‘Evil Dead’: New Release Date, Original NC-17 Rating & Bruce Campbell Cameo

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evil dead release date rating Evil Dead: New Release Date, Original NC 17 Rating & Bruce Campbell Cameo

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead represents B-movie horror material executed to its goriest (and inadvertently campiest) extremes, but can Fede Alvarez’ remake – co-written and produced by Raimi – succeed as the ultimate grotesque and surreal exercise in unadulterated body horror that its predecessor was intended to be? Well, those red band trailers are a good start.

Today, we’ve rounded up a handful of new Evil Dead-related tidbits for your reading pleasure, including the new release date, official R Rating following the initial NC-17 handed down by the MPAA and an update on whether or not fans can expect an appearance by Ash himself, Bruce Campbell (who’s co-producing the remake).

Campbell took to his Twitter account last night to break the news that Sony is moving Evil Dead up a week to release on April 5th, in response to Fox shifting its Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy buddy comedy The Heat to join the 2013 Summer lineup yesterday. That means Alvarez’ gorefest is now opening against the wide release of Jurassic Park 3D, rather than the historical sports drama 42 and Scary Movie 5.

Meanwhile, Alvarez confirmed the initial NC-17 Evil Dead cut on Twitter, saying:

Was proud of scoring a NC17 when submitted! But we had to cut stuff out to get an R and get the film into theaters.

Raimi and co-writer Diablo Cody were calling the remake “unbelievably violent,” well before the “Everything but the kitchen sink” preview footage arrived online. The film has now secured an official R Rating for “strong bloody violence and gore, sexual content and language,” with Alvarez promising that the theatrical version of Evil Dead includes “ALL the stuff you are seeing in the trailers.”

That means all the bodily mutilation, bloody fluid exchange and tree rape one could hope for, coming in a Lovecraftian horror tale that exploits the frailty of physical human form and our powerlessness in the face of greater, universal, forces that we can neither fully understand nor comprehend. Happy viewing, ya sickos.

Bruce Campbell as Ash in Evil Dead Evil Dead: New Release Date, Original NC 17 Rating & Bruce Campbell Cameo

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Campbell reaffirmed on his Twitter account that he’s producing Evil Dead, but insists he won’t be appearing onscreen. The fan-fave has been sticking to that line since the New York Comic-Con, where he also went to great lengths clarifying the rite-of-passage Jane Levy endured for Campbell to dub her worthy of being “the new Ash.” Last year, the actor hinted at the logic behind his absence in the remake as follows:

“I’m not at liberty to discuss [my possible cameo]. But the thing is we want it to be a standalone movie. You’re going to have some references [to the original] in there and there’s going to be things the fans will enjoy as far as familiar aspects, but it’s a whole new ball game.”

To be honest, a Campbell cameo – be it in the background or a supporting role – might’ve detracted from the serious (and genuinely disturbing) viewing experience the filmmakers are assembling, proving too incongruous within the overall design of the remake. Sure, it’s disappointing for hard-core fans, but if the new Evil Dead does its job properly, the lack of Campbell shouldn’t be so much of an issue.

Look for Evil Dead in theaters on April 5th, 2013.


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  1. Next to MOS this is my most anticipated movie of the year. I’m ready for this to break the cycle of found footage nonsense and start a new age of well crafted, imaginative and genuinely disturbing and suspenseful horror films. My hopes are super high for this one

    • +1

    • Yeah, I’m definitely hopeful this starts a moving-away from the found footage horror craze too.

      • I totally agree, that Red Band trailer genuinely disturbs me!

        Can’t wait!!

    • And the fact that their using practical effect like makeup instead of cg adds more.

      • *they’re

      • yeah massively!! I don’t understand horror directors who start off practical and then cop out and use CGI

        Alexandre Aja who did Switchblade Romance then The Hill Have Eyes was destined for greatness, then Mirrors and Piranha happened and he’s done nothing!

        • Mirrors is terrible…. However, piranha is super fun time CGI or no

    • HEY! We agree on something. :D

      • LOL you’re like the magneto to my xavier

    • anyone notice that hollywood keeps copying japanese horror movies? once The-Ring and Grude came out in japan, u.s filmmakers been copying there ghosts over and over and over, how about they come up with their own stuff and stop copying japan in horror department. seriously look at that evil dead pic, look familiar?

      • Do you have any idea what this movie’s about? Have the seen the original? This is about as far removed from the grudge as things get.

    • grudge*

    • Yeah, I am so not taking my son to see this, or my wife, or anyone with a weak Constitution.

      Oddly, my Mom is stoked to see this, she is a fan of Evil Dead and in her disturbing words.

      “I am a Widow, I would Jump Bruce Campbell in two ticks of a lambs tail.”

      I called my therapist after that.

      • Hahaha she likes a whole lotta boomstick haha

    • MOS?

  2. aw yea baby! ready to check this out!

  3. Not sure i want to see the R rated version when the Unrated version will be available on DVD. Not really into seeing cut versions.

    As for ED itself i’m kinda looking forward to this one. Hollywood seems to release one PG13 crapfest after another when it comes to “horror” so it’s refreshing to see the return of damn gory, bloody, body horror.

    To be honest though without Ash this is not really an ED film, it’s basically riffing off the original. If you go see this expecting great one liners you will be very disappointed ( unless you think Diablo Cody is high art of course ).

