‘Evil Dead’ Remake Still Alive?

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evil dead remake still a possibility Evil Dead Remake Still Alive?

Evil Dead and its sequels are the stuff of cult film legend. For years, die-hard fans have been yearning and begging for an Evil Dead 4 directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell as Ashley J. Williams, but as the years roll on, it just seems more and more unlikely.

Then of course, there’s the remake. A few years ago, an Evil Dead remake – possibly starring Seann William Scott as Ash – was being prepped by Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures. After a while, the project disappeared off the radar and was thought to be dead altogether. That is, until now.

Producer Robert Tapert, who has worked with Sam Raimi on just about every movie he has ever made, recently talked about the possibility of bringing the Evil Dead remake to the big-screen.

“[An Evil Dead remaking is still] possible; we’re looking at a script this month… What’s interesting about Evil Dead is very few people saw it in the format we made it for, which is for the theater […] I think Sam wants to embrace the ultimate experience in grueling terror and see it remade for a proper theatrical experience.”

I’m sorry, but couldn’t they just re-release Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and heck, even Army of Darkness in movie theaters? Wouldn’t that actually get people to watch the genuine article in theaters, as opposed to its shoddy, second-hand knockoff?

evil dead remake Evil Dead Remake Still Alive?

Evil Dead, like so many cult films, is a filmic phenomenon that cannot be reproduced. Are they going to try to capture the weirdness of it? The ridiculousness? The camp? If yes, then why even remake it at all? Or are they going to turn up the realism, turn up the horror and the production values, and make Evil Dead into something that it’s not? I just have no interest whatsoever in watching a standard gritty horror flick with Evil Dead’s name stamped across the header and shakycam like nobody’s business – unless Raimi himself is directing it, in which case I would begrudgingly give it a chance.

It probably goes without saying, but I’d much prefer to see an Evil Dead 4 set in the post-apocalyptic, deadite-ridden future. Sans 3D. Or perhaps with it. I suppose I would settle for with it, if I had to.

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  1. I’ve never seen this Evil Dead……… May as well look it up.

    • Get all three, crack open some beers and enjoy! They’re a good laff and it’s a little bit of film history. Raimi’s journey from there to Spider-Man is as extraordinary as Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste and Braindead to LOTR.

      • You forgot Meet the Feebles, Dentist!!!

        • Meet The Feebles was made by Peter Jackson, but still worth a watch.

        • Yes indeed!

  2. W….t….f….? And why!??

    • Hollywood has nothing better to do then ruin a classic film.

  3. ^^^Blasphemer!!! Haha, ED4 and tie it in with “Drag Me to Hell”!!! When I was watching “Drag Me to Hell” I was thinking it most of the time. Just have Justin Long’s character go look for Ash to get his girl back. If Raimi does this he will be completely forgiven for Spidey 3!

    • that’s a really good ides!

    • Thats great i thought that too,it would fit perfectly, having justin Long walking into an S Mart to get supplies and running into Ash , Hell yeah

      • Hmmm..again I don’t want a PG-13 sequel. Sam pulled punches with Drag IMO.

  4. Seriously Hollywood???? God damn man. I wonder if Raimi even cares at all that his cult classic is going to be trashed….

  5. Cut all 3 together as a special 4 hour masterpiece complete with intermission.

  6. How do you ruin something that is already “in the can”?

    The original is not being changed. It will be there for all time. Well except maybe on my VHS copy….

    However if a remake is created how does it effect the original? If anything (IMO) it would promote the original even more.

    If the remake sucks people will want to see the original to compare it. If they think the original sucks also there was no hope for them to begin with.

    If the remake is well received people will then want to see where it all started. If they think the original sucked then there was no hope for them to begin with.


    • Aknot, no one wants to see a half assed PG-13 remake of this classic cult film.

      • Thats fine but it doesn’t ruin the original in any way shape or form is all im saying.

        • It’s an unnecessary attempt at further milking an intellectual property that was never in need of being “rebooted”, “remade”, “recycled” or otherwise tampered with at all.

          While you are technically correct, you are missing the point of the other posters.

          Hollywood is plagued with producers that no longer look for creativity. They have become carrion feeders on older classics. And by feeding off these classics, they merely diminish the work of those who put their efforts into that original piece of work.

          This is an issue of doing what is right and not what is easy.

