New Not Very Exciting Transformers 2 Images

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No, we don’t have an exclusive, but but the world’s leading movie magazine, Empire (which gets ALL the goodies) got one.

Below are three new images from Transformers 2 – the images aren’t terribly exciting and don’t give us a whole lot of information but hey, at least it’s something:

Exactly as I expected – more of the same. The first shows Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox (they brought her back…really?) running just as they did in the first one, the second showing a guy who seems to be clinging for dear life onto a pole (why does it seem to have impaled a car from the bottom upwards? Weird angle for a press photo…) and third just a set photo showing us more of the inevitable expensive-to-shoot-in-locations.

Since I’m not the biggest fan of the first film I can’t say I’m all that excited by the sequel and these images, although I suppose they’re cool to see in a sort of “we know it’s coming next summer” kind of a way. It does little to make me excited to see it.

What about you? Do these images do anything for you or are you waiting for some “meatier” images to be released before you decide? And what about the film in general; were you a fan of the first and are you looking forward to its sequel?

BTW, for hi-res versions of the above images, go check out EmpireOnline.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen opens on June 26 2009.

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  1. Gah, I could have done without both LaBeouf and Fox. Must say, pyramids make for some exciting scenery between battling robots.

  2. @arrell

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of the first film at all, but giant battling robots between Egyptian pyramids could be at least visually cool.


  3. Maybe we’ll see a robot transform into a pyramid. I’m still hoping Metroplex is in it.

  4. I thought the first one was fun. I don’t mind Megan Fox back … in fact, the fewer words she says and the more running involved, could actually help her acting review for the movie. :)

  5. Yippidy doo dah…

  6. You know, I don’t understand what is all the hype behind Megan Fox. I don’t think it is hard to pull off skanky. Almost any girl can pull off the tramp look. It’s the ones that are beautiful and can be regal and classy that is hard to come by…

  7. i think this is only an appetizer of what’s coming >>this movie will kill the dark knight

  8. Slow mo running shots…


    Vehicles being launched into the air, also probably in slo-mo…


    Another Michael Bay craptacular on it’s way to soil theaters with senseless, incoherent, action with zero point-of-reference, sense of location and relative position, zero acting ability or charisma (with the possible wasted talent of Shia LaBoeuf – wish he’d take on some roles with greater depth – he seems capable of delivering those if he’d just take different projects. He’s getting the wrong kind of stereotyped rep because of these roles he’s taking. He’s a big enough name now he doesn’t have to take every blockbuster offered to him.)

    Anyway, where was I? Oh it doesn’t matter. The only way I’ll end up watching this is if it’s on one of the free channels a few years from now and I’ve got nothing better to do, than say, watch my toenails grow.

    Bitter, you say? Against a movie that actively had me squirming in vitriolic hate because they felt like sending me the message that “you’re an idiot, so here’s some quick moving objects and sounds resembling dialog for you to be entertained with”?

    I can take movies that play as dumb. What I can’t take is pseudo half-hearted attempts to make a dumb movie and try to pull it off as being a sincere attempt at pathos with tongue clearly not planted in cheek.

    If they had just played it strictly as parody, taken it clearly in that direction by design, it could have been genuinely entertaining – a goof of a movie. Unfortunately, I doubt Bay has the knack or understanding needed to pull it off with success.


    I’m goin’ to bed.

  9. First one was fun and funny for the first half but the ending fight was incredibly lame. The way Megatron was defeated in the movie ruined it for me.

    Most of the action up to that point was fine but with too many cuts and fast takes making it hard to follow and appreciate.

  10. are you kidding me?!? “this movie will kill the dark knight” youre seriously comparing Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox to the likes of Heath Ledger and Christian Bale?!?!

    dude… what are you ON!?

  11. Megan Fox is touching her right breast in the first pic.

  12. We are talking about a summer popcorn movie here guys and not not a Oscar style drama, but also give it some credit. people doubted The Dark Knight before it was released. I for one enjoyed The first movie because i grew up with the Transformers and it was cool to see them in live action.

  13. I notice by the first picture that they have worked in Shia’s hand injury into the story. I am looking forward to this film. I enjoyed the first one, but it was by no measure great.

  14. There are a couple more pictures over at as well… I’m with Mark, I’m looking forward to it, the first movie was what it was, I thought it could’ve been better, But such is life on these movie sites, we’re all critics who still line up at midnight to see the first show! ;)

  15. Fox and Shia are huge selling points amongst large demographics of the audience watching these films.

    As for the images – I wonder how much money they could of saved by not filming in Egypt and spending in a more efficient way.

    Looking forward to it though!

  16. We’ll be posting the new pics up shortly… which are a bit more exciting than those above. :-)


  17. As much as I like the first one these pics dont do much for me. We dont care too much for the people show us some robot action pics!!

  18. More pics shortly, wow !! Curious to see what are they doing in Egypt, but I am glad that it takes places in different countries.
    From what I learned about the construction of the pyramids and the star gods, maybe Transformers in the past have crashed on the planet thus explaining the birth of the dinobots.

  19. “we’re all critics who still line up at midnight to see the first show!”

    I’d rather blow my brains out than watch any showing of this piece of trash. (My apologies to trash everywhere for the insult.)

    Jersycajun, it’s nice to see I’m not alone in my outright hate for the first Bayformers.

    “I for one enjoyed The first movie because i grew up with the Transformers and it was cool to see them in live action.”

    I also grew up with Transformers, and I’m still waiting to see a Transformers movie. Despite the title Bay’s attaching to these wastes of film, they’re not Transformers.

  20. For one I’m glad they bought back Shia and Fox and I’m personally looking forward to this movie. I mean, come on guys. Yes I know you guys are more into seeing a film from the Transformers’ perspective and I understand that and definitely would love seeing something like that, but the first film still owed a lot of its success to its actual starring (human) cast.

    Anyway look at it this way. If the Transformers continue to grow in popularity (and I think they have nowhere to go but up – Transformers toys – I mean the ones actually based on the movie, not these weird Star Wars-Transformers hybrid toys – are still selling like hotcakes) you may eventually get a film that is more like the one you want.