‘Evil Dead’ Remake Plot Involves Drug Addiction

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Evil Dead Remake Gets Synopsis Involving Drugs Evil Dead Remake Plot Involves Drug Addiction

While the Evil Dead remake has technically been in the works for over six years, it was only in July that the film got a director – Fede Alvarez – a screenwriter – Diablo Cody (Juno) – and a very tentative release date of October 2012.

Now, we have an official plot synopsis as well as some very revealing details about the impetus of the plot.

The official synopsis – courtesy of Shock Till You Drop – comes ahead of next week’s American Film Market event. Check it out below:

Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin where they discover a Book Of The Dead and unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.

Despite the fact that the above is a synopsis for the remake, this could just as easily describe the original The Evil Dead. In that classic 1983 film, Ash (Bruce Campbell) and his buddies also went to a remote cabin in the woods, discovered a Book of the Dead (the “Necronomicon,” as it’s known), and accidentally summoned demons which then proceeded to possess and/or kill every last young person until only Ash was left alive.

What the synopsis doesn’t reveal is why these young people have decided to go to a creepy, secluded cabin in the woods. According to Bloody-Disgusting, the main character’s younger sister has a terrible drug habit, so said main character and his/her buddies take the sister to the cabin to help her kick said habit. Unfortunately, her initial unusual behavior is chalked up to withdrawal when, in reality, she’s just possessed by a demon. Cue awful, awful things of awfulness.

The Cast of The Evil Dead Evil Dead Remake Plot Involves Drug Addiction

Honestly, nothing here sounds too unbearable. Of course, one can’t help but wonder – why call this a remake at all? Why not call it Evil Dead Again or something similar? Perhaps it could just be a new Evil Dead adventure with a new group of tormented kids in the same continuity as the original series.

Let’s hope the filmmakers of the Evil Dead remake take a good, hard look at the recent The Thing prequel/remake, or else they’re going to fail just as miserably. If today’s kids don’t know what Evil Dead is – like they didn’t with The Thing – and the original’s fans don’t want to watch it because of fear of disappointment – e.g. The Thing – then who’ll be left to watch it?

What’s your take on this film? Are you looking forward to an Evil Dead remake, or would you much prefer to see Evil Dead 4 instead?


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Evil Dead may (or may not) hit theaters October 2012.

Sources: Shock Till You Drop, Bloody-Disgusting

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  1. No Cambell, no go.

    • Evil Dead 4, Sam Raimi directing, Bruce Campbell starring, it’s the only way

      • ^ eggzackly

  2. It’s been said a million times, but damn, make an original movie Hollywood!

    • Too many people just download movies now and no one goes to the theaters, its too much of a risk to do something original

  3. I think a sequel to freddy vs jason(with Ash in it) would be awsome. Anyone read the original 4-part comic? Guess what? It was originally a SCREENPLAY.

  4. I read involves drug addiction and I was like they are making it based around a bunch of kids hallucinating lovely…..


  5. I’d rather see Bruce Campbell reprise the role of Ash in Evil Dead 4. This remake sounds like a bad idea.

    • Yes want to see what happens after he gets back and what happened after the department store.

  6. I too have said I’d rather see Bruce in a 4th installment instead of seeing another remake! Tho I have read stories on here that Bruce will have a cameo and Raimi is producing. So they are involved, just not in the way we’d all love to see. Oh and drug addiction? Really?!

  7. who is playing ash? its a shame because i only see this appealing to a younger crowd that have never heard of evil dead, and thus will not care that ash is not bruce.

    • Who knows since it’s a remake if an Ash character will even be in it. Especially if it’s to appeal to a new audience as you say. But great point man, well said.

  8. Hmmm…gonna have to take a wait and see approach.But I think I’d rather see Bruce grab the chainsaw one more time for ED 4. Hopefully they will do it some sort of justice. And @ Ben..apparently..there won’t be an “Ash” in this one. Can’t really see anyone eles but Bruce to play Ash.

    • thanks ted, i didnt know they werent confident enough to put an “ash” in this evil dead.
      this is going to be an evil dead movie only in name!

