Evil Dead: A remake done right?

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evil dead Evil Dead: A remake done right?In an interview with SciFi.com, Rober Tapert discussed the upcoming remake of the cult classic Evil Dead. It seems that he and Bruce Campbell were quite reluctant to go forward with the remake concept, both being very sensitive to the fans of the original film(s). Sam Raimi however (who directed the original version) has been wanting to move forward with the project in order to get a fresh take on it by some new director.

The good news is that Tapert and Raimi are producing the new version and they are both good friends with Campbell, who is very connected to the fan base and cares greatly about the original, which launched his career. At this point I don’t know if he will have any official involvement, but I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t have a hand in the proceedings.

If you must have a remake, I suppose this is the way to go about it.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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  1. Gotta have Ash… it’ll be no fun without him.


  2. They are going to have a HELL of a time trying to fill Campbell’s shoes. :shock:


  3. Taken from Dark Horizons….

    During “Boogeyman” promotions, Sam Raimi and producer Robert Tapert have talked in-depth about the future of the “Evil Dead” franchise and what’s going on in regards to both the sequel, and the remake.

    Raimi confirmed to Bloody Disgusting that he will be directing and producing “Evil Dead 4″, which will star Bruce Campbell as ASH and will also have many of the actors from the previous Evil Dead movies. Raimi says that “This is the project I really want to make. The remake can belong to someone else, but part 4 will be a continuation of the original”. Ted and Sam Raimi have begun writing Part 4, and will be developing it for production later this year. Bruce Campbell and Tapert will both be involved.

    Talking with Coming Soon, they confirmed the remake is almost certainly not going to be a PG-13 (ala “The Grudge” & “Boogeyman”) and due to Bruce’s insistence there will be no character called Ash. The aim with it is “Rob and I would try to get a young director with brand new ideas with his own cast and his own take on the thing” says Raimi who confirms that as of right now they’re “waiting to find the right director for the project, that thinks he can really bring something new…the goal of this director should be to terrify the audience in a very intense, and merciless way”. If they don’t find someone, they would “put it on hold. I don’t think we’d abandon it, but we won’t make it unless we have a really good script and a really great director, somebody we feel is just right for it”.

    Wouldn’t people get confused if the two films came out close to each other? Raimi told LatinoReview – “I think the fans are really smart. I don’t think they’d be confused. I’d like to make a part four. There’s this very small audience for Evil Dead IV, and if we ever make a movie called Evil Dead IV, which I’d like to make with Rob at some point and starring Bruce Campbell, I’m not saying there’s a million people, but there’s 100,000 people that will know exactly what it is and that’s about as big as the crowd is, honestly. It’s not a giant crowd. They’re a great crowd”. Tapert realized that the sequel might have to be Army of Darkness II, since Universal produced the most recent sequel.

    The guys also confirmed they’re working on “The Grudge 2 script reusing Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character but no word yet either way on whether the actress will return.

  4. Thanks, dude. I haven’t kept up with news for the past couple of days and that’s a biggie. :shock:


  5. No problemo. Pretty interesting stuff, if ya ask me.