‘Evil Dead’ Remake Director & Writer Have NOT Dropped Out of ‘Evil Dead 2′ [Updated]

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Evil Dead Levy 570x294 Evil Dead Remake Director & Writer Have NOT Dropped Out of Evil Dead 2 [Updated]

[UPDATE: Alvarez has clarified that he and Sayagues are, in fact, still onboard for Evil Dead 2. Read on for his explanation.]

Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake was met with a lot of split reaction from audiences (read our review), but the film nonetheless met all the necessary financial requirements to necessitate a sequel. In fact, months ago, Alvarez spoke about his intentions for the burgeoning reboot franchise going forward, saying that he’d like to eventually tie his own movies in with Sam Raimi’s currently germinating Army of Darkness 2.

But all of his well-laid plans have come to a very abrupt halt, because Alvarez – as well as co-writer Rodo Sayagues – are no longer onboard with the Evil Dead 2. The announcement comes as a surprise for several reasons, the least of which being that Alvarez has been chatting about progress on the film since March’s SXSW festival; Evil Dead‘s box office alone should have secured his place on production, and whether you admired his efforts or not, this turn of events still comes off as sudden.

Shock Till You Drop broke the news this morning, by way of an interview Sayagues did with Gorosito.TV. Naturally, he held back on specific details regarding their departure from the film, but he did have this to say in the following quote:

Look, I am sorry to tell you this but that movie won’t happen. Evil Dead 2 is not going to happen, at least not with us involved. We left that project many months ago because we preferred to put our energies on other things. I don’t know if the producers still have intentions of making it. But what I can tell you is that we are not part of that project.

Randal Wilson as Abomination Mia in Evil Dead 2013 Evil Dead Remake Director & Writer Have NOT Dropped Out of Evil Dead 2 [Updated]

Describing this development as “unexpected” would be a huge understatement, but there’s definitely truth to what Sayagues is saying. Alvarez has a lot on his plate: at the moment nothing appears to have come out of his rumored meeting with Marvel, but he is currently in the running to turn Dante’s Inferno into a big screen feature; in addition, Alvarez and Sayagues are currently working on a number of different endeavors together. That’s a lot of distractions, so it’s easy to see how they could be unavailable for Evil Dead 2.

It seems unlikely that the film would get tanked wholesale by Ghost House; among the slew of commercially viable horror pictures in 2013, Evil Dead ranks toward the middle of the list, coming in far behind efforts like The Conjuring and The Purge in terms of revenue, and yet still boasting respectable returns ($97 million worldwide on a $17 million budget). Scrapping it seems imprudent, though perhaps the studio feels that Alvarez and Sayagues were too integral to its success to forge on without them.

Regardless, it’s impossible to say whether Evil Dead 2 is defunct or not; we just know that the minds behind the last movie aren’t involved anymore. If there’s a silver lining here, it’s that none of this has impacted the momentum behind Army of Darkness 2, which Alvarez confirmed Raimi will direct.

UPDATE: Alvarez contact BD and revealed that “stuff got lost in translation” (a whole lot, at that) during Sayagues’ interview with Gorosito:

“Rodo meant we’re not actually making ‘Evil Dead 2′ right now because the priority is Sam’s ‘Army of Darkness 2.’ But the plan of making a sequel to our ‘Evil Dead’ is very much alive.”


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We’ll keep you updated on the status of both Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness 2.

Source: Gorosito.TV via Shock Till You Drop

Update Source: BD

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  1. Don’t blame him, he is talented enough to be concentrating on his own original projects where he wont have a bunch of people whining “it wasn’t the same as the first” no Sh*t it’s a remake!

  2. What the hell! Well no need to fret anyhow. With Raimi picking this franchise back up I’m pretty pumped.

  3. As a person who always cites Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn as their favorite movie of all time, I have to say that the idea of remakes or sequels worries me from the start.

    Sure, we can all ignore and pretend like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull never happened, but the Indy legacy will forever be tainted. That’s why I hope all this Army of Darkness 2 talk is just that – talk.

