‘Expendables 2′ Poster: A Sky-High Stack of Manly Action Stars

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expendables 2 poster header Expendables 2 Poster: A Sky High Stack of Manly Action Stars

Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and the rest of the good ol’ boys appearing in The Expendables 2 have been busy in weeks past, tearing up Eastern Europe and (inadvertently) wreaking havoc on local Bulgarian natural landmarks.

We’ve been treated to a collection of simple set photos in the meantime, showcasing Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, and Stallone chilling alongside Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger – but nothing yet that groups all of the film’s action movie icons together for one big (manly) dog pile… until now.

A poster has surfaced for the Expendables sequel, the cast of which features most of the main players in the first film, along with new additions like Van Damme, Norris, Scott Adkins, and youngster Liam Hemsworth.

With the notable exceptions of Randy Couture and Jet Li (the latter of which has been swapped out for actress Nan Yu?), the really big stars are present and accounted for in this new one-sheet, which features its titular testosterone-fueled task force ready for battle, guns a blazin’ and squinty-eyed badass facial expressions in place, set against a backdrop of (what else) explosions and debris.

Check the Expendables 2 crew out in the poster below:


expendables 2 poster1 280x414 Expendables 2 Poster: A Sky High Stack of Manly Action Stars

Expendables 2 is shaping up to be the no-holds-barred throwback to insane 1980s and ’90s-style action movie bliss that its predecessor failed to be – and not just because of its impressive assembly of onscreen talent. Stallone has abandoned co-writing and directing duties on the sequel; instead, those jobs are now being handled by full-time screenwriters David Agosto and Ken Kaufman, with Simon West (Con Air, The Mechanic) settling into the director’s chair. Likewise, the cinematography is being designed by Shelly Johnson, who shot many effective action sequences (with a steady hand) in this past summer’s Captain America: The First Avenger. That is yet another comforting sign, especially for those who remember the rattling shaky cam Expendables director of photography Jeffrey L. Kimball went with (at Stallone’s behest, no less).

There’s no official word yet on what the plot of Expendables 2 will entail, other than the obvious – that is, Barney Ross (Stallone) leading his team of muscle-bound warriors on a new globe-trotting mission. Expect to find out more when the first trailer is unleashed sometime in the (hopefully, near) future.


The Expendables 2 storms its way into U.S. theaters on August 17th, 2012.

Source: JoBlo

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  1. Jet Li looks like a woman, no?

  2. I’ll miss Jet, but it’s okay. One thing I will say about Stallone’s writing and directing skills is that he writes and directs himself the best. I think the reason why the first Expendables wasn’t quite up to par was because he was writing for an ensemble cast. But when the man has an idea to place himself at the center of, it’s usually something to enjoy, whether it’s actually a good film or simply a guilty pleasure.

  3. Um… just fyi: Coutre and Li’s names are listed on the poster.

  4. That’s jet li. It’s a woman named nan yu.

  5. Their name’s sure are on the poster. That might be because they actually are in the movie. At least according to IMDB they are…

    • @ Ben and Speshll37

      Yep, you are correct, they are in the movie and their names are listed on the poster.

      Of course, what I actually wrote was that they simply don’t appear on this poster… 8-)

  6. The poster is awesomr and the cast is every action fan’s dream.

    I really hope The Expendables 2 turns out to better than the first movie.

  7. Holy sh*t! Pure badassery.

  8. needs more cowbell

  9. wow do not see jet li appears on the posters, Li if you be in the movie, so this movie will be great better than at first we’ll see

  10. Jean-Claude Van Damme is the most desired action hero to be in this movie! Finally, he is in. Let’s wait for lots of VAN DAMMAGE!

  11. still wish they wouldve at least had jackie chan make a cameo

  12. This guys plus 5 more action stars…..DAMN

  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhh No Poster!!!!!!!!!!!

    C_ck teasers

  14. Hey, c’mon! Didn’t know that ScreenRant is full of girls who go and take away posters when big bad boys call them. MAN UP!

    • Google it….

    • I’ve put the poster back up.

      And KC, let’s see how you respond to a threatening letter from the legal firm representing a studio.

      “Man up” yourself.


      • I hate the term man up

        Only this pansy makeup wearing generation who thinks wearing a MMA skull shirt and having a number of bad tattoos (that will likely only prevent you from getting a job-something real men do , work at a job)have to say man up since other than the ones in the military this generation would need to man up since they spend the majority of their time not being men

        • Very well said

        • “Man up” should mean live up to your responsibilites, take blame for your mistakes, and stop allowing people to take care of you. I weep for the future of this country.

        • What are you trying to say? The only real “men” in society are in the military? How misguided are you? Get a clue before throwing people under the bus.

  15. You can tell the poster is fake by gibberish in the bottom text.

  16. Loved Jason statham in the first one. Is he not in this one?

    • He is. He’s on the poster on the left of Chuck Norris

  17. this thread is now pointless, unless “removing the photos” is now the thread.

  18. I hope this movie is a lot better than the first one. I love action movies but the first Expendables was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

    • Well… I feel like the Expendables is supposed to be a men film where they just blow crap up. Not that it couldn’t be good its just that when you have that many action stars and when it is being written by Stalone it is bound to be just a terrible story, but some awesome action sequences.

      • I stand corrected. I looked at the top and it said stallone is not writing…. THis might actually be descent

  19. I dig it….. I just hope that not including Li or Couture in the poster isn’t a tip of the hat to their fates in the film :-/ Gotta love the 80′s throwback action flicks

  20. isnt that picture of bruce willis from red?

    • Pretty sure that poster is a very very good fake, check out the gibberish at the bottom. Its either fake or a very early mock up due to the gibberish which graphic designers sometimes do when doing early mock ups.

      Until i hear this is offical and what the source was im going to consider it a photoshop job ie an excellent fake.

      • except, if youre doing a fake, why not go all the way and not do the gibberish. but i am guessing it is a fake, because that pose of bruce willis looks exactly like something from red.

  21. I’m around the same age as these guys, and there’s nothing guys our age like better than to go globe trotting and getting into the kind of action we got into some thirty years ago or so. Ok…I know these are some of the biggest past action pack players there were, but really? Wouldn’t this have been far more entertaining if these same guys who generally love to ham it up did this as a spoof. kind of a updated and more action packed version of “The Over The Hill Gang?” Now that would be more believable. A bunch of old dudes who think they can still be in their 20′s but find they need more luck than skill to make it out alive…..

    • Dude thats actually an amazing idea. I think it would be well recieved and defenitely more believable!!

  22. How come Carl weathers, Mr. T, Randy Piper, jackie Chan aren’t in the movie?

  23. “Carl weathers” For what? The attack of the Walker Bragade? I think he’s quite a bit older than any of the people in the Expendables…..Maybe Jakie Chan, but other than his early stuff where he played a cop in China he’s never been much of a bad ass….He’s always made his skill come across like a talented goof…..Which would work fine had they made this a spoof of action movies…Sort of in the spirit of the Scary Movie series.

  24. Can we have the classic one-liners like the old 80′s films?

    I’ll be back

    Stick around

    Yippee kiyay, mother******

    You’ll regret this for the rest of your life…both seconds of it


    • haha yipee kiyay would be awesome

  25. More testosterone than a pack of hyenas taking down a giraffe!!!

  26. So…so much awesome.

  27. I hope Arnold is in it more this time!