‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Trailer and Posters

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When we think of historical epics, a certain grand scale of filmmaking comes to mind, and few pull it off better than Ridley Scott. His Moses saga Exodus: Gods and Kings (previously known simply as Exodus) hits theaters this December, and is the second blockbuster Biblical retelling of 2014, after Darren Aronofsky’s Noah.

Scott’s take on the Old Testament story boasts a terrific cast, with Christian Bale as Moses, Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby) as his adoptive brother (and eventual enemy) Ramses, Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) as Joshua, alongside Sigourney Weaver (Avatar), Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3) and John Turturro (Transformers: Dark of the Moon).

While Scott has long held that his take on the famous story will focus more on the characters than the set pieces – such as the iconic Parting of the Red Sea in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 classic The Ten Commandments, which starred Charlton Heston – we have waited for our first real look at Exodus to see if the Gladiator helmer has managed to pull off a balance of spectacle and intimacy.

Now, we finally have the first trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings, which you can watch above. We also have a set of posters for the film, which you will find below.

Exodus Gods and Kings Poster Bale and Edgerton 691x1024 Exodus: Gods and Kings Trailer and Posters

Exodus Gods and Kings Poster Bale 691x1024 Exodus: Gods and Kings Trailer and Posters

Exodus Gods and Kings Poster Edgerton 691x1024 Exodus: Gods and Kings Trailer and Posters

For all of the CGI-enhanced battle scenes and decidedly dark tone, it looks so far as if Exodus will cover much of the same territory as DeMille’s take, or even the animated DreamWorks rendering of the classic story, The Prince of Egypt (minus the musical numbers). In those narratives, Moses, a member of the tribe of Abraham, hidden by his mother to save him from the murder of all male Jewish infants as ordered by the Pharoah, is found and adopted by the rulers of Egypt and raised alongside their natural son Ramses. When he discovers his true lineage, Moses becomes an instrument of God, who inflicts a series of plagues on the country until the Ramses finally submits and releases the Jews from slavery.

Exodus: Gods and Kings focuses on the conflict between Moses and Ramses but this brief trailer is packed with visuals (with effects that seem slightly unfinished), including an impressive shot of a river of blood and a massive, crushing wave, which may well be the Red Sea.

Completely missing from this first look at Exodus is any mention of God. Just as Noah referred to the deity as the Creator, can we expect a similar toning down of the religious aspect in the script by Bill Collage & Adam Cooper (Tower Heist) and Steve Zaillian (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)? Probably not, given how inextricably linked Moses’ mission is to the higher powers at play.

Exodus: Gods and Kings opens in theaters on December 12, 2014.

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  1. I like Mr. Bale and Mr. Scott for the most part but I cannot pay for a movie that takes place in ancient Africa and all the actors are portrayed by whites. Although this is “fantasy”, isn’t it supposed to be based on some type of realism? These biblical stories/movies seem to disregard people of color as if they never existed in history. Therefore, people of color shouldn’t support a film that doesn’t support them.

    • this movie is a fantasy,we all know that ancient African pharaohs were all dark skin people.

  2. well I just loved the posters. they gave a new twist about executing the overall feel overall feel of the move making it greyscale only retaining the golds nice marketing strategy but i dont know about the large black triangle shadow on the pyramid it looks odd. its not the usual browns and golds you see with this types of films.
    nice choise of font too.

  3. well I just loved the posters. they gave a new twist about executing the overall feel overall feel of the move making it greyscale only retaining the golds nice marketing strategy but i dont know about the large black triangle shadow on the pyramid it looks odd. its not the usual browns and golds you see with this types of films.
    nice choice of font too.

    we’ll see about the movie

  4. …. sigh are we still on the race issue???

    It’s a movie!!!

    Im just sitting here like oh s***! BATMAN IS MOSES!!!

