New ‘Expendables 2′ Images Introduce Female Expendable

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The Expendables 2 Maggie New Expendables 2 Images Introduce Female Expendable

The Expendables 2 has gained buzz for its collection of iconic action stars, a lineup that includes Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Scott Adkins, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, there is lady joining the Expendables this time out – her name is Maggie, and she’s played by actress Yu Nan.

If you didn’t know that the team was going to be rolling with a (literal) femme fatale, it’s because Nan hasn’t been featured in The Expendables 2 trailer or official poster. But that changes today with some new images that put the femme Expendable in the foreground.

In The Expendables 2 - Mr. Church reunites the Expendables for what should be an easy paycheck, but when one of their men is murdered on the job, their quest for revenge puts them deep in enemy territory and up against an unexpected threat.” Check out Stallone as Barney Ross alongside Maggie (Nan), as they take on what looks to be one of those ‘unexpected threats’:

The Expendables 2 Sylvester Stallone and Yu Nan 280x186 New Expendables 2 Images Introduce Female Expendable

The Exendables 2 Barne and Maggie 280x185 New Expendables 2 Images Introduce Female Expendable


Not having seen Yu Nan in much (the closest comparison on her filmography is probably the Wachowski’s Speed Racer), we can’t really say how she’s going to do in this flick. But hey, Stallone and Co. didn’t choose her for nothing. Plus, Nan isn’t the only new recruit who has something to prove: Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth has to prove that he deserves to be counted amongst this collection of tough guy elites.

The Expendables 2 will be in theaters on August 17, 2012.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to THE EXPENDABLES 2 the first was awesome I hope the action is just as good.

  2. Its nice to see a female expendable for sure just wish it was someone i could recognize like maybe Maggie Q, not to take anything away from Yu Nan im sure she will be great. I just hope the dialog in this movie is a little better than the first. It was almost as if they were making most of it up in the last film right there on the spot.

    • Agreed. Maggie Q would’ve been perfect.

      • or michelle yeoh

    • Watch the directors cut. The dialog issue is solved, along with editing of the whole film, is done alot better

    • Yeah was thinking same thing Maggie q would have been awesome for this part

  3. did they give jet li a sex change?

  4. I guess I don’t know the plot all that well (didn’t see the first one) but is there some reason why the female HAS to be Asian? Not that I have anything against the ethnic choice, only that there are a vast number of older, kick assed actresses that could better match the guys age-wise.

    • If I had to limit myself to Asian though I would agree with Draagyn that Michelle Yeoh would have been an excellent choice.

      • She probably was too expensive.

    • It sounds like you do have something against the choice. I don’t know what Hollywood world you’re looking at, but Asians really get the short stick in Hollywood. Furthermore, what does her race or ethnicity have to do with an age-related issue?

      She’s in there to bring some young people into the mix. The same reason why Liam Hemsworth is aboard.

      • @Hiro

        Yah, don’t see the connection between age and race… I think he’s just trying to hide the fact that he’s upset that the actress is Asian, so he throws in another form of discrimination, lol.

    • @mongoose

      I don’t know. Does Liam Hemsworth’s character HAVE to be white?? Just curious since apparently we have to prove a need for every race of every character in the movie now…

      • @Ken and Hiro

        It’s people like you that make thongs sound discriminatory. His comment wasn’t that in any way. He was just curious what the story was about so he could give his opinion on a casting choice.
        Stop trying to make problems out of nothing.

        • @Alex

          Hey, it’s people like you that make my thongs sound uncomfortable! How do you know I’m not really curious why Liam Hemsworth’s character is white? I mean, does that mean the movie’s plot has them going to Europe, or maybe they are fighting in mainland USA? I really want to know!

          Stop trying to make problems out of my thongs.

          • I’ve always figured you for a tool on this site, Kenny. This kinda proves it. Your reply to this will solidify it.

            • @Alex

              Aw, well if you think so, that really hurts because I really care what you think…

              Oh wait, no I don’t, who are you again? This is the first time I’ve seen you post on this site… Lurker or new? Or maybe I just don’t remember who you are because you never say anything worth remembering. I don’t know which…

              Now stop making thongs discriminatory. They should fit everyone equally. :-)

  5. Oh, let me guess, she’s Asian, so that means she must know martial arts right??

    What I want to see ONE DAY is a serious Asian action star in an American movie that simply knows how to shoot real well and doesn’t know martial arts, but just is a real threat with a firearm…

    • yes,this movie will rock,the first was the bomb! and to ken,i love martial arts and asian-actors,it´s the asian movie culture,what´s wrong about that? i would be happy if they would choose good turkish actors in a u.s movie,but it isn´t so. but that´s allright for me,because hollywood make the best movies and my favourite actors are british or u.s actors.

