Van Damme, Norris, Adkins & More Confirmed For ‘Expendables 2′ [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated September 6th, 2011 at 4:54 pm,

expendables 2 poster Van Damme, Norris, Adkins & More Confirmed For Expendables 2 [Updated]

Simon West will begin shooting (appropriate verb) his sequel to Sylvester Stallone’s macho man brawl, The Expendables 2, sometime over the next couple of months – and Millennium Films has begun the lengthy process of confirming which rumored stars will actually be showing up in the action-packed blockbuster.

An official cast list for the Expendables followup has made its way online, revealing that Stallone’s mercenary crew from the first film (Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren) and Mickey Rourke are all set to reprise their respective roles in Part Deux.

Moviehole got ahold of said cast list and is reporting that familiar faces like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back (sorry) in Expendables 2, while the often-rumored Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, and Scott Adkins are all now officially onboard for the film.

Van Damme will be playing a villain (as was previously rumored) in Expendables 2 alongside fellow muscular martial arts master/actor Adkins (Undisputed II, The Bourne Ultimatum). Willis’ Mr. Church made only a brief appearance in the first film, but he’s long been all but confirmed to become the main antagonist in the sequel.

There’s no word yet if Schwarzenegger’s role in the second Expendables movie will likewise be larger (or, rather, more than a three minute cameo), but the 71-year-old Norris is only expected to show up briefly in the film.

UPDATE: Deadline has learned that Willis and Schwarzenegger are signed on for “substantial” roles in Expendables 2, which is slated to begin production in October 2011.

expendables 2 norris van damme adkins Van Damme, Norris, Adkins & More Confirmed For Expendables 2 [Updated]

Norris, Van Damme, and Adkins are in for 'The Expendables 2'

A rumored plot synopsis for Expendables 2 popped up online a few months ago, indicating the film would follow Stallone and Co. as they embark on a mission of personal revenge, after one of their own is slaughtered. That would have been a fitting homage to the iconic 1980s sequel format and its famous tagline (“And this time… it’s personal!”), but Stallone ended up refuting said plot description. Bear in mind, that does not guarantee the film won’t be heading in a similar direction.

One thing the new Expendables flick will definitely do is embrace the action movie franchise creed that became a tradition during the ’80s (i.e. make the sequel bigger). With stars like Norris and Adkins onboard (both of whom were offered, but turned down roles, in the first film), along with Van Damme and the big surviving players from the first movie, Expendables 2 is certain to become even more of a testosterone-fueled throwback to now classic action-fests of the past few decades. If other wanted stars like Christopher Lambert and Christian Slater sign on too, it will just be icing on the cake for fans.

Look for additional cast confirmations in the upcoming weeks as The Expendables 2 heads into production, so as to make its scheduled August 17th, 2012 theatrical release date.

Source: Millennium Films (via Moviehole and Deadline)

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  1. Hmm, just curious, how many of these actors have gone to “straight-to-dvd” heaven?

    • what about TONY JAA !!

  2. Seagal woint appear with it cause he has “issues” with one of the producers of Expendables. “Issues” could be a] he was required to act b] he was asked to lose “at least” 20 pounds or c] the producer decided that bargain bucket buy one get two free straight to dvd missing blueray alltogether was not the way to go with Expendables 2. Those action stars and thier “issues” sheesh !

  3. I could see Clint Eastwood in a mentor role for Stallone’s character (something ala Heartbreak Ridge). I was hoping for Wesley Snipes but that ain’t likely considering he is serving a three year prison sentence,but maybe they could bring him onboard if they decide to make part 3 at some point later on in time. How about Mark Dacascus? He is a solid martial artist & has been in enough action movies. I think he would be a good addition to the expendables roster. I just hope that the sequel will exceed it’s predecessor in every aspect.

  4. i just wish they would bring back Charisma Carpenter this movie needs a sexy ass lady in it

  5. I’m calling it right now, Bruce Willis’ character will hire Arnie to face off against Stallone. In the end they realize who the real villain is and team up.

  6. I can only said this movie will be totally badass.

  7. Christopher Lambert and Christian Slater? Errmm ok, might as well give Bert and Ernie a cameo too then.

  8. This movie needs Bolo Yeung to make it epic!

    • you’re right. chuck norris is the original.

  9. I think Bolo would make it epic,good one. Or even Sho Kesugi possibly to face off with Jet Li would be dope. I just hope that for any chase sequences they don’t use to much of shaky camera cutting away shots,& that the story itself is more defined.

