‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

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exodus movie ridley scott christian bale 570x320 Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

Ridley Scott and historical epics are in many ways synonymous (see: 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood), so it’s fitting that he’s at the helm of the next big Biblical adaptation of 2014, Exodus: Gods and Kings. The film – originally known as simply Exodus – also boasts a rather impressive pedigree of acting talent led by Christian Bale playing Moses – as featured in a newly-released image gallery, offering an early look at such actors as Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby) as Ramses and Scott’s Alien leading lady Sigourney Weaver as Queen Tuya (a role handled by Irene Martin in Cecil B. DeMille’s famous 1956 Biblical film, The Ten Commandments).

Indeed, that Charlton Heston-starring rendition of the Moses story has and surely will continue to, cast a long shadow over Exodus, though Bale (during an interview with EW) said that “there was lots of room for us to go places that ‘The Ten Commandments’ never dreamed of going.” Likewise, Scott has long insisted that he’s not so much interested in covering “the big stuff that everybody knows” about the Moses story (though he’s also promised that sequences like the Parting of the Red Sea in Exodus will be “f***ing huge”) –  having told EW“What I thought I knew about Moses I didn’t really.”

Here is some more insight from Scott, on that matter:

“Either I wasn’t paying attention in Sunday school or I had forgotten. I was knocked out by who he was and the basics of the story—it has to be one of the greatest adventures and spiritual experiences that could ever have been.”

In addition to Bale, Edgerton, and Weaver, the Exodus cast includes Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3) as the Hebrew scholar Nun, Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) as the Hebrew slave Joshua, and John Turturro (Gods Behaving Badly) as the Egyptian Pharaoh Seti I – father to Ramses. The below image gallery offers a sneak peek at certain, but not all, of these players in Scott’s new film.

exodus gods kings images Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

exodus gods kings joel edgerton Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

exodus gods kings scott weaver Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

exodus gods kings bale kingsley Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

exodus gods and kings Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

Per usual, the costumes, scenery, and overall production design by Arthur Max (Scott’s frequent collaborator for nearly twenty years now) for Exodus look as handsome and tangible as that featured in previous historical adventures directed by Scott; then again, few have accused the filmmaker’s polarizing releases in recent years (Prometheus, The Counselor) of being any less visually beautiful than his earlier work.

One of the big wild card factors here is the script, as cooked up by Bill Collage and Adam Cooper (Accepted, Tower Heist); depending on how they’ve re-envisioned the tale of Moses, Scott’s movie could attract more, less, or equal amounts of controversy compared to Darren Aronofsky’s Noah from earlier this year. The writing duo have already been entrusted to work on a number of other big projects in development, so hopefully that’s a sign that we can expect good things from their work on Exodus.

Exodus: Gods and Kings opens in U.S. theaters on December 12th, 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. Interested to see if we get any “Yo, b****” from Aaorn Paul’s Joshua :)

  2. Yikes! I see a problem already. Is that Moses (Bale) in battle in one of the pictures above? Scott said he revisited the story to get the basics but there is no account of Moses going into battle.

    • There was much we don’t know about Moses when he was a prince in Egypt and what his life was like after he left Egypt and before God sent him on his mission. We know he married an Ethiopian woman, had a son and was a shepherd, but that’s about it.

    • Christian Bale and Paul Aaron’s blood-soaked odyssey through the Middle-east is well documented in various biblical texts.

      Bale single-handedly masterminded Egypt’s defense against a major Ethiopian invasion prior to Exodus. After leading the Israelites out of the Sinai, he fought and ruthlessly exterminated a number of Canaanite tribes. His successor, Paul Aaron–yes that Paul Aaron–solidified the conquest of Canaan; sacking half a dozen more cities, bringing down the walls of Jericho, and presiding over the slaughter countless more people, whom he often referred to as ‘his bitches.’

    • Well, Moses did beat someone to death and hid him in a sand dune. The guy wasn’t averse to laying down some pain.

      “And he looked this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian, and hid him in the sand.”