    This is gonna be interesting.. Ill buy me some popcorn and sit in a movie theatre for a couple of hours and awwwww at all the cool things a lot of people are putting work into! If I like it then cool if not Im sure Ill be able to look back and say well I’ve spent $20 on worst things…


    In the mean time Ill keep doing important things in life and wait anxiously for another cool MOVIE to come out.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    • AJ – I’ve waited a long time to hear somebody put it in the way you have-these talk back areas are usually filled with whiney ass internet trolls that want nothing more than to make everyone else feel as pathetic as they do – Seeing a movie is about your own personal entertainment- if I’m enjoying it while sitting there in the theater I’m happy-if not,I’ve more important things to b**** about than a movie (and certainly not BEFORE the darn thing even gets released)- and the huge amount of work the filmmakers put into the film itself is rarely appreciated…thanks for one of the only comments on the subject that DIDN’T make me wanna reach thru the screen and throttle somebody -lol

      • Exactly! That’s what I said about the Fantastic Four movie, and those people who whine about the race of Johnny Storm.

      • ….


        For crying out loud people! I was actually surprised that the grammar or spelling police didn’t come in and fine me for messing up some of my typing…


        SO MUCH ENERGY IS SPENT ON NOTHING… (yes that was in all caps)… haha

    • I understand it’s only a “movie” but have you ever heard of life imitating art and vice versa? My thing is that lack of diversity in movies period is usually a bad thing. Especially in a historical text where the region is of a place where people of color are located; does it not deem weird that an all white cast is portraying people of color with spray tans?

      • Find a cast of Egyptian actors that are as close to being as globally recognisable as Christian Bale and some of the others in the cast and we can start talking, otherwise, this white-washing argument sounds as ridiculous as ever.

        • The cast doesn’t have to fully Egyptian. You are completely missing the point. The current cast has no diversity. They are all white! There are people of color in Hollywood that can play the same roles. Why not have a cast with multiple races. And if you think people would not pay to watch that, that again proves another point which herein-lies the main problem.

          • Exactly, there are plenty of exotic or racially ambiguous actors who could have been casted , sans the spray tans. I’m pretty sure that all the actors on vikings are not all Norse, but they sure look the part. There’s no way that someone like Jessica Alba, for example, would be cast.

            • I think Dazz is actually right and even though I think there are many actors who would have been a better fit for these roles. I believe they look for people with name recognition because in the end it’s not about the historical integrity of the film, It’s about the almighty dollar and trying to get as many people to see your movie as possible.

        • Dazz, your monumetally ironic comment, has only sought to higlights your complete
          inability to comprehend the bigger issue, to which the previous commenter was reffering.

        • People keep saying that. Find a cast of Egyptians that are globally recognisable?

          Well, if you keep passing over them for casting, how the heck are they gonna become globally recognisable?

          We live in a melting pot of culture, yet there are hardly any middle-eastern or south-asian mainstream actors.

          • I have to agree with Charles on this one.

    • The Birth Of A Nation was a movie too. And after it came out, Life didn’t go on for many people.

      Saying it’s just a movie isn’t a good excuse. Especially since it’s original content was not invented for entertainment.

      • You’re seriously comparing this to ‘Birth of a Nation.’ Wow.

      • Especially since it’s original content was not (invented} for entertainment.

  5. I LOVED The Prince Of Egypt, from the story, with the animation, voice acting, and music. A phenomenal piece of work.

    This does not look like it is going to come close to that.
    This looks like everything just got dialed in. Hopefully I am way off base here, but my first impressions are not good

  6. The trailer looks pretty great, but then again the trailers for Ridley Scott’s last few movies have all been great but the final product was not.

    The Counselor, Robin Hood and Prometheus all had fantastic trailers (I still say the trailers for Prometheus were some of the best in recent memory) but all of those movies were pretty bad for different reasons.

    So I really really hope that the trend ends here. I miss the days of when a new Ridley Scott movie guaranteed something special.

    • I thought Prometheus was brilliant and led to a lot of questions about where we came from and the possibility of the Ancient Alien Theory. It was my 3rd best film of 2012 behind Dredd and The Dark Knight Rises.

      • I really have a love-hate relationship with Prometheus.
        One the one hand I love what Scott and company tried to do, I just think the execution was flawed.

        Trying to be a proper stand alone sci-fi movie and asking the questions that a truly great sci-fi movie should ask along with trying to fit itself somehow in the Alien Universe was a bit like biting off more than they could chew.

        It should have been one or the other IMO. Especially if you’re going to leave things so open ended.
        I’m not the type who needs answers to everything to enjoy a story. In fact I like it more when you can be searching for answers afterwards. But after watching Prometheus a few times I still can’t figure out what a majority of the questions were???

