‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

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exodus movie ridley scott christian bale 570x320 Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

Ridley Scott and historical epics are in many ways synonymous (see: 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood), so it’s fitting that he’s at the helm of the next big Biblical adaptation of 2014, Exodus: Gods and Kings. The film – originally known as simply Exodus – also boasts a rather impressive pedigree of acting talent led by Christian Bale playing Moses – as featured in a newly-released image gallery, offering an early look at such actors as Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby) as Ramses and Scott’s Alien leading lady Sigourney Weaver as Queen Tuya (a role handled by Irene Martin in Cecil B. DeMille’s famous 1956 Biblical film, The Ten Commandments).

Indeed, that Charlton Heston-starring rendition of the Moses story has and surely will continue to, cast a long shadow over Exodus, though Bale (during an interview with EW) said that “there was lots of room for us to go places that ‘The Ten Commandments’ never dreamed of going.” Likewise, Scott has long insisted that he’s not so much interested in covering “the big stuff that everybody knows” about the Moses story (though he’s also promised that sequences like the Parting of the Red Sea in Exodus will be “f***ing huge”) –  having told EW“What I thought I knew about Moses I didn’t really.”

Here is some more insight from Scott, on that matter:

“Either I wasn’t paying attention in Sunday school or I had forgotten. I was knocked out by who he was and the basics of the story—it has to be one of the greatest adventures and spiritual experiences that could ever have been.”

In addition to Bale, Edgerton, and Weaver, the Exodus cast includes Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3) as the Hebrew scholar Nun, Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) as the Hebrew slave Joshua, and John Turturro (Gods Behaving Badly) as the Egyptian Pharaoh Seti I – father to Ramses. The below image gallery offers a sneak peek at certain, but not all, of these players in Scott’s new film.

exodus gods kings images Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

exodus gods kings joel edgerton Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

exodus gods kings scott weaver Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

exodus gods kings bale kingsley Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

exodus gods and kings Exodus: Gods and Kings Images: Ridley Scott Tackles the Moses Story

Per usual, the costumes, scenery, and overall production design by Arthur Max (Scott’s frequent collaborator for nearly twenty years now) for Exodus look as handsome and tangible as that featured in previous historical adventures directed by Scott; then again, few have accused the filmmaker’s polarizing releases in recent years (Prometheus, The Counselor) of being any less visually beautiful than his earlier work.

One of the big wild card factors here is the script, as cooked up by Bill Collage and Adam Cooper (Accepted, Tower Heist); depending on how they’ve re-envisioned the tale of Moses, Scott’s movie could attract more, less, or equal amounts of controversy compared to Darren Aronofsky’s Noah from earlier this year. The writing duo have already been entrusted to work on a number of other big projects in development, so hopefully that’s a sign that we can expect good things from their work on Exodus.

Exodus: Gods and Kings opens in U.S. theaters on December 12th, 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. So let me get this straight and someone please correct me if I’m wrong but there is a moving come out called Exodus: Gods and Kings about Moses setting slaves free out of Egypt and the cast and star is of a non black race. Ummm isn’t Egypt in Africa? Or did I miss something. Who is Christain Bale playing in the movie as well is Sigourney Weaver? So Hollywood is saying we couldn’t find any black actors or actresses to play any of these rolls. Oh wait Hollywood will only support films about black people being pimps, hoes, black men dressed up as women, and anything else that shows us in a negative like. I see Racistwood has no problem putting darker skin black males in the background in a much lower position in the movie If you always show someone negativity about themselves do be surprised if they start to believe it and act out, we have be deleted out of the history books and anything else that shows us in a positive way.

  2. Ridley Scott was correct to use white actors.

    Adam, Esau, King David and Jesus were all said to be ‘red’, in the biblical texts. This has traditionally been thought to imply they were redheads. And all the Greek heroes were ‘golden haired’.

    Which is why Muslims dye their hair red. They do so to look like Muhummad, and yet Muhummad was simply trying to look like the previous prophet, Jesus. The Talmud also says Jesus had freckles, which is a trait of redheads. And redheads in Syria are called ‘Issa’. But Issa is the Arabic name for Jesus.

