SR Geek Picks: ‘Man of Steel’ Problems, Honest ‘Home Alone’ Trailer & More

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find an honest trailer for Home Alone; everything wrong with Man Of Steel in 8 minutes or less; the top 10 worst movie accents; 25 little known facts about Thanksgiving; and Josh Hutcherson hangs out with Jimmy Fallon. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, WhatCulture has 5 Reasons Why Family Guy Should Be Cancelled.

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25 Little Known Facts About Thanksgiving

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John takes a look at some little known facts about Thanksgiving (the American one).


Josh Hutcherson Wanted to Be Justin Timberlake

Jimmy asks Josh first about his big week, which included hosting Saturday Night Live and the release of his new film, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and then about Josh’s old fascination.


Josh Hutcherson Has Some Basketball Skill

Josh demonstrates his ability to spin a basketball on his fingers, which is the latest in a series of talent showcases by the cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


Thanksgiving Object Shootout with Josh Hutcherson

Jimmy and Josh Hutcherson take turns shooting hoops with Thanksgiving-themed items, including a pumpkin pie.


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  1. LOL, a great takedown of the terrible Man of Steel.

  2. A Superman 2 fan telling me what’s wrong with Man of Steel. No thanks.

    • Indeed

  3. Good critique of Man of Steel. I would have also brought attention to how one-dimensional, purely angry, and simply revengeful Zod was. It was if he had no intellect at all and needed to be put on medication to control his rage.

    I also got a chuckle from the phrase “destruction porn”…fitting.

    Sadly, the only things I liked about Man of Steel were the lead actor and the special effects. Everything else was, for me, only mediocre at best.

    • Zod was created to be a army general and that he would do anything for his race, he said it himself. He wasn’t all revenge. His one dimensional self represented all the flaws of old krypton.

      • …and, that is why Kal freaked out at the end. Even though Zod’s methods were twisted, he wanted to do something very rational.

    • Man of Steel was a great piece of science-”fiction”.

      • Of course it was science fiction…don’t know anyone who has asserted otherwise. As for it being “great”, myself and many others, critics and fans alike, disagree with you.

        • Same can be said about this comment.

          • Yea…both are factual statements. Your point, then?

            Oh…you just don’t like read about people disliking Man of Steel without saying something about it. Must be difficult for you.

            • Nah, it’s kind of a hobby.

              BTW, the SITE YOU ARE COMMENTING ON disagrees with YOUR analysis.

              Also… you behavior falls into this category, known as “astroturfing”



              So no, it’s not that difficult for me. I will continue to fight the good fight.

            • Yes, by all means, if you can’t develope your own, go to different sites to formulate your opinion of something…but if you are a diehard fan of Man of Steel, I’d avoid the hundreds of reviews listed at Rotten Tomatoes, since many of them suggest it is only a mediocre film, at best. 56% rating by critics, and 76% rating by fans.

            • …and are you seriously suggesting that attempting to convince others that Man of Steel was a good movie is “fighting the good fight”?

              You need to get out more.

              • No, just for the people who feel the need to opinion spam, I will be there to counter there complete BS, which isn’t about sharing an opinion… it’s about forwarding an agenda.

                The sites I set links too tell the story of why that 56% rating is completely bogus.

                Never before in the history of RT has an executive for the company stepped forward to proclaim that a movie was receiving bogus reviews. That happened with Man of Steel.

                The internet is full of fake reviews. Google it or read more yourself with the links I provided.

                • So, just because other people don’t like a movie that you liked, it must be a conspiracy?! To what end, man, and why?! Never mind, please don’t waste your time and mine attempting to answer that.

                  You have taken fandom to a whole other level.

                  I did not like the movie, nor did a host of other people whom I know like it, and the abundance of negative reviews had absolutely nothing to do with our dislike of it.

                  • Yet you keep coming back here to argue, which… as described in the links I provided… suggest that you are completely full of BS.

                    Just like the RT rating.

                  • I offered a oomment or two about Man of Steel, and then YOU took exception to it and engaged in a debate…so by your own standard, then, wouldn’t you be the one who is full of BS?

                    Feel free to have the last word, as I am quite finished with this ridiculous conversation.

                  • You have offered far more than “a comment or two.”

                    This is where you say… “No, I’ve only commented about MoS on this page!”

                    Again… BS.

                    Human psychology 101- if you TRULY felt the way that you claim, you wouldn’t spend the time spouting the same thing over and over and over and over, nor would you return to this obscure page. What is happening is not opinion sharing, it’s opinion spamming… which is agenda based.

                    And no, what I am doing does not fall into that category. What I do is call out people like you, who counter with the same tired rhetoric and use the same bogus argument points.

                    FACT: The RT rating is bogus, and a spokesperson for the company has confirmed this.

                    Google: “Astroturfing” “Sentiment Analysis” “Opinion Spamming” “Shilling” to learn more. It’s a booming issue right now, as Universities across the globe are frantically developing algorithms in hopes to address what has become a major problem.

                  • Oh, Dr. Mindbinder…you need a doctor.

                  • Thank you for proving my point, Mr. “I’m done with this conversation”

  4. Cumberbatch should be number 1 on the list best Sherlock Holmes with Brett a very close second.

  5. Keanu Reeves is perfect for Neo… nothing more.

  6. *Morpheus voice*

    What if I told you…

    …that “Everything Wrong With…” “How it Should Have Ended” and “Honest Trailers” are each in some way shape or form affiliated with WB?

  7. Man of Steel was a good film, Not a “great”. My biggest problem with the film is the way Zack Snyder went crazy with the final battle. It was really destruction porn when you really boil it down. It was a little much. Other than that, I thought it was good, definitely a hell of a lot more stuff wrong with it.

  8. Man of Steel was a great film, not “good.” My favorite part with the film is the way Zack Snyder went crazy with the final battle. That kind of destruction is exactly what would happen in that situation when you really boil it down. It was accurate. Including that, I thought it was great, definitely a hell of a lot of more stuff right with it.