Light Starch Man

If you enjoyed this cartoon, you may enjoy an entire book of my super hero satires. It’s called “Bizarro Heroes” and you can get it lots of places, including here.

8-bit Cinema: Star Trek in 90 Seconds

8-bit Cinema “gamifies” your favorite Hollywood Blockbusters into 60 to 120 seconds of 80’s arcade and NES inspired action!

Today we present: JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek in the form of an 8 bit video game!

Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews Injustice: Gods Among Us

CONAN Highlight: After playing some of DC Comics’ heroes & villains — including the upcoming General Zod DLC — Conan picks the only character for him, the Flaming C. More “Clueless Gamer” @

Animal Crossing Rap By Adam WarRock

“The Mayor” [Animal Crossing – New Leaf]

Free download:

Beat used: Waka Flocka “I Don’t Really Care”

Adam WarRock has been playing way too much Animal Crossing New Leaf this week…

NEXT PAGE: Live-action Bioshock short film…

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