Evil Dead 4 Beginning Pre-Production; Director Chosen

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Evil Dead 4 Confirmed Director Evil Dead 4 Beginning Pre Production; Director Chosen

Believe it or not, it’s almost been 30 years since The Evil Dead debuted in 1981. It spawned two sequels, including the cult classic Army of Darkness which celebrates its 20th anniversary next year. Still representing the career-defining role for Bruce Campbell, fans have been waiting a long time for him to step back into the role of Ash.

Since 2004 (and we reported on Evil Dead 4 back then), scattered reports, interviews and other mentions spoke of a return of The Evil Dead franchise with Sam Raimi still involved and now it seems to be finally happening although possibly in a different direction.

Last night, Dread Central posted a scoop which explained that editor Bob Murawski, who’s worked with Sam Raimi for years, was heading to Detroit to begin work on Evil Dead 4. The film will reportedly be grounded in its indie roots, much like the first two Evil Dead films. This came from one of their reliable sources so more would be coming soon… and it has!

Bloody Disgusting is now sharing an exclusive of their own which explains that Sam Raimi is preparing to produce the “quasi-remake” of The Evil Dead and that Freddy Alvarez will be sitting in the director’s chair. Alvarez is not a name you know, but his short film Panic Attack! helped him get the gig.

It’s no surprise to see Raimi going with an unknown young director as that’s what he hinted at doing back in 2009. He also said at the time he hoped he could get Bruce Campbell – who got some leading star time earlier this year in Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe - onboard:

“…So one day I hope to have the time to write a script, and if that happens I’m hoping that Bruce will change his mind.”

Raimi said later that year that Campbell would be getting back in shape for the part, but this was over two years ago. We don’t know if Campbell will have a role, but he’s certainly enthusiastic about the remake as the following tweet by him last night indicates:

“Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.”

Like the original films, Evil Dead 4 (will likely be named something different), will follow Ash in present day as he fights off the undead. While Ash will probably be played by a new poster boy, fans will want to see Campbell back and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a supporting or cameo role in the flick. Sam Raimi will make that happen.

As we found out more details about whether or not this is a full-on reboot, we’ll let you know.


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Sources: Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, Bruce Campbell

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  1. well, if Bruce is on board, ill be seeing it, should be a fun trip.

  2. Bruce should do it, if they allow him to be lead. Would be CRAZY… if marvel did a short film on Ash vs. Marvel Zombies.

  3. to be honest, if bruce isn’t in this as the main character, i’m not sure how much i’d want to see it. I dont know if a cameo role would be enough for me. I’d definitely give it a chance of course, but i’d be much more excited if Bruce was infact returning as the main character.

    • This is so very very true. We, the Fan-Boy Collective have spoken, no Bruce no Dead.

      • One More Time-NO BRUCE, NO DEAD!

        • Thrice – NO BRUCE NO DEAD

  4. Klaatu Barada N… Necktie… Neckturn… Nickel… It’s an “N” word, it’s definitely an “N” word! Klaatu… Barada… No To A Remake!

    Okay… that’s it!

  5. I’m open to the idea, especially with the old gang returning to make it happen, but Bruce Campbell is Ash. If a younger actor is going to be the main character, make it a different character entirely that crosses paths with Ash or something. This may help expand the universe a bit, make it more enthralling to those who aren’t as obsessed with the old trilogy.

    Just spitballin’ here, as Sam, Bruce, Rob, and whoever else will do what they want to do. Regardless, I’m excited for more Evil Dead, period.

    • That is an excellent idea: making it about someone else in the universe that crosses paths with Ash – that’s the only idea I’d be on board with, I’m certainly not gonna accept anyone else stepping into Ash’s shoes.

  6. Sam needs to at least produce and help write (if not write it all). Rob needs to be there. Bruce needs to be Ash and full on the whole movie, no cameo or training someone new to take over. And somewhere, Ted needs to make an appearance.

  7. Yeah, Bruce is Ash. You can’t recast it, so don’t even try. I’ve been saying it for years, but setting Evil Dead 4 after the original ending of AoD, where Ash winds up sleeping way into the future, would completely justify all the aging Bruce has gone through the last 20 years. It seems so obvious that I still can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet.

  8. If Bruce is Ash i will see it. If not i probably wont.

  9. Is Sam too good for the directors chair for this one??? Also, without Ash, whom we all know and love as Bruce Campbell, the fans wont go for this at all.

  10. I am with the others in voicing my opinion that Campbell as Ash IS the face of the Evil Dead. Without him you might as well just make a completely new horror type flick and name it something else because it won’t be “The Evil Dead”.

  11. If they went with some other person instead of Bruce Campbell, why not choose Jim Carrey? Thoughts who I thought it was when I was younger, I eventually learned it wasn’t but with this movie coming, I think it’d work.