          • And it doesn’t matter if Tappert is involved either. He is still tarnishing a great piece of cult film history with this rubbish.

          • Well said, Nautius.

          • Hear hear Nautius!

        • Well, I and others here would disagree. But that’s what makes SR a great site: opinions.

    • @”The original is not being changed. It will be there for all time. Well except maybe on my VHS copy….”

      Because then nobody would have anything to b**** about. The films aren’t well made anyway, and could actually use an update.

      • woooooohooo Monster, it was filmed that way on purpose, that is exactly how he wanted. That is what makes it so damn good, see that’s why you dont touch these movies. Its not about better technology , its not about better FX or acting or story , its a classic the way it is. Thats like doing a remake of the Rocky Horro Picture Show, Those particular actors at that particular time making that movie exactly as it is , is what makes it so good. NO UPDATE NEEDED OR WANTED. either do a sequel or dont do anything at all

  7. Ashley J. Williams??? In the first movie the girl calls him Ashley Latrice??… At least that is what “I” hear…. I will make it a point tonight to use the subtitles and see what happens.

    • And Ashly is spelled Ashly…… I just breezed over the script and saw no mention of his full name ever being mentioned in 1 or 2…

      Do you know about where in the movie this took place?

      • I wasnt correcting you btw just pointing out how it was originally psselled then possibly evolved to Ashley…. I reread that and was like… hmm that sounds mean.

  8. It probably goes without saying, but I’d much prefer to see an Evil Dead 4 set in the post-apocalyptic, deadite-ridden future. [2]

  9. I just got done reading “If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor” by Bruce Campbell, and a good deal of the book deals with the making of “Evil Dead.” Its one of the prime examples of art from adversity. It wouldn’t have been great if they hadn’t had the troubles. (Plus did you know that Joel Coen was an apprentice editor and helped to cut the film?)

    • Yeah that’s how they met. The Coens also lived in a house with Raimi, Francis Mcdormand and Holly Hunter

      • @ sully311: Yeah… I thought that was too in-depth to go on trivia knowledge about “Evil Dead.” :)

  10. This is just like them remaking the original “Psycho” shot-for-shot… why???? You already have the best version of this film there will ever be in the can! What is the point in doing this other then to make everyone hate all of those involved in doing this?? Do you really want to be the actor trying to copy Bruce Campbell?? Good luck with the rest of your career.

  11. htf can people call the original garbage ‘classics’ ? they where total garbage imo, the effects where terrible, acting was trash and everything else was horrible. imo a remake could be good b/c raimi would be using modern day effects (both practical and special), the film wont look/feel as cheesy and it will in general be alot better.

    what i dont understand is why people are crying over the fact that its being remade – the same guy who did the original 3 is doing this one so what’s so heart breaking ?

    • @ jwalka: We’re not calling them classics, we’re calling them CULT classics. This was their first feature film. Effects weren’t masterful in 1981 and they were doing this on their own, with no studio backing.

      Its the principle of the remake concept that gets me upset over this. Being that it is Sam Raimi and Rob Tappert who are looking into it, softens the blow a bit, but it’s still unnecessary.

      • They both just really need to do an Evil Dead 4, nothing more than that. Period

        • With you there, Ants.

    • You completely missed the point of the first movies. Go watch avatar again and make a facebook post about how awesome it is.

    • I personally really dont care what you think of the movie , This is a movie that meant something to those of who saw it when came out , anyone who watches it can see the cheeseiness, and the poor acting thats what makes it so great , it isnt suppose to be taken seriously its a great cult B movie made in the same vein as the Attack of the 50 foot woman. Also for the sake of arguement it is one the largest Cult franchises and its main character is an ICON.

    • Jwalka, can you imagine a remake being banned in multiple countries as the original was, or in fact stirring up any kind of controversy beyond “it shouldn’t have been remade”? The Evil Dead’s remembered for a reason: it was of its time – a low-budget non-Hollywood bolt from the blue – and no amount of CGI or bland, nondescript “quality” acting from the latest mob of desperate gurning muppets will ever reproduce that naivete, passion or camerawork.

      • Very well said Dentist!!

  12. Bruce better be in it or have a cameo

  13. evil dead without bruce campbell will be garbage, and as garbage, it belongs in a garbage can.