    Alvarez’s remake was admirable and his use of in-house camera tricks was refreshing, but tonally Evil Dead was all over the place, at one moment wanting to be a down, dirty and gritty, and then next wanting to wink at the camera and try to remind us that Sam Raimi once made these.

    Overall, it felt unnecessary, and that’s exactly what a sequel to Army of Darkness would be.

    • the army of darkness sequel is gonna be made my raimi though

      • Raimi has yet to say anything on record so I’m pretty skeptical.

        • Yeah that whole “CONFIRMED RAIMI DIRECTING ARMY OF DARKNESS 2″ stuff here on SR seems to just be conjecture at this point. Raimi did say in an interview for Oz that he would be writing the sequel during the summer. So its “CONFIRMED” based on Alvarez’s tweet and a comment about a script from an interview several months back. It doesn’t seem very confirmed to me.

  4. I thought they we supposed to do a crossover??

  5. So will they just remake Evil Dead, just like the original Evil Dead 2?

  6. I think it’s hard for anyone to come up with an original horror idea these days, we have been over indulged with mediocre horror films for years now with both in film and now on TV, vampires and zombies just don’t have the impact that they used to!
    The Evil Dead remake was ok, but again was just another variation on every other horror film of the last ten years, even the hardcore gore has become standard now and they showed all the best bits in the trailer!

    Last horror film that genuinely scared me and stunned me, Switchblade Romance, everything else has been meh!

  7. i wonder what happ

  8. I thought that this and the Army of Darkness sequel were the same thing? Oh well… cool cool cool. I really enjoyed the remake. Finally saw it this week.


    the chainsaw stab at the end was epic!! perfect way to end the movie.

  9. Wow too bad. His Evil Dead version is pretty decent.

  10. Maybe Raimi is making Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness 2 back to back, just a thought…

  11. Id like to see his version of a Dantes Inferno film. That would be pretty insane!

    • Yeah, if he’s leaving this project to do that then I’m ok with that decision. I thought Dante’s Inferno was one of the most underrated games of the last console generation and still have hope they’ll continue with Purgatorio after the teaser at the end of Inferno.

      I’d love to see a live action version of that epic, sweeping camera shot used in the game when Dante rides atop Phlegyas along that bridge towards the gates of Dis. That was probably my favourite moment of the game.

  12. Weak. I think he’s awesome though so best of luck to whichever project he puts out next.

  13. So, when Alvarez was attached to Evil Dead 2, it was “nooo! The Evil Dead remake sucked hard, it was horrible and no one should ever watch it!” Now that he’s not doing it, it’s: “oh that sucks, his Evil Dead remake was great, and he’s an awesome director!”

    • Not from me. I was excited for this project from day one and thought the finished product was outstanding. Plenty of folks still hate it though..l can’t see why personally. I think it absolutely honours the original and brings the special fun that only a disturbing gore-fest can.

      • Yeah, same here.

        I walked in expecting a fun movie reminiscent of the originals and wasn’t disappointed.

        The hate it got must come from people who claim to be ED fans but aren’t.

  14. I’d say that Ash has moved his way up to S-Mart manager by now.

    • There’s still S-Mart in a post-apocalyptic world?

      That’s really shopping smart.

  15. Wait, what? Was the original interview in another language, and was translated by a complete moron? Because the phrase “I’m sorry to tell you, but that movie won’t happen. Evil Dead 2 is not going to happen, at least not with us involved” was pretty clear that they were not involved. Alvarez statement is a complete contradiction, not a clarification. Someone dropped the ball big time here.

  16. Anyone else think Alvarez’s response smells funny? Campbell has repeatedly said over the past couple of weeks that AOD2 isn’t even in the scripting stages and that it’s a lot of conjecture as to if it will ever get finished. He admitted the ‘yes’ heard round the world was given to shut up an audience member. The only person who definitively keeps saying AOD2 will happen is Alvarez, and Campbell – who is way closer to the project – keeps saying his opinion is incorrect.

  17. Thats not fair alvarez!! I want to see an evil dead 2!! Evil dead is a classic(:
    Im glad sam is still going through with army of darkness two((: