Stallone Wants Bruce Willis for ‘Expendables 2′ Villain

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The Expendables3 Stallone Wants Bruce Willis for Expendables 2 Villain

Sylvester Stallone’s throwback to 80s action flicks, The Expendables, has already recouped its $80 million production budget at the U.S. box office, and a sequel seems all but given at this point.

Stallone, the Rocky/Rambo a-lister, officially joined Twitter last week and he’s already revealed an interesting tidbit. Stallone recently had dinner with fellow older generation action movie comrade, Bruce Willis and during the dinner, Stallone broached the subject of Willis potentially playing a “super villain” in The Expendables sequel.

Willis had a shared cameo appearance with Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Expendables - a scene that hinted at the possibility of future meetings between Stallone and Willis’ onscreen counterparts.  A number of moviegoers have already speculated that the exchange between the three was intended to serve as a lead-in to an Expendables follow-up from the very beginning.

One Twitter user was quick to suggest to Stallone that the addition of a female action star to the Expendables crew would be perfect for a sequel – an idea that would go over well with a number of fans.  While an all-female combat unit movie looks unlikely for now, there are plenty of butt kickin’ female leads whose presence would definitely improve a second Expendables pic.

female expendables 570 Stallone Wants Bruce Willis for Expendables 2 Villain

Stallone is also considering new “dangerous places in the world” to serve as the setting for his second Expendables venture. The Middle East seems like the most obvious location (albeit somewhat cliché at this point) for the crew’s next mission, though a war-torn region in Africa could suffice as well – everyone knows that Stallone’s character, Barney Ross loves playing in the jungle. icon wink Stallone Wants Bruce Willis for Expendables 2 Villain

The most difficult issue Stallone faces at this juncture, one that he claims is present in every action movie, will be to “inject heart and soul” into the Expendables sequel. As the bulky star put it, “… bullets are easy, emotions are hard.  LIKE LIFE ITSELF.”

The Expendables is currently playing in theaters in the U.S.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Ugh, why? The Expendables is one of the worst “action” movies I’ve ever seen. And I love action movies. I won’t be seeing this, I hope it never gets made. Spend the money on a real action movie

    • ok……this is way out of character for me…..but something is noticeably wrong with your action movie taste receptors… maybe you should just keep your mouth shut…….just sayin

      • Everyone has a right to an opinion…take your own advise.

        • ohhh sully…..sorry guy/gal something is noticeably wrong with you sense of humor receptor and your seriousness output modulator seams to be set on high….smile sully smile

          • I’m a guy, smitty. But that’s beside the point. If your joking than add that to your statement. Telling someone to shut their mouth with acknowledging its a joke. And try to expand your vocab. You sound like a robot. J/k, see that’s how you make it comical.

            • oh wow……you got me :) dang I am going to go hide in my hole now lol <—-see how I used that "lol" to make it funny?

              • Ha! You don’t need to hide in a hole! Its all good dude :)

                • :) now you are getting it :)

                  • Get a room.


  2. willis as a baddie, i like its rarely seen

    • Would be weird, but also pretty darn cool!!

      All these people bashing The Expendables are also probably fans of the Twilight series. Keep watching your sparkling gay vampires and leave the action to the big boys.

      • So if we don’t like cheesy action flicks, then we like films about badly told love story with “gay” vampires instead? Right (sarcasm).

        • Pretty much. :P

          • That’s the biggest load of BS that I’ve heard in a while.

            • Apparently you’ve never listened to Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck talk. You’d need muck boots up to your butt by the time you were done. :D

              • Andy S,

                Easy there – this isn’t HuffPo.


                • Thank God, Vic.

                  Or else Screenrant would be wiped off my favorites map. :)

        • You forgot “sparkling”…..

          • lol

  3. I don’t get it. Expendables makes millions while something as clever as Scott Pilgrim faltered. Expendables 2? Unecessary.

    • Comparing Scott Piligram and the Expendables is like comparing Sin City and Twilight. The two have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other.

    • Expendables appealed to a much wider audience.


  4. Expendables = Best movie of the summer!!! Looking forward to the sequel.

    • Nope, that would be Inception. But I did like Expendables.

      • Close!!! Expendables > Inception

  5. Here come the haters. Just because they can’t write/produce/direct or be involved in the movie business. although I do agree with Ren, Scott Pilgrim was a good movie, maybe it was marketed the wrong way.

    The Expendables “was what it is” a corny action popcorn movie, it already broke $80 mil, and that’s with out DVD/BluRay sales.

    I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

    • And don’t forget that’s $80 million before including its international screens tally..

