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Elizabeth Blackmore in Evil Dead 2013 Evil Dead Spoilers and References Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Evil Dead review, this is the place where you can discuss the Evil Dead remake without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

If you want to discuss the film without ruining it for others, visit our Evil Dead spoilers discussion. To hear our editorial team discuss the film in detail, stay tuned for the Evil Dead episode of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast.

Consider yourself a hardcore fan? Check out our article, “Evil Dead Remake: 23 References to the Original Version“. Did you spot any references we didn’t?

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Evil Dead is now playing in theaters. It is 91 minutes long and is Rated R for strong bloody violence and gore, some sexual content and language.

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  1. When the guy with the glasses was flipping through the book, there was a picture of a severed hand giving the finger.

    • I saw the original YEARS ago. So I went into watching this version//spin-off with some understanding of the premise. The trailers freaked me out and left me feeling really anxious about watching this movie (which is why I love watching a great horror movie).

      The movie was creepy, the junkie sub-plot worked, the nods to the original worked, and the grotesque, over-the-top violence worked. I found that I was laughing at just how ridiculous and campy some of the gore was; right after a scene that made me jump. It was a fun roller-coaster ride. Just when you thought the movie was going to end with him burying his sister, it picks right back up. I was left thinking, “WTF else could possibly happen now.” The ending scene was all sorts of bloody, bad-ass, and had people cheering and screaming in the movie theater I watched this at. Overall, awesome roller coaster ride.

      I’m not sure if the end-credits scene means anything (aside from being awesome). If a sequel never comes about, I think this movie is great enough to stand on its own. I gave this movie 5 stars.

      • What was the end credit scene? My friends made me leave as soon as the credits started to roll.

      • You’re not supposed to ruin the movie! WTF did u not read the description at the begging smh

        • Are you trolling? This is the spoilers discussion.

  2. So how about that crazy ending, eh? Jane Levy really impressed me here.

    • Someone in my crowd made the very astute observation that the movie comes full circle; ending as it began with a lone (formerly?) infected victim walking through the woods. What an elegant way to set up a possible Evil Dead 2!

  3. Groovy!

  4. I though it payed good respect to the original. However I thought the quitting drugs sub plot was stupid. The male lead was kind of a wuss. And when it came for time to kick but it was very short lived. I still have hope for a follow up.

    • in all honesty the detox plot was a lot better reasoning than the original film. In the original it was lets go to this run down cabin, miles away from any civilization because it would be “fun” and they dont leave because they dont believe strange stuff is happening.

      In this they have a legitimate reason for being in the middle of nowhere and why they dont leave then strange stuff start happening. I thought it all worked out pretty well.

      Yeah the main character was a bit of a wuss, i wouldve much rather for the girl to have died in the fire and have him turn into Ash for that final scene.

      • For me a horror movie of this type does not require a legit plot. So when they try at all I just feel like it’s trying to hard.

        I was fine with the girl coming back (I would have kept her dead myself, as you suggest) but I wanted her to turn into the Ash we all know from the original. I feel the general swager if you will of the protaganist was missing from this instalment.

        I gave it 3 stars.

        p.s. The Conjouring trailer left me with a nice creepy vibe that I love from horror movies, and that was just the trailer.

        • Everybody seems to be forgetting that Ash was pretty much a wimp in the first Evil Dead… towards the end he kind of got better, but it wasn’t until Evil Dead 2 that he really became a badass.

  5. So the demon is transferred through blood right?

  6. I thought overall the movie was great. I can also see what they were talking about with a possible crossover. All i kept thinking throughout the movie was that this was an alternate dimension to the original evil dead series.
    Since the demons plans are foiled by Ash, i thought maybe he found a way into an alternate dimension to rise again to the human realm. what convinced me this was an alternate universe was when mia picked up the necklace her brother gave her near then end, it was put back together making me think someone (ash) came to their dimension and left it for her, because she rips it apart earlier. Also if this was an alternate dimension, that would make jane levy the female version of ash.
    I came up with the alternate dimension due in part to army of darkness. Also with all the great nods to the original it sits perfectly with an alternate universe.
    Just a fun thought though, the movie was a perfect compliment to the originals and fresh as hell.
    The last action shot was violently beautiful and visually stunning. Good luck to whomever try’s to top that.

    • I have a silly theory in regards to the proposed crossovers. With the mom apparently going to a mental institution and the dad never mentioned, I think they’ll reveal that Ash is Mia and David’s father somehow.

      • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that. Also, I think in the end it should be revealed that Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins were the ones causing all the chaos in the first place.

  7. Just finished watching it……great movie

  8. I thought the Bruce Cambell cameo was hilarious. And this movie was hands down one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen.

  9. A truly great film, one of my favorite horror movies (if not my favorite). Also it was such a great experience (Lots of screams from lots of girls the whole god damn movie LOL). The references to the original film were great and Bruce Campbell appereance was fantastic.

    • Where was Bruce Campbell? I must have completely missed him.

      • The original audio from the reading of the Necronomican from the original is played over the last minutes of the end credits. When the screen goes black you hear a fly buzzing and see a shadowed silhouette of Bruce Cambell who then turns to the camera and says, “Groovy”.