  14. I agree. Nobody but Raimi.

  15. America – the land of remakes, reboots and “reality” shows. Oh and the never ending cop and Dr shows. Just goes to show you that with a lot of money and little intelligence, one can make a movie out of anything. I guess it’s better than another remake with one of Will Smiths curtain climbers….oh wait.

  16. I met Bruce Campbell once at the Hollywood Theater in Portland OR and had the chance to ask him about a possable remake of Evil Dead, and he told me this: ” Listen kid, if we do, we do. If we don’t, we don’t. It’s our effing movie.” So even though he didn’t fully answer my question it kinda sounds like this is what his answer would have been regarding. Saddly I don’t think I’d be abord for a reboot of one of my all time favorite films. Cult or otherwise. So a note to misters Tapert and Raimi, leave it alone and just make the fans happy with an Evil Dead 4 rather then a reboot.

    • Another thought I just had would be that Evil Dead 4 would have to follow the events that took place in the last PS2 game Evil Dead: Regeneration. Do to the fact that Evil Dead: Hail To The King DID follow up on Army of Darkness. So it’s all in continuity. So if they did an Evil Dead 4 Ash would possable be acompanied by Sam,voiced by Ted Raimi, his sidekick from the second game.

  17. I would rather see Evil Dead The Musical made into a movie than see any of the Cult Classics remade. Cehck the clips out on YouTube, really fun stuff.

    • I have the cd to that!! I will fully aggree with you there. Then it would join the ranks of Repo The Genetic Opera, and Rocky Horror!! That would ROCK!

  18. I’ve watched 3 seasons of Burn Notice in the last few weeks and all I have to say is that Bruce Cambell still got it…actually, he didn’t loose “it” ever. If they do a reboot/remake of Evil Dead without Bruce, fans will be pissed and I’ll be right there with them.

    Furthermore, they got to do it right and that’s going to be VERY hard to pull off. Big budgets, stars, etc. will not make a good Evil Dead movie. I mean how do you reboot a “cult” movie that gained success because of its low budget feel, campiness, etc.

    Not against it if they do it right, but not sure they can pull it off.

  19. this is something that the unholy trinity, needs to come up with. Now, if the three of them get together and comes up with something I would love to see it , Sam is one of my favorite directors and story tellers, Ill see anything he comes up with, i always hoped they would get together for a 4th ED

  20. Hardware aisle twelve ,Shop smart shop s mart lol


    they really are killing classics


  22. I second that notion..they are remaking/rebooting movies 2 death & need 2 stop..once in a while,4 something that was really old & deserved a remake would be understandable, but it seems 2 me that hollywood ain’t really trying 2 give any new creative writers with decent stories a chance & it is sad..

  23. Why the hell are they remaking Evil Dead.

    Evil Dead 2 was already essentially a remake of Evil Dead 1. So a remake of Evil Dead would be the second remake of it.

    I want a sequel and i want Bruce Campbell. I don’t see a need or market for a crappy remake without its key stars Campbell and Raimi

  24. yawn another remake

  25. Why a remake. Couldn’t Ash be older (and supposedly wiser) still working at S-Mart and smashing undead? There is so much potential, but no lets put this in reverse for the bajillionth time and back over it. Gawds, I hate brainless Hollywood. How this novel thought—COME UP WITH SOMETHING ORIGINAL!! Sheesh.

  26. Don’t Raimi and Tapert ever learn anything? Last time they announced a remake, fans went wild… and not in a positive way. That’s what shelved the project in the first place. Nobody wanted it then and were quite vocal about it. Why bother now? Once in a blue moon, a remake is actually good, so why take the chance? Either do a fourth movie with Bruce Campbell or don’t do anything at all. Why is that such a hard concept to grasp?

    You have to admire the bravery of Tapert and Raimi, though. The fans will go nuts over this. And while a minority of movie audiences overall, they’re the ones that will go to conventions and Q&As, where they’ll most certainly express (hopefully in a civil manner) their displeasure at any and all appearances.

  27. they have been remaking movies since the days of lon chaney sr., so everyone needs to shut the fick up

  28. I wont watch a remake, but would like a 4th installment.

  29. I never got these movies. What are they horrr. comedy slapstick…..Maybe something newer and better would work but these movies i dont know….

    • Multiple genres in a single movie! Craziness. How dare they, am I right?