No ‘Expendables 3′ for Chuck Norris; ‘Expendables 2′ Clip: Stallone vs. Van Damme

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Chuck Norris Not Returning for The Expendables 3 No Expendables 3 for Chuck Norris; Expendables 2 Clip: Stallone vs. Van Damme

Last weekend audiences were treated to a ’80s action star extravaganza. The Expendables 2 marked an explosive-filled reunion for former Planet Hollywood investors Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis, and put them shoulder to muscular shoulder with the likes of Jason Statham, Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Chuck Norris.

Even before Expendables 2 released there was discussion of whether a threequel was already in the works, and a few members of the cast confirmed our suspicions. While the plot of that film might border on the absurd, the assumption is that no matter where Expendables 3 takes audiences, the film will build on its already established cast of action icons.

Unfortunately, before discussion of Expendables 3‘s logistics can even get off the ground, one team member, Chuck Norris, has called it quits. For Norris, the experience of working on Expendables 2 – getting to reunite with old friends and fellow action stars like Stallone and Schwarzenegger – was enough.

Check out Norris’ own words to Access Hollywood:

The Walker Texas Ranger star does sing the praises of the Expendables 2 production, calling it better than the first – and even compliments Terry Crews on his “tree stump” biceps. Even so, for Norris, this return to action was just a brief visit.

It doesn’t surprise us to hear Norris is done – especially considering the amount of physical torture and pain some of the production’s principal actors had to go through. While nothing as shocking as Stallone breaking his neck during production occurred this time around, there were surely more than a few bumps and bruises. At age 72, Norris doesn’t have the physicality he once did to endure such grueling physical strain. (Though we hear that every time old age tries to reach Norris, he kicks it in the face.)

No Expendables 3 for Chuck Norris No Expendables 3 for Chuck Norris; Expendables 2 Clip: Stallone vs. Van Damme

Another reason for the action star’s departure could have been disagreements over the film’s violent content. A few months back it was revealed that Expendables 2 would be rated PG-13 (the first film was rated R), due to Norris’ insistence. Sylvester Stallone then came out to assuage fan fears saying that the film would be R, and it would be a hard R at that. While ratings and violence are probably not absolute deal-breakers for Norris, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they played a factor in his decision to move on.

Anyone that’s interested in seeing some of those previously-mentioned bruises being created, should look no further as we have a clip from The Expendables 2‘s epic showdown between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Sylvester Stallone. This fight between two of the ’80s and ’90s most prolific action stars was worth the price of admission alone. Van Damme even pokes fun at that fact with the line, “I want my money’s worth.”

We wont say whether the entire fight delivers, but we do endorse Norris’ statement that Expendables 2 is better than the first movie (read our review). It’s unfortunate that he won’t be returning, but there are plenty more intriguing casting possibilities out there: for example, Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood are supposedly being courted for roles in Expendables 3.

The Expendables formula – bringing high-profile action stars together with more explosions than any one budget can hold – appears to be catching on. Maybe in a few years, audiences will not only see the release of The Expendables 3, but a female Expendables film as well.

The Expendables 2 is in theaters now.

Sources: Lionsgate & Access Hollywood

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  1. Oh well. Chuck had a pretty decent bow out anyway.

    • I actually thought his role in the movie was kind of lame, and I disliked how they had him appear to a tune associated with Clint Eastwood. It just didn’t work for me.

      • it was pretty funny. l would have loved if they used back in black or something of the sorts

  2. Wow, I did not realize he was 72!

    • He is 72 at this time, not was.

      • Oh, My English! LOL!

  3. Chuck Norris looks amazing for his age and it’s very painful to hear that he won’t return to EX3. Maybe he will change his mind after some time. I hope so.

    • Normally they do (change their minds). Even if he won’t, there are many action actors to fill him in like Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Wesley Snipe.. etc.

      • No one can fill in for Chuck Norris except for Chuck Norris.

    • Chuck Norris is now a born again Christian. That is why he is not returning. Too much violence.

  4. Maybe Wesley Snipes would be available by then 😉

  5. It seems fitting that Chuck won’t return, his role seemed like he was just stopping by to say hello and blow s**t up.

  6. Chuck has to work at supporting bigotry, homo-phobia, automatic weapon usage, and the de-funding of initiatives for the poor. That takes a lot of time.

    • You really just dissed Norris? You better hope he doesn’t hire a private dick to track you down so he can come kick your ass.

    • Looks like a leftist propagandist has invaded this site…

  7. They should look into R. Lee Eemery. What a freaking thrill that would be to see him in the Expendables 3.

    • YES! This is one of the greater casting suggestions I have read. It would be awesome if he played a character similar to his character from Full Metal Jacket or Saving Silverman. I’d also love to see Jesse “The Body” Ventura in The Expendables 3.

      • That would be cool. Jesse being a hitman who’s so paranoid of the government and R. Lee being the military bad guy or something. YOU FILTHY MAGGOTS!!! RAAAAAHAHHHHH!!!!


