Kiefer Sutherland Also in Talks For The Thing in ‘Fantastic Four’

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thing fantastic four reboot Kiefer Sutherland Also in Talks For The Thing in Fantastic Four

During Comic-Con back in July we found out that one member of the next Fantastic Four movie would be created on screen completely in CGI. I am of course referring to The Thing, or Ben Grimm as he used to be called before cosmic rays turned him into the lovable orange rock monster we now know him as.

While Twentieth Century Fox seeks out replacement actors to fill out the cast of the next Fantastic Four franchise installment, they’re looking for a different set of acting qualities in an actor who will play The Thing. Specifically, they need someone with star quality who has a commanding voice. If Fox has their wish, it could be either Bruce Willis or Kiefer Sutherland who brings the voice of Ben Grimm to life.

Comic Book Movie reported earlier today that Fox is pursuing Bruce Willis to play Ben Grimm and the voice of CGI version of The Thing in the Fantastic Four quasi-reboot. I had heard the same throughout this last week without confirmation but I’m also hearing now that Kiefer Sutherland is the other choice of interest for the studio at the moment.

With three directors being pursued (David Yates, James McTeigue, Joe Carnahan), actors in talks for all four key roles as well as the villainous Dr. Doom, it appears Fox is trying to get a big head start on Fantastic Four compared to the last minute casting strategy we saw employed with X-Men: First Class.

kiefer sutherland bruce willis thing fantastic four Kiefer Sutherland Also in Talks For The Thing in Fantastic Four

Could Willis or Sutherland voice The Thing in the next Fantastic Four?

I’m a big fan of Kiefer but I can see Fox pushing hard for Bruce Willis’ name and starpower to help sell the movie. That being said, I’d prefer Kiefer’s voice as The Thing if I had to pick but I’m sold on both.

The latest casting talk for Fantastic Four further confirms Fox’s desire to bring in bigger talent into the mix for their upcoming Marvel franchise films. Despite there being actors in talks for the five key roles we know of thus far, none will be confirmed before a director signs on. Out of the options to helm the project, I’m in favor of Joe Carnahan who did The A-Team for Fox earlier this year which happens to be one of my favorite movies of the summer.

From what I’ve been told, Adrien Brody is the current top contender to play Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and that they’re looking for established stars for that character and The Thing. As for the Storm siblings, Alice Eve is the top pick for Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) and that she dropped the chance at playing Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class for this opportunity. Playing Johnny Storm (Human Torch) could be Kevin Pennington who Fox also almost had play a part in First Class after an impressive reading but he’ll instead be seen in the comedy Horrible Bosses next year (currently shooting).

It seems Fox may be saving actors they were fond of from the First Class auditions to use in key roles for the Fantastic Four reboot. Once we get a director selected, expect confirmations on cast selections to be rolling in not too long after. I can say that I’m excited about all of those potentially involved so far.

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The tentative plan is for Fantastic Four to being production next year for a Summer 2012 release.

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  1. I’ll go with Willis.

  2. Now, I liked Bruce Willis when I heard it today. But, Sutherland? HOLY **** BALLS. That is THE voice.

    I imagine they’d want Willis’ star power. But, if they land Kiefer as the voice of The Thing then I’m already there opening weekend.

    • lol agreed. great article Rob

  3. Wow. I’ve never heard sutherlands voice.

  4. I hope this is a joke. Both actors have rather whiny voices.

    • THANK you!
      We want deep voices here, people!
      My picks would be Ron Pearlman, Brad Garret or maybe even Vin Diesel.

    • Um, neither Keifer Sutherland nor Bruce Willis have “whiny” voices. Are you kidding me?


  5. Mike

    Ok that vid was a girl singing wasnt it?? LMAO

    • yes it was Dame Joan Sutherland…. a very famous opera singer.

  6. They should just get Kevin Grevioux to voice the character (j/k).

    • @Matt K Kevin Grevioux is a great suggestion but his voice is TOO deep and gravily ALTHOUGH HIS VOICE WOULD BE PERFECT FOR GALACTUS!!! Or even Apocalypse!!!

  7. FOX has a lot of money but they are bunch of DUMB ASSES when it comes to CBM’s. First of all the Thing has a VERY THICK NEW YORK ACCENT. Ok granted that they can add effects to make his voice sound husky later,but couldn’t they have just went with Brad Garrett aka Robert Barone from “Everybody Loves Raymond”!!!!!! THAT GUY “IS” THE VOICE OF THE THING!!! All he needs is a little aggression in his voice THAT’S IT. Do I actually have to go down there and slap the ever loving piss outta those people at FOX so that they can get it right! GEEZ,so freakin’ stupid….Bruce Willis…Keifer Sutherland,pfff give me a break.

