Evil Dead Remake: New Characters, New Story, & Bruce Campbell Cameo

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 12:22 pm,

new characters new story and bruce campbell cameo in evil dead remake Evil Dead Remake: New Characters, New Story, & Bruce Campbell Cameo

The Evil Dead series is, somewhat oxymoronically, one of the most popular cult horror series of all time. In fact, there are so many different DVD editions at this point, one can barely contain them on his or her shelf.

Which is why fans of the series are a little reticent to be overjoyed about the prospect of a remake. Recently, the director attached to the project – Fede Alvarez, whose filmography starts and stops at a CGI-heavy short film called Panic Attack – recently talked to the Spanish magazine El Pais about all things Evil Dead.

We’ve Google-translated the most interesting sections below, for your reading pleasure.

On the possibility of offending the fans of the original films:

“As fans of the original we know […] we are going to offend those who are also fans […], but we cannot make a movie just for them … we have […] pretty decent English but not [enough] to give realism to the dialogue, [so having Diablo Cody do a rewrite] was essential to that.”

On the topic of casting total unknowns as the leads:

“The only recognizable face [from the series is] Bruce Campbell, but [it] will be in a cameo toward the end of the film. Another thing that will change [is] the characters and some story details, while keeping the basic outline of friends who are beleaguered by demons in a cabin alone.”

The article goes on to imply that the remake will be less reliant on humor than, for example, Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness, and more like the original Evil Dead, which was intended to be a straight horror flick (eye-gouging Ketchup effects notwithstanding).

There are a number of concerns here, as there are with every remake, ever. First of all, why hire a director whose credit (singular) is full to the brim with CGI, a film tool that goes against just about everything the Evil Deads stood for? Secondly, does anyone really want to watch another generic, humorless horror movie set in a cabin in the woods just because it sports the Evil Dead brand?

evil dead remake to be light on humor heavy on scares Evil Dead Remake: New Characters, New Story, & Bruce Campbell Cameo

Then again, if they’re going to remake this thing, it might be preferable for them to steer completely clear of the over-the-top hilarity that made Evil Dead 2 so special. Leave that to Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Evil Dead 4, if that ever becomes a reality. (Hey, a man can dream…)

Either way, if Campbell doesn’t feature heavily – like metric ton heavily – in the film, then there’s pretty much no point in him featuring at all, except to remind all the aged, cynical fans of how much they wish they were watching the originals.

The Evil Dead remake, written by Alvarez with a polish by Diablo Cody (Juno), is tentatively scheduled to hit theaters in October 2012.

Source: El Pais [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. Ash isnt the main character????
    screw that, catch it on dvd

    • exactly!

  2. No Bruce? Less comedy? Well that sucks -__- I’m still gonna see it though 😀

    • *****LESS Bruce? Less Comedy?

  3. Agreed with anchampion03 No Ash No Way! Why not just make a sequal to AOD? This movie will flop without the chin!

  4. If you are not going to make a film “just for the fans” then W H Y are you insisting on using the Evil Dead title and it’s original base premise??? You could just as easily make this movie and call it something else but you are insisting on claiming the title so you do indeed have us fans in mind.

    Sounds more to me like they are using the fans more than anything else to come buy tickets.

    If you aren’t going to do honor to the name and those who made it a cult classic than I refuse to support you.

    /signed “a fan”

  5. Hehehe, I smell a Direct-To-DVD.

    Without the fans Evil Dead has NO ONE to go see it. So you can’t make a movie for us then don’t make one.

    This is a HUGE slap in the face of Dead fans, George…I mean Sam you really must hate us now.

  6. Okay, note to idiots who are making this remake… the original Evil Dead was not funny, but a serious take on the subject, and guess what…
    SO, Sam Raimi made Evil Dead 2 which was the exact same movie as Evil Dead but with camp and humor.
    Guess what…
    The camp and humor are the whole reason Evil Dead 3 came along and the reason people are fans of this series.
    Without Ash, without some sense of extending this mythos, without what made the second and third movie cool, you got a completely generic grade B snoozefest.
    I am not saying you need to make the whole thing around Bruce Campbell, but you have to continue the storyline and add tot he zaniness, not make it serious.
    If you do, then you have never really seen the movies and somebody just said, hey, take this franchise and run it into the ground.

    • I agree on all points.
      Evil Dead was already remade…Its called Evil Dead 2. So, your actually remaking Evil Dead 2 and making it Evil Dead….uhm ok, I will pass.

    • Evil Dead 1 doesnt ‘suck’ as you have put and
      IS a cult classic, it was banned in the “video nasty” era…
      Stephen King himself commended it as the most ferocious film he had seen.
      Rotten Tomatoes gave it 100% fresh
      Outside of Romero’s offerings it is noteably the most talked about and linked horror film ever tell me a horror director who wasnt influenced by its sheer simplicity and ability to hit very hard.

      However I completely agree with you about taking the story further…Bruce can still carry the torch and continue where he left off in AOD. All that would be required – Sam Raimi back to his roots either as director or as an on set producer / advisor (instead of trying to re invent himself as a superhero director )
      Wes Craven did it and so did John Carpenter and look at those remakes, (The Hills have Eyes and Halloween) not bad considering the amount of rubbish remakes that are being chured out by hollywood studios.

      • I agree… Evil Dead was amazing! One of my all-time favorites.