      • @murdok

        There’s nothing “wrong” with it per-se. The issue here is that Americans don’t take Asians seriously unless you throw in something “mystical” that they don’t quite understand so they can just say that’s the only reason why that person can hold his/her own. Movie makers are afraid to put an Asian actor in a starring role where he can kick ass, take a beating, and shoot a big ass gun with the best of them without making his character have some stereotypical “ancient chinese secret” in his sleeve to help him…

        • ken,i understand you! i had a little discussion about the same thema about chliche-thinking,and it was missunderstood how i´ve described it. that´s why i don´t wanna discuss about this things anymore!don´t understand me wrong.

          • @murdock

            Ah, completely know where you’re coming from. Sometimes it’s hard to really put into words exactly what you mean. I hate misunderstandings on the internet because of that, so frustrating. :-)

    • Wasn’t Bangkok Dangerous (the original) about an Asian assassin with a gun? I never saw it but heard about it.

      • @Kahless

        I have no idea, but I’m not saying there hasn’t been any movies like that, but the more mainstream Western mentality is that any Asian action star has to know some kind of mystical martial art in order to be believable as a character that can kick ass…

    • Whaaa Whaaaa!!!

  6. WEAK. All those actuon classic stars and her.

    They should have gotten Linda Hamilton, Pam Grier, sigourney Weaver, Michelle Yeoh or Lucy Lawless. Sh’t i even take Sarah Michelle Gellar. Somebody with stripes.

    • Linda Hamilton… woulda been sweet. I would say yes to Sigourney Weaver and Sharon Stone as well.

      • @Alex

        So definite no to Michelle Yeoh or Pam Grier? I think either of them would have been good too, wonder why not??

  7. Yu Nan looks cool but it would had been better if Michelle Rodriguez, Michelle Yeoh or Maggie Q in the film but still I think Stallone chose her for a good reason.

    Also Liam Hemsworth has something to prove that to show he was chosen for the right reason to be in a film with tough legenardy action heroes.

    I think it would be great if his brother Chris was chosen isntead of him.

    Chris Hemsworth was awesome in Thor.

    Still I hope Liam Hemsworth has great sucess with The Hunger Games and The Expendables 2.

    • @nawtnt

      Hell no to Michelle Rodriguez. Frankly, I’m sick of her, and she’s really not such a good actress to be completely honest…

  8. Glad they have a female. And I could care less if she is Asian.

  9. For those wondering sbout why a chinese female was chosen… The large portions of the movie takes place in china. That’s what previous reports suggested. Makes sense as she’s probably their contact there.

    • @Bellcurve

      Thanks for the info, makes sense. But not like it matters. It’s not like they needed the movie to go to Africa to get Terry Crews on board, or Austria to have Liam Hemsworth… Don’t know why all of a sudden we need to prove a need in order to have someone of a certain race in the movie… I wonder what would happen if the new character was Eskimo, people would be demanding that the movie take place in the arctic…

      • Australia, not Austria. Just saying. Since we are taking about race and nationality.

        • @avatar

          Well, Terry Crews isn’t really from Africa either, I’m sure he’s American. I was just naming some random “really white” country… lol

  10. Not cute or hot…

  11. no,cyntia rothrot or what her name was? she was the best female martial-arts actor in the late 80s and 90s.

      • Oh, she’s white, so she’s gotta be good!! :-D

        • The “she’s white” part was more of a matter of fact statement, not meant to say that BECAUSE she’s white, she’d be a better choice. Didn’t mean to offend anyone.

  12. I’m going to need Tony Jaa to get up off his ass and get involved.


  14. Ummm…who is this chick again??? And why the heck is she in the EXPENDABLES??????


    ^^^^^ i agree jvcd !!

  16. Oh my…i thought Donnie will replace Jet Li?

  17. Oh my…i thought DONNIE YEN will replace Jet Li?