classics (ex. Rambo, Commando, Die Hard, etc.), so for Expendables 2 to truly be a fitting homage to those kind of movies, it should arguably feature plenty of both. Otherwise, it seems to defeat the purpose of making an action movie throwback in the first place.

What do you think? Are you cool with the idea of The Expendables 2 being Rated PG-13? Or will you be skipping the theatrical cut of the film if it’s anything less than R-Rated?

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Source: Kazeta (via Expendables Premiere and The Playlist)

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  1. I’m going to see it anyway. The first one was just a fun dumb movie I don’t expect anything different from this one. F bombs or none is not a big deal to me. Besides chuck Norris does what he wants.

  2. X-men: FC was PG-13 and Logan let a big ‘Ol f-Bomb go … just sayin’,

    • Yeah, I believe the rule is that you can still get a PG-13 rating if you drop only one non-sexualized f-bomb.

      • But the thing is, The American President had at least 3 F-bombs and it was PG. I don’t get it.

        • I love that movie. We need another single president in office. Kill terrorist on tuesday, Sofia Vergara for hump day (Wednesday).

        • Huh. I haven’t seen The American President myself, but if that’s true, then I’m confused too.

          • I’ve seen American President a few times and don’t remember the f-bombs, but i could just be getting senile.
            I could just be getting senile … wait … did I just say … what? … where am I?

            • Oh yeah, it was said. When the female interest was angry with the president and was packing, she said it; when Michael J. Fox’s character was talking to a Senator who dropped his endorsement, he said it; when the president was playing pool with his best friend, he said it.

              • And yes, you are senile. 😛

        • American President was PG-13 if i remember right. MPAA tries to figure context of the said language or violence (i.e. the way the cuss word was used) into the films. So they might let more than one F-Bomb slip. Depending with the context of the swear word usage.

          • Depending on*

          • IMDB has it as PG-13 as well. Hmmm. I remember it being rated PG but that was probably because the TV station had it as that rating.

  3. PG-13 killed ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ for me… Damn you Chuck Norris.

    • I still remember that. Will not forgive them.

      • I just don’t understand what is going through peoples minds. These type of movies need an ‘R’ rating.

        Chuck Norris has a very good reasoning for the reason he wants no swearing (sarcasm)… “many young people wouldn’t be able to watch this”. That’s his reasoning for wanting no vulgar language… So, violence, guns and most likely blood isn’t an issue for Chuck Norris? Does this make any sense?

        • Sin, Chuck Norris is an ultra-conservative, which means that bloody violence toward “evil” people is 100% acceptable and encouraged. Pumping a baddie full of bullets is just good, wholesome family fun…

        • yes it actually does make sense when you read the kind of “ideals” Norris promotes.

          • Mike E,

            Love how you put “ideals” in quotes.

            I’m sure that if the movie is PG-13 then the blood will be toned down. Most of the blood in the first one was CGI added after the fact anyway.

            Actually generally speaking, I’ve always thought that violence should be portrayed realistically on screen in movies and have long had an issue with PG-13 violence where you shoot a bad guy and he drops dead instantly – like it’s a quick and painless way to die. If you’re going to portray violence, don’t make it… “clean.”

            On the other hand, how many WELL loved action movies and franchises are out there that are rated PG-13 and no one complains?

            I find it funny that people are getting so bent out of shape because they might not drop as many f-bombs (which add, what, exactly?) in the movie as they’d like. It’s OK kids, you can still sneak in ONE f-bomb in a PG-13 movie and lots of other little cuss words to keep you happy.

            I’m betting that if this turns out to be true Stallone goes along with it because he knows it would make MORE money at the box office as a PG-13 than as an R.

            That’s my two cents.


            • That’s the problem for me. Everything is about money. I’m just saying this type of movie needs that realistic tone. That realistic violence that you can only get with an ‘R’ rating.

