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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode fifty-three of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw as we review The Expendables 2, fantasy cast the female Expendables, give updates on The Dark Tower screen adaptation, and Walking Dead movie, plus offer our thoughts on ParaNorman.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 53 – The Expendables 2

In episode 53 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we review The Expendables 2, fantasy cast the female Expendables, give updates on The Dark Tower screen adaptation, and Walking Dead movie, plus offer our thoughts on ParaNorman.

[0:00] News: The female Expendables,  Warner Bros passes on The Dark Tower adaptation, AMC interested in Walking Dead movie.

[47:38] Rants and Raves: Super, The Room, Workaholics, Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!, ParaNorman, Better off Ted,The Artist, The Help.

[1:15:05] Pre-Review Box Office Battle

[1:20:32] Review: The Expendables 2 (read our full review)

[1:47:43] The Expendables 2 SPOILERS conversation (join in the discussion)

[2:13:20] Mailbag, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information

[2:14:41] Game Rant News Brief: Expendables 2, Darksiders, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and Sleeping Dogs reviews, controversy around Battlefield 3 as well as Command and Conquer (Free to Play) and more.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



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  1. Did you guys ever watch The whitest Kids U Know?
    Also last week someone scooby doo is useless,
    you should watch scooby doo mystery incoporated.

    • I haven’t but I love Scooby Doo. Whoever said that is a crazy person (I’m guessing Anthony).

    • I’ve watched EVERY episode of Whitest Kids You Know.

      Bears everywhere!

      Say it happier and with your mouth open.

  2. Also when I hear zombies I dont think walking dead, course Im not really a fan of zombies anymore or walking dead.

  3. On the Expenda-Bellas thing its hard to pick sides Ben & Anthony have a point that this could turn out to look like a bigger version of Charlies Angels(She Spies), which I don’t think people want to see but Rob & Kofi mention that it wont be like the current male Expendables version that its a different version of a female team up movie, which I think a movie with chicks could work done right as Rob mentioned a Spy story “Oceans 11 with chicks but with more action” sounds interesting and Kofi good call on the honeypot(Archer reference?) but like Rob said we’ll have to wait for writer director and trailer….

    I love how the Box Office Battle has actual stakes good call to the user on here who made that call…

    • You can thank Heustis for the Box Office Battle idea! Though, I’m kind of cursing his name right now – since I’m about to sit down and watch some Vampire Diaries.

      I’m interested in the Expenda-Bellas. I just think it’s going to have to be VERY different to work. As Rob says – we’ll just have to wait for that first trailer.

      • Ben, what about a fan mail podcast or if your doing a special end of the summer movie season podcast perhaps have some screenranters mail read/answered I know you guys probably answer questions via twitter but it’s just a thought…

        • Yah, I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile. I’ll see about that for this week or next.

  4. Aa far as tue walking dead movie goes I wanna see a movie at some point but ideally afte the series ends. And the prequel idea would be awesome!!! I am game for that! Definelty. As long as they don’t keep playing around with the past in the tv series. Cuz in some eps they have the cold opening of a scene of before like Shane blocking the door or Lori talking to that lady about her marriage. Or they can continue doing that and the movie ties it all together. I am game for a prequel movie. I wanna find out how the virus broke out.

    Plus Shane was my favorite till he died. Despite his F-up his mind was.

  5. 1. Expendables 2
    2. Bourne Legacy
    3. The Apparation
    4. Premium Rush
    5. ParaNorman
    10. Hope Springs

    Maybe one of these times TheDurr will win! get that well deserved shout out for the best name out there!

  6. Expensibles 2 was a cash grab. The movie was awful. I walked out about half-way through, ducked into Paranorman and got hooked. So I’m with Anthony on this one. Terrible acting. Terrible script. Terrible story. I have no nostalgic feelings for any of the old action movies that these guys were in. If Stallone or Swartzenegger could act then they wouldn’t have to go through this action movie nostalgia trip.

    Loved Paranorman.

    I really enjoyed Rob’s take on The Room. Tommy Wiseau IS an alien. He’s so weird looking and creepy on every level.

    And I’m not really looking forward to Ben and Anthony going over Vampire Diaries. It’s just not bad cinema enough for me. Maybe it will be fun. I hope so.

    • I’m not looking forward to talking about the Vampire Diaries either. Haha.

      Though, I’m hoping that I hate it – otherwise, I’ll be addicted to the Vampire Diaries.

      • I had to watch the first two episodes of the Vampire Diaries once (emphasis on HAD ;)) and while I’ve been addicted to bad tv shows before, the Vampire Diaries was just boring-bad…

        I don’t think you have to worry about getting addicted to it.

        • Boring-bad from two episodes out of four seasons?

          On the podcast I said it takes more than that to even get into. I think it took me 4+ to enjoy and then I was hooked.

    • Good call upping the stakes on the Box Office Battle maybe Kofi will start caring a little more(I can’t tell if he does) after Rob makes him watch Vampire Diaries and soon everyone will be watching/talking about Vampire Diaries…

    • Um….. so you went to see a over-the-top, violent, nostalgic action film and walked out in disgust so you could see a children’s movie? I’m not sure I wrap my head around that one…

    • Anthony said it. I don’t think Anthony could beat up the Queen of England in a 1 on 1 fist fight.

