‘Evil Dead’ Red-Band Trailer: Try Not to Cringe While Watching This

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The 2013 version of Evil Dead faced a LOT of hate when it was initially announced – and not without reason. The original 1981 film from Sam Raimi (Spider-Man Trilogy) has been a cult-classic for the 30+ years since its release – as has the film’s star, the iconic Bruce Campbell.

When the new Evil Dead came to NYCC 2012, it faced a room full of hardcore skeptics but managed to turn the tide through a combination of gruesome footage and the overpowering charisma of Bruce Campbell; that footage was later premiered in the Evil Dead teaser trailer, and support for the remake has been building ever since. This latest red-band trailer attempts to continue the positive buzz, by drowning viewers in the full depth of horror and gore Evil Dead fans want.

…So it’s not surprising that horror and gore are exactly what we get. It’s hard for me to watch every moment of that trailer with my eyes open – but I saw enough to notice the many Easter-eggs that connect this new version with Raimi’s original. From the severed limbs to the iconic book of the dead (Necronomicon) to that sexually aggressive tree and familiar swooping woodland camera shots, it seems that many of what people liked about the original film will be at least acknowledged.


Evil Dead 2013 poster1 570x821 Evil Dead Red Band Trailer: Try Not to Cringe While Watching This

Director Fede Alvarez was handpicked by Raimi himself for this project (Raimi is involved as a producer along with Campbell), and it’s easy to see why from this footage. The look of Evil Dead 2013 has that ‘beautifully dark and gritty’ sheen of one of those Platinum Dunes slasher film remakes (Friday the 13thTexas Chainsaw Massacre) – but Alvarez (with help from Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody) seems to be more wickedly imaginative and unafraid to go there with both his terror scares and gross-out antics – as opposed to the formulaic boredom of those Dunes films. Case in point: never has two girls kissing looked more unappealing…

At this point, we’d say it’s fine to tap that one friend who is still huffing and puffing about this remake’s existence and let him/her know that it’s okay – it’s okay to be cautiously optimistic that Evil Dead could be a remake that was actually worth re-making.

Do you ‘Dare to Share your Scare?’

Evil Dead 2013 Image Red Band Trailer 570x300 Evil Dead Red Band Trailer: Try Not to Cringe While Watching This

Want to get in on the Evil Dead experience? The studio is offering you that very chance in the form of a fun game in which you are able to record your reactions to this red-band trailer. That recording can then be shared with friends via social media.

Granted, if you’ve already watched the trailer, capturing an authentic reaction might be a bit difficult; but you can still lure friends and loved ones into serving as your test subjects!

Here are the instructions for the game:

Trust us when we say: This red-band trailer should get some pretty…inspired reactions.

Evil Dead will be in theaters on April 12, 2013.

Source: Film District

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  1. Boo to it being yet another remake-imagining sort of thing Yey to it not being a found footage fiasco horror film assembled from cliches.. Plus it does seem to have the spirit of the original in there which puts it one above most souless remakes, Texas Chainsaw 3D etc. So all in all I’ll rate my anticipation as three severed fingers out of five.

  2. I am always the first person to hide my face or cringe away but i do it for the thrill. I was told to watch this so I did in the dark with the sound up and I was bored, it was more comical then anything..

  3. That was awesome!:) can’t wait

  4. Gore doesn’t equal scary. Chanting children’s songs (overdone/stolen from origianl Nightmare on Elmstreet) doesn’t equal scary. Grotesque lesbian suggestion doesn’t equal scary. The original Evil Dead (series) was pure genius because it was completely unexpected. The absurd humor and blowhard protagonist was entirley incongruent, which mad ethe scare factor that much more intense. You don’t know whether to laugh or shreik, but you often do both. It catches you off guard and blows your mind. According to this trailer, the remake appears trite and formulaic. Oh, Bruce Campbell and your chainsaw hand, how I miss you!