  7. The trailer looks pretty good. I’m a graduate student of biblical theology so I’ll be checking this out for sure.

    What I am MOST excited about is that Scott and the team behind this movie are making a post-Goliath biopic about King David (you can check the Variety report on Exodus for a link to the David announcement). Words cannot express my excitement about this. I hope they make the David biopic into a trilogy cuz there’s just so much story there.

    • I guess it depends if Sir Ridley has the time since he’s still planning to direct Prometheus 2 and Blade Runner 2 after this one.

      Could happen but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I like that both Scott and Spielberg are both working on epics the likes of which we haven’t seen since The Ten Commandments.

      • appears that Sir Ridley will NOT be directing the David biopic, but will instead be producing it. A little less enthused, but frankly still interested. David is a fascinating character, but I’d love to see the Goliath bit included in the beginning of the trilogy, a la the Wolf Scene from 300 or any of the pre, plot action scenes from the Bond Movies. But thats just me. Bring on the war with Saul and to building and empire!

        • Oh man, now I’m imagining Snyder directing the David pic and things just got craaaazy. Hah, but yeah, it would be great to see the Goliath bit in some sort of flashback or hook scene.

          I trust Scott to find a suitable director. I’m actually happier that he’s not directing since his last couple epics have been a bit divisive. If he only produces, we get the David movie sooner.

  8. Trailer was awesome, and those posters are pretty cool. I like that this film is going to put more focus on the relationship between Moses and Rameses, a lot like The Prince of Egypt (which is one of my favorite animated movies of all time). Looking forward to this :)

  9. Dang… I was hoping they’d focus more on the biblical story. It looks like they’re filtering the story through the lens of Gladiator. But hey! Maybe that’s not a bad thing. If the movie’s good I can’t complain, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    From what I see in this trailer though it looks like a typical action epic with some sprinklings of the plagues and the struggle with Pharoah and whatnot. I hope they play that stuff up more in the final film, the source material has some awesome stuff in there.

  10. Another Hollywood cash in knowing that religious folks will pile in. Throw in a bit of action into the mix and here come the sheep. Pathetic. This lazy whitewashed filming is getting old. Show at least a little bit of effort. SMH.

    • “I hate religious people and white people but especially religious white people.” …in so many words.

      • I hate people with poor grammar skills.

    • Yes your right! I am sick of the endless religious epics, hollywood churns out year after year.
      like em.. wait let me think. Oh there was Noah! and em.. well to be honest, I can’t think of any from the last decade or so, but I am sure you are right.

      • Noah was not a religious epic. Wasn’t even remotely close to the Biblical story. It was an environmentalist soap box film.


    I am so PUMPED for this!!! My boy Bats back in black, and Lexie with that kryptonite ring, aaaawww yeeaaaahhhh!!! Hope we can see a Wonder Woman cameo or dare I utter it…BLACK FREAKIN ADAM!!!!

    *mind blown*

    • ^lol^

  12. Are people really complaining about all the white people in this movie? It was 4000 years ago. Have you ever seen anyone who was alive 4000 years ago? Have you ever seen a picture of anyone from 4000 years ago? People interbreed with other races and skin tones and features change. Look at the black people in America they don’t look like their ancestors from only a couple hundred years ago. What does 4000 years do to skin tone and features?

      • Exactly, and only commons sense and scientific evidence will show you that in a region that is very close to the equator will have people of color there because their skin tone has adapted to deal with the sun and intense heat. Play along however you guys need to but you know that this movie is not historically accurate in terms of the region and the lack of diversity within. I love Sigourney Weaver as an actress; however seeing her in ancient Egyptian garments almost made me laugh it was so cheesy and terrible. It’s like watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the main character is Antonio Banderas.

        • No, you are right. I’ve never never seen people from 4000 years ago. Particularly, Egyptians, having left behind mummies, statues and hieroglyphs depicting their rulers. No idea what they looked like indeed.

    • I would comment, but the others have all ready shown up the sheer uneducated, ignorant, nonsense, that was your comment.

  13. If the Egyptians in the film were played by actual Egyptians (or Arabs, etc.), there would have been hysterical complaints from the Left and CAIR that the film is unfairly stereotyping minorities as villains (and therefore racist).

    Instead, Ridley Scott chose non-minority actors (and is therefore racist).

    He was damned either way.

    • Some people will rationalize anything.

