SR Geek Picks: ‘Superman Returns’ Nitpicks, ‘Game of Thrones’ Rap & More

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find a Game of Thrones Birthday Rap Battle; what everyone would look like if they laughed like Ricky Gervais; See Everything Wrong with Superman Returns in 6 Minutes; and hear a Psychonauts Rap. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

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Game of Thrones Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle (Featuring Taryn Southern) [SPOILERS]


Straight out of Westeros comes the Game of Thrones Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle! It’s Max’s 10th birthday party – there’s cake, candy, balloons, a bouncy castle, and the characters from Game of Thrones with their medieval swagger on full display. Epic rap breakdowns from all of your favorite characters! Including Robert Baratheon, Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Joffrey, Khaleesi (played by Taryn Southern!), and more! Watch how a birthday party is supposed to be – Seven Kingdoms-style – in the most ultimate rap battle ever!

George R.R. Martin Responds to the GOT Red Wedding Backlash

The author behind the Red Wedding gets medieval on us.

PG-13 language, spoilers.

CandyMan Crush Saga

DIY Bowser

DIY Bowser 570x427 SR Geek Picks: Superman Returns Nitpicks, Game of Thrones Rap & More

Zelda Stop Motion – Stage 1 : The Knife Lord

Link is back, and this time with a special guest to help him fight the boss of stage one! This video is made up of more than 4000 pictures and took one whole month of production!


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  1. Ok. Regarding the everything wrong with Singerman Returns….

    Why is it that ppl are never this critical when the movie is released? Its not only until after.. when the studios make all their money that ppl are BRAVE enough to call it rubbish.

    Just sayin…

    • I think part of it has to do with people getting caught up in the excitement.

    • The movie failed, so they didn’t HAVE to say it. It was apparent.

    • I think people were saying it was crap right away.

      • Yep, they were. It’s just that it did well because it was a Superman movie and people hadn’t seen one in a while.

        Then you have the fact that stupid people go and see a crap movie even though the trailer shows it to be terrible (like Meet The Spartans doing amazingly and getting its budget back in US ticket sales alone and that Wayans deviation from their own Scary Movie films being panned critically but still doing well enough in the US to grant a sequel…not just blaming US audiences for stupidity, it’s just that the movie hasn’t released anywhere else that I know of except for a direct-to-TV thing in Australia when one of my friends said it was terrible a few days ago).

        I didn’t see Superman Returns until it was on TV in 2008 and was glad that I never paid the price of a ticket to watch it. Struggled to get to the end of that movie, it was so long and dull.

        • Long and dull, just like your comment.

          • lmao!!

    • I’m sorry, what was all that praise I heard about The Dork Knight? there’s a bus-load of things wrong with THAT film too (actually, all three films). But no, fanboys would rather trash Superman.

      Any complaints about this Superman movie could be levied at the original Superman movie (well, “original” as in the one with Christopher Reeve) as well. It’s silly, it’s based on a comic book. The types of complaints about the film are exactly the types of things that are in the original stories.

      It’s like complaining that there’s an insane murderer with a chainsaw in a movie called “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

      • “Any complaints about this Superman movie could be levied at the original Superman movie”

        In the words of Kevin Spacey desperating trying to be Gene Hackman, WWRRROOOOOOONGGGGGG.

        The original Superman movie didn’t have a superpowered stalker who spent more time moping about his ex-girlfriend than actually saving the world.

        It didn’t have young Kate Bosworth unconvincingly portraying Lois Lane with a 5 year old kid that made her look like she’d been an underage mother.

        It didn’t have Superman getting his ass kicked by Kumar and a few nameless henchmen while screaming “I’m still Superman!”

        And so on. That’s just the Singer apologists talking, trying to salvage their wreck of a movie by invoking the 1978 classic.

        • +1

          Also Mikey, no one is denying the fact that the Dark Knight Trilogy had problems. They get a pass because OVERALL, they are good movies. Superman Returns, not so much. And fanboys having a problem with Superman movies and not Batman, like GG said, WWRRROOOONNNGGGGG!!!

          The first two Superman movies were loved by everyone, (and still are) the other films (including Superman Returns) were just bad. Same with Batman. Most love The Dark Knight Trilogy and the first two Batman movies (because they are GOOD movies). However, NO ONE liked Batman and Robin just because it’s a “Batman” movie. It was terrible, and everyone hated it. So, no, fanboys don’t just leave Batman alone and jump on Superman.

          • Yeah the dark knight trilogy was good for catching up on sleep.