      Exodus 2:12 KJV

    • Josephus’ work “Antiquities of the Jews” explains that Moses had led a campaign against the Nubians prior to murdering the Egyptian taskmaster, then fleeing Egypt.

  3. This looks awkward….

  4. I am going to watch it but it is going to be like Noah’s movie that was not faithful to the bible story at all. That’s alright. I am watching it to compare to the bible story.

    Also, I do not understand why many directors made the bible movies aren’t faithful to the bible. Moses from 1956 was about 50% accurate story and some wasn’t in the movie which found in the bible. Oh well… Sorry about my English.

    • If “Noah” had followed only what was in the bible, it would have been a 20-minute short. Making a Noah movie meant they had to come up with a bunch of stuff that fills out the 2 page biblical story.

  5. Surprised Scott didn’t mix up the racial makeup of his cast a little bit, especially with what he did in Kingdom of Heaven.

    Regardless, very much looking forward to Scott returning to the epic. And I’ll see anything Bale’s in.

  6. I hope we see a chest burster.

    That would be an entertaining substitute for a burning bush.

  7. I’ve never prejudged a movie by a few photographs before, but this looks awful. To a certain degree I trust Ridley Scott, but still…Christian Bale already thinks he walks on water, let’s see if he can part it too.

  8. Still in 2014, Hollywood is making movies about ancient Egyptians, but casting white people in all the roles, and darkening their skin with makeup. Why even resort to the makeup? Just let them have their natural skin color. Its not like they care about accuracy. And white people had the nerve to be pissed when Fox cast Michael B. Jordan to be the Human Torch. GTFOH with this white washed BS.

    • More whitewashing. Awesome.

    • Here we go… the good ol’ fashioned race issue. How many A-listers of Arabian heritage are out there to be cast for such roles? I dare say, not that many. And, besides, is it that big of a deal? I mean, it’s not like they’re hiring Paul Giamatti to play MLKJr these days, right? Back to the Arabians… Given how few (that I’m aware of) there are, I would say that it is much easier for the make-up department to darken up some white folks than lighten up some dark folks as they search for just the right approximation of Arab melanin. Forget color for once, and let’s just focus on the fact that they got some pretty decent talent for some iconic (as in Heston’s Moses and Brynner’s Ramses) roles. As it has been said, Scott is known to do a pretty bang-up job with period/historical pieces… I’m sure this one will be no great regardless of casting, and with one little caveat: hopefully he doesn’t stray too far from the story most of us grew up with and start adding rock giants and crap like that!


      • this is the most ridiculous remark I have ever heard!! Why does the cast have to be white? Why not hispanic, or asian, or dare I say black! There are talented actors of various backgrounds across the globe dude!

      • It speaks to the erasure of African history. We’re going to make a story about you but we’re not going to use you. We don’t want you to see yourselves as the king and queens you were. Its more comfortable for white people to see themselves, even if it makes NO sense.

        • Egyptians are not and were not black (Negroid) people, at least not until the final few dynasties (the last couple hundred years of Ancient Egyptian reign). They are Caucasoid, Northern Africans. Middle Eastern people are Caucasoid. They may not be white in appearance, but they are the same race as Europeans. There are only 3 races: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. Most North Africans are Caucasoid, Most Egyptians are and were Caucasoid. King Tut himself had a 99.6% DNA match to the R1b haplogroup (a primarily European haplogroup). Middle Eastern/North African and European people share a parentage. Ever wonder why there is no category for “Middle Eastern” people when it comes to selecting race on forms? It’s because they’re lumped in with white people. “White” is a misleading term to describe the Caucasoid race. “White” mostly describes European people, but Caucasian describes European and Middle Eastern people. Their skin may not be white (it’s more of a tan, coppery color), but neither is it black. They are tan, coppery-skinned Caucasoids, but Caucasoids nonetheless.

          • The race of Egyptians is far from confirmed. So repeating your silly comment over and over again in this thread proves nothing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Egyptian_race_controversy#Black_African_hypothesis

            The fact is that Egyptians where dark skinned people – This is not only reflected by any modern day Egyptian but also by ancient Egyptian drawings of their own people all of which overwhelming depicts themselves as dark skinned.