  10. Anyone have any ideas how they’re gonna do the sequel without her having a hand? I get the reference, but isn’t the new continuity supposed to be more “serious”?

    • I think the new film is using the term “serious” pretty loosely. By the time the movie was wrapping up it seemed clear they were trying to walk a fine line between “horror” and “hokey.” I for one, thought it was a perfect mix. Would love to see a crossover.

  11. For horror film nerds it’s a must see. Not a perfect film but very gnarly and entertaining. I felt at times the film wasn’t sure if it wanted to be deadly serious or laced with gallows humor and Alverez doesn’t have as a distinctive style as Raimi. Also, in a post Scream and Cabin in the Woods world characters in our horror films have to be smarter and not do such stupid $*** to keep the plot going. On the plus side Levy and Pucci are great and I love the play on gender and horror tropes at the end by having the “final girl” getting her revenge which the original never had. All the nods to the original trilogy were neat too, the tree rape, chainsaw, lullaby, broken mirror pieces and the scene where Eric (Pucci) does his crazy laugh and the stuffed deer head is in the shot. And for my money I bet a lot of Diablo Cody’s contributions were the end plus the brother and sister stuff particularly the excellent “buried alive” scene.

    • From what I read most of Diablo Cody’s contributions didnt make it into the film. To the extent that the WGA ruled they didn’t have to put her name on it.

  12. I watched the late night show and this movie got me spooked but wanting to know more. I got to say, some parts were really hilarious to me. I couldn’t help but giggle. I looooved the ending. What a way to freak the hell out of everyone 2 or 3 times :) great movie. I’m gonna go cuddle with my dog now.

  13. What was the end credit scene? I missed it ;/ & I apparently missed Campbell’s cameo. Must’ve been during a time I was hiding my eyes lol

    • the cameo is the end credits scene! haha

  14. Everything was pretty grand…except the opening exposition. Utterly cringe-worthy and ham-fisted way to intro characters and backstory.

  15. My observations/upsets that didn’t really ruin the movie for me but bug the heck out of me like any other movie this happens to were when you watch the red band trailer David (brother of Mia) has a chainsaw and is obviously sawing the undead out of something, it’s not in the movie. Mia was singing under the cellar door, no where in the movie. It sucks when you see something in a trailer then it’s not in the movie when you go see it. I was thinking the whole time ok, David is going to show up in the shed when Mia was crawling and start chainsawing that deadite who came out of the ground and chased Mia and be alive still, nope never happened.

    I also read somewhere that there will be 7 movies including the old ones, Army of Darkness 2 with Ash, this new Evil Dead 2 with Mia and then the 7th tying them together somehow.

    • Trailers are cut and edited well before the final film is finished. Many scenes get cut or alternate scenes are shot and sometimes completely new endings are filmed depending on reactions of test audiences. It’s part of the movie making process.

  16. can someone explain the rules
    such as the burning of the first girl who returns later and the burial of mia curing her

    • I believe the rules are as follows.

      1. The Book of the Dead has the rules.
      2. The rules are whatever the movie needs them to be
      3. Someone is going to lose an arm.

      • well what was up with all the dead cats hanging around?

        • The director’s stay at home mom had some kittens she didn’t know what to do with so he gave them all a cameo.

    • The rule are.

      1. Horror remakes cheat the mythology of the original
      2. Defibrillators always revive people.
      3. Horror remakes pale in comparison to the originals.

      Yeah I just thought the revival of Mia destroyed any goodwill I had towards the film. Imagine if the book had burned and the victims would come back TOTALLY FINE instead of decomposing.

      • OK. Saw it yesterday.

        I never felt the need to look away, although I did gleefully mutter ‘god no!’ a few times under my breath, ‘god no! but yes please!’ I’m not a sick individual either, I just thought the film was fun rather than scary, it was especially fun when the Deadites where harming themselves because they, for the most part, did it with glee. I know they were technically messing up the possessed persons body, but the only way to ‘cure’ them is to kill them anyway, so who cares about the body anymore?

        Leading on to my main problem with the movie. I loved it right up until the tree set on fire. Then the pace changed and we saw Mia resurrected, unharmed.

        I thought it was great it terms of redemption for tree-raping her (a scene I loved in the re-make but that barely made an impact in the original). All is forgiven, I guess.
        It was great to see her kick that demon’s ass too, albeit losing her arm in the process. I did find her determination to use the chainsaw a little nonsensical. Which would have made me laugh earlier in the movie, after the pace change, it fell flat for me. I’m hoping I’ll see the fun in it next time around… I did find it kinda fun that she got cut by the machete she spurned and then won the fight with the chainsaw she’d hung onto. How the gas stayed in it is a mystery!


        So…. loved it!!!!

        But why the heck was Mia fine when she was ‘brought back’?

        Any thoughts on what happened to her scalding and the cut tongue?

        I know it was a pretty silly film, but that bugged me for some reason.

