Even More Terminator 4 Updates

Published 7 years ago by , Updated September 10th, 2012 at 9:17 am,

terminator 3 Even More Terminator 4 UpdatesNo less than 24 hours after our own Niall Browne reported the latest on Terminator 4, Cinema Blend has posted some new plot details (via their own longtime “insider”).

According to their source:

“Just like the ‘Star Wars’ prequels when it was the relationship between Anakin and Obi Wan that drove the three films, that’s the concept for the new Terminator films when its between the relationship of Kyle and John, who is really father and son but with the moral dilemma with John knowing what has to be done in order for him to be born.”

Hopefully, that doesn’t include wooden acting and corny dialog.

We can also expect an “evolution” of the terminator models (presumably including Sam Worthington; supposedly the lead character of the trilogy). Not to mention, McG & Co. might even go as far as to connect this new trilogy to the currently running Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles television series(!) Uh, no thanks guys – stick to the films.

And while long-time Terminator make-up artist Jeff Dawn revealed that he’ll be unavailable for the fourth installment. He nonetheless confirmed that effects-wizard (and longtime Terminator collaborator) Stan Winston will return!

I find myself amazed by how this film sounds more interesting by the day. Now if only they can come up with a better title.

Source: Cinema Blend and The Arnold Fans

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  1. I still don’t buy the whole “sending your own father back in time to conceive you” thing. I just don’t. In what possible universe does that make sense?

    I know you’re just supposed to shut up and enjoy it, but I have trouble with that. My fiancĂ© and I got into an honest-to-God fight over Panic Room. I should probably seek help.

  2. Liz, there’s no hope for you. Did you watch any of the Terminators?…how about Star Wars? or ANY science fiction film.

    You make no complaint about killer future robots, but a character sending a character back in time when he has to! (the only realistic part of the film) you complain about.

    You should probably just stop watching films

  3. Jimmy, ease up on the throttle there, bud. You’re getting into borderline territory with the tone of your comments.

    Liz’s point is that it sets up what seems to be a Mobius loop with no beginning or end. It’s almost like the human version of the chicken and the egg.

    On the other hand, you have a point with your “killer future robots.” :-)

    I suppose those are just things that we have to not look at too closely, although I’m guilty of it myself.


  4. The way things are looking; this could be WBs ONLY Summer 2009 tentpole.


  5. Liz, it’s really not that difficult, if time travel were possible. Is it the time travel aspect or a “son being older than his father and sending him back in time so he can be born” aspect? Temporal mechanics can give you a headache if you let it. :o)

    My problem I have is in the first Terminator, Kyle said he volunteered to go back, not that he was ordered to go back. I know that’s a small distinction but I think McG should keep in line with it.

  6. What a convoluted mess this is becoming.

    Every new update on this film it gets worse for me.

    too much family not enough gritty war epic battle.

    My give a sh*t factor on this film is at an all time low.

  7. Interesting how the insider quoted above compares this movie to the prequel trilogy of SW. It’s like a prequel and a sequel all in one! Double the chance for a letdown!

    You know, the first film only implied Kyle is John’s father. We don’t know what she was doing the nights before and after that night, and telling John that his father was a time-traveling soldier sounds better than ‘the guy I met at Burger King’ the week after. Or maybe it was Superman…

  8. I swear, if this movie ends with John starting to ‘fade-away’ as Kyle is fighting to get to the time machine, I’m gonna give up on Hollywood. Maybe John is playing Johnnie Be Good at the Under The Sea dance when it happens.

    Panda’s not gonna like this movie

  9. “once Kile timetraveled back in the first place he created a alternate timeline.”

    Now you’re talking Back to the Future 2, and that is just crazy and Panda won’t hear of it. hahaha

    Is the extent of our timetravel theory only based on Terminator, BttF, and Star Trek? Kip Thorne would be disappointed

  10. But seriously 790, if we wanna get down to the quarks of it, every action doesn’t “slowly split” from the original timeline, in true multiverse, mutiple timeline theory. Every action “places” him in another timeline, thereby his present timeline would be deviating more and more from his original timeline each moment.

    But we will call it cimantics and stop by saying you and I agree. J/k, my brain hurts now

  11. Oh! and don’t forget Timecop (I’ve been trying for years)

    What would be creepy is if the Skynet computer itself talks to Reese, and it has the digital Stephen Hawking voice. oooooh

    I wasn’t even going to mention the crossover potential with the Matrix. Sorry, the Terminator movies are dead. Next up, Terminators of the Carribean

  12. Yea Panda, Kile Reese could show up in John Connors life days before the last attack on Skynet. Connor could even be wondering where Kile Reese is.

    John could be planing the final attack and so far no Reese. Then all of a sudden they meet up with a resistance squad that’s from north Alaska or wherever during a battle?
    Before then John never met him.

    If this is going to be a reverse Son Father dynamic where John has to protect Kile all the time, streached out over 3 films;/? That’s gonna suck.

    The future war (storyline)should wrap up in a 3 hour finale. Big battles, Resistance hackers that reprogram Terminators, Capture of the Time Machine and shutdown of Skynet, send back the Heroes from the first 3 films, T-1000 attacks, Skynet awakes, Big hUge battle, last Time machine activation before Connor can use a tactical nuke to destroy the Time machine that in turn restores the timeline and prevents Judgement Day, (lots of applause everyones happy!!)
    The end
    (If they could just pulloff something like that simple concept I would be happy).

    I’m having a bad feeling the (producers) are planning to keep running the Fox tv show in conjunction with the 3 films spread out over a 5 year+ period.
    That’s just too much Connor and Reese for me. Id be rooting for Skynet at that point.

  13. Haha’z Panda. Fading away like in Back to the Future and every sitcom that uses time travel? Boy that would be comical and a huge disapointment.

    If timetravel were possible I don’t think the fade-away senario would occur. Once you (johnConnor) are born in a focal point (Kile Reese and Sarah do it in the hotel) you can still live long enough to meet your father (kile) and even kill him.
    You wouldn’t die or fade away. It wouldn’t matter because once Kile timetraveled back in the first place he created a alternate timeline.
    Like a branch of the main timeline.

    with some tweaking of when that time travler first arrived you could possibly prevent the timeline from branching off if you were to stop or kill him within the first 10 min. But every minute after that he would be slowly splitting off (with his actions) from the original timeline.

    (That make any sense?)

    If Skynet was really supersmart he would have targeted Kile Reese for Termination.

  14. Naw Panda just your basic quantum mechanics with some Terminator terms thrown in.

  15. Yea I guess that sounded a little too Stephen Hawking.

    I was trying to help Liz. :-)

  16. TimeCop wasn’t that the lamest time travel device?

  17. TimeCop wasn’t that the lamest time travel device?

    I wouldn’t say it was the lamest but it was close. I’d say the lamest was the movie where Christopher Reeves dressed in a specific time period and simply conditioned his mind to believe he was in that time and he was. Many would say it was a good love story; I say it was boring.