How to Make ‘Expendables 2′ More Killtastic

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2010 11 29 1013 How to Make Expendables 2 More Killtastic

The cast of The Expendables was pretty killtastic to begin with. We saw this much in our original Expendables Body Count Infographic. So how do you make Expendables 2 even more killtastic? By upping the ante on the kill counts, of course. Thanks to our friends from the TermLifeInsurance Blog, here are 6 ways to make Expendables 2 more badass than the last film.

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Expendables 2 page How to Make Expendables 2 More Killtastic


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  1. I can see most of these, Van damme might do it now since he didnt take the first one. Snipes, segal, and Yun Fat would be good picks too. Eastwood for bad guy.

  2. Take out Segal, and I’ll be all for it. Nothing against him, but he’s lost his touch these days. Van Damme would be sweet though. Snipes would be a bit hard with him in jail in all, and filming looking to begin next Sping on the sequel. It would be cool though

    • JCVD turned down Stallone for the first one, I would think that Stallone wouldn’t offer him a role again. That ship has sailed. Chuck Norris would upstage everyone if he were in it lol.

      • They don’t need anybody else if Norris does it.

      • JCVD will be in the sequel….count on it!

        • You really think Stallone would ask him again after HE turn him down flat for the first go around??

          • Stallone strikes me as a stand-up guy – I’ll bet he’d offer it again.


            • I can’t imagine it Vic, being slapped in the face by JCVD like that though, I mean the guy really really had nothing going on at the time, just staight to video releases, and he turns down a big box office payday? I understand he wanted a deep character and all but, thats just silly to turn it down because his character wasnt a fit for what he wanted to do.

  3. Snipes can probably get a work release, so he should be able to do it. Van Damme may be onboard for the sequel, but he seems to be more into artsy action now instead of just kicking peoples asses.

    Segal would be bad. His only appeal these days is either for comedic purposes, or because you like which ever rapper is in his latest movie.

    What are Kurt Russell’s numbers like?

  4. What are Sho Kosugi’s number’s like?

    What about Nick Nolte?

    Any chance of a CGI John Wayne? /sarcasm

  5. Either have Bruce Willis or Clint be the bad guys for the sequel.

  6. Step 1: fix the photography!

  7. The sequel needs someone else directing. Love Sly and all but it’s tricky handling an ensemble cast like that even for the most skilled directors. The first one was definitely still badass but definitely didn’t live up to the potential of the hype. High hopes for the sequel regardless!

    • It would have been nice to top 80′s action director John McTiernan to direct, but he will be in jail it looks like.

  8. that’s a cool chart there with the death count on it. I wonder what Mark Hamill’s total kill count is? 1,000,000 or so? how many people were on that 1st death star? lol

    • True, but since most of them are clones, do they only count as 1 person?? LOL

  9. I’m not sure about overloading the next movie with action heroes. I like the idea of adding maybe a couple but the movie would become way too gimicky if not handled correctly. I loved the first one a lot and I’m sure either way I’ll love the second.

  10. Hey! Just like the last one, they took all of these numbers from our site ( and gave us no credit. Jerks.

    • Bob,

      Um, at the bottom:

      Sources: COED | All Outta Bubble Gum

      Same on the other one as well.


      • Vic don’t you love that someone does that every time lol. So funny to watch you point out that they are wrong.

  11. i would like to see bruce wilis as the villain with his team including jean claud van dam,steve seagal, and of course we would need arnold in it again, and as a cameo we need clint eastwood, and to join the expendable kurt russle hell yeah.

  12. How about a race between Arnie and Sly to kill the goal int he next one …. Arnold could lead a team of 2 or 3 new (old) guys with Statham, Dolf, and Cheekbones helping Sly out.

  13. add snipes, ask JCVD & seagal again and keep it at that. if snipes comes onboard he should replace crews since crews is to comedic.JCVD and seagal should be bad guys working for willis’ character (seeing as how he’s goin to be the main villain this time)

  14. Kiefer Sutherland for the bad guy.

  15. You left out Kiefter lol

    I don’t care about Yun-Fat, Snipes, Dudikoff or Dacoscos

    But really don’t want to see Chan in anything the guy is just annoying all his films are incredibly cheesy and awful the last decade and more.

    However I wouldn’t even bother ever seeing the film with Segeal in it. The guys is terrible never really was fun to watch in the first place and looking at him now he’s nothing more than a joke. He’s a fairly pathetic individual. Plus I’m sure i wouldn’t want to take time of his lame reality show Lawman for a respectable job.

    Chuck Norris , JCVD (Though doubt he’d do it) and Kiefer are all you need. Cage would be nice for a small supporting role. I heard a rumor that Bruce Willis would be the main bad guy in this one.

    • I agree with you on Jackie Chan. I used to be a fan of his, but he’s just annoying nowadays. Same with Segal. I tend to stay away from movies with either of them as the lead now.

    • JCVD wouldn’t be asked again Daniel. Norris is all the film would need.

  16. These are the actors I want to see in E2:

    Kurt Russell
    The Rock
    Van Damme
    Snipes (doubt he can do it if he goes to jail)
    Yun Fat
    and in a cameo the great CLINT EASTWOOD in a scene where he talks trash and chastises Sly, Arnie and Bruce about how they are nothing compared to what he did in his day.