  7. Not groovy! >:(

  8. I didn’t think it would be possible, considering how long I’ve been hoping for more Evil Dead, but I’ve completely lost interest in the entire project thanks to the info in this article. I’ll skip this entirely and just re-watch the trilogy, thank you very much, Mr. Alvarez.

  9. man, I don’t see this being any good.

  10. CGI didn’t even “EXIST” when Evil Dead came out….. how can you stand against something that isn’t REAL???

    • The original stuck to cheap and practical effects because it was an indie film with a small budget, unlike other films of the time using new and expensive techniques. It was an exploitation of anti-establishment horror films, which made it the classic it is today.

    • Like Drop-Out said, it’s not about being “not CGI” so much as being totally cheap and cheesy effects on a shoe-string budget. You can’t gross somebody out with CGI.

  11. No Bruce Campbell, Less Humor = Friday the 13th, Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween type remakes. They all sucked compared to the originals so I am already down on this. I want a EVIL DEAD 4 with Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash against Evil in modern times.

  12. Why is it now ok to remake every movie ever made? Does Hollywood not have any soul? Do they feel they can top the first evil dead? Why not just re-release the old one into theaters? Hey here’s a thought, why not come up with something new…..? Nah….lets just make 7 hulk movies…and perhaps remake spider-man from the beginning…over and over and over and over and over…

  13. Evil Dead 4 would be so cool, i’m waiting for this since ’93.

    At the end of one Army of Darkness version, Ash takes a potion and falls asleep in a cave for several hundred years, without aging. Actually he wanted to wake up in his time but he overslept and is shocked as he wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world. I want to see Ash kicking some post-apocalyptic mutant- and demon-butts.

  14. Oh, i almost forget about it: I DON’T WANT A FU###NG REMAKE !!!!

  15. if i ever see this derector in person..ill tell him his shoe lace is untied.

    the only people who would go see an evil dead remake are the fans of the original series. so why before having made it, tell them they’re gonna be disappointed?

    is this guy a retard?
    thats like george lucas saying “the phantom menace wont be for the fans, they will be dissapointed, its mainly just so i can keep making money”

    he obviously doesn’t understand that a”CULT” movie only has die hard fans. (and in this case, a lot)

    wats the point of a cameo? all that’s gonna do is make us fans wish bruce was the main character.

    oh and

  16. Lost my interest.


  18. I agree with virtually everyone else here. I have no interest in an Evil Dead remake but would prefer Evil Dead 4 with Bruce Campbell starring. Has anyone heard what he has had to say about this? Doesn’t he want to revisit the series and play Ash again?

  19. FAIL! sounds like it will be another generic horror movie – teenage kids in a cabin in the woods attacked by supernatural forces with bruce campbell thrown in at the end. Hell, if it was just a generic horror movie with bruce campbell as the star i’d still want to see it more than i want to see this remake now. I’ll be waiting until DVD for this unless the trailors some how blow me away.

  20. Hey, people, at least they aren’t re-casting Ash. I’d rather have no Ash then a new Ash, though I will agree that this remake is probably going to suck.

  21. Isn’t there another film coming? a sequel to “My Name is Bruce”. That I will see as soon as possible. I know it’s not EVIL DEAD 4 but it’s better than the remake will be I’m sure.

  22. One More Time! No Bruce, No Dead!

  23. i want to give this a a chance, but bruce only gettting a cameo? (no doubt to to be killed off)
    evil dead without bruce campbell as ash, and with no humour, just does not sound like evil dead to me.
    comparisons with the original trilogy will be made, and the remake will be found wanting.

  24. i bet bruce/ash shows up in the vortex at the end of the movie to pull in an evil demon. it’s a cameo, he can wink at the camera and give a thumbs up while dragging off some deadite. kind of like van helsing at the end of monster squad.

  25. yeah why only a cameo? What are they going to do with the movie then? Better have some demons.

  26. This is crazy!!! I can’t believe sam rami and bruce campbell can be that stupid… Bruce is one of my heroes! to not use everything that made the films a cult classic is crazy!!! no comedy??? no Ash??? (Ash is by far the best character ever!!!) I don’t think I’d even want to see it… its almost as bad as the new teenage mutant ninja turtle remake where they arent mutants… but aliens…. PURE B.S.!!!!

  27. I’m not sure if you guys have re-watched Evil Dead recently, but the original was not funny, so as far as no humor = no evil dead, you’re just plain wrong. And frankly, I don’t want to see Ash come back. I think the idea of a remake is a good idea, as Evil Dead is still a damn good horror flick! I think adding a cameo for Bruce is awesome, and it’s all I ask.

  28. I missed Bruce in this film but it was beyond what I expected. I’m glad they chose different characters as it made the film more like a continuation opposed to a remake. Also the scenes were beautiful. Dark and sinister but beautifully shot. Great film, and the thought of Bruce making another segment makes it even better. I wish this was the route the remake of fright night took. It sucked.

  29. I missed Bruce in this film but it was beyond what I expected. I’m glad they chose different characters as it made the film more like a continuation opposed to a remake. Also the scenes were beautiful. Dark and sinister but beautifully shot. Great film, and the thought of Bruce making another segment makes it even better. I wish this was the route the remake of fright night took. It sucked. So don’t stir away from it just because its up to date and more serious.