      Since they – Egyptians – were definitely not ‘minorities’…and there is an opportunity to write said characters as three-dimensional individuals…Ridley Scott should have put in the legwork to actually do something different.

      This is just as bad as some directors saying that ‘they looked at every possible racial group’ when casting, then going for a primarily white cast of performers when there are a lot of non-white actors and actresses to choose from – especially if the story would realistically call for a group of non-white performers.

      He definitely isn’t ‘damned’ for him to be making big-budget movies like this one.

  14. Selective color – so wrong.

    • The trailer looks great though. I just hope they don’t release those posters like that.

  15. So when we get another film about ancient Greece or Rome, can we not have British or American, or Australian actors in the roles? I mean it so unbelievable to have someone with an American, British or Australian accent in those roles, maybe have actual Greek actors portray the roles no?

    I mean seriously we get a film where a main character goes from Being White to Being Black, then one where white actors are in the prominent roles. Give it a break people, enjoy the movie for what it is, a movie!

    • I’m sure there are moviegoers who see “Schindler’s List” or “12 Years a Slave,” “Malcolm X” as more than ‘just a movie.’

  16. This looks like it may be worthwhile. If Scott can maintain the integrity of the account, it should be epic. FYI to Anthony Vieira, you referred to this as a “biblical story”; however, Christians believe this to be an account of actual events. Just sayin’.

    • To be fair, there are a lot of Christians who believe some stuff that is pretty darned stupid.

  17. Why do we falls Master Moses?

  18. Gee, Sigourney Weaver didn’t look out of place at all…

    Someone please lock her in the trunk of a car and throw away the key.

    And whoever thought to put that god-awful music in the trailer should be in the trunk with her.

  19. I am a big fan of Ridley Scott, one of my favorite if not the favorite movies is Gladiator. There is no doubt Mr. Scott dose his home work on history. I love epic films that are action driven and have a beautiful and gripping story. But as an american and I use that term (s***) loosely, but as a African american citizen I know that block buster movies are a big part of our culture. Friday night is movie night and maybe a little mushu. But similar to the recent Movie Noah Im gonna have to PASS on this one when I see two WHITE guys standing in front of a AFRICAN pyramid portraying two factual African men. Bad taste is rude and offensive and disgusting. Now I’m not one to believe in media and the crap thats out there, but images can be very damaging to younger adolescent minds (i.e. young black children). Cause when I was young learning about the Roman empire In school; to have a little imagery to go along with our lesson Miss Elia showed us Gladiator, even the part where the lions eat the christens just like in our books and in our bibles etc. So I might have to slap some of this black history hand in a teacher if my son comes home saying he learned about Egypt and Africa and he was shown this film Exodus. Its ok to say you don’t like us as Donald but damn can a black man play a African role in this day in age. Not non of that civil rights and marching sh*t I’m talking about historical sh*t.

  20. This casting is a travesty! At least put cast Anthony Hopkins in a role! He has played various races from African American (The Human Stain), Mexican (The Mask of Zorro) and I’m sure something else! LOL

    But seriously, this casting is beyond bad and that is disappointing because the visuals are kinda nice.

  21. There are plenty of racially ambiguous or exotic looking actors out there who could have been casted (from various backgrounds). I mean, I’m sure a few people here watch Vikings. All the actors are not all Norse, but they look the part. It wouldn’t be acceptable to cast, let us say, a white actor who happens to be on the tanned side. So why is this ok? Again, the other way around is always an issue. Many people had issues with Nonso Anozie playing Samson in “The Bible”…

  22. This is a test: agnostic atheist

    • religious

      • assert

        • WOOOOOWWWWW, so according to wordpress the word “b1ble” is a bad word. It won’t let me post anything with that “dirty” word in it… SMFH Screenrant, I will come kill your feet the day you get rid of this utterly stupid wordpress system…

          • Apparently there’s more…


          • And of course I meant kiss your feet, not kill your feet. I guess subconsciously I want to kill someone now, lol.

          • I don’t see why the word bible would be considered a bad word.

            • @joseph – You’d be surprised how many militant anti-Bible people want to comment on our site just because they can. I’m fine with someone having beliefs (or lack thereof) that differ than mine, just don’t expect me to tolerate you (general you, not YOU specifically) bashing them because you disagree with me :)

              Paul Young

            • Yes, they explained to me why bible was a filtered word, now it’s removed, so now all of my repeated attempts to publish my comment will all of a sudden show up I bet, lol.