  8. actually I’m not gonna lie having John McCLane as the voice of the Thing would NOT be a bad thing(ha ha see wHat I did there?).

  9. If Ben Grimm aka The Thing was real,he’d say “WOTTA REVOLTIN’ DEVELOPMENT THIS IS”,”SWEET AUNT PATUNYA,FOR THE LOVE GOD,THIS DUMB STUDIO STILL CAN’T YOUR EVERLOVIN’ BLUE EYED BEN GRIMM AND THE FF RIGHT,LET ALONE DOOM,GEEZ!!!” Then it would truly be”CLOBBERIN’ TIME”!!! He’d just mosy on straight down to Fox studios and utterly demolish it because of these dumb casting ideas especially for him and then he’d blame it on that “fact” that he had to fight some villain there. Then he’d say “HEY,THEY NEEDED TA’ REMODEL THE PLACE ANYWAY,I JUST HELPED OUT A LITLLE”.

  10. It’s about attitude, I’ll favor Willis

  11. @chad: uhhhhhhhh since when does keifer sutherland have a whiny voice????????? his voice is rather raspy and somewhat low….. but not whiny lol

    and bruce willis was born in new jersey……. close enough to having a new york accent…… right???? lol

    • If anybody could do it,I have to admit Bruce could, with some voice tweaking but I hope he doesn’t. I hope he does another Marvel Character under Marvel Studios not Fox.

    • Bruce is a great actor and he has played as a New Yorker various times. But His voice is not intimidating enough.They WILL have to tweak his voice but sometimes vocal effects is not enough and this is one of those times.

      • I personally would rather have had Bruce Willis as Nick Fury….

  12. oh well whoever works for me…

  13. I think James Gandolfini would be good to play The Thing

    • lol no

  14. i think they made a wise decision in making the character full cgi

  15. I like both of those guys. I’d pull for either of them. Adrian Brody as stretch is a shoe-in too.

  16. it will probably be Bruce.
    But I wouldLove it if Keifer got the part.
    so does this mean Ben Is The Thing for the ENTIRE film and that we dont see an Origin sequence?

  17. Does anyone know what the top CG picture is from??? It looks great!

  18. I don’t get this

    Why pursue big names for a voice? You’ll end up paying more (salary wise) and people will have already associated these voices with different characters (Jack Bauer and John Mclane).

    Get a professional voice actor.

  19. Willis won’t do this unless he gets a big paycheck. And people will just be like ‘oh i hear bruce willis’. bad idea. i agree with getting a voice actor.

  20. i would like 2 have kiefer

  21. This is Fox’s way of trying to attract people to this movie after two horrible attempts at it. They figure with Big names means a Big attraction,how about Big Failure.

  22. Kiefer is one of my favourite actors, he would be perfect for The Thing’s voice, he certainly hasn’t got a whiny voice as someone above said, you’ve obviously never watched 24!

  23. hope willis get the role, and adrian brody for reed richards.

  24. I think Keifers voice is not only more fitting but I think Bruce would detract to much from the film and cast. I think Sutherland has enough star power to matter with out over shadowing the cast.

  25. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is great for Mr. Fantastic. I like Keiffer for the voice work

  26. Definitely I’m choosing Kiefer Sutherland. He has the most amazing voice! Bruce Willis compared to Kiefer voice’s is nothing.

  27. I like the suggestion of Brad Garrett. His voice is PERFECT. As much as I like both Bruce and Kiefer, I don’t think either one of them has the deep, rumbling voice proper for the role. But then again, I am not an insane executive at FOX, so what do I know? 😛

  28. Voiceover work, which is what this is, has to be handled differently. You also have to drop your preconceived notions about actors who you have seen in live action roles. Often actors are different in voice over roles, sometimes being hard to recognize.

    While he hasn’t been big in the live action roles or an A list actor, Kevin Grevioux is a serious contender for a voice over role for the thing. This guy’s voice is about as intimidating as they come, maybe even too much so for the THING. Kevin played in the UNDERWOLRD series as the 2nd lead werewolf known as Raze. If you’ve seen the first UNDERWORLD he’s the biggest werewolf of the group with a voice that make most baritones sound like Sunday Afternoon choir boys.

    • @BlueCollarCritic, I agree, Kevin Grevioux has THE MOST DYNAMIC UNDERRATED voice out there,however his voice is TOO deep for THING. His voice is perfect for either GALACTUS or APOCALYPSE.

  29. I’d favor Bruce Willis.

    Oh, and I still stick to my guns. Mstrong> I don’t give a darn WHO Fox is ‘looking’ to direct the new FF film; not one of the three directors, much less any other, has signed on yet so I take all and any casting choices with a grain of salt. (as I noted before, I think the scale tilts towards Yates)