    • I wouldn’t worry to much about the cuts. It’s likely part of the marketing strategy for the inevitable ‘too extreme for theatres!’ Blu-ray. I’d wager they knew going in they wanted an R and knew pretty much how far they could push it. My money says that the theatrical will be almost precisely what the director intended. An R rating goes pretty far these days. I’d imagine we’re losing 5 tree-rapey seconds or so! Can’t wait for this movie!… (That’s sounds so wrong in context with the preceding sentence)

      • Tree rapey haha

    • I’m SO glad you mentioned the ‘PG13 crapfest’ epidemic that’s been sweeping the nation for sometime. It’s my #1 pet peeve about horror. ED definitely gives me hope for a new direction!

      • Hollywood seems to forget that something’s should be left for adults to enjoy, horror being one of them!

        When did everything become so kid orientated? I still can’t believe they got away with saying ‘f*ck’ in X Men First Class!!

  4. So freaking stoked for this beast. Bring on the mayhem. Lol.

  5. Whenever I read about this movie, I can’t help but get a huge stupid grin on my face.

  6. He’ll appear as a gas station attendant, early before they get to the cabin thus not detracting from the movie

  7. Back in the 70′s it would prolly been rated pg-13

  8. And I want to be clear that not making a role for Campbell, even a small cameo, is a mistake. He deserves to be a part of this movie (on screen) in some capacity.

    • We all love Bruce Campbell but even he (as producer) thinks that’s a bad idea. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge moments are not the tone they’re going for here. As a huge fan of ED and Bruce the best way they can honour the originals legacy is by doing what they’re doing…. Taking scaring the life out of people super super seriously

  9. seriously how hard is it to come up with a original character? they need to stop copying japan! if you have to keep copying japan over and over then you shouldn’t be in hollywood to begin with. omg i feel like everytime i see a comercial of a horror ghost movie it is the same ole grudge/the ring ripoff character. i keep hoping for something original every year and it never happens, i been good santa

    • This isn’t influenced by Japanese horror in any way, shape, or form as far as I understand. And it’s not a ghost story either, it’s a demonic possession movie. I ask again, have you seen the original evil dead? If not, get to it Immediately and get clued up sir. Are you basing your comment and opinion of this movie on the one frame at the top of this article? Do some research, otherwise it looks like you’re going to miss out on a fun movie.

    • I think it’s ironic that this movie feels like such a breath of fresh air. especially considering it’s a remake of a classic I believed to be untouchable. It begs the question, what other horror movies could use a makeover? What’s sacrilege? I still believe ‘carrie”s one that shouldn’t have been touched,

      • I’ll start with one of my favourites. Hellraiser needs desperate retooling… And please keep platinum dunes as far away from it as possible!

    • @nubob

      Dude, if anything, Japanese Movies copied the Original Evil Dead. That is not a boast, thats a fact.

      Long before The Ring and movies of the like that came from or was infulence by Japanese, There was Evil Dead, which like in the United States and most of the World, and in Japan where is revered, Evil Dead is the Citizens Kane of Horror Movies.

      • I think the Japanese horror remake died out pretty quickly in favour of found footage movies

        Plus the decent ones like Ichi and Audition have been left alone

    • Nubob, shut the hell up about them using japan work. so what they making MONEY.! what the hell you doing. you hater. Im excited to see this movie.!! :-)

  10. No Bruce Campbell?! Wtf…. I still feel like he will make an appearance in there somewhere.. I understand bring the remake to a whole new ball game but damn… Bruce Campbell;s Ash better be in there for a brief cameo! He’s the man

  11. Idk why that guy keeps bringing up the grudge and the ring when this is nothing close to it. This was BEFORE the grudge/the ring and dont even try to put them next to each other cause its not possible. Evil Dead is classic Horror, Hellraiser definitely needs a remake but like the old ones not sh*tty revelations:/ Those two are my favorite classics, All time is the Exorcist tho but No one deserves to remake that, Ever.

  12. Well Hellraiser Revelations was only made to retain licensing to the studio when the remake eventually happens. Same with Curse of Chucky. But yeah, the Asian thing has been done to death. And now found footage is the craze I suppose.

  13. Where is the Bruce?

  14. Nubob, dont get your hate’n ass back on here. you broke fan. if they want to use Japan work so what.! show support you no money making hater.!!

  15. Such crap that the MPAA gets to dictate what I would like to see in the theater.

    They’re not allowed to get their censoring hands on what goes on DVD, and stores have no problems selling Unrated, NC-17 or X rated films, so why does this have to be the case with the theater?

    Why do filmmakers not get final cut on a film? Why do these average joe MPAA people get to make the final cut? How is this small band of 12 or so people representative of all of us? Especially horror fans?

    We need to do away with the MPAA! Just tell us, as they do on HBO/Showtime etc if there’s violence, nudity, language, etc. That’s enough warning for parents, isn’t it?

  16. The previews showed all of the good stuff, and the movie didn’t even show Mia singing “we’re gonna get you, not another peep.” It was a huge let down, in my opinion. It wasn’t a bad movie, but it certainly did not live up to the hype. I didn’t like the ending at all, this reboot or whatever you want to call it was just too unlike the original for me. Just my opinion, but what can you do? I am one for the originals.

  17. This movie is so awesome. I saw it in the theater when released. Couple behind me were like screaming ooooooooooooh and oooooooooooooh, when there were lots of gore, and I kept saying that is nothing. To me Dead Alive is still the king of gore movie out. I am wanting to see an uncut unrated edition and hope they do not take too long in putting it out. I am not the only one upset that they just put an rated R Blu-Ray out.