  6. In regards to the article. Bruce did not mention the need for a female lead, that was just suggested by a twitter follower. Bruce mentioned the aspect of bringing Steve Austin back for the sequal.

    • @ dc

      Thanks for catching that. With all the tweets going on, I mistook which one Sly was responding to.

      • No problem. I enjoy the articles. Keep up the good work.:)

  7. Expendables was great, and i have the best idea for the sequal. Willis cant decide which team to use; Stalone or Schwarzenager (Schwarzenagers team made up of anyone left out the first movie). The two teams battle it out to see who can get the highest bad-guy body count. but as things progress they realize they were set up by Willis to eventually take out each other to cover his own tracks.

    simple and action filled movie.

    Expendables did exactly what i wanted, great action sequences with a story that didnt make me cringe. and i expect the sequal to top the first in both. More action and and even more stupid storyline that i dont mind sucks

  8. Okay, for those of you who are haters against this movie let me just say: not one person who went to this movie went to see academy award winning acting, second what Da’Hulk said “The Expendables “was what it is” a corny action popcorn movie, it already broke $80 mil, and that’s with out DVD/BluRay sales.” rings completely true, people who remember 80′s action movies knew what to expect. I happen to be a fan of the twilight series(cue the groans) and I absolutely LOVED this movie. Yes there were a couple of CGI moments that could’ve been better, some lags in dialogue but like what was stated before it is what it is and if you don’t like it I suggest you jump into your DeLorean gun it to 5 minutes before you saw the movie and undo your so called “mistake”.

  9. Geez, the people who liked this move seriously can’t take someone else’s negative OPINION on the film.

    • your right…..I did not know we had to…..

      • Well, everyone has different opinions and tastes bro. You can either take them, or be a little child and think your opinion matters more than someone’s elses. Kind of like the way you’re acting.

        • Well put matt, well put.

          • oh wow…..well said well said……you got me there…j/k…you guys make me smile….everyone has a right to an opinion….it was never said that your opinion had to be excepted……but it does bother me that you guys (at least sully said he was a guy and Matt sounds like a guy kinda name) think people are just going to embrace your negative opinions….if you want to be negative, be a grown up and take it like one

  10. I havent seen expendables and dont plan to,ive heard bad things about it so i wont waste my time….maybe a rental from redbox.

    • you’re not macho enough for it anyway ricky :)

  11. Yeah Anthony Ricky is not mach enough….But i on the other hand have no interest in this. 8-)

    • so you go see movies based on reviews?

    • You should see a doctor to rectify your testosterone deficiency, then.. :P

  12. Nope. Im not interested because:
    A. its lionsgate
    B. im sure the good actors only have cameos
    C. Bad reviews
    D. i saw 30 min of it and got bored
    E. They make it seem like its a movie to die for (lionsgate)

    BTW i had faith in lionsgate but after seeing Last Excorsism,my faith has gone. Oh and the only ok movie from lionsgate was kick ass.

    • you have a lot to learn my friend :)

    • sure most movies by that studio suck but lets not forget…

      3:10 to Yuma
      Hard Candy
      Monster Ball
      American Psycho

      maybe 80% of the movies they release suck but you just cant ignor the other 20%, thats just unfair

      • almost forgot, they also produced the TV shows “weeds” and “madmen” say those shows suck. I dare you, your gonna get alot of negative feedback.

        you may not like Expendables, and thats ok, but your judging it based on a studio history instead of actually seeing it, thats just stupid

  13. I agree with all who say that the Expendables is just a “The Expendables “was what it is” a corny action popcorn movie,” (thanks Da Hulk great quote)
    I would love to see Willis As the Main Villain, i would also like to see some bad-ass ladies in there to, + we need to keep Charisma Carpenter in just for awesome beauty (jeers starting now) one last thing by the time this movie might be made Arnold will be out of office, so he could/might have a bigger role.

    p.s. to all the people how didn’t like this movie GET A LIFE and talk to you daddy’s and ask what a good ACTION MOVIE is like

    till next time

  14. Anthony

    Ok tell me….

    • naw best you keep you innocence, and let you figure out things on you own :)

  15. I loved this film. Great fun and very entertaining and nostalgic.

    Some of the best fight scenes ever. The wrestling moves were spectacular. Especially during the rescue sequence.

    • Jet Li + Jason Statham + small cellar + lots of bad guys = EPIC WIN

  16. Sounds like a good idea.

  17. I like The Expendables, it was good fun. I also saw Scott Pilgrim, it was great in a different way.

    I will see an Expendables sequel.