    • agreed. I just think Bolo flexing his pecs makes any action film complete lol

  10. FUnny All the Old Timers Who Can’t Get other work signed up for The Expendables 2 Funny

  11. meh don’t care about Chuck Norris in it

    • LMAO Norris is only set to appear briefly, prob rolls out in his wheelchair and dies

      • Get rid of Chuck Norris and put in Jeff Speakman

        • Who the hell is Jeff Speakman???? :-D

          • He’s the guy from the film “Perfect Weapon.” He’s a Kempo Karate practitioner. He’s got some serious skills however, he didn’t make that many movies.

            • KENPO!! Ken, he studied Kenpo under Ed Parker, last i had heard Speakman was a 6th degree blackbelt, not sure if that has changed over the years.

              • He also teaches your Homeland Security peeps, I don’t see mr Overated norris doing that

              • He’s an Eigth Degree Black Belt at the moment

        • Go to sleep, Jeff.

  12. Hey if Chuck heard you talkin’ like that… time for round house kicks…

  13. Chuck is brief because very little Chuck is needed to get the job done


    Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, van damme, jesse ventura, kurt russell, steven seagal, Carl Weathers, wesley snipes and thats it.

    get rid of all WRESTLERS and NEW actors from the movie.

    you can keep jason statham.

    obviously dolph and mickey rourke are good too.

    jet li is okay. but get rid of the rest.

    add christian slater, nicholas cage and charlie sheen in there aswell if you want.

    oh the bloke who played john conner’s father in the orginal terminator.

    • where the hell is Don “The Dragon” Wilson LOL! dont forget about him

  15. I’d like to see Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson make an appearance…I know they aren’t just action actors, but they did some of the best action movies in the 80s. But as long as there are explosions…I really don’t care who is cast in it. Also, Antonio Banderas in his mariachi role would be an awesome addition. Or get Rutger Hauer, Jean Reno, Bill Paxton, Lorenzo Lamas, Wesley Snipes, Kurt Russell. Or better yet, get Sean Connery out of retirement to battle Chuck Norris in the first ever “thats not a slow motion shot, they are just elderly” fight scene.. So many action stars…so many possibilities. I can’t wait.

    • LOVE the old man duel idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. mel gibson would be awesome in the expendables.

  17. I’m the only one that’s really excited about the real actors?? I mean Chuck Norris is really old school/action movies.
    And in this movie could be the perfect.

  18. if they really want another expendable movie:
    stallone, swarzenegger, willis, van damme, seagal, cruise, di caprio,snipes, the rock, jacky chan, cage, worthington, mila jovovich, will smith, chuck norris and rob sneider. some play gunners some play brawlers, some play ice cream vendors. how the movie goes it doesn’t matter, only the cast.

  19. Why not Keith Sutherland(Jack Bauer) of 24 fame he’s really wonderful and an action intelect.

  20. Seriously, Norris has got to be given more than a cameo in this movie – for crying out loud, let’s show that the old man has still got some stones left.

    That said, maybe all of these action stars are too much for just one movie – there just won’t be enough screen time to develop any serious character!

    Sly, you gotta make this good, Man. We aging youngters who grew up on you and still believe are counting on you!

  21. i want to let you know that you are doing well a lot of people like so much

  22. I would have loved to see Antonio Banderas on the list of cast for Expendables 2 but dont know if my heart could have stood all those hunks together at one time. But I cant wait to go see it when it comes out. I’m sure Ill go more than 2 or 3 times. I loved the original and I’ll love this one to.

  23. I love Donnie Yen. He will definately make the movie great!!!

  24. No one commentetd that it’s Keifer sutherland as oppsed to keith? The missing star is Cynthia Rothrock! don’t get slater but venture, weathers, and kesugi would be excellent. How could forget Ernie Reyes Jr and Tiamak, lol about tiamak.

  25. What about Mr T he could be good to


  27. I really didnt care much for storyline of the 1st movie. But hey im a man i still loved the movie. When theres lots of fighting shooting explosions & halfway descent car chase scene. Only thing wouldve made itbetter is to ad some naked women. The movies basically made for men. But hopefully storyline be better in 2nd one if not hope its like Stallones Rambomovies & just add more killings & explosions. Think its funny they have added Walker Texas Ranger to the cast. Anyways cant wait to watch this movie. Love all the actors well 95% of them & the other 5% i do like watching the fight scenes they are capable of doing or should i say used to be able to do. Its actually crazy thinking how old some of them are getting.