              • That comment was for Joseph of course, Paul, I know you’re one of the guys who emailed me about that, lol. You and Vic. :-)

    • I’m sorry, wordpress is being REALLY stupid (as usual) and is not letting me post a comment for some reason and I’m trying to find out why…

  23. I loved the Ten Commandments…still do as it’s a classic for me. I was really looking forward to a modern version and this is just disappointing.

  24. Reeses…

    …so then, you ARE okay with a very obviously white actor portraying Moses? NO one ever confused Heston with an Israelite/Jew/Hebrew.

    How is now different? Also, why are you disappointed, even though you have only seen one trailer and a few posters? I can understand you feeling apprehensive, but disappointed? How?

    • @Archeon. Well… Okay with it is pushing it. It has more a sentimental value because I watched it with my family every Easter when I was a child. I now accept that back in the 50′s, it was just the way things were done. It was wrong, but unfortunately it was the times people lived in. In 2014; however, there’s no excuse and yes, it is a disappointment in that sense (I waited a long time to see a retelling in the hopes to see a diverse cast).

      I love epic movies…I will eventually see it. It won’t be at the midnight premiere though…

      • Reeses…

        Fair enough…nostalgia certainly does influence movie-watching for many people. I would, however, point out that religious and racial discussions/arguments are not as clear-cut as one might think in our supposedly more “progressive” world of the 2000s versus the 1930s-1960s. BOTH issues have reared their ugly heads again and again in fairly recent times…including on this very site on threads like this.

        In short (and without getting into what I think is a pointless “debate” on a movie/TV site), our society perhaps SHOULD know better, but I don’t believe (in relative terms) that it DOES know better…at least, on an emotional/ reactionary level.

        Thus, those NEW or at least more modern version(s) of families might be seeing films such as this with the same basic FEELING as those from previous generations (with presumed similar nostalgia following in 20-40 years, for ANOTHER redo. Hence, my questioning of how now is different and preference for mere apprehensiveness instead of full-on disappointment.

        ALL that said, I will PROBABLY see this film in a theater because I find myself extremely curious about HOW the story will be told with a “modern” mindset and much more advanced special effects…

        • @Archeon. Your points are valid and I still like the exchanges on this site (when respectful). That being said, I also am very curious about the special effects. I love Ridley Scott’s movies. Heck, of all the cinephiles I know, I was the only one who liked Robin Hood. This is perhaps why I went for “disappointment”, because I know he’s capable… Oh well, let us see.

          • I too enjoyed “Robin Hood”… Yes, let’s see what happens…

        • @Reeses and Archaeon:

          You’ve probably seen my comments and know I’m against this film. However, am a fan of “Alien” and I do want to see the various cuts of “Blade Runner.” (And yes, I was also a fan of “Gladiator”).

          Interestingly, I am a fan of Cecil B. DeMille’s “Ten Commandments” as well. (The second one, not his first one). And, I do realize that due to the attitudes of the time, certain casting choices occurred. (Sidenote: I do have give a thumbs up on a scene where a princess – portrayed by a black actress – from another African nation is described as ‘beautiful’ by Neferteri when it looks like she – the visiting princess – is coming on to Charlton Heston’s Moses).

          While I may not see “Exodus” in the theaters or on DVD, I also see another theatrical retelling in a few years.

  25. Some Caucasians can be sooo hypocritical. The Human Torch is played by a black man or Sam Wilson takes over for Steve Rodgers and they claim it’s a bunch of PC crap. They cry about not being true to the source material. But, when it’s white actors playing non-white roles they say, ” it’s just a movie. Get over it.” Yeah, we’ll get over it when you do.

    For very large portions of the western world, as well as the Middle East, these characters are far more real and tangible than both the Torch and Cap. But, I don’t see you guys getting bent out of shape over it like you did over a couple of comic book characters. Where’s your outrage? If your protests about The aforementioned comic book characters were not about race but staying true to who and what they were when they were created then it would stand to reason that you’d be just as flustered about this. Would it not? Unless, of course, it was more about race than you’re willing to admit.

    If I may paraphrase a line from one of my favorite of Al time; “Man, you guys sound like you just came out of a comic book.”