Evil Dead IV: Don’t Hold Your Breath

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bruce campbell Evil Dead IV: Dont Hold Your BreathIf you are a fan of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies, you’d better satisfy yourself with the multiple DVD versions Evil Dead IV: Dont Hold Your Breath of the original two movies because Evil Dead IV isn’t coming any time soon.

Over at IESB there’s a video interview with Bruce Campbell in which he stated that Sam Raimi is extremely busy with the Spiderman franchise and who knows when he’d have the time or inclination to do Evil Dead IV.

And in case you think he was just being coy for the interview, I have independent verification of this from a source who spoke with Tom Sullivan. Tom did special effects work on Evil Dead I, II and Army of Darkness and is a friend of Bruce.

Bruce did say during the interview that he and Sam Raimi will be producing the upcoming remake of Evil Dead, but will leave the details to the director since the point is to see a different take on the original material. He joked about having Ashton Kutcher direct and star in the remake, and that if Kutcher wasn’t available they’d try to get Ben Affleck, since Ben Stiller or Owen Wilson had already declined. icon smile Evil Dead IV: Dont Hold Your Breath

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  1. Evil Dead-er??? Doesn’t anyone aside from me see the irony in a remake of a highly original movie… okay, not very original, but in tone and style, quite different… Do we want this alongside the re-makes of old movies that shouldn’t have been… adapt more Lovecraft, leave what works, alone… sometimes…
    (Batman Begins looks amazing, so not all remakes are by necessity bad)…

  2. Wasn’t Evil Dead 2 pretty much a remake? Do we need another one?

  3. The only reason I’m not slamming the “Evil Dead” remake is because Campbell and Raimi are involved. And yes, you are correct, “Evil Dead II” was basically a remake of the first one.


  4. Actually, Evil Dead II wasn’t a remake of the first. The beginning did recap events from the first (ignoring all of Ash and Linda’s friends from the first), but it picks up right to where the first movie ends, when the evil force is rushing through the woods at Ash. From there on out its a completely original movie. In the first movie Ash never cut off his hand, or met Annie Knowby, or got sucked into a time vortex to end up in the year 1300AD. So, for the first 5 minutes or so, EDII is a remake of ED, but from then on out it is its own movie. So to me this qualifies as merely a sequel with a recap of the first movie at the beggining.

  5. Can’t argue with you there. I’ve heard the term “remake” bandied about in regards to “Evil Dead II” in the context of making essentially the same movie but with a bigger budget.