‘Evil Dead’ Red-Band Trailer: Try Not to Cringe While Watching This

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The 2013 version of Evil Dead faced a LOT of hate when it was initially announced – and not without reason. The original 1981 film from Sam Raimi (Spider-Man Trilogy) has been a cult-classic for the 30+ years since its release – as has the film’s star, the iconic Bruce Campbell.

When the new Evil Dead came to NYCC 2012, it faced a room full of hardcore skeptics but managed to turn the tide through a combination of gruesome footage and the overpowering charisma of Bruce Campbell; that footage was later premiered in the Evil Dead teaser trailer, and support for the remake has been building ever since. This latest red-band trailer attempts to continue the positive buzz, by drowning viewers in the full depth of horror and gore Evil Dead fans want.

…So it’s not surprising that horror and gore are exactly what we get. It’s hard for me to watch every moment of that trailer with my eyes open – but I saw enough to notice the many Easter-eggs that connect this new version with Raimi’s original. From the severed limbs to the iconic book of the dead (Necronomicon) to that sexually aggressive tree and familiar swooping woodland camera shots, it seems that many of what people liked about the original film will be at least acknowledged.


Evil Dead 2013 poster1 570x821 Evil Dead Red Band Trailer: Try Not to Cringe While Watching This

Director Fede Alvarez was handpicked by Raimi himself for this project (Raimi is involved as a producer along with Campbell), and it’s easy to see why from this footage. The look of Evil Dead 2013 has that ‘beautifully dark and gritty’ sheen of one of those Platinum Dunes slasher film remakes (Friday the 13thTexas Chainsaw Massacre) – but Alvarez (with help from Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody) seems to be more wickedly imaginative and unafraid to go there with both his terror scares and gross-out antics – as opposed to the formulaic boredom of those Dunes films. Case in point: never has two girls kissing looked more unappealing…

At this point, we’d say it’s fine to tap that one friend who is still huffing and puffing about this remake’s existence and let him/her know that it’s okay – it’s okay to be cautiously optimistic that Evil Dead could be a remake that was actually worth re-making.


Do you ‘Dare to Share your Scare?’

Evil Dead 2013 Image Red Band Trailer 570x300 Evil Dead Red Band Trailer: Try Not to Cringe While Watching This

Want to get in on the Evil Dead experience? The studio is offering you that very chance in the form of a fun game in which you are able to record your reactions to this red-band trailer. That recording can then be shared with friends via social media.

Granted, if you’ve already watched the trailer, capturing an authentic reaction might be a bit difficult; but you can still lure friends and loved ones into serving as your test subjects!

Here are the instructions for the game:

Trust us when we say: This red-band trailer should get some pretty…inspired reactions.

Evil Dead will be in theaters on April 12, 2013.

Source: Film District

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  1. That last scene is very disturbing.

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      • Stop posting that ess aitch eye tee because THEY ARE ALL SCAMS!!!

  2. This looks disturbing….even by Evil Dead standards

  3. I’ll definitely be checking this one out!

  4. Challenge…Accepted.

  5. Oh my, I regret watching that.

  6. Yeah, I was eating a pasta dinner when I wrote this up. BIG MISTAKE.

  7. Did’nt even blink.

  8. Was not that bad. Then again, I have seen worse in life, so I guess a movie wont make no never mind. As I know it is only a movie, therefore nothing can make me cringe.

    God, even my nerves are old.

  9. Man, i think i got gyped on the share your scare, was it about 10 seconds of video in super atari pixilation for every body. That was an awesome trailer. I approve, for real i think its been years since something was done this right.

  10. That last scene…..omg…I was drinking something..good thing I wasn’t eating.

  11. It looks like their keeping the spirit of the original, and it does look genuinely creepy. Let’s pray for some comedy and scares with less CGI (because CGI does not make things scarier and nor do they make things funnier, and if the remake overloads on CGI I don’t think this film will be any good). Looks intriguing and might check it out.

