‘Evil Dead’ Remake Plot Details Tease A ‘Shining’ Style Horror Movie [UPDATED]

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evil dead remake plot details Evil Dead Remake Plot Details Tease A Shining Style Horror Movie [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: Sony has set an official release date for the Evil Dead remake.]

Virtually every one of the previously-released reports concerning the remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 cult-classic horror flick, The Evil Dead, has been focused on how the project differs from its predecessor (with the notable exception of Raimi himself serving as producer of the remake).

Noteworthy changes between the old and new Evil Dead include a drug addiction subplot, no Ash (or Ash-like) character, and an absence of the twisted humor that pervaded Raimi’s original ultra-low-budget film. Co-writer Diablo Cody (Juno, Jennifer’s Body) has likewise emphasized that the remake is not only extremely violent, but also grounded in reality… at least, as grounded as a movie that involve a Necronomicon and rape-happy trees can be.

Moviehole has learned that Evil Dead remake helmer Fede Alvarez is preparing to start shooting the project by March 2012, in the same area of New Zealand that served as the backdrop for Yogi Bear (take that as you will); more than that, the site has unveiled a pretty spoiler-heavy description of the remake’s plot.

However, here is a relatively SPOILER-FREE breakdown of the foundation-laying plot points in the Evil Dead remake:

  • The film revolves in part around Mia, a twenty-something-year-old woman who has developed a terrible drug addiction as a means of numbing the pain she feels, in the aftermath of her mother’s death.
  • David, Mia’s estranged brother, attempts to help his traumatized sibling by taking her along with him, his finacee, and several old friends for a trip to a secluded cabin in the woods. There, they will attempt to rehabilitate Mia off her substance addiction.
  • Eric, one of David’s more “arrogant” and pretentious friends, finds a copy of the Necronomicon (a.k.a. the Book of the Dead) and begins transcribing passages from it. Mia thereafter begins to experience horrifying visions and behaves in an unhinged manner – something her companions write off as just being part of the withdrawal process, despite signs that something far more dangerous is responsible…

For more (gruesome) details concerning the nature of, and truth behind, Mia’s deteriorating condition – along with information about one of the film’s more memorable set pieces – check out the full SPOILER-FILLED article at Moviehole.

Evil Dead Remake to be Realistic and Unbelievably Violent Evil Dead Remake Plot Details Tease A Shining Style Horror Movie [UPDATED]

The Evil Dead remake reads as being far more akin to a Stephen King story like The Shining or The Tommyknockers (which, like the original Evil Dead, was partially influenced by H.P. Lovecraft’s literature) than Raimi’s 1981 splatterfest starring Bruce Campbell. Likewise, Moviehole compares some of the movie’s gorier sequences as being on a par with those in films like Hellraiser and Cabin Fever.

All things considered, Alvarez and co. have devised a pretty decent setup for what could be a more thematically-rich and metaphorical horror tale. However, the problem is that moviegoers who head out to watch this flick, expecting an inspiredly tongue-in-cheek scarefest like Raimi’s original Evil Dead flick (and its sequels), are going to be rather disappointed, to say the least.

UPDATE: Sony has officially settled on an April 12th, 2013 U.S. theatrical release date for the Evil Dead remake.


What are your feelings about the more serious and “realistic” approach of the Evil Dead remake?

Source: Moviehole, Sony (via Shock Till You Drop)

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  1. If it has nothing to do with the original movie other than Raimi producing it, why call it “Evil Dead” at all? Oh yeah, because remakes are popular, even if they just take the name.

    I’m not sure I’m ok with this… It’s not even going to be humorous, that’s the ENTIRE charm of the original Evil Deads to me.

    • its very similar to the original movie… and diablo cody wrote Jennifers body (underrated horror movie), as long as this director can capture a feel similar to cabin fever/ evil dead… it’ll be good

      • Man that was funny…

        Jennifer’s Body is underrated…LOL

      • ahahaha underrated horror ahahaaaaa.

    • Agree. The campiness and humor is what made the Evil Dead appealing.

    • Precisely.

    • Here we are a year later and I you must feel like a dumbass after posting this comment lol!

      • not at all. It is silly to latch onto a franchise title and avoid what made the first films enjoyable. Especially since Raimi wants to make Evil Dead 4 (Army of Darkness 2) now.

  2. If they are saying the movie is not going to be similar to the original movie it is based on, but then go on to compare it to other horror movies, they are setting themselves up for fans to make positive or negative judgments depending on individual tastes.

    What made Evil Dead a cult class was the fact is was so different from all of it’s peers at the time. To do a remake decades later and just apply conventions from other horror movies with the name Evil Dead tacked to it might turn off fans of the original, and it brings up the question that is asked so much with these remakes, what is the point?

  3. I agree with the two previous posts. What is the point of calling this movie “Evil Dead”? It sounds good enough as far as the plot goes. Just call it something else.

  4. I think a remake of this awesome movie is a mistake. I love the original trilogy and feel they are just going to mess it up with this remake.

    • Well, Evil Dead 2 was basically a remake of the first one and it went down like a homesick mole! I say give it a shot and let’s see. The originals are still there so even if they mess this up they can’t take that away

  5. I think Sam has been disillusioned by Hollywood and he’s givin’ as good as he got.

    “They want super over the top greed at the cost of a franchise, well I’ll give it to em, and this time on my terms.”

    Good for you Sam, bad for us.

  6. F**k you

  7. The first Evil Dead was a straight up horror movie. The second and third went for slapstick comedy so I don’t have a problem with them going straight horror. I also have faith in Sam unlike most of these people that are fans of the first Evil Dead. If he’s producing trust me he’ll be on set making sure the vision and feel of the original is put to film.

    • Don’t count on that!

    • What makes you say that?

    • People put too much stock in the term producer when it comes to a movie. Sometimes producers just help come up with the money and have little or nothing to do with the creative process (such as it it). On movies like this Raimi might just be getting a production credit and some money since the idea is originally his and he may still own the intellectual property.

    • THANK YOU! All these people are saying that its a comedy and the 1st one never was! it was a straight up awesome horror movie and this remake is gonna rock!!

  8. If they stop here and don’t touch the sequels, I’m good. You can’t replace Bruce Campbell.

  9. EPIC FAIL. At least they are not using as a character in this movie.

  10. At first I didn’t like the idea of this movie but I remember hearing bout a evil dead IV or remake for years and thought I would love number 4 and hate the remake. But now I realise that this is raimi’s masterpiece debut and he wants a remake to see it on the big screen where it was meant to be. I will be there to see it in all it’s pride and glory on opening night and I put money on it being a good film, not a good as the original but cuz I never saw any evil dead on the big screen I know it will be good for me at least!!!

  11. Why does it have to be “grounded in reality?” The original was fun because it was anything but. It was violent as hell, but in an over-the-top fun kind of way. Just because Diablo Cody is penning the characters to speak like pretentious hipsters doesn’t mean the movie will be enjoyable. There’s nothing wrong w/ camp. I’m gonna pass on this flick and accept that the closest I’ll ever get to a proper Evil Dead remake is Cabin in the Woods.

  12. I’ve gotta say,I’m pretty pissed off that Ash is gone and that its not a splatterfest, hopefully Bruce Campbell makes a cameo though.

  13. I dont know what any of you are talking about I loved original three, a new invisioning of this movie would be awsome. I loved the old ones but I already know what happens in the movie. Taking and old classic and putting a new storyline to it makes it fun again. I watched the new one and they did an awsome job. Why would they bring bruce cambell back in its not a sequal its a new storyline. Dont get me wrong he rocked in the original three but its not his story anymore.