    Now seeing a scene like that would be GREAT CINEMA for the Expendables sequel!

  17. I’d love to see pretty much all of these actors in Expendables 2… but we all know that will never happen.

  18. I’d love to see Schwarzenegger suit up and fight as the same character he was in the first with his own squad of mercenaries competing with Stallone’s.

    He could have Vin Diesel, Liam Neeson, Daniel Craig, Christian Bale, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Rampage Jackson on his team.

    • I love that roster for Arnie’s team.

  19. Steven Seagal is a must, be nice to see him in more blockbuster films again. Although I don’t think Seagal and Van Damme will ever be in the same film, from what I’ve heard they don’t like each other. As for Norris and Eastwood those two guys are simply too old, I could see someone like Liam Neeson in this type of film though, and he says no to nothing.

  20. If you think Stallone might have his hands full at directing the sequel, Just have two directors on the film.. Stallone and John Mctiernan..

    As for the cast get Kurt Russell, have his character between Snake Plissken and Cash.. Might be a joker but is a stone cold killer when in the game either as Bruce Willis bodyguard or second in command or a retired expendable returning.

    Have James Woods in as a partner for Charlie Sheen in the CIA that helps the Expendables along the way..

    As for Snipes, I think he should go with Trench’s team (Schwarzenegger’s character) along with Dwayne Johnson,Jackie Chan and Bill Goldberg..

    And a scene where Chan and Li fight or fight together in the film..

    Norris should have a scene either at the end or beginning that he’s head of the CIA or the first leader of all the expendables that trained Stallone, schwarzenegger and rourke’s characters..

    As for Eastwood, Have his character a vague info on the film if he is really a villain or a good guy much like the guy in star wars..

    Do a scene where they see Steve Austin(maybe a twin brother)again and Stallone’s character says “Didn’t we kill that guy?”

    And Statham’s character replies “maybe they come off in an assembly line”.

    Suddenly Schwarzenegger’s character trench nods his head in sarcasm and says “Where’s that from?a movie you saw in the 80′s” or something more comedic paying homage to the terminator series..

    As for Chow Yun Fat, make him an Interpol Agent or a former expendable who is Jet Li’s Brother when they have a mission either in China or North Korea..

    Dacascos would be a right hand man of Sho Kosugi. The expendables take a job at japan and Sho Kosugi is leader of a CIA/Yakuza team up.. and Kosugi gets killed along with 50 yakuza/CIA operatives.. Then dacascos lends his ninja talents to Bruce Willis’s team along with Michael Jai White, Van Damme, Ving Rhames, and Nicholas Cage

    • Isn’t McTiernan in Prison?

  21. No love for Action Jackson? Carl Weathers needs to do something else other than Miller Lite commercials.

    • I thought it was Bud Light?

  22. Arnold? He should lead his own team in the sequel

  23. cage and chan would be awesome

  24. I think some main characters should die thats what i disliked about the first they all lived i mean wtf was that? Someone shouldve died. No?

  25. After Michael Cera’s amazing performance as Scott Pilgrim, I think Stallone should cast him as an awkward teenager!

  26. The expendables was like watching your Dad trying to be cool.

  27. How was it badass? Very little action between knowing looks, seriously that movie had so many knowning looks in it the characters seemed like the where all in love with each other. Gotta love Stallone’s new steroid/botox look. The guy looks like he’s gonna pop. Nothin’ says tough guy like painted on eyebrows and getting tattooed on a harley, what is he a gay model from the eighties? Lame, lame movie

    • I’m curious – have you seen RED? If so, what did you think of that?


    • @Duh if you didn’t like the movie, maybe you did’nt grow up on the eighties…honestly, it was an action movie on it’s own right. It had better action and fight sequences than any film hollywood makes these days. It was a throwback to shooting first and kicking @$$ and taking names kind of movies. It wasn’t trying to be black hawk down or taken.

      Gotta thank stallone for doing this film. It may have lacked on the story, but it did give a hell of a lot of action.

      P.S Seagal should only have a cameo, maybe as an expendable that didn’t make the team’s weight class. And Jet Li says to him “YOU EAT TOO MUCH”.

      And Seagal replies “What else can I do these days anyway?”.

      Then the whole team laughs out loud..

      And suddenly Van damme walks in and says in his accent “hey guys, what did I miss?”

      Terry crews raises an eyebrow and says “what kind of rock have you been hiding under?

      And statham responds by saying “maybe he also made an imaginary family like yang”.

      Li and statham both look at each other and the team again laughs out loud….

  28. First off, I would love to have the entire cast from the first Expendables intact for the sequel. My wish list of additions for Expendables 2 would be – Jean Claude Van Damme, Mark Dacascos, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Carl Weathers, Mr. T, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal, Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen, Chow Yun-Fat.

    Can you imagine how badass it would be if all the martial arts guys got into a huge rumble with baddies?!?!?!


      Now that would be an awesome cast indeed…

  29. i thought the first expendables was very cool and i defenetly think jean cluade van dandamme needs to be in number 2 i’m a very big fan of his