Exclusive: Iron Man 2 Green Screen Set Pics [Update]

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About a week ago we got a tip from a local California resident by the moniker of “FASTBACK67,” who was out and about around the Encino Hills area – “NW of intersecting freeways 101 and 405″, according to our Screen Rant “Bruce 2.0 GPS system” – where he stumbled across something VERY interesting and, being a smart cookie, connected the dots to Iron Man 2, which is currently halfway into its shooting schedule.

And just what did Mr. FASTBACK67 discover? A huge outdoor set complete with a massive green screen, built into the famous Sepulveda basin – but what is it for?

Here’s how FASTBACK 67 stumbled upon the alleged Sepulveda set of Iron Man 2:

“I live near this rather large dam… It’s abandoned now but they still film stuff there.  A couple of weeks back they were doing some construction for a movie called Rasputin(?) so I didn’t pay it any heed, then that same night I read somebody’s blog and they said they were on the Iron Man 2 set in a different city and they referred the set as the picture Rasputin so I went back the next day to take some pics and the guards chased me off. But at the time they were just stacking storage bins and building the set, now it looks like there getting ready for some filming. The pictures in the back of the dam are about 8 to 10 stories high so you can get a bit of perspective.”

“Rasputin” is indeed the super-secret code word for Iron Man 2 when the film is being shot in public locations. Probably to avoid incidents just like this: pesky bloggers and such. Well, sorry IM2 – nowhere left to hide in the age of cellphone cameras!

Speaking of pictures, FASTBACK 67 was a savvy snoop and clicked us a couple pics of the set being built in the Sepulveda basin. The first one you’ve already seen above, here’s a second, closer look at it:

click image for larger size


UPDATE: Thanks to the Marvel Movies Facebook Group, we have an aerial view of the Sepulveda set of Iron Man 2, which is now rumored to be for a scene involving Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) throwing a rock concert. Click each image for a larger version :



And here’s a video of the set, courtesy of Stuff We Like:


Alright, ladies and gents, let the speculation begin: What kind of scene or sequence would they shoot at Sepulveda basin? Does a rock concert scene sound about right – a literal stage for a final showdown between Iron Man and Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash? Or perhaps the speculation is wrong and the set is for something different altogether? And what’s the deal with the massive green screen? Obviously they want the basin to look like something else, but what? Mr. Favreau, sir, can you spare a hint for a nosy blog site? We would very much appreciate it…

Also, if you haven’t seen it, check out the first promo poster for Iron Man 2:

iron man 2 poster Exclusive: Iron Man 2 Green Screen Set Pics [Update]


The floor is officially open for further speculation.

Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7, 2010.

Source: FASTBACK67

Poster Source: Collider

Update Source: Marvel Movies Facebook Group

Update Image Source: Flicker

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  1. The final battle takes place at Boston’s FENWAY PARK. Due to the Red Sox schedule interfearing with the shooting of the sequence, they decided to reproduce the GREEN MONSTER in a more user friendly environment…better weather,closer to Hollywierd, and easier access to authentic mexican food.

  2. Looks like we will see way more cgi than the first movie had.

  3. hmm .

  4. Actually, I am kind of sad we are having more green screen this time around.
    I like the practical approach the first film took.

  5. How cool, I just noticed this yesterday as I was driving on the 101.
    I knew this had to be Iron Man because this baby is HUGE. The photos are cool but this thing is real tall. They are stacking shipping containers and using them like lego blocks.
    Fans of “Escape from New York” may recognise the dam basin as the National Police Force camp where Snake Pliskin rescues the President at the end of the film.

    Also if anyone cares the Iron Man location signs are labeled. (MVP)
    If you see that yellow location sign around town that means there shooting Iron Man there.

    I have no idea what scene this could be from but its going to be great now that the origin film is out of the way. IM2 should be awesome!!

    Btw,,,the teaser poster looks real average.

  6. I’m thinking a backdrop of a certain flying fortress …

  7. Nice poster .
    I hope its real.

  8. Are you kidding me Gary. The first film was loaded with Greenscreen.
    Looks like it fooled you… 😯

    Check out the documentaries on the dvd if you don’t trust me.

  9. That would be cool if it was Fenway and they showed that dump getting leveled like it should have been years ago. 😛

  10. I’m with Ink.

    I think it might be a SHIELD helicarrier.

  11. The dam is not abandoned. It is a flood control dam. Short memories? The sepulveda basin fills with water during floor events or El Nino years and the dam holds the water back.

  12. @Gary
    They WANTED to do the practical approach but found that it didn’t work out that well and ended up doing almost all of the armor in CGI. Looks like they did a good job because almost nobody can tell…

  13. @Vic
    do ya think we’ll get a teaser trailer or any thing at the
    “SDCC” this year ?

  14. @Brodie Bruce

    I guarantee there will be Iron Man footage at Comic-Con.


  15. I have driven by this huge green screen for about a week now, I knew it was for a huge hollywood production but didnt connect the dots until tonight. Myself and a couple friends were going to drive in and see what was going on.

    I am guessing it is for a huge panned out shot with lots of explosions and damage, they will probably have a stunt guy flying across it, so its all in one shot with no editing for a more real effect. I drive by it everyday, hopefully they will be filming someone on some wires…

  16. Oh goodness ! I am so excited now !

    Robert Downey Jr. is so gonna beat out Alice in Wonderland’s ass ! Just like how Sherlock Holmes will beat out Public Enemies

    I LOVE Robert Downey Jr. !

    That is the official teaser poster. 😉

    And I think the scene they’ll use the Green Screen for is going to be the final sequence. I visited the Iron Man 2 set and they made us sign a confidentiality agreement. But they didn’t mention anything about this massive green screen !

    I’m loving what Jon Favreau is doing with this masterpiece of a movie !

    Mrs. Tony Stark

  17. @Mrs. Stark

    Thanks for the info!

  18. Well, they started filming on Wednesday, June 24, at sundown, and have been doing so every evening thereafter.
    Follow the MFP signs from the 405 Freeway, westbound on Burbank Blvd. Fenway sounds about right.

  19. I’m itching for IM2! lol does that sound weird?

  20. @Soundwave… Honestly… Yes. btw, I think they make an ointment for that.

  21. that is the funniest quote to begin a page without having read the other comments hands down

    in fact im not going to
    1 dont wanna know why soundwave needs an ointment
    2 just too funny

  22. Cool update!

  23. Awesome!!!!!

  24. haha that was one of the funniest posts ever! I didn’t realize it until after I read it. At least it brought some laughs to the discussion. “what am I here to amuse you? how am i funny? how? you tell me”!

  25. I think this is for a concert it is a load of crap. There are plenty of venues to film a concert. This, I believe, is something BIG.

    So I’ll stand by my original post of it having something to do with S.H.I.E.L.D.