              But the thing is if there is realistic violence you’d there should be realistic language, right? I’m sure in real life situations like this there are “f-bombs” galore. I just think that it’d be wrong to tone it down just because they want a few extra bucks…

              • Actually I would venture to say there is not. AFTERwards there is a lot of bravado and such but leading up to and during execution there isnt much non needed conversation going on.

                Just think about the Seals that went in… You think the F-bomb was being thrown around BEFORE DURING or AFTER? While these guys are not active they once were.

                The extra stuff you see and hear is all Hollywood capping a 9 in yo butt.

            • yup, I have to be honest: I disagree with Norris’ extreme right-wing christo-fascist ideas. I won’t see any movie with him in it.

              • Whatever. Not going to get bogged down in another pointless political argument with you.

                We disagree, so be it. To be fair, there are movies I won’t go see either because of actors’ political stances, so I guess we can at least agree on that.



            • Well said.

              Adding my thought – Norris walks the walk so why should he bother with the smack language?

              mac :]

              • Correction: Well said, Vic.

                (Forgot that my reply wouldn’t be right under Vic’s first reply.)

                mac :]

          • I think it’s pretty f’d up. Doesn’t make sense to me one bit. This movie doesn’t need Norris anyway.

            • Who cares if the language is toned down? I don’t get what an F-Bomb every other word does for a movie anyways. I will miss the blood, but blood and language isn’t what makes an action movie awesome.

  4. Won’t see it if it’s pg-13. It would be the lamest move ever made by Sly and Co. in my opinion. Might as well call up Brendan Fraser and call it Mummy 4.

  5. Soooooo this means no limbs being blown off?

  6. that´s crap,that´s blasphemic,that must be a joke,i don´t wanna see an a-team-like movie(firing with heavy weapons,but no bodycounts and blood). and norris should shut up,his early action movies were all brutal martial/action flicks. i don´t speak about the walker-series.

  7. Aww comon! Wtf!! R rated = more epic action god damn it this rating is gonna totally ruin the movie all tho I’m gonna see it anyway

  8. ill see it regardless, but it does kind of make me mad. i dont care about the language one way or the other, but i hope the action doesnt suffer because of it. they could have zero language in it at all and i would be happy as long as the action is good

  9. i´m serious,if stallone makes the pg-13,he´ll ruin the film,and he will lost a fan! that´s the worst news today.

  10. I agree, Mike. Often films like this fall on the opposite end, being stuffed with far MORE f-bombs/etc. than is realistic. As long as the action star tone of the film and the quality of the plot aren’t compromised, I’m happy.

  11. I with the majority here. I’m seeing it anyway. Besides, there are plenty of ways to cuss, without actually using the F-bomb. We do it in normal talk all the time.. F’n boring as hell. Frigg’n smarth mouthed sumbitch.
    Just don’t water down the violence an turn it into a cheesy fest.

    • That’s fracking true. 😀

    • effing’ right on mo fo!

  12. Did not know Chuck Borris was skilled in the art of neutering. Just clipped the expendables nuts right off. smh.

  13. I’ll still see it even if it is PG-13, but probably only once instead of the four times I saw the first one. And I won’t buy the blu-ray when it comes out either.

    The point of this movie is over-indulgent, over-the-top, bigger, badder, better, louder, testosterone filled, ludicrous action. Hearin’ Stallone say “CRAP that hurts!” will ruin everything.

  14. expendables is blood and guts,explosions,f-bombs. stallone and arnie are action kings ,and randy coutoure is the best,he´s like a punching massive-beton-block,love him.

  15. I hope it is PG-13. A few less f-bombs doesn’t hurt a movie – see RED, Live Free or Die Hard, Taken etc.

    • Yea now see Commando, Predator, Terminator, Universal Soldier, Rambo movies, Terminator 2, Bloodsport, The Expendables.

    • expendables is expandables,i want the whole package. the movies that you´ve named are just action movies,but this is aaaacccttiioonnnnn!