    Take a look at any Medieval illustration of Mary Magdalene, and she is a red head. This is not simply a Western stereotype, this is what the texts said.


    Please see:
    Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs
    Tempest and Exodus
    Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots

    • There are many shades of black people IE “redbone, light skinned, jet black, brown skinned, black hair, brown hair, red hair”. Not all ancient Africans where jet black. Its hilarious that people think in order to be a lighter toned black person they have to be biracial. The ancient Egyptians were Black Africans, who were over run and fled into the Sudan and Ethiopia areas. Pay close attention to the Sphinx and many other ancient Egyptian artifacts, the features are black. Full lips, wider nose, narrower skull. Archeologist findings have reported the same, concluding that these ancient Egyptians bones structures and density are of black characteristics. Read the the writing of R.K. Harrison, Merrill F. Unger, both well known “white” scholar of the times. In order for slavery to be as successful as it was an entire history of a race had to be destroyed and stolen.

    • Ralf Ellis you are so wrong. You got to read the bible. The bible’s word for red in Hebrew was not red as in white red but as ruddy which is dark brown reddish. All you need to look at are the paintings and mummies of ancient Egypt and you would easily know that they were NOT white or even Arabic. They had a specific complexion color for the Arabs, whitetish race, dark black race, and East African race. If you just studied the races around modern Egypt like the Nubians and the Ethiopian/Eritrean people you could actually see the painting of the ancient Egyptians of themselves to look just like the East Africans, plus they are geographically close so of course the should look alike. The Egyptians were described by ancient texts of being black and with Wholly hair. Moses,Paul and many of the ancient Israelites were thought to be Egyptian by the nations who saw them.Even white people agree to this including Jewish rabbis.There are so many more that I can’t fit into this post. Also where does the Bible describe Jesus as ruddy?

  3. One thing is for sure, they were not white!!

    • Why not? A white ocker Aussie will be as bronzed as any Egyptian in a wall-painting. The fact that the ancient Egyptians had sun-tans, does not mean that they are not white.

      Look at the Jews, who lived in Egypt for centuries. Are they black? No. Conversely, look at modern Egyptians. Do you see thousands of black African phenotypes in Egypt? No.


      • @ralph ellis what you said is everything that is wrong with the education system today.

        lol @ your comment “for centuries” when this incident would have taken place several THOUSAND years ago, centuries are baby time.

        lol @ your lack of understanding history, Roman and European obsessions and invasions of Egypt over time making the skin color makeup of what it is today.

        lol @ at your inablity to understand that the way the skin color makeup of Egypt in 2000AD is no where near what it looked like in 2000BC

        The fact that you don’t understand any of those three points kind mutes your argument. Until you can understand point number 2 at a bare minimum, I don’t think you even began to comprehend human history. You are the type of person that thinks since horses exist in America now, it surely must have always been that way.

        • >>The fact that you don’t understand
          >>any of those three points.

          Yeah, like every single African gene has disappeared from Egypt – just like that. The Jews don’t have African phenotypes, and neither do modern Egyptians – but Egypt was African, honest.

          And on the tomb friezes, the Africans are clearly Africans and the Egyptians are clearly different – bronzed Caucasians. And yet you still insist that these bronzed Caucasians were African.

          Frankly, your attitude is pure racism.


          • @ralellis
            I can’t tell whether I should laugh at you or cry. I am more inclined to cry cuz it’s like you don’t know anything, and that lack of education is sad.

            Let’s see how your logic works. The majority of Americans are white. So if we made a movie about the people who lived in that area back in 2000BC we’d make them all white right? Since what the majority of American’s look like for the last few centuries is what they have always looked like… even 4 thousand years ago… right?


          • Dude are you really saying that after thousands of years intermarriage with Romans, Greeks, and Arabs that modern Egypt should still have some African features? Seriously? Look at many Americans who have African ancestory but don’t look an inch black with black phenotypes like Shailene Woodley or even Anatole Broyard whose black lineage can be counted on one finger while modern Egyptian ancestors are thousand of years ago. Some might not even have intermarried. And “bronzed Caucasian” really? You can do better than that. Why are you so obsessed with wanting them to be CAUCASIAN? Not even modern Egyptians are white.