        • I couldn’t agree with you more, good sir.

          Just as long as Jesse says “I ain’t got time to bleed,” I’ll be sooo happy.

  8. Who cares bring on The Rock or some other Action star of today

  9. I want to see:

    Michael Jai White
    A cameo from Jackie Chan
    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Vin Diesel
    Tiny Lister

    • Stone cold ‘s character got killed in the first one.

      • Zombies.

  10. the end fight was so lacklustre and one sided, was really hoping JCVD would show off more of his moves instead of the one round kick (which was replayed not done again btw).

    the movie on the whole felt really short, and the villains (JCVD and adkins) didn’t really develop enough to make me hate them (except adkins).
    i love statham’s line when he beats adkins i the end ‘nothing beats a classic’, i think it was a reference to old school action starts vs new ones, anyone else agree ?

    cant wait for the DC version, if the DC for the 1st one is anything to go by then there will be a lot of content added that will further the fun 😀

    P.S i’m assuming everyone has watched the movie at this stage so sorry if i ruin anything for anyone :)

  11. Shatner steps in for Chuck , must happen

    And Hogan with a minigun

  12. I’d love to see Jackie Chan in the next one!

  13. Now was this a good movie because I’ve made plans to see this Saturday, can’t wait and hopes it’s good.

    • they sacrificed char dev etc for almost non stop action. everything is better then the 1st, ranging from more practical effects for blood/gore to steady camera work/editing. the non stop action makes the short run time feel ever shorter, but alas plenty of blood id spilled and plenty of throw backs moments are present 😛

  14. bring in action stars of today? pfff give me a break, those are not action stars. there fakes. THESE are real action stars.

    hope norris returns.

  15. For part 3 I want to see:

    Rutger Hauer
    Sean Connery
    Roger Moore (the villain mastermind), Sean Connery vs. Roger Moore anyone (the Bond duel!)
    Harrison Ford
    Clint Eastwood
    Kurt Russel
    Burt Reynolds
    Tom Selleck
    Wesley Snipes
    Eddie Murphy (maybe not?)

    • Let’s put Tom Cruise in this list.

      • Oh God NO!!!

    • What about Steven Segal???

  16. aww well that sucks that he wont be returning but oh well. And rated r? wtf? the theater i went to it was rated 14a =0

  17. It was awesome. Screw storylines, intricate plots, and stellar acting to hell! Remember when it was the number of abs on your tummy and the circumference of an actor’s biceps that made a movie cool?
    Lean back and enjoy the slaughter. I did. And you know what? I’ll be back…for more.

  18. Mr. T and Hulk Hogan would also be great additions.

  19. I guess Norris didn’t like the R-18 outcome.

    Hope that Clint Eastwood would join, along with Bolo Yeung, Michael Dudikoff, Michael Jai White, Wesley Snipes (Pair him up with Woody Harrelson if that happens), Any MMA fighter Or Boxer like Iron Mike or Manny Pacquiao (Yes I said it, he could replace Jet Li).

  20. Word has it Chuck Norris pulled out as there’s rumours of Mr T appearing in the third, and the two could not fight as it would be the end of all things!

  21. Hope they bring in Steven Seagal as the villain, and have his owen group including Adrien Brody to give them another great actor and to have some funny jokes about the predator film with Arnold, also Kurt Russel would make another great hero or villain after watching soldier, and deathproof. I would also like to see clint eastwood come in with his Side arm western guns, and ask if they are feeling lucky,Thomas Jane would be good one to add to the cast, and maybe have some villains and cameos like Goldberge,Kevin Nash, and THE Rock.

  22. Carl Weathers should def make the cast too. He was also in predators, and Rocky 1,2, and 3.

  23. If we’re talking pure action stars, one can’t over-look Tom Cruise as a viable option for the third movie.

  24. [Stallone punching Van Damme]


  25. STFU about Tom Cruise….srsly.
    I don’t think he is an action star at all.

  26. Unfortunately Norris was the worst thing about expendables 2. He didn’t move his face a lot, not while he was talking and not while he was shooting. Maybe I just didn’t get it and Norris is so cool that killing a bunch of people is the same to him as sitting in a couch. If that was not what they were going for, than he just lacked intensity.

  27. Not that I’m rooting for him but has anyone said Steven Segal?…just ask’n.

  28. I’m actually happy he’s gone. Honestly, I’d rather have seen more of Jet Li whacking bad guys with a pan than watched Chuck Norris make a Chuck Norris joke.

  29. stop hatin about norris,he´s a living legend. and some call some stars for the next part because they have made some action movies like tom cruise, you haven´t understand the fact that stallone takes actors who have also real balls in their real life. i could name here hundreds of names of actors who played in action movies,but they don´t deserve it. and to the good ol´classic thing,they just talk about a good fistfight without knives or guns just to answer jwwalkas question.