If You’re Not Excited About ‘Watchmen,’ You’re Dead Inside

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dr manhatten watchmen trail If Youre Not Excited About Watchmen, Youre Dead Inside

There, I said it. I’m calling you out.

WHY are fanboys so passionate about Watchmen? Well first, they’ve read the graphic novel, named by Time Magazine as one of the hundred greatest novels of the 20th century. Second, they recognize awesome movie footage when they see it.

And here is some new footage of the movie for you right now.

MySpace.com was given a new featurette to share with the world and we’ve embedded it for you below. It’s four minutes of director Zack Snyder describing the film and it includes a TON of never before seen footage (even at Comic-Con this past July).

If I end up being wrong about Watchmen, I’ll admit it – but EVERYTHING I’ve seen regarding this film tells me that it will be a home run as far as being an awesome spectacle of a film not only visually, but plot and character-wise as well.

Big time.

Call it The Dark Knight of 2009.

Judge for yourself:

Will it connect with mainstream audiences? That I won’t predict – but Zack Snyder’s R-rated 300 did pretty damned well ($456MM worldwide), and most people hadn’t heard of that, either. And you may recall a little film called Iron Man that opened this year and made a half a billion dollars. Prior to the movie, the man on the street didn’t have much of an idea who THAT character was.

If Fox and Warner Bros. can come to an agreement, Watchmen will hammer your senses in theaters and in IMAX on March 6th, 2009.

Source: MySpace

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  1. I hope that FOX and WB can reach an agreement..I have been waiting 20 years to see this movie and now we have this litigation happening…Somewhere Alan Moore is maniacally laughing his freakazoid arse off…

    Great footage Vic !! Don’t you think that movies like TDK would not have been possible without the Watchmen graphic novel?

  2. I’m dead inside. I’m also a fan boy who fears that this movie will take away from the experience that the novel brought me. As a result, I’m (half-heartedly) planning on not watching it when/if it comes out.

  3. Looking forward to it those its one of those properties where the reputation exceeds the actual material.

  4. I guess I’m dead inside, lol. I’m not really a graphic novel guy, so haven’t read it, and probably won’t do so anytime soon. The only books I read are like technical manuals for technology stuff, lol.

  5. @Ken J

    Even if you’re not “a graphic novel guy,” has none of the footage or trailers gotten you stoked about this film?


  6. It’s going to be good. But it will be no TDK. That movie isn’t probably going to be topped (in terms of quality) for a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG time. Money wise? We’ll see. Alan Moore gets mad love overseas, too. Even if he renounced the film, his fans are still going to want to see it, obviously.

  7. I’m dead too. I’ve said it before; what was groundbreaking in the 1980s has been done in TV series and other movies by now.

    Seriously, it’s rental to me…

  8. OK, now I’m excited!

    I hadn’t heard of The Watchmen until Screen Rant started talking about the movie. At first glance it seemed to be a little over the edge of super hero movies, what with a whole bunch of them living among the general populace. Even the early trailers seemed to be a little hard to believe this was going to be a good movie. This Trailer with the inside info that fans of the graphic novel would know has got my interest growing.

    Suppose I should come out of my cave once in a while.;)

  9. I do want to see Watchmen, but still reserve judgement until I read the Graphic Novel. The last Graphic Novel I read was my all time favorite book “The Death and Life of Superman” by Roger Stern. If they could find some wya to turn this one into movie i would literally rent the theatre just for myself.
    Moving on. Yay Watchmen, err something like that.

  10. Sorry, having been a fan of the graphic novel since the age of 13 (I’m 29 now), seeing this put through the “making it palatable for the general audience” machine and getting gang ****ed by Hollywood is extremely disrespectful to the material and I don’t care to see it….

  11. @Metallicat

    I might recommend watching the movie and THEN reading the novel (as 790 is going to do).

    @Mat D.

    Yeah, I understand – this is a very complex story and the transition to the big screen usually leaves things out and changes things. But I have to say, I’m a HUGE Iron Man fan going back over 30 years and I was ecstatic about how that film turned out.


  12. for those worried about the film disrespecting the source material, are they actually paying attention to the footage in the trailers? because by all indications, snyder retained a lot of the material from the book even the controversial aspects that will rub people the wrong way (pregnant vietnamese lady). i think he has enough respect and is aware of how fickle the fans are to not screw around with this too drastically. have faith my friends! everyone doubted Nolan’s casting of Ledger when first announced and look how that turned out. i can’t wait for march and hope to god the film arrives on time!

  13. Why would I be excited about watching men? 😉

    Just seeing Silk Spectre is enough for me. And if my wife comes by, I never heard of Silk Spectre. 😎

  14. WOOT!! Yeah!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vic FTW! Great post, man! 😀

    I think it’s gonna be awesome.

  15. This looks incredibly faithful to the book, even if they cut out the “Black Freighter” segment. I’m re-reading the book but not reading the “Black Freighter” stuff for the first time, as well as things like the excerpts from Hollis Mason’s “Under the Hood” to see if it still has the same or at least a similar impact and to give me an idea of what the theatrical movie might be like. :-)

  16. This looks like the movie I’ve been dreaming about since I first read the graphic novel. I can’t find a single thing wrong with it.

    Snyder has said that he originally planned on including the Black Freighter storyline, but the cut of the movie was too long. So he told people to plan on seeing Black Freighter seperate from the actual film when the DVD release of Watchmen is out. But we will have to wait a while for that.

  17. Lol ,,,,,

  18. I saw an amazing trailer for this not too long ago. Im still praying this movie comes out on time!

  19. @Vic
    Nope, it looks like an over the top comic book movie, but from what I hear, that’s exactly how the novel was. My sister is a Watchmen fan and she says it’s pretty much straight out of the graphic novel. So I have no doubt that it will be a good film for fans. So many movies have such good source material but they still manage to screw it up.

    But from the footage, I find it a little too much. I’m probably going to end up seeing it anyhow, but I can’t say I’m “stoked” about it.

  20. @Jon

    I heard that. I’m totally cool with it. Zack’s a great guy, I hope they use him for some more DC films (JLA!!!)as long as he isn’t too tired of making comic book movies. :-)

  21. I’m toast. 😀

    Nah, I just can’t get the video to come up.

  22. I hate the comic. It sucks.

    But I’m sure the movie will be cool.

  23. @chris

    Uh, ok. If you say so. It only won a Hugo award. And is universally hailed as an amazing graphic novel.


  24. I must say, this film is second to Wolverine as far as can’t-wait-to-see factor…

  25. LOL@Vic

    @Ken, this isn’t just any graphic novel or some Sin City crap…this is the greatest graphic novel of all time, bro. 😀

  26. Um, ok Kel. I believe you.