      • If what you say is true, then why are white people mad when they change the race of a fictional comic book character to black?

      • Look dude, I don’t care how you swing it, there is just no justifying this:


        It’s racism, pure, simple, and uncut.

      • To claim that there are just no A-listers suitably Arabic-looking is funny; because how can Middle-Eastern-looking actors ever become A-listers when Hollywood won’t give them a chance? One would think that in a movie such as this, set in the Middle East, that Middle Eastern-looking actors would be cast for authenticity… given the amount of money put into set design to capture “authenticity”, its a ridiculous oversight.

    • you got nick fury, we got the Egyptians lol fairs fair!

      • childish…your attempt at humor has fallen flat.

    • Please don’t compare historical figures to comic book characters. You also don’t need an Arabic actor to play an Egyptian. Sir Kingsley and Turturro are believable. Brynner was as well. Edgerton as Ramses? Love the actor, but I believe that when it comes to historical figures, some effort should be made. In this day and age no less.

      • Just curious. So would you be okay with an Arabic dude playing Abraham Lincoln? Again, just curious

        • I think a little effort to actually cast some ppl of color is important to the historical telling of a story..Egyptians weren’t fair skinned ppl..That’s not making it a race issue, more like an historically accurate issue. Hollywood is notorious for doing this when it comes to characters of darker skinned heritage. To the dude who mentioned an Arabic dude playing Lincoln, yes I think that would be an issue as it’s not historically accurate and Hollywood would never do that anyway.

          It’s like they don’t even try..There are a lot of actors of color who they could have gotten to play these roles that would have made it the least bit more accurate. There’s just no excuse for this anymore.

          • Hollywood is a western business, run by white males of Jewish origin. When the Middle East comes up with a Hollywood equivalent to makes their own movies with the “proper” race mix, let me know.

            • There’s a difference, the Middle East is primarily just Middle Easterners. The US is quite frankly a melting pot. Yes, Whites may be the largest group of people here, but there are many other people here of other races, in fact the US called for these people to come to their shores. We have plenty of non-White actors in this country who are just as good as the White actors but you hardly see them. You get to see some Black actors here and there, but that’s because Blacks were at the forefront of the civil rights movement, you know, because they were the ones most affected by institutional bigotry.

          • Oded Fehr and Faran Tahir would have been excellent choices to play the lead roles. This movie is just lazy. If Ridley Scott were confident in the script and his directing, he would have been able to hire slightly lesser known actors and not have to rely on STAR POWER and spray tans. This just looks like another boom, pow, explode-y movie without much substance(and I’m sure it will make a ton of money anyway). I have nothing against Ridley Scott or any of the actors, I just can’t…….

            • Oded Fehr is a Caucasian man. Middle Eastern people are Caucasian. There are only 3 races: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Yes, Oded Fehr is much more Middle Eastern looking, but he’s the same race (not ethnicity, ethnicity is culture, not race) as Christian Bale and the guy playing Ramses. Your issue is with having a natural tan, not with the race of these people. People really are ignorant about race on the internet. The information is out there for all and sundry to read. North Africans and Middle Easterners are Caucasian people, just like Europeans. They just have a tan and different religion/culture.

        • Yes it would be an issue, because it’s not historically accurate. Hollywood would never take a non-Caucasian actor to play Lincoln; there would be riots (pushing it perhaps, but you get my point). As D. Nogle mentioned, this is not a race issue. There’s no reason in 2014, that we have to take someone with fair skin and blue eyes, slap make-up on them to make them look like another race. I don’t quite care what the actor’s background is as long as I can look at them in that particular setting and believe it. Weaver looks utterly ridiculous as an Egyptian, whereas Turturro and Kingsley are believable (as previously mentioned). I will see this movie nonetheless, but still, I was hoping…

          • You need to look up what Caucasian means. Caucasian =/= European White.
            Middle Eastern people ARE Caucasian. They are NOT a different race than “white” people. They are the same race, but a different ethnicity. Learn the meaning of these terms before using them so flippantly. There are only THREE races: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. There are thousands of ethnicities (cultures). Middle Eastern people check off “Caucasian” when they fill out government forms. There is no “Middle Eastern” option. Study up on anthropology and race. Middle Eastern/North African/European= ALL the same race- Caucasian.