    • Wow, a hater that doesn’t even know what he/she is talking about! For one thing, the ORIGINAL Evil Dead wasn’t comedic at all. It was a straight forward gore fest horror movie. It was just unintentionally funny at times because of the bad acting and the low budget effects at times. It wasn’t until Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness that they started going the comedy route.

      Gore was a huge factor of the original, what did you expect? And you are wrong about “chanting children’s songs being over done and stolen from Nightmare on Elm Street”. The part here is directly from the original Evil Dead (which was released BEFORE Nightmare on Elm Street. So according to your logic, A Nightmare on Elm Street is just a rip off of Evil Dead! That isn’t what I think, but that follows your logic).

      As for Bruce Campbell not being in it, that was HIS choice. But he did help produce the film and has supported it since the beginning. In fact, at the end of the premiere he said in an interview “you wanted a cameo, well, here’s your freaking cameo :)”.

      Hate all you want, but at least have an idea of what you are talking about.

      • +1.

      • Groovy answer!..

  5. It doesn’t really look scary except for the “we’re going to get you” s***. KICK HER IN THE THROAT!

  6. The heart and core of The Evil Dead originals is creature creations and excellent make up effects. A lost art which was big in the 80’s being most horror movies are now all C.G.I. All I saw in this trailer was colored contact lenses and fake blood. This is far from Sam Raimi’s classic masterpieces. I miss your work Sam! I’ll check it out but I’m not impressed in the least by this trailer.

    • Not to mention the voice-audio effects-acting… freaking awesome!.. this one misses about it, but… hey, Fede Alvarez did a great job!.. considering how heavy the task to bring back a cult classic horror film is, and what’s more, it’s his first full-lenght film.

  7. Dude that was so awesome! I would LOVE to see that!

  8. I would suck that lesbos bloody tongue right up!

  9. I saw the original Evil Dead in 1982 when I was 7 years old. A friend’s dad brought it home on VHS and let us watch it with him. We were terrified and didn’t play in the woods for at least a week afterward. Great show!!
    I spent the next 30 years watching horror films and thrillers trying to recapture that feeling of terror but no other film delivered.
    I greatly anticipate seeing the remake next month!

  10. This is more disturbing and disgusting than it is scary

  11. anyway, I Just Saved a Bunch of Money on My Car Insuranceby switching!

  12. must be a scare feast!

  13. really really dumb!! not even half scare!!.. will wait for the DVD.

  14. So so so inappropriate I mean what the heck this trailer looks worse that Texas chainsaw massacre and all the saw movies put together and I love that stuff! Not this crap

    • I am, and I still have better taste in horror movies then you.

  15. Cant wait,finally a horror movie that might shake me up a bit!i saw the red trailer and i want to see the movie now! might even go a few times to see this one!!!!

  16. I am, and I still have better taste in horror movies then you.

  17. Meh? Looks interesting, but Bruce Campbell’s Ash character can’t be replaced. Plus why make a remake, when the original was just fine?? I know there’s horror junkies who love these new CGI gore versions, but I’m old Skool here. If I’m going to pay money to see The Doors, I want to see them with Jim…get it? But whatever…everyone can have their opinion, I’m just not too pumped up for this, every remake before has come way too short off the cliff in challenging there original counterparts.

    • There isn’t any CGI gore in the movie, nor is there an Ash

  18. meh, wasn’t that cringe worthy to me. I have seen worse seeings as I have seen all the saw movies and hostel 2.

    Hopefully if they do a second evil dead remake it will be more comedic.

  19. What a waste of film. When are we going to get original films, instead of ‘money for old rope’ remakes constantly being churned out by the bucket load? Remakes very rarely work (there are a few exceptions out there) and tend to sell off the back of the title. It seems to be anything for easy money these days. Such a shame.

  20. I am 18 year old

  21. Wow! The trailer for this movie DID make me cringe! What a movie!