  12. Stupid idea. Thought you should know thought.

  13. Same thought for me, if Bruce isn’t playing Ash then I have no interest.

  14. So I am a HUGE Evil Dead fan – but, I have already seen two different versions of Evil Dead.

    (For those not in the know Evil Dead 2 was technically not a sequel but a remake of the low budgeted Evil Dead.)

    A second remake is not only silly but unnecessary. Why can’t we have what we all really want? A sequel to Army of Darkness; remember the Deadites are in the present day big city?!?! Ash stalking the aisles of S-Mart with his new lever action…

    So instead of continuing a story with a grizzled worn out Ash played by fan-boy beloved Bruce Campbell you want to do ANOTHER remake but reboot this time?

    Even a huge Evil Dead fan like me is skeptical and a little disappointed in this. I am becoming convinced that nothing can corrupt a good director like mega-blockbuster success…

    • I have to agree with everything you said. There’s no shortage of cash grabs these days. I’m betting they think there’s a good profit margin to be had with this movie. Relative low budget with a built in fan base should be a money maker. We can hope it’s good but I know as a fan I want Bruce as Ash. I would watch an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness sequel even if Bruce Campbell was an 80 year old man. In this era of unnecessary sequels here’s one that makes sense but instead we get a reboot. Better be damn good.

      • Hey, if Rutger Hauer can play a Hobo with a Gun at nearly 70 than why not Campbell continuing as Ash???! :)

    • Sorry my man but when the unseen force goes after Ash in Evil Dead 2 its a whole new sequel with 1 or 2 elements from the first film added in there.
      but I for one am excited for any new Evil Dead!

      • I know he titled it Evil Dead II but with as much in common with the first as it shares, it really isn’t a proper sequel, just a redo with a more suitable ending that launches Army.

        But this is just semantics, sequel, reboot, whatever, we’ve seen the Cabin in the Woods already, we know he decapitates his girl, we’ve seen him chop his hand off, we don’t need that again.

        C’mon Raimi give us a proper Army of Darkness sequel.

  15. I’m not so sure about this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an evil dead fanboy and love all 3. But without the cheesy creativeness of Sam as director, and the catchy one of a kind Bruce as ash, what are we left with?

    Hope they can bring it back with as much awesomeness as the last ones, but as of now, Raimi producing and cameo by Bruce?? Seems more about the money to be made by using the trilogy as a front than an actual #4.

  16. as a horror remake fan… ive been waiting for this movie to enter production for over 6 yrs, but this seems like the same old stuff, them just talking about it, we’ll see.

  17. It has to be Bruce. There could be no one else to play that role. Please Bruce, we have been waiting a long time to see you chop up demons again.

  18. I’m down with a remake…only if Bruce Campbell is going to be Ash and the lead role, other than that no dice

  19. I echo everyone else here…Bruce must return as Ash, period! Let’s stop with all of this reboot nonsense and due another sequel!

  20. No wonder why he Bruce was secretive when I had the chance to ask him during a Q&A before Man With the Screaming Brain. Not sure about this.

  21. Put all CGI to the side and make this the way it should be made. OLD SCHOOL

    • Compeltely agree and I work in a VFX company doing post CGI
      Leave it as it was in the good ol days !!
      no reason why they cant put Campbell in the leading role ?
      bloody ell if Sly can do it then so can Bruce!

  22. After seeing “Drag Me to Hell” I was hoping they would tie that movie into “The Evil Dead” franchise with Ash going to hell to find her. One can hope!

    • That was one of the crappiest things Sam Raimi ever made.

      • well you must have voted for obummer then. please do this country a favor and LEAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Groovy baby- Campbell can do it, and is the only one who should

  24. I want Bruce Campbell. If they make a remake fine, but I want a sequel where the demons invade modern day earth and Ash leads an army against them. Could you ever imagine some one else playing Ash? A remake is fine for the new generation but I want Ash to continue with Bruce Campbell playing the part.

  25. Bruce Campbell as ASH is Like Sylvester Stallone to RAMBO or Kurt Russell to SNAKE PLISSKEN. It’s non believable when you recast these characters with another actor…It’s like a custom made suit for them. It makes us fans cringe at the thought of it..

    And without Sam Raimi as director, it takes out the fun/horror in the movie that both campbell and raimi can only do!

    Bring in a EVIL DEAD/ARMY OF DARKNESS sequel for me anytime.. no more of this remake stuff…

  26. After the above-mentioned tweet, Bruce clarified that “My tweet was about remaking Evil Dead – not Evil Dead 4.” I’d be disappointed if Bruce only put in a cameo. But a good cameo from Bruce is better than no cameo from Bruce any day. If it gets his stamp of approval, I’ll keep an open mind.

  27. No Bruce=No Care.

  28. BRUCE = ASH. PERIOD, end of discussion.
    Don’t ruin the legacy or the whole aspect of the film by casting someone else for that part. If this is to be done, it needs to be done RIGHT.