            • >>Dude are you really saying that after thousands of years intermarriage
              >>that modern Egypt should still have some African features?

              Yes. Or are you saying that Caucasian genes are sooo superior, that they always nullify all black genes? Now that is pure racism from the other angle. Is that what you are saying?

              In reality, if black and Caucasian genes mix you get a people like the Haratine Berbers of Morocco and Algeria – who are recognizably semi-black African.

              But we do not see that in Egyptian art.

              We see black Nubian people. (This is the 18th dynasty):

              And we see Egyptian people. (This is the 18th dynasty):
              Girls who, if anything, look a little Persian:

              Nefertiti, who looks Greek. I has a Greek girlfriend who looked exactly like this:

              Notice any black skin?
              Notice any African features?

              No. So your continued intransigence simply proves that you are not being objective – you have an agenda, and you are sticking to it.


              • @ralfellis

                Define “African features”.

              • @ralfellis

                “But we do not see that in Egyptian art.”
                Please observe this work of art of Nefertiti


                Then answer my prior question since it won’t allow edits.
                Namely, “African features”, define that.

                • >>Please observe this work of art of Nefertiti

                  Geeez, do you know nothing about ancient Egypt?

                  Akhenaton and Nefertiti were normal Western looking people, and we know this because we have normal images of them. I have just shown you one. But they also commanded their artists and sculptors that they should be portrayed in this strange elongated fashion.


                  Some historians say they had a a disease. But this is a stupid suggestion, as we also have normal images of them into their older age. So this elongated imagery was merely a fashion. But why? This is important stuff – can you imagine a modern Western, Russian or Chinese leader ordering grotesque images on themselves to be drawn?

                  So why did they do it?

                  The best explanation, is that this imagery looked like the gods, as they saw them. Akhenaton and Nefertiti were being drawn in the image of the gods. And it is no coincidence that Hollywood does the same today, with its imagery of the ‘Grey’. Where do you think that imagery came from?


                  • @ralfellis

                    Idk what to say because I can’t tell if that is sarcasm or not.
                    “Akhenaton and Nefertiti were normal Western looking people, and we know this because we have normal images of them.”

                    I mean, that has to be sarcasm. Normal Western looking people? Normal images?

                    Now that I’m rereading your other comments, I can’t even tell what point you are trying to make.
                    For instance, “Or are you saying that Caucasian genes are sooo superior, that they always nullify all black genes?” If not, how do you explain what happen to the Americas changing from 1400AD to 2000AD, or South Africa. Or was normal Western looking people always the majority there since… always?

                    Either you are trolling, or you have really dry sarcasm.

                    • >>Normal Western looking people? Normal images?

                      You obviously have no idea about Egyptology.

                      We have deliberately distorted statues of Akhenaton and Nefertiti, and non-distorted statues of Akhenaton and Nefertiti. The non-distorted images are ‘normal’ – i.e.: not deliberately distorted. Get it now?

                      And the ‘normal’ images prove that Akhenaton and Nefertiti did not really look like their distorted images.


  4. That doesn’t mean that all Egyptians are black..

  5. THE ancient Israelites like modern INDIGENOUS MIDDLE EASTERN JEWS ARE NOT BLACK! Ancient Egyptians CAME IN ALL COLOURS!

  6. Ridley Scott should stick to alien movies at least he gets their “ethnicity” correct…i won’t support this film like so many other Hollywood’s “ethnic color washing” films. Oh by the way, the original Jews were found to be from Ethiopia and they were dark – skinned Africans. Peace….

  7. The final word:

    The mummy of Ramesses II was taken to France in 1985 for preservation. The mummy was also forensically tested and the results determined that:

    “Hair astonishinghy preserved showed some complementary data – especially
    about pigmentation: Ramses II was a ginger haired cymnotriche leucoderma.”

    Professor Pierre-Fernand CECCALDI, Forensic Scientist, Criminal Identification Laboratory of Paris.
    (Bulletin de l’Academie de médecine – Volume 171, Issue 1. p119)