Bruce Campbell Endorses ‘Evil Dead’ Remake

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new characters new story and bruce campbell cameo in evil dead remake Bruce Campbell Endorses Evil Dead Remake

Sometimes it’s hard to get behind remakes, especially when the film being remade is a cult-classic like Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. That’s why its so reassuring to hear Evil Dead star (and fanboy icon) Bruce Campbell give the film his blessing.

There are already a few things working in the Evil Dead remake’s favor, including an intriguing young director in Fede Alvarez, a fresh script with tweaks by Diablo Cody, and a cameo from Bruce Campbell himself. During a special cast reunion panel at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Convention, Campbell shared some more reasons why fans should be excited for the remake.

At the panel, Campbell joked that the Evil Dead remake was a “parting gift” to investors, who had been waiting on some type of new installment in the franchise for years. Campbell said they wanted to make a film that, “wasn’t shot in 16MM, where you can’t see the garden hoses spewing the blood.”  Campbell then went on to describe the film as being a more “sophisticated” version of the Evil Dead story.

Campbell also offered some praise for the film’s director and the new approach, as well as some deprecating humor about the low-budget quality of the first film.

“We will be heavily involved in it. Sam Raimi hand-picked Fede Alvarez to direct it… It’s not like we’re just tossing this thing out and farting out a sequel. It’ll be kind of a hand-made movie with a young filmmaker who is more experienced than we were when we made the first one, who will be casting more experienced actors than we had, so I don’t see how it could be any worse.”

Fans of The Evil Dead will argue that the movie’s unintentional cheesiness and over-the-top violence is one of the things that makes it so beloved. However, Bruce Campbell does bring up some good points about the amateurish nature of the original film.

Bottom line: The Evil Dead was made 30 years ago by first-time filmmakers on a shoestring budget. The fact that it’s stood the test of time says a lot about the film, but maybe there’s room for something new.

evil dead remake to be light on humor heavy on scares Bruce Campbell Endorses Evil Dead Remake

As Screen Rant’s head honcho Vic Holtreman wrote back in 2007, there are five rules for movie remakes. Number four on that list is, “the remake does in fact bring something new while respecting the original.” With Alvarez on board, along with a new cast and a script aimed at pure horror, the Evil Dead will certainly bring something new to the table. Whether Alvarez and his cast can deliver a movie that isn’t just another “cabin in the woods” thriller is another matter entirely, but it’s worth giving them a chance.

What do you think? Do Bruce Campbell’s assurances make you excited for an Evil Dead remake, or are you still unsure?

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  1. i hate cameo’s. their always pointless. exept xmen first class cuz wel they all worked for it.

    if bruces is ash and it works for the story then yeah cool, but if he will do a “Darkman” and apear right at the end then i dont give a crap if he is in it or not.
    cuz either way its gonna be a hige dissapointment. and no one other then bruce should be allowed to play ash.

    • huge**

    • I loved the original with Bruce, how it was filmed was as much a part of its success as the star. Making it updated means it will be bloody nasty like Saw I do not need that really…. I want laughs and Bruce . No one says “Shop Smart Shop S Mart” like Bruce!

    • I agree no one should be Ash besides Bruce. I feel this will be a huge disappointment. The movie stand alone will probably be amazing but the fact that it is a remake will fall so very very short. After watching the preview it is not even close to the original besides a blatant story copy. The B movie horror comedy feel is completely lost which makes it a huge fail in my book.

      • Bruce is Ash. As for the rest of it, we’ll see… we’re checking it out tonight.

  2. Im unsure as hell. BUT Bruce Campbell is a straight up

  3. Bruce Campbell is a Bad Ass. There I said it. It’s also my understanding he is one hell of a nice guy. Of course he is not going to bad mouth Raimi or the people who gave him his start. Its like Robert Englund giving his blessing for Nightmare. He said he was fine with it but you know he held some resentment. I really dont want them to remake this one. It’s a true classic in every way and should be left alone.

  4. There is no justice.. Next we’ll see remakes of “Blazing Saddles”!! Blasphemy!

    • Shhhhhhhhh…..Doen’t give them ideas….

  5. No Bruce no see.

  6. Just don’t mess with Army of Darkness, that does not need any kind of remake, and was my favorite. Bruce will all ways be the man behind these movies. Hollywood sucks.

    Shop smart, shop S-Mart

  7. I still would rather see an actual sequel to Army of Darkness, and have it stay in cannon with the games as well.

  8. Would love to see an updated version. Love these films. Looking forward to this. :)

  9. Bruce should push harder to be the SOLE star of ANY Evil Dead property, we, the rabid fanboys, are with him on that.

    We are not with him on this remake. I am appalled that they are going to spit on the Evil Dead fans with this.

    Guess what though, Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods will blow this CRAP out of the water…

    Diablo Cody indeed.

