Exclusive: Adrien Brody or Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Mr. Fantastic

Published 5 years ago by , Updated July 11th, 2013 at 12:11 pm,

With Twentieth Century Fox about to start production on X-Men: First Class next week, their next Marvel film will be the reboot of Fantastic Four. We’ve heard rumors of Alice Eve and Amber Heard in the running for the role of Sue Storm and we already know from our own chat with someone inside the Fox SFX department that The Thing will be entirely CGI this time around, but now we finally have some info about the leader of the team: Mr. Fantastic.

According to my sources, Fox is currently pursuing high caliber talent to play the man whose ability allows him to not only act as the local genius, but to be completely elastic. The two actors in the running for Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards are Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Adrien Brody.

Adrien Brody is currently a hot item and his name has already been associated with the lead role in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man for Marvel Studios. With Fox interested in the actor who can be seen in the recent releases of Predators and Splice, it seems sooner or later Brody will be a super hero. Meyers on the other hand, who played the lead alongside John Travolta in this year’s From Paris With Love and star of the hit series The Tudors, hasn’t been mentioned for other major comic book properties.

If Fox can nab the Oscar-Winning Brody to play the lead in Fantastic Four, taking over for Ioan Gruffudd who played Richards in the previous two installments, this will certainly make a statement in terms of the quality of films they’re trying to offer in their upcoming Marvel-based movies. We already see this with the cast of X-Men: First Class as well as its director and producers so let’s hope they find a good director to helm Fantastic Four as well. I’m liking the idea of either playing the part though.

In other news, the title of the film will not be “Fantastic Four Reborn” and while I don’t know the title, I’ll just stick with Fantastic Four until we hear otherwise. The film is targeted to hit the summer of 2012.

I’m pretty hopeful for the relaunch of Fantastic Four – I think there’s potential for these characters to work well if the tone of the film is different than what we got with Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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  1. I don’t want this movie to be made but if anybody is THE PERFECT Reed Richards, its GUY PEARCE!!!!

  2. I happen to agree. I think JRM would be great in that role. He’s already proven he can portray leaders as he portrayed Henry VIII & practically carried the whole cast. He’s a very bright, eloquent speaker & I think he would lend a lot of class to the flick. Yes, the pic above doesn’t portray him in the appropriate mood, but it illustrates the incredible versatility of this amazing actor. He’s portrayed good guys, bad, homicidal maniacs. This guy can do it ALL…He’s even done Shakespeare…He just needs to be cast in a GOOD film that can showcase his talents.

    I just hope the plot & dialogue of this film are finally up to his caliber!

    • @Soulproject That’s why he’s perfect for Namor besides the fact that he looks just like him.

  3. Adrian Brody, ooh, they can have a new angle, he can be always depressed and enemies will feel sorry for him and not attack and that is another super power…

    • lol, or he can do his Batman voice from Predators and intimidate ‘em. ;)

      • THANK YOU!! So I know I’m not alone in thinking that his “tough guy” voice in Predators was so annoying and fake… Geez I think he would have been better if he’d just talk normally…

        • hahahah! no ken, youre not alone, even though i liked the movie, Brody and his raspy voice was THE single most annoying thing about it

      • brody is perfect….i’m pretty sure he already has stretching powers

  4. They would both work in the roll, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers seems to fit the bill more.

  5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!!

  6. Ken that’s some funny stuff.

  7. i hope brody gets the part, he is a great actor,and everything he does is good. im not interested in fantastic four films anymore, but if he is in it ill have to watch it because he has real talent.

    • Correction chris, his eyebrows have real talent, he’s just the vehicle that moves those eyebrows around…

  8. They have got to be kidding. Neither actors appeal to me much at all. Fox on the path to ruination again.

    • @Magnetic Eye I totally agree. Both actors have been really great in some roles but in other roles both have been “meh”. Neither actor is right or has the right “look” for this role even with gray hair on their temples. I don’t know how anyone on this forum who has any “real” knowledge of The FF can actually agree that either one of these actors is right.Watch Guy Pearce in “The Time Machine” he IS Reed Richards in that as well as has the “look” acting chops and energy for Reed Richards.

      • @ ulik

        Yeah Guy Pearce was great in “The Time Machine”. I’m not 100% sure he looks the part of Reed Richards though but would be preferable over Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Adrian Brody.

        Reed Richards has always struck me as a tall not too muscularly distinguished gentleman / scientist. Highly intelligent but NOT nerdy. Someone who is definitely in charge, a natural born leader.

  9. I would want to see jonathan rhys meyer as Mr. Fantastic because the character is an interlectual types of individual from my point of view interlectual type is more on Rhys Meyer.Brody from my opinion is not appropriate for this type of role since I watch how he engage in Predators I see Brody is an anger and action person so Mr. Fantastic wouldn’t fit him.