    • I laughed when he said
      “what if I had a running start”

  7. Hey ben, did you(or any other host)
    watch the 2011 3 musketeers film.
    If not(or if you have) rewatch it for next weeks podcast to rant/rave on it.
    I feel the film is way better than people critique it to be and that even screenrants review focused too much on the 3d aspect. I just feel the movie is really fun and if you guys praised the expendables that this film deserves some too, and its better(in my opinion).

    • I didn’t get a chance to see it. If I have time this week I’ll check it out – must have been Kofi that wrote the review. Though, we typically agree on movies – even if we argue on the podcast.

      That said, I do like the Resident Evil films – so it’s possible that I’d take to Three Musketeers.

      • I didnt know it was made by the guy who made them as I am not a real fan of resi movies, but Id say its way better than them and more fun.

    • @ Cody,

      Kofi and I did and talked about it on one of the earlier podcasts, don’t recall which one. I think I talked about it a second time after watching it on Blu-ray as well.

    • IMO the Three Musketeers is a nice movie to watch if there’s nothing else going on… it’s not really a good cinema film (to go see in the cinema), but it makes for a nice rental or tv viewing in those summer afternoons with friends, or when you’re just chilling out doing nothing…
      I’d put it in the same category as Jackie Chan’s 2000-2005 movies (stuff like Shanghai Noon/Shanghai Knights and the remake of Around the World In 80 Days).
      … just my opinion though.

      • Just to clarify: IMO The Three Musketeers, as a movie, isn’t as good as those Jackie Chan movies I mentioned, it just provides the same kind of entertainment…

  8. @Kofi
    Zoe Saldana? Are you kidding me, have you seen her? She’s a toothpick! She makes Keira Knightly look like Devon Michaels.

  9. Box Office Battle:
    1. Expendables 2
    2. Hit & Run
    3. Bourne Legacy
    4. Paranorman
    5. Premium Rush
    10. Hope Springs

  10. This film was exactly what it was supposed to be. Anyone sitting down to see a character driven drama or a mentally stimulating story-line probably should have read a description of the film. It did what it set out to do very well. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Sly, Arnold and Bruce all ligned up shooting from the hip…. only to have Chuck appear above them?

    In this latest podcast, Anthony expresses his love for Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes but hates on the Expendables 2? I understand it’s tongue and cheek but I think he’s just saying things at this point for pure shock value. At some point, it starts to hurt the discussion as the other editors are constantly having to battle against the ridiculous comments. I love the podcasts but Anthony….. buddy….. have a drink before you start recording and please relax. A little shock value is great, but too much is distracting.

    • Haha. I actually think Anthony probably does love Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes – you wouldn’t believe (or maybe you would) that amount of time that he’ll recommend something heartwarming to me behind the scenes. Remember when he defended the movie Once for 15 minutes? Plus, the movies he mentioned are critically-lauded films – so it’s not like he was recommending a Miley Cyrus movie or something.

      I think Anthony is trying to walk a fine line for us – because he does try and bring some levity to what can, no doubt, become nitpicky and overly-analytical conversations. Maybe once in awhile he goes too far one way or the other. But, it’s definitely good for us to know when it works and when it’s distracting. That said, encouraging him to have a drink is NOT a good idea, that only lowers his inhibitions further – and means an extra hour or so of me editing.

  11. Man, thank God for Kofi in this podcast, my nikka!
    What are we expecting from a film like this??? It’s just fun. This is pretty much our Last Action Hero. EX2 is just that last chance for these guys to go back to the good old days.
    Chuck Norris’ scene alone is satrie and parody. EX2 gets the lessons from Last Action Hero where as TransFormers 3 does not.

    Reason why Arnold came back, 1-he owed Barney and 2-he had to give the AA12 back
    Reason why Willis came back, Barney called him out in the plane.

  12. I think the Expendables 2 Sucked. I really didn’t enjoy it as much as the first one. The first one had a little dept and created a better relationship dynamics agmonst the characters. This movie was just mindless explosions and one liners. Granted some people may like that but I didn’t.
    Also the action to me was better in the first. I didn’t like the ending action in expendables 2, the beggining of the movies was great but after that them movie just went down hill. The ending fight with Jason and Jet in the first one was better than the whole 2nd movie interms of action.

    • Sorry for the typos I was writing quickly and didn’t proof read….

  13. 1. Expendables 2
    2. Bourne Legacy
    3. Hit & Run
    4. Paranorman
    5. Premium Rush

    10. The Odd Life of Timothy Green

  14. 1. Expendables 2
    2. Premium Rush
    3. The Bourne Legacy
    4. Paranorman
    5. Hit & Run

    10. Sparkle

  15. Kofi is 100% right about expendables. nuff said

  16. Hi guys I’ve seen THE ARTIST, it’s been praised in Europe & lately little films from France are quite fashionable (like INTOUCHABLES)…that said, I’ve also listened to the long writer/director’s interview included on dvd to get a better idea before seeing it, & well in the end it’s a good film, you get used to the b/w concept in a short time & I’ve to add I’ve truly appreciated the leading actors (the male is famous in France).
    BUT…this isn’t a “new Casablanca” no matter what, I’ve found it entertaining, sure a fascinating homage to the glamour of the silver screen of that time but not worthy of so many awards in a way, IMO it lacked *something* of its own to be considered a masterpiece, therefore I agree with your take on topic.

    However for those who want to enjoy the good old times it’s not difficult to enter the mood even if it’s told without words, plus the soundtrack is nice too & the cinematography is beautiful. Bye