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Robocop Week Begins On Cinefix

Are you a Robocop fan? Are you excited about the remake, dubious, or cautiously optimistic? Do you think cyborg cops are what will save Detroit for real? What do you think the next 80s movie to get a reboot will be?

7 Little-Known Robocop Facts

The Robocop remake is coming out soon. So here’s a list of fun facts about the 1987 version to arm you for the inevitable “Was it as good as the original?” debate.

Bill Hader’s Killer Star Wars Impressions

CONAN Highlight: Attention J.J. Abrams: nobody can pull off a dying tauntaun & Jabba like Bill Hader can.

West Wars

A re-imagining of Star Wars that takes place in the American Wild West as represented by custom-made action figures by an artist known as Sillof.

By somenorcalguy.

America Gone to Pot – Songify the News 4

Congresswoman Jackie Speier debates diplomatic spending with Nice Peter & Kassem G while a variety of pundits & politicians bemoan the biggest dangers of 2014 – zoo closures, marijuana legalization, and texting.

The Truth Behind Pixar

There’s WHAT hiding in the Pixar building?!

Late Knights Race with Johnny Knoxville

Jimmy and Johnny dress up in medieval armor and compete in a race on a course designed to trip them up.

Riding the Ryno one-wheeled motorcycle, a Dragonball fantasy brought to life

Ben Popper takes the Ryno one-wheeled motorcycle for a spin on the mean streets of Brooklyn.

Screencaps from Classic Movies That Make Great Desktop Wallpapers

Tron Wallpaper 570x320 SR Geek Picks: 7 Little Known Robocop Facts, Batman & Robin Problems & More

You don’t need the green hills of Windows on your desktop, and frankly we’re sick of that one wallpaper you downloaded like three months ago. Gaze at one of these images on your desktop, and contemplate the weirdness and wonder of tomorrow.

NEXT PAGE: Batman & Robin Problems

Top 10 Crossover Video Games

These are the games that were oozing with Fan service. Join WatchMojo.com as they count down their picks for the Top 10 Crossovers in Video Games.

My Crazy Ex…Best Friend

Have you ever had an awkward encounter like this? Ever run into an ex with your new best friend (or Boyfriend/Girlfriend)?

Every Pimp My Ride Entrance By Xzibit

Just 10 straight minutes of Xzibit (and a few seconds of Chamillionaire, but those suck) elaborately walking towards a camera. Amazing.

Everything Wrong With Batman & Robin In An Awful Lot Of Minutes

We’re breaking records today, people. This is the longest sins video yet, for starters. It’s also the highest sin count for a movie ever (without a bonus round). Even the outtakes are a little beefier this time around.

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