  10. Colin hanks as mr fantastic. He can play the nerd part great.

  11. Guy was great in the time machine.

  12. Cilian Murphy, would be a good choice, if he wold take a role so beneith him.

  13. Well so far this movie sounds crappy and we have not seen a good movie from someone with the last name hanks in a long time so I guess it would be fitting for the hanks name.

    • Hanks is pretty good in that show The Good Guys

  14. I’m still annoyed about the CGI Thing, will look awful and ruin any chance of this movie being good. One of the few good aspects of the original two films was The Thing, both the actors performance and the prosthetic suit.

    I’d say Brody would be good in the role but I just cant see him putting on a blue jumpsuit.

    • really sam, i thought Things suit wasnt done very well, i mean it looked like a suit, not rock hardened skin

      • But do you think a CGI Thing will look better?

  15. Oh danny boy you must have never seen the great buck howard. Tom and colin were pretty good in it. Danny do you dress up as batman for halloween?

  16. What does Batman have to do with this disscusion at all? Also what does my Halloween habits have to do With this? Do I dress up like bet man every Halloween ? No. Am I goning to this year? No clue not sure depends if there is a good Halloween party and if I go also if that’s the costume I pick I doubt I will. Did I dress last year as batman? Nope again. Have I ever in history?yes but I’m sure you dressed as a hero when you were a kid as well.

    Now what does any of that have to do with fantastic four, Brody, the hanks fam or anything at all mentioned in this article? Or are you just a big fan of me and wanting to fill out a answer sheet? I charge for autographs.

    You also want to know boxers or briefs and what kind of soap I use?

  17. I don’t think myers or brody are good for this part so I suggest who I like. I always pictured richards in his early 40′s. When you dress up as batman do you do the marbles in the mouth trick?

  18. Dude are you nuts? What are you talking about and why the hell does my life concern you so much?

    • he has a crush?

  19. Neither one.

    I want Fox to really surpise and delight me, I want them to tell me that they thought about Richard Gere and he says no because he doesn’t care for the genre. I want to tell me they were active in calling Russell Crowe but h’s on other projects.

    Then as they look at Meters’ previous film, From Paris With Love the lightbulb goes on. They offer it to his co-star JOHN TRAVOLTA and he signs on. Then, the lightbulb flickers on yet again. KELLY PRESTON is Sue Richards!

    Christopher Lambert, by the way, gets a phone call to be Doctor Doom.

    • Yes, you think I’m kidding. But I’m not. If Fox is serious about a reboot, don’t mess around and establish the FF as being a little seasoned. I prefer Lambert or Antonio Bandaras as Doom because I want a dude with a mask but that actor should have a distinct voice. He should at least sound foreign!

  20. Eww Travolta .. Yikes put a gun to my head now please.


  22. Brody does not look very, Reed Richards-like. Pierce Brosnan does, but he’s too old now. Kyle Machlachlan has that same type of bearing, but again, too old.

    He needs to be someone with some regal bearing to him and some gravitas. He also has to have some charisma since he has snared Sue Richards.

    Guy Pearce has all the charisma of a box of oatmeal. Adrien Brody is just not right for the role. Jonathan Rhys-Myers would actually be a better Victor Von Doom than Reed.

    How about Edward Burns for that role?

    • @Santa, Charisma?! Reed Richards doesn’t have to have charisma,that’s not what makes him who he is. Reed is one of most,if not THE most brilliant mind in the Marvel U “THAT” is “his” charisma(his genius). What, you want Reed Richards to be a hot shot with pimped out swagger, dude? Na buddy thats not Reed.

  23. neither.

  24. By the way I don’t get all the has to be natural born leader comments because all the Fantastic Four books I’ve read he’s a leader but not the naturally born leader type. Reed has always struck me as a struggeling leader. He’s technically the leader and he does an ok job but it’s hard work for him and he struggles with decision it’s always been the only interesting things about him for me. Just because some one is a leader doesn’t mean they are born to be one. Half the time Reed has to turn to sue for help. He’s the leader not because he was born to be one but because he’s the best suited for the job and because he’s the only one who wants it, but he isn’t a naturally born leader.

  25. I just heard Kyle Machlachlan’s name mentioned above, anyone else think he might make a good Doom?

  26. Jonahton Rhys Meyers, is an incredible actor, I dont think he’d take the part but if he does, i hope they write a very good script for him. He’ s one of our top notch actors from Ireland, He is so gifted, he could do any role in any film well I have often taught about him been in the next Batman never mind ff4. I can see him playing Robin seriously, He would give Bale a run for his money any day, Jonahthon could even do night wing the film even. I think Jonathon is a fantastic actor what about giving him Dare devll, It would be interesting He has such an amazing presence and he is very down to earth. But i can tell you this is very interesting news

  27. April,

    If you continue to do nothing more than leave links to your site I’m going to start flagging your comments as spam.