  16. I think most people will see it regardless. The actors on display will be too tempting for fans of the genre to not want to see it. However, I hope that the action isn’t dumbed down.

    I like Chuck and grew up on his films. But the films he got famous for were very violent for their day and had limbs flying everywhere. He seems to have gotten more hypocritical the older he’s got.

    • When I first read the headline, I thought of the movies Chuck starred in and they were not PG-13. I don’t care about the foul language (well, I do care, I don’t want young children to hear it), but I want the insane action.

      • you´ll laugh,but todays teenagers,have those hobbies to film their fights,or have porns on their handy,and other hardcore stuff,that even i wouldn´t watch or were shocked. but todays morals of some youth is so disguisting,they just speak with foulmouth. do you think that a movie would shock them. and besides that,i myself have two kids(boys)13 and 11, i take care that they watch only,nickelodeon,kids channels,good family and adventuremoviies and they´ve got kid-friendly-made p.c´s. and kids shouldn´t and they can´t go in movies like that. i would die for them,as long they are not 22 i say,what the best for them is and what they watch.

  17. I am quite content with the movie not having an excessive amount of cussing in it. I mean X-Men First Class was PG-13 and it had amazing action scenes in it. Live Free or Die Hard was another great PG-13 action movie. Most movies that are rated R have more f-bombs in them than a normal human being would ever say in a situation like that. (Looking at you Sam Jackson.)

  18. You dont F$#K with CHUCK!!!

    • Why not? What’s he going to do, he won’t even cuss us out

  19. Profanity is over rated. It ruins some movies for me with the over use and all. Im glade to see it out. As long as they leave the action stuff in sounds great.

  20. besides that ,are here some dudes who train,kickboxing or m.m.a. i´m one of them,that´s why i want specially this film to be hard. but also i´m a movie-comic geek,but if i wanna watch a brutal movie,then i want it real brutal.

  21. Good for Chuck! You can still have an awesome action movie without language.

  22. Makes no difference to me. The first film sucked, why should this one be any different?

    • good for you! then don´t watch it. bye

      • Oh no no, I’m going to watch it so I can laugh at it.

  23. What kind of question is “does it matter if it’s “R” or “PG-13″? If I say “yes” it matters, how will you interpret that”? That I want it “R” or it matters because I want it “PG-13″. Of coarse I would rather have NO cursing. I rarely go to the show because of the language and sex scenes. When you put so many awesome actors in it and have to at least cram one foul session into it, it doesn’t make sense. Do people really complain that there isn’t enough swearing in a movie? 13 year olds really don’t need all the exposure you assume is okay for them. A “good” movie should be able to stand on it’s own. Just sayin’

    • There is another element to some R rated action films besides language and sex; and its a pretty obvious one – just sayin

  24. Good for Chuck Norris. His acting doesn’t need foul language to enhance it.

  25. I find it ironic that he has a problem with the language since it would keep the young people away but mercilessly killing people is competely okay for young people to see.

    I get it. Killing someone is fine as long as you don’t cuss.

    • I think that the r rating is what will keep the young people away…

  26. Awww, look at how Chuck Norris is making people cry! IS THIS WHAT HE WANTED!?

  27. I dont know. Im not sure this is going to take off. The first one was amazing!!! I can honestly say, why does Chuck have to have his way on this? I mean come on Chuck, the world is littered with cussing these days. Havent you been told off by the neighbors 10 year old kid yet???

    • He did get gold off by the 10 year old kid next door.
      There is no longer a 10 year old kid living next door to Chuck any more! 😉

  28. I applaud Chuck Norris for this! I cannot stand a movie with a lot of profanity. There are great movies, yes action movies too that does not require such language. Thanks for standing up in what you believe in Chuck, than instead of going in with the crowd!

    • Apparently he’s too good for what made him famous. Says a lot about what he thinks of the fans of his work.