Evil Dead 4 Remake/Sequel = Vaporware

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evil dead 4 Evil Dead 4 Remake/Sequel = Vaporware

Yes, I know, we ALL want another Evil Dead movie. But if any of you are holding your breath, I suggest it might be time to exhale because this bad boy isn’t going to happen until Bruce Campbell is old enough to look like William Shatner in Star Trek: Generations.

There has been a low-level buzz percolating on this possible project for a couple of years now, but in the end it’s all just talk.

Talk of making another Evil Dead movie goes back (as far as recent history) to late 2004, when Sam Raimi apparently wanted to turn his attention to a sequel to Army of Darkness once he was done with Spider-Man 3. About a month later came word that the next Evil Dead movie would not be a sequel but a remake of the original film. This was not as bad news as you might think, as all the original folks involved in the movie were behind the idea and would be involved.

Then about six months later (June 2006) came word that Raimi would not be involved in any new version of the film because he was swamped with Spider-Man work. The possibility of a new movie wasn’t ruled out, just the fact that he would not be working on it.

After that, the interwebs went quiet, and it seemed like the project was indeed, dead.

Ah, but more hope (teasing?) made an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where Raimi was promoting the back-to-his-roots horror film Drag Me to Hell. He mentioned once again that he was still “very interested” in doing another Evil Dead movie. Having seen some footage from Drag Me to Hell, it actually seems like it is the follow up film in the series. For fans of the “Dead” movies, “Hell” had the same vibe: a mixture of comedy, horror and over the top yet cheesy visual effects.

bruce campbell evil dead Evil Dead 4 Remake/Sequel = Vaporware

A month later Bruce Campbell stoked the fires in an interview with MTV where he stated in reference to a new movie: “When he’s ready [Sam Raimi], I’m ready,”.

Then a few days ago MTV deflated everyone’s hopes in an interview with Sam Raimi stating that between finishing up Drag Me to Hell and with the impending back to back Spider-Man 4 & 5 that it is totally on the back burner.

drag me to hell Evil Dead 4 Remake/Sequel = Vaporware
A scene from Sam Raimi’s new horror movie Drag Me to Hell

Finally, today comes word from Bruce Campbell via an interview with Horror-Movies.ca that nothing is happening with the project.

You can’t get much “Deader” than that.

For the complete history on the possibility of this happening check out our Evil Dead 4 archive.

Oh, and Drag Me to Hell opens on May 29, 2009.

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  1. That does remind me of the witch from Evil Dead 3 (the pic of Drag me to hell).

    Personally would much prefer to see a prequel than a remake of the first, but hey, whatever keeps Bruce in work.
    One day. Maybe.

  2. I was surprised to read the Campbell statement of being ready if Raimi was. I thought he had stated after Army that he would never step back into that arena again. Also very disappointed that he turned down involvement in the Bubba Nosferatu project.

    I have still yet to track down and watch a copy of My Name is Bruce. I might go on a hunt for that this weekend.

  3. Thats too bad. Im a huge fan of “the chin” But you never know, we might just have time to wait a while. I watch Bruce Campbell on Burn Notice, and he looks good for his age.
    *BTW, He is great on that show, and that show is really great. Its smart, funny and full of action. I recommend everyone here at the ‘rant check it out.

    It would be great to have another addition to the Evil Dead lineup, be it prequel sequel or remake. Just get Mr Campbell back on the big screen already! Im tired of having to get my chin fix from cheesy sci-fi channel movies, tv and my DVD collection! Give us more Ash!!!

  4. @blipvert
    My Name is Bruce is great. If I could, I’d let you borrow mine. Hope you find it!

  5. Hey Deadpool have you seen “Comic Book the Movie”? Bruce is hilarious in that one.

    I’d rather see these guys work on something more creative than another remake of Evil Dead. Call me crazy. 😉

  6. I still have fond memories of Campbell from “Brisco County Jr.” Now as far as horror/comedy their are very few in the western genre. Manitou Springs Colorado
    area use to be known for mining. The Ute, Cheyenne and many other natives considered this area sacred. Now that would be different, if Campbell could assemble a horror western movie around a mining/town. Pump in just the right amount of dark comedy, have Eastwood direct hmm, “The Horror at Manitou Springs,” what do you think??

  7. @790

    No, but I will definitely try to find it. Is it older, like VHS old?
    Bruce is the greatest. Bubbah ho Tep was a fantastic story made so much more watchable by the chin himself!

  8. A western/horror/comedy starring Bruce Campbell? Im there man, totally.

  9. Bubba Ho Tep, was one of the best!!!

  10. @790
    Thanks for the info.

    Are they making another Chronicles of Riddick? I guess Campbell would be good in it. Course, I think he would be good in anything. My Campbell fandom falls just short of mancrush.

    Just kidding, but I seriously think he is my favorite non-dramatic actor. The sense of cockiness and that smart a** sense of humor, that never gets old.

  11. “Ask not what your rest home can do for you, but what you can do for your rest home.”

    “Hey, you’re stealing my best lines!”

    “Then let me paraphrase one of my own. It’s time to take care of bus’ness.”

  12. No prob Deadpool, you might want to skip “Alien Apocalypse (2005)”. Lol,,, that wasn’t Bruce’s best film.

    I know that Diesel wants to do another Riddick,,, (I’m hoping!). It would be great to see Campbell in the underverse. 😎

  13. Bruce Cambell is free and this movie wouldn’t need a massive budget. I’d actually prefer crappy cheesy effects – that’s what makes the movie what it is and makes it more hilarious.

    I think it’s all up to Raimi. Why don’t we postpone the next two spiderman films and work on another Army of Darkness? :)

  14. @790
    I’ve seen Alien Apocalypse. Thats what I was referencing when I was talking about sci-fi channel movies. It wasn’t that bad…wait, it was.
    It doesn’t really surprise me Diesel wants to do another one. What has he been in lately, anything good? Anything that made any money? He should go back to the role that made him an action star. Im not knocking him, as an action star, I think he’s pretty good. But he should stick to that. Kick some serious butt and be a tough guy, not a comedian Vin. Stay away from family comedies!

  15. Would any of you Army of Darkness/Bruce Campbell fans happen to play video games? They’ve released a couple of games based on the character, and while they were not innovative or advanced in the graphics department and they were not even hard, but they did have a story. They could just adapt those stories to the new movie. The games certainly were not any more cheesy than the movies. Pick up in S-Mart where the original left off. Or they could even explain his age difference away by making it 10 years or so after he returned to his time, with someone else messing with the necrinomicon and bringing back the undead.

    I doubt they would do a sequel to Army of Darkness that took place after the alternate ending. Did anyone see that? It was pretty good, I wish they would have left it as the ending. Guess it bothered test audiences or something. Whatever.

    Just give me more chin!

  16. Its funny if you look at the Alien Apocalypse dvd cover art,,, they made it look like Army Of Darkness vs Aliens.
    That movie was so bad it was comical.
    (Prob his worst film)

    Yeah I totally agree Deadpool, Vin should stay far away from Comedies and just do Riddick films. 😎
    I totally loved Chronicles of Riddick!

  17. Yeah Deadpool , I played the first Xbox Evil Dead game. Boomstick, something like that.
    It was pretty fun. The boss fights were kinda tough.

  18. ED4? Awe… that’s just what we call “Pillow Talk” baby.

  19. hey brother…. r u out of ur mind ?????? if Bruce dont bee in Evel Dead 4 then that dont bee movie not evel dead and not that feeling what bruce gives …. thats why dont filosofie….. brother