    • both movies were great sam, expenables was just what i thought..which was just fine in my opinion

  18. Ok then…now g2g cya later :D

  19. I saw both Scott Pilgrim and The Expendables and liked them both. For very different reasons.

    I liked The Expendables for what it was. A movie with lots of action and explosions with a modicum of heart thrown in. But I liked it mostly because it reminded me of movies like Commando and Rambo.

    I liked Scott Pilgrim because it is different from anything else out in the theaters. It is also funny. I am disappointed that it hasn’t done better.

    Unfortunately, The Expendables is just another action movie in my opinion and because of that I liked Scott Pilgrim more. I really think that The Expendables has done so well because movie goers are tired of all the “Matrix” type action films and wanted something more straightforward, which The Expendables is. Also, the big names had a lot to do with it too.

    I’ll see an Expendables sequel with the hope that they do what action movie sequels should do…try and out do themselves. You know, more action, bigger explosions, larger body count etc.

    • no the audience went in to see all theese guys star together on-screen for the first time.

      • no, i went in for the fighting and explotions, i know the govenator and Willis were too busy to have more than just a cameo for this movie. that was just icing on the cake.

  20. Anthony,

    That’s my feeling too, The Expendables was exactly what I thought it would be, no more, no less.

    Which is good, I expected it to be a crazy, no brained, balls to the wall action flick. And it was just that.

    • Yup, “A Beautiful Mind” is not what it set out to be. Apparently some of the people condemning it must’ve been thinking it was supposed to be a romantic tale or something. LOL.

    • yes exactly, im glad someone else gets it besides me, seeing all of those guys on screen was just amazing, Stallone delivered what he wanted to deliver to the fans of the genre

  21. The expendables was AWESOME !!! it’s exactly what Stallone set it out to be, bring on the sequel ^_^

    • howobout adding ,bruces team and arnies team fight eachother for the same job, maked lookalike onother giijoe mess expand the sequel into number 234, and have only few people survive from each teams to finish the job in middle east or wherever.?? good idea ??

  22. I’d be up for a sequel. The only thing more I really wanted from the first one were the corny one-liners (like Vic said in his review, “Stick around”, “Blow off some steam, Bennett”, “I’ll be back”, “Yippee ki yay, mother*****”, etc..)).

  23. I saw this movie, knowing what I was going to go see, a fun action pop-corn flick with some cheesy lines and so so acting, and that is exactly what I got and enjoyed it very much. Yea it is not no Private Ryan, but then again it wasn’t meant to be, so if it is not your type of movie, do not go see just so you can b**** about it :)

  24. sequel…yes, bring it!

  25. I gotta say, as long as Sly can still shoot people without his heart stopping, keep making action movies Stallone!

    • yea,add some more joes and pros-hoes get the sequel into 234

  26. Finally saw it yesterday. It is EXACTLY what I thought it was going to be..a cheesy, pumped up 80′s action movie and I loved every second of it lol. I love the Bruce Willis idea. Also, you guys should take a look at his twitter updates. I could very well be wrong, but I think he’s calling Jean-Claude Van Damme a punk lolol

  27. I think im the only one other than rocketed who isn’t interested in the expendables. Yes i know its a summer popcorn flick, but A) i hate popcorn and B) mindless action bores me.

    • but you do not bore me :)

  28. I meant rickster.

  29. This movie was a throwback action flick. People were clapping in theater with all action and mo they weren’t clapping bc it was over thank god. Like others n myself were saying since movie debuted it wasn’t an academy award winner. Kept it simple , people being shot , things blowing up etc. No way you can say ” I was bored after 10 min” like I read from someone on here. That guy probably got really excited watching Ramona & Beezus
    I enjoyed it more than predators remake by far. But thsts just me. The original from 87 was way better.

    • Predators was a remake?

      • no it was just garbage ;)

        expendables was somewhat fun, i mean it could have been better (camera and editing was terrible and terry and randy weren’t in it long enough to be established as proper ‘team mates’)

        i was hoping arnie would be the bad guy in the sequel, i mean he was mr.olympia for 5+ years so it shouldn’t be hard for him to get back into shape. they could have seagal, van damme, michael jai white, scott adkins and simon rafaelli (transporter, kiss of the dragon (one of the twins)).

        though willis is already in a somewhat good shape so it wouldn’t that hard for him to keep up with the rest ;)

        • i liked Predators lol. and i dont want arnie in anymore movies. after his term is maybe he should thnk about how bad of a governor he was ha ha. i doubt Stallone would ask Van Dammaged again

          • wesley snipes is another person i forgot to add to the list, i’m pretty sure he will join as soon as he finishes his time (he’s got nothing else up anyways)
            on second thoughts JCVD shouldn’t be in expendables, if you watch universal solider 3 you would know why ;)