            • There’s no such thing as “middle eastern”, especially during that time. before other races (greeks etc) invaded egypt, most of the rulers were AFRICAN with DARK skin, not “middle eastern”. You can play the “race” game all you want but according to nearly every major, peer reviewed, CREDIBLE biologists. Race amongst humans does not exist. The fact that this movie portrays it’s characters VASTLY different than all of the paintings is a problem.

            • Let’s pretend for a second everything you said is true. Then why cast black actors as thieves and slaves?

    • Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd….there it is.

    • Not all they made the guards black…Awesome according to hollywood black people get to be slaves to the empire even in ancient Egypt.

  9. Another huge hit for christian bale. This guy is on a roll

  10. I think the world is ready for another biblical epic but even if people do not believe the stories of the bible they still want a movies to be faithful to the source material.

    Noah’s big problem was that people thought they were getting exactly that so it opened well but as soon as they learnt that they were getting some multi genre art house film with a big budget they lost interest.

    I appreciate that Scott wants to cover new ground but please, not for it’s own sake. He did that with Robin Hood and the film sucked. The Costner version was much better.

    This has potential and the casting looks perfect so here is hoping.

  11. If they were to make this true to the Bible then Moses would have a speech impediment. His brother Aaron did most of his talking for him when confronting Pharaoh. I doubt if they’ll have Christian Bale slurring his word though.

    • No the Bible does not mention speech impediment. It says slow of speech. In our society we see this sort of thing with people who are not articulate. They will take twice as many words to say what an articulate person says in two words. They usually need another person to be a mouthpiece for them, articulating their intents and sentiments in a way that can be quickly understood.

      Thus it was with Moses and Aaron.

      We see this sort of “speech” problem in the New Testament with Paul and Barnabas, where one was seen as the god Zeus whilst the other was seen as Hermes (messenger of the gods) see acts 14:12

  12. In the Bible Moses had a bad speech impediment. His brother Aaron did most of his talking for him when confronting Pharaoh. I doubt they will have Christian Bale talking like mush mouth though.

    • I think you should make another comment just with bit diffrent words about the same meaning.

      • It didn’t appear when I posted it so I posted it again.

    • I’ve heard this theory before but have not read it in the bible. Moses does say he doesn’t speak well but that doesn’t mean he had a speech impediment. I’m not very good at public speaking myself but I don’t have a speech impediment.

      • He was mighty in words and deeds. He was raised Egyptian, so Egyptian was his fluent tongue. He needed his brother Aaron to address his Hebrew people, because he wasn’t fluent in that language. He probably stumbled around his words in that tongue.

  13. Smh these movies….how much you wanna bet the executives of these studios are greedy athiests?

  14. dear sir scott, please make the blade runner sequel thank you btw does anyone know if moses will be in 3D because during Prometheus ridley praised 3D filmmaking by saying he could apply it to any genre and then his following film was in 2D

  15. Sigourney Weaver looks so wrong …why couldn’t they get actually middle easterners to play these characters. I will go see it however for the red sea sequence

    • Sigourney looks like Katy Perry’s mom in that pic.

      • She looks out of place.

    • Because it is ancient Africa, they would need to cast black people. They are black people!

  16. we still have Omar Sharif who could do Seti he wouldn`t need a colou wash either

    • I sure could use a colon wash, let me tell you.

    • Omar Sharif is not an indigenous Egyptian…he is Lebanese. He is not African.

  17. I could name a ton of hispanic or middle eastern or even black actors who could carry this movie…My problem with the movie casting white actors is it leads uneducated people & future generations to believe that white people ruled early egypt when that wasnt the case.