  10. cant wait for this franchise to be resurrected

  11. One More Time. NO BRUCE-NO DEAD!

  12. Although I’m not a big fan of the original is was fun enough the first time around and done well enough. Why don’t these people stop trying to remake movies that were done well enough the first time around and maybe go after some that turned out to be turds….There’s a lot of movies from all genres that had a good prmis, good actors, but bad writing and/or directing that turned it into a heaping platter of fly food….The worse is when they take a classic like Psycho and remake it but only use different actors and a slightly different location set up. You go there because you were impressed with the original and leave feeling like you just had a practical joke played on you…..There’s a lot of dogs they can fix…Leave the classics alone

  13. I want to see Bruce in more films. I loved “My name is Bruce” I heard there was supposed to be a sequel but so far I’m just crossing my fingers.

  14. They already did a remake of Evil Dead. It’s called Evil Dead 2.

  15. I have mixed emotions about this film.
    I love the original and the remake (evil dead 2 – c’mon it is!!) – but i have concerns that they are gonna make it a comedy- the original was unintentional funny in a few places – but for the most part it was a real nasty brutal horror film that pushed the gore factor higher. It was awesome- i just think we are gonna have a silly comedy horror like part 2 (which was fun) but i for one want to see a total serious straight version- with a director like Alexander Aja – his Hills have Eyes remake was incredible- (it certainly helped that the original of that one was a real turd!!- so anything would be better) but he did a great job- his earlier work Haute Tension is a must see also by the way 😉
    Get him in- tell him to go for the throat and keep it straight- lose the 3 stooges vibe and bring a truly credible remake to the screen- or don’t bother at all.
    Bruce will say lots of positive things about the film- of course!! he’s producing it!?? hardly gonna shoot himself in the foot is he?
    I will just have to wait & see – but if just for a quick buck then it’ll suck. and i have a bad feeling this isn’t going to be ‘Groovy’ at all!!

  16. I myself have mixed feelings about this often. On the one hand I’d kinda like to see what a new director would do with this movie, but only under the supervision of the original creators. Then on the other over powering hand I’d much rather they just either has Bruce lose wieght to the point that he looks close to what he did back in AoD or just hire a new actor that looks pretty close to what Bruce looks like & just make sequals based off of the recent comics. Which I felt maintained the original feel of always being surrounded by darkness & evil with serious sarcaism & sometimes comical overtones.

  17. It hurts my soul to think that Bruce is signing off on a remake when NO ONE on the planet could possibly be Ash but the man himself. Would much rather see Evil Dead 4 or Jason vs Freddy vs Ash then see them destroy the legacy that Raimi and Campbell created.

  18. Honestly…This just killed my soul. I love the original films, the videogame, the comic books, but a remake? Please.NO! I don’t care what they do with it, I will not see it. However, if they did an Evil Dead 4 (Army of Darkness 2?) I would probably see it at least 3 times in theaters, and buy it the day it came to dvd. And all the “Updates” or “advancements” we dont want the, we loved the original for what it was. We don’t want to see that crapped on. THis “Remake” has thouroghly depressed me. Bottom line is, if Bruce isn’t the star, I’m not seeing it. WE WANT BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!! There is no Ash, except in Bruces image.

  19. Holy Shatfart’s Batman!

    The Evil Dead was CHEAP horror.
    The Evil Dead 2 was a remake of the first one but with a larger budget for cheese
    The Evil Dead 3 was 99% Cheese!

    You can NOT screw up remaking the Evil Dead since it was already screwed up as it was.

    Seriously folks – get your panties un-knotted and enjoy the thrill ride!

    • If the real Bruce actually replied here,just wanna let you know you literally saved my life. What would SamX,or Finley say.Go Campbell!!!!!

  20. If Bruce says okay, I’ll go se it.

  21. I just got back from this movie. And I was sad. Bruce was not in it. Unless he was a crazy nutter at the start standing there being stupid looking and lame.

    3/4th of the theater walked out. 1/4th left just sat there talking, texting, or playing games on their phones as the movie progressed.

    Nobody. Cared. At. All.

    It wasn’t impressive. It wasn’t frightening. It wasn’t anything nifty or neat. All it did was splash a cup of blood at one part then follow with about five gallons more. Never seen so much blood. Didn’t know the human body could have that much blood.

    Duct tape is not the end all be all cure for severed limbs. Demons don’t need to repeat the F word a billion times.

    Nothing. This movie literally was nothing. The acting was bad. The evil book just left out in the open for anybody to come along and pick up and get into to start the demons again after the people at the start apparently were all ‘We gonna stops the evil!’.

    I wish I could get my $9.50 back. I wish I could get my time back. I am not one who walks out of theaters.

    But even if the movie was fantastic, and scary and frightening. The obvious. So horribly obvious. Acting at the end would have ruined it. “You are at peace now” says the boy to his ‘dead’ sister who can’t lay still. The girl was twitching. Tryin to keep still. Like she couldn’t. She was obviously breathing. Even though supposed to be dead. Her eyes were moving as she tried to keep them shut but kept peeking. Stomach an chest just rising up an down. One part at an angle you saw her breath fogging in the light from her nose.

    I mean, really?

    Then. The horribly done up rubber and foam ‘end boss’ kill scene. Just a puppet. They had done some pretty good special affects up until then. Which got SO much laughter from everybody still left in the theater.

    I felt like I was at some bad test or joke screening not allowed to leave so I wouldn’t have my parking revoked and my car towed unless I stayed the entire movie.