        • I was a bit annoyed with her injuries being healed as well. I mean, she completely butterflied her tongue…

          It also made the trailers hard to decipher because there was what appeared to be intense, third-act action with an unharmed Mia when it was fairly clear that she becomes possessed somewhere in the second act. However, having her be completely healed was a way to convey to David that she was cured of her possession. After he digs her up, there is a close up of Mia’s face as David says something to the effect of, “You’re at peace.”

          • Yeah, I figured it was supposed to show that she was ‘all better’. I was just waiting for her to come up behind him as a deadite again when he found deadite Eric.

            I really wanted his armless girlfriend to do the same trick when she fell into his lap. I loved it in the originals when they pretended to be all sweet and innocent and scared and then laughed and mocked the unpossessed humans for buying it!

            I didn’t spot the clues in the trailer! I tend to just let trailers wash over me :/

            I think it would have kept some of it’s punch if Mia had been wounded/messed up. It’s nice in terms of potential sequel, and the girl ‘winning’ for a change. But I hope next time this happens to Mia, when she decides to bring her new best friends (possible boyfriend) to the old cabin, she doesn’t decide to try to save them all and miraculously healed they all skip into the sunset.

        • There are plenty of things wrong with the revival scene. I know its your opinion on whether you liked it or not but I just thought that revival scene destroyed any respect it had towards the original. First, the rules clearly stated death by dismemberment, death by fire, or death by BURIAL. If you can be revived, you aren’t dead. Second, the injuries are completely healed when she came back. This took away from the realistic tone they were portraying. Third, she didn’t come back initally after the defib. attempt. Her brother turned away and in the half second, she quickly came back revived and unharmed. I honestly thought it was still the demon inside her. That would work out better because the character is a love struck idiot who can’t follow the rules. Finally, this whole thing makes Ash in the first film look like an idiot when he was pretty much portrayed as smart. He was also hesitant to kill his girlfriend but ultimately killed her eventually. Also, when the book burned (which they could not do here), did we see the victims come back to life? NO!!

          I honestly thought this was one of the worst films I have seen this year, worse than Texas Chainsaw 3D (which at least had the unintentional comedy advantage whereas this one frustrates me to no end). It’s also in a list with movie 43 and inappropriate comedy.

    • The first girl???? The deadite at the end wasn’t the first girl I don’t think it was anyway. And David put a bag over her head so she would have some air while she was buried and eric specifically said burying a person alive would cleanse them.

      • The deadite at the end, was a version of the first girl and is listed in the credits as “Abomination Mia”, albeit played by a different actor (a dude!). If you want to get corny and derivative about it, she was fighting her inner demon in regards to her addiction.

        • Edit* First girl meaning Mia being the first to be posessed, not the girl in the prologue. My apologies. Just to be clear, the deadite that comes from the ground at the end is an abomination version of Mia.

  17. Im sorry to disagree but this is a terrible cash in on a popular franchise. The serious tone did not work for this film as you start to notice flaws and point them out. The comedy tone allowed the characters to play off mistakes as jokes. The drug subplot did not work as it was quickly tossed away after the first act.

    One thing that pissed me off is the cheating of the mythology. It is said a fully possessed one (not talking about Ash in Evil dead 2 as he quickly overcame it before it fully overcame him) could only be cured by death by burial, death by fire, and death by dismemberment. They cheated the first one with a defibrillator. This pretty much ruined it for me. Imagine if Ash revived Linda. Needless to say, it’s a cash grab that eschews the evil dead audience in an attempt to go after the saw crowd with blood that eventually bores me.

  18. The movie was good, but it didn’t have some of the best scenes that were in the trailer. Such as the tree rape, or Mia saying it’s time to go to sleep. Hopefully they’re on the dvd when it releases.

    • I honestly never envisioned myself saying this but, tree rape was in the film, dude.

  19. Im sure they cut some tree rape part because it was rated NC-17 so they had to cut some stuff to make it rated R.

  20. Thought it was a pretty good movie, agree to some degree that it could possibly be a alternative dimension which would fit seeing how army of darkness was in. It would be interesting if Ash was there father which would tie perfectly in a way the brother having the gun and the sister having the chainsaw which she essentially became the female version of ash. The person who referenced the necklace good point. I wonder if it is the same book from the original series somehow made it to this dimension somehow. I give it 4 stars…if jessica lucas showed her awesome boobs regardless of how the movie was I would have given it a 5 star.

  21. After seeing the movie with friends, talking to friends who’s seen it, reading reviews and comments I am wondering…
    Is there anyone who’s seen every frame of the movie???
    Everybody, I mean everybody seems to have looked away or closed there eyes at some point during the movie. So I can’t help but wonder if there’s some sick individual on this planet who’s seen every second of it???
    Can we get a poll here on Screen Rant?
    If not answer here in the comments… ;)

    • Well, since it is only a movie, I have seen every frame of this movie (the only time I looked away was to use the bathroom, to urinate, not puke, which is why I went back and saw it again) and I assure you, I am no “sick individual”.

  22. Awesome movie. The holy grail of remakes that all should aspire to emulate.

    • James Wan directed Saw and Insidious. Not Fede Alvarez.

  23. I gave it a 4. Probably the best horror I’ve seen in several years.