  2. Gotta love Jimmy Fallon!

  3. @ Ben

    I was pumped for Superman Returns but afterwards was disappointed of how it turned out to be in more ways than one. Probly way im not too thrilled about MOS because what could that movie show that hasn’t been done on film or television already, special effects aside,etc. I noticed already the film begins similiar to what Nolan’s Batman trilogy started like. I can’t imagine if they plan to do that kind of thing with every DC hero.

    • Can’t imagine them doing what with every DC hero?

      Giving them an origin story at the start of their movie debut?

      Honestly, the MOS trailers you’ve seen should have already told you that it will be a great movie that puts storytelling and character building above massive setpieces.

      I’d normally avoid it because it’s a Zack Snyder movie but Nolan and Goyer being involved and the trailers I’ve seen so far have woke me up to how good this looks like it’s going to be and shaken the cynicism away.

      • @ Dazz

        Can’t imagine giving every DC hero the Batman Begins beginning touch. From childhood to adulthood via flashbacks,etc. We seen Bruce’s parent’s murder via flashbacks in the Burton/Schumacher films aswell as Batman Begins. And now Clark’s early life via flashback. I gotta ask if thats how it’s gonna be with other heroe’s solo films?

        I don’t take trailers for me get all too hyped up as much. I learned that lesson from films like Superman Returns, Transformers 2 & 3, TDKR, etc.

        Even with Nolan & Goyer involved doesn’t get me so thrilled about the film.

        • @Wally West

          But origin stories show us how superheroes became superheroes. What their motivations are. Take those away and you just have a meaningless movie with a character you can’t truly connect with.

          Those flashbacks with the Batman movies had to be shown so that casual viewers who don’t read comic books know what made him choose to become Batman. Same with Superman, they have to show his adoptive human parents so that they help make it easy to understand what makes Superman different from other aliens who arrive to attack Earth.

          Trailers are there to let you know if you’ll enjoy or hate a movie without having to pay for a ticket to watch the whole thing before deciding which side of the fence you’re on.

          As for disappointment with TDKR….I have nothing to say about that. Personally, I loved it and can’t understand why so many hate it so I won’t even attempt to promote further discussion there because I’ve heard the negative points too many times and still don’t agree with them.

          • +1

            I find for an origin story, you really need that touch of emotion to not only connect to the audience but also establish the character and view him more then just a man with powers. I think everything that happens after can be all the more impactful, like understanding his actions a bit more and his reactions throughout the film.

          • @ Dazz

            Id like to see origin stories of te heroes, but not done by flashbacks. I want to see their origins as they happen. Like Batman Begins could of started with Bruce’s parent’s murder being a tragic standpoint at the beginning of the film then the rest picks up 10 or so years later when he’s older & is seen a Chill’s court hearing. You get the idea, then he heads off to start his training.

          • TDKR sucked due to its clunky story, Catwoman’s lame motivation, and s****ing all over Bane.

            • -1

            • +2

              • – infinity. I found TDKR excellent…including Catwoman’s motivations.

                • Agreed.

                  Catwoman’s motivations, being a criminal for a number of years and feeling like the walls were closing in so wanting a way of escape.

                  I’m not sure how that can be considered lame motivation. Hathaway brought a lot of depth to the character.

                  I think people just hear stuff said on forums and just go on auto pilot and repeat criticisms they have read elsewhere.

          • @dazz:

            Fair enough point a about TDKR. We all know its bad points, even if we liked the film, but its successful and loved. Continually bashing it now just seems petty. So maybe you could do the same to The Avengers?

            • funny that someone complains about the continual bashing about the Dark Knight, in a thread that is .. well.. basically continuing bashing Superman.

        • @ Wally West please do not bunch the Burton and Schumacher movies together!

    • An origin story? Protagonists going through some personal issues? God forbid they show that. I think what you noticed is that they both end up somewhere snowy with facial hair.

    • You should be excited because the director isn’t Bryan Singer.. and because it’s a new reboot and the trailers and the hope of an eventual Justice League should be enough to get excited! :)

  4. Haha, that Ricky Gervais laugh video.

    I remember someone who used to listen to his XFM radio show in the early 2000s pointing out to me that my laugh sounded a lot like Ricky’s. I denied it until I heard it.


    • Jay Mohr does a hilarious impersonation of Gervais and his laugh.

  5. The first person Darth Vader was pretty cool :)

    • They really did a good job of making Vader look menacing. If I ever saw him burst through my door like he did in the 2nd vid, I’d crap myself.

      Also, it kinda reminded me of that old Star Wars arcade game where you sit in a box and and duel Vader with a flight stick. That game sucked up quarters like nothing…

      • YES! I remember that arcade game 😀

    • @Robert

      All except that stupid fisheye lens they love to use on those “cool” gopro cameras… I think I would rip my hair out if I have to watch any length of video with that distortion.