    Its basically continuing a lie…contrary to popular belief white people havent always ruled the world.

    And Im bi racial…I love my white heritage as much as my black heritage…I just hate inaccuracy in a movie this important.

    • People still believe Jesus was a blonde headed blue eyed dainty man. And DaVinci painted that hundreds of years ago. So this movie may not help, but it isn’t gonna change the minds of people who have half a brain.

  18. Here they go again! White Moses in Dark Egypt? You might as well cancel this movie and cut your losses. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2676054/Fox-cancel-ancient-Egyptian-drama-Hieroglyph-BEFORE-aired.html

    • I am so tired of this. Epic casting fail!


  20. I agree that it’s weird to always cast white people in non-white roles, it happens a lot and there are lots of non-white quality actors waiting for a chance to shine. But….there’s also the point of view that says “cast the best person you can get, color is a side issue.” It’s kind of racist to say a good actor shouldn’t get a role because he’s white. People should look at both sides of these issues. I believe non-white actors should be given more chances and get more work, absolutely. but I also think people don’t realize they’re also being a bit racist when bashing someone for being white.

    • Case in point, Michael B. Jordan

      • Let me clarify… I’m excited to see what he can with the role, when Trank and Fox have so much confidence in him. The only work of his that I’ve seen is Chronicle, so…

  21. I’m sorry, folks. I grew up a military brat with friends of every color under the sun; we didn’t even realize there was a difference until we grew up and we’re told there was. I’ve carried that into my grown-up life and military career. You might call it more naivety than innocence, but I still just don’t understand the big deal about color. It just boggles my mind that it stirs up so much… I can’t even think of a word. I hope this film is a better interpretation than Aronofsky’s Noah, and I’m sure the cast will be brilliant whether the queen is played by Sigourney Weaver or Viola Davis, or the pharaoh is played by Turturro or Sharif.

    • I totally get your point; however, I think it has to do with the underlying messages in these movies. And let’s be honest, when it is the other way around, people get mad, even when it’s about fictional characters. It would be refreshing for once; we are not in the 50′s anymore.

    • If it’s not a big deal as you say, then why not cast it with historically accurate looking actors? Do you get it now?

    • The cast would be great in another movie, not a film about Ancient African people. It looks very much out of place. Will Danny Glover be cast to play Hitler? Will Viloa Davis be cast to play Queen Elizabeth? How about 50 Cent as Prince Charles? Same thing.

  22. So ready for this now, I went and jumped in my bathtub and in my excitement parted the waters right there!

  23. Ugh, whitewashing.

  24. Simply put, if you can make a film like Apocalypto with a bunch of visually accurate nobodys and turn into an epic…. you can make a Exodus the same way.

    Stop going for the $$$ Hollywood, show the fans some #%@$% respect.

    • Amen to that!

  25. Wait! Where’s all the racists at!!!?? O.o o.O *crickets chripping*

    Boy! If was a Black actor for a white character,they be coming out of the woodwork.

  26. No black people in it. White washed bull ****.

    • It looks stupid. And simply does not look like anything that relates to Ancient Egypt.

  27. In the bible it says Moses married an Ethiopian woman. She was black, further more, Miriam was struck with leprosy because she had a issue with her being black. They could have at least stayed true to Sefòra! Jeeez.

  28. The story isn’t going to be historically accurate. Hollywood movies never are. So why do you care if the cast isn’t historically accurate either? It’s being made for entertainment, not for your education. The folks with the cash that are financing said movie don’t want some unknown for their Biblical epic. It’s THEIR money. They spend it how they wish. You want historically accurate, get your butt busy and do it yourself if no one else will. Hiding behind cries of racism and whitewashing is just flapping your gums and not doing anything to fix the problem. All whining ever got me was a butt whooping and a time out.

  29. Sigourney Weaver to play an African Queen. Come on not even an Arab. Christian Bale is from Wales!!!!!!! Ancient Egyptian art. Majority of the wall paintings show them as at least VERY tan if not obviously black.
    What’s the next film. Bruce Lee played by……………Brad Pitt.