    • no wait and see??……come on man, this will be as appealing to watch as watching handicapped kids touchin’ themselves. F@CK YOU HOLLYWOOD!!!!

  9. No Bruce, No Dead!

  10. I thought it was a sequel. i didnt think they were describing it as a remake. or am i getting confused? or are there 2 different projects?

    • Yep you’re confused…you thought Hollywood had an original idea to continue the Evil Dead saga we all know & love with Bruce? LOL shows how much you know…

      J/K with you X, this is a horribly conceived, badly written (yeah I am psychic – or maybe I’m not and it’s just the fact Diablo Cody is writing) remake.


  11. No more remakes!!!!!

  12. It’s been a real long time, but wasn’t Evil Dead 2 just a remake of 1 with a bigger budget and better special efects (Not much CG back then….Extremely expensive)?

    • This, so much this.

    • Not really. They didn’t have the rights to the original’s footage, so they reshot the “opening.” Everything from the moment he gets thrown through the forest is sequel.

  13. Why call this Evil Dead?

    The original fans are against this film, hence the filmmakers have no reason to court that audience.

    The rest of the viewing public haven’t seen Evil Dead so you could call this ANYTHING and they have as equal a likelihood of seeing it.

    On a side note, I thought I had to be in my 40′s or 50′s to start seeing the movies of my youth spat upon…we do everything faster these days.

    • I agree with this, any other title would probably be just as (un)acceptable without all the vitriol of fans of the original series screaming for them to bring back the same guy that played the lead 30+ years ago. BTW, I just turned 40 and have already seen plenty of movies from youth spat upon. Sad.

  14. Make Evil Dead 4 with Bruce Campell in it and make it scary and funny too!
    Nobody wants to see a bunch of teenagers who are stupid, can’t talk right, are high on drugs, and can’t “act” either! You can see them reading the cue cards! But i guess that’s what you get when paying minimun wages!

  15. I’ve got an addiction and the only cure is more Campbell.

  16. I want Bruce!

  17. What made the Evil Dead movies great was Campbell. Without him reprising his role I just dont care to see this – at all. We have enough movies with “kids in the woods” being terrorized and killed.

    Really now, what is the studio thinking? Just a quick buck maker and attaching the Evil Dead name to it to draw a few extra butts in?

    I wont ever watch this, not even on dvd or on cable.

    • hit the nail on the head there really.its what we all know, that bruce campbells playing ash made evil dead the cult success that it is.
      to ditch bruce and the part of ash seems pretty clueless.
      wheres the magic going to come from?

  18. I’m gonna repeat what, I suspect, most Evil Dead fans are thinking. BRUCE CAMPBELL! Really, I don’t understand the appeal of any Evil Dead movie that lacks Bruce Campbell.

  19. I have the same reservations about about a Bruce-free “Evil Dead” installment as anyone. But if you’re complaining about the backers of this film for their moving ahead without Campbell, then you’ve been missing pretty much all of the interviews he’s done in the twenty years since “Army of Darkness”. He’s stated emphatically and repeatedly that he has no interest in revisiting the Ash character. He’s moved on – we have to move with him. Campbell himself has given the the new movie his blessing. Whether it’s because he’s being a team player, because he might have a financial interest in continuing the franchise, or because he’s one of the few people that knows (and is excited about) actual details about the movie, as a Campbell fan, I’m going to trust him and just go with it.

  20. Christ*

  21. The thing prequel was total crap. I already know this Evil Dead remake will suck just as bad. . Dont understand why Hollywood insists on repeatedly ruining Iconic Horror movies.

  22. The remake will suck. It’s a weekend money grab that uses the original as thirty odd years of free advertising. That’s all these films ever are. Hollywood produces very little worth bothering with. It just plunders history or foreign films and regurgitates the results. I’d rather watch the weakest independent horror than any of these stinking piles of crap. There is a huge difference between creativity or even an honest rip off than the work of a bunch of idiots sitting around making the same films over and over again as a way of edging bets on what is really just a financial transaction

    • You are so wrong it’s funny

      • I’ve since seen it and I’m right.