  6. As much as I hate these “Everything wrong with” videos, got to admit, it’s about time someone did one for Superman Returns.

    • You hate them? Why? They’re funny even if some of them are inaccurate and poking holes where there aren’t any.

      Also, I love how CinemaSins and ScreenJunkies have sort of teamed up now. The CinemaSins guy appeared in the Honest Trailer for Fast Five too.

      • Not specifically these guys, just videos in general when it comes to tearing apart a movie over it’s flaws. I prefer to focus on the good in a movie and not the bad.

        I do agree that these guys are funny and do a good job with these videos, but they aren’t for me. Now, I’m not a brain dead idiot. I see flaws in movies at times as much as everyone else. But if the good outweighs the bad, then I can still enjoy a film. I just don’t like it when people make videos just to tear apart any movie audiences really like. Like I said, they are funny, and I can see why other people like these videos. They just aren’t for me.

        I was simply making a joke about them doing one for Superman Returns, a movie I think is really terrible. Normally when I see these “everything wrong with” videos pop up it’s for a good movie.

      • Not specifically these guys, just videos in general that tear a movie apart for it’s flaws or plot holes. I prefer to focus on the good in a movie, not the bad.

        I do agree that these guys are funny and do a good job with their videos, but they aren’t for me. Now, I’m not someone who checks my brain in at the door before watching a movie. I notice flaws and think they can hurt a movie at times. But if the good out weighs the bad and the film is still enjoyable, then I can give the movie a pass. I just don’t like it when people seem to ignore what’s good about a movie and just focus on the flaws. I can see why other people like these videos, they just aren’t for me.

        I was simply making a joke about them doing one for Superman Returns, a movie I find pretty bad. Normally when I see these “everything wrong with” videos pop up it’s for a good movie.

        • +1

  7. This is the first of these ‘geek picks’ that I’ve actually watched and between the Game of Thrones rap and the ripping apart of Superman Returns, you’ve got a new fan.

  8. These “Everything wrong” videos are now number one on my worst-things-in-cinema list. You’ve been dethroned Rotten Tomatoes.

  9. As far as the Everything Wrong With videos… I find it slightly hilarious that “DC comics” counts as an immediate strike at the beginning of all of their DC related videos. As far as Superman Returns goes, I think the video actually nailed it pretty accurately….

    Anyone ever see the one for Inception?? Hilariously brutal! lol

  10. As ridiculously excited as I am for Man of Steel to deliver the Superman experience I’ve always wanted, Superman Returns is an excellent film in many ways. It’s easy to understand most people’s issues with it though as it completely misjudged everybody’s expectations.
    I recommend a critical reappraisal post Man of Steel, then audiences may begin to start appreciating it for what it is rather than what it isn’t.

    I do suggest watching it on blu-ray as intended as the final part of a trilogy with Superman 1 and 2. Attempt to suspend disbelief and what you’re left with is a charming and affable comedic tone balanced with wonderful cinematography, character drama and romance… But it is not an action movie.

    • Superman Returns is about as ‘excellent’ a movie as Batman Forever. Probably decent on its own merits, but as a Superman movie, atrocious in many ways.

      Bryan Singer is the Joel Schumacher of the Superman franchise. A ‘fan’ who almost irreparably destroyed the franchise he loved. It’s a harsh comparison but it’s also true: Like Batman Begins, it’s taken 7 years to see a new Superman movie after Singer’s failure. And it could have much longer if Warner Bros wasn’t forced to kick-start Man of Steel due to the Siegel lawsuit.

      • @ GG

        I agree with your first paragraph as you have a valid point. I too find Superman Returns watchable as Batman Forever. It wasn’t great nor terrible. Imo, Singer had the wrong idea of telling a return story & instead made practically made his own version of Donnor’s original film. As for Schumacher as most blame him for Batman franchise downfall, i blame WB mostly. Not that im sayin Schumacher made mistakes but it was WB’s idea to take the franchise into the more Family-Friendly direction more & more with Batman & Robin. Even the cast knew & wasn’t thrilled on that idea but it was WB’s call if Schumacher stepped down & another director took over, it would still be that way. If Nolan was around at the time, he might never touch the franchise if WB wanted him to direct Batman & Robin on their terms back then.

  11. SR is not a movie worth watching often, for many of the reasons given, but it makes it easier to forget flaws and remember highlights–moving a continent out of orbit, the kid instinctively crushing the thug with a piano, the evil Spacey conveys even if there is still some donner-esque buffoonery, the fall back to earth and almost subsonic impact rumble. Theres some magic in there, it just got bogged down. Hoping MoS does a better job letting it shine.