    • Fede Alverez, who is directing it, said he was trying to go for a straight horror like the first. Also he said all the effects would be done practically, with little to no CGI

  12. nothing like a good old mouth to mouth session :P hehehe that crazy b**ch peaking out of the basement was about the only scary thing in the whole trailer and she was sorta cute when you think about it :D *piss leaks down pants*

  13. cant wait to watch this movie…

  14. there is a difference between horror and torture porn. i mean I Saw The Devil was intense and gruesome. Hell The Chaser was intense and gruesome. but to to take it to this level it doesn\’t make any sense. you\’re just trying to make people sick in the stomach instead of enjoying a movie. it doesn\’t become entertainment anymore. this is some high school project sh*t.

    • Spoken like someone who never saw the original.

      The original was meant to push the “gross-out” boundaries at that time.

      This movie is doing the same.

    • This isn’t torture porn. This is more in line with a 70′s splatter film, which you would probably also consider torture porn because they have gore in them

  15. I’ll see it just for that part where she’s poking her head out through the floor.

    Looks really good, I haven’t enjoyed a horror movie for a while, I hope this changes that.

  16. Oh I’m definetly gonna have fun at this movie.

    Also I’m normally opposed to remakes but that fact that this has Campbell’s and Raimi’s blessing is perfectly fine with me.

    Plus in my eyes I dont really consider this a remake because unlike most recent remakes (Total Recall, Red Dawn, etc.) where the original character is played by someone newer and younger, there hasnt been any indication that the character of Ash Williams will be here. Therefore I consider this more as a continuation or a reimagining for a new age.

  17. The puking blood and the slicing of tongue gave me the willies.

  18. Wow, that last scene just changed how I view girl on girl….

  19. WHAT



  20. That trailer was pretty damned graphic. It definetly looks worth watching. If its being billed as “the most terrifying film youll ever experience” than it has alot to live up to. And by the looks of it I think it just might. I need to rewatch the original Evil Dead before seeing this one though. Im not gonna lie, I cringed a few times, especially at the vomit scene. Only thing thats bugging me a little is the fact that the blood appears to be orange-ish like tomato sauce lol.

  21. I’m definitely checking this out!!!

  22. Worst. Lesbian. Kiss. EVER.

  23. Am I the only one who finds the ridiculousness comical? I mean, you can totally tell that they are trying way too hard to gore people out and it’s just pointless. For the time being i am not impressed, or at least not yet.

  24. Ya see, I’ve been desensitized. Seeing movies like Martyrs and A Serbian Film just sorta make this seem rather blase. Although, I am excited for this movie still.

  25. Well alright. That was uh…. interesting

  26. idk but we used to watch the Evil Dead movies in sleepovers just for laughs…

  27. Die hard (Bruce Willis) fan of the first trilogy. Own them, watch them at least once a year, and know about as much as you can about the films. I thought a remake of these movies could be amazing but thought it highly unlikely anyone could pull it off ( even with Sam and Bruce’s seal of aprovel ) but after seeing this preview I believe the craziness, gore, and creepiness should prove sufficient. I am particularly interested in seeing what happens to that poor girl after she CUTS OFF her left limb ( I doubt we’ll be so lucky as to see another chainsaw arm but maybe another little goodie will take its place). I believe there will be enough nudge, nudge, wink, winks, to satisfiy the old fans without bewildering the sure to be new fans. I wholeheartedly believe this will be the perfect storm that creates the first fantastic remake of a moive in years (almost said ever but looked it up and YES there are some good remakes). Horror and comedy are my favorite genres because of how difficult it is to make one that’s going to last years and decades. I hope one day to watch this movie and its prediceser with my son just like I did with my dad and the original. Only time will tell.

  28. I can’t share their terror, because I am afraid of terror. Also because I usually optimistic upward, the terrible happened rarely, so the site for me no great effect.

  29. If this is going to live up to its tagline for me personally it’s going to have to rely on something more than just self-mutilation and creepy makeup. Honestly, Lady Vengeance was probably the most disturbing film I’ve ever seen and I can’t really see this remake surpassing that. I’m sure Evil Dead will be better than most remakes but if it wants to play itself up as “the most terrifying film you will ever experience” it’ll have to really show its range with the next couple trailers.