Are Wasp & Ant-Man in The Avengers?

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Marvel Studios presented fans in attendance at Comic-Con 2010 this Saturday with what may have been the most iconic comic book movie moment ever: the official introduction, unveiling and announcement of the main roster of characters for The Avengers along with its director, Joss Whedon.

While we were able to finally get confirmation on Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye and Mark Ruffalo taking over for Ed Norton as the new Bruce Banner, some of us wonder if this represents the full cast of the film, or just the core. What about the key characters Ant-Man and Wasp?

Ant-Man will get his own solo film by Edgar Wright eventually. We don’t know when but they’re slowly working away at it. It wasn’t a surprise to see no news on the Ant-Man front coming out of Comic-Con as to not detract from Wright’s other big comic film being showcased at the convention, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

It’s expected that the Ant-Man character along with Wasp will join the cast of The Avengers to have the film closely follow the early Marvel Comics issues of ‘The Avengers’ and perhaps more relevant to the film franchise, ‘The Ultimates’ books.

the avengers cast comic con 2010 280x186 Are Wasp & Ant Man in The Avengers?

The core Avengers roster revealed at Comic-Con

If you remember, nearly two years ago, Eva Longoria was rumored as the top candidate to play the Wasp as she was spotted exiting Marvel Studios “clutching a business card and some comic books in her hand.” The books of course were issues of The Avengers and the assumption is that she was given those to research while in talks to play the character of Janet Van Dyne.

According to Showbiz Spy, Marvel has had this plan set for a long time and it’s now being rumored by them that Longoria is currently in negotiations for the part. The news is sketchy at this point as the article also points to her shooting scenes in New York in the coming months when we know the project doesn’t begin until early next year. Either way, it does bring back the Longoria rumor and talk about the character’s inclusion in Marvel Studios’ film plans.

If it does turn out that Longoria nabs the role, this becomes a very similar situation to what happened with Jeremy Renner. He revealed a year ago that he had met with Marvel to talk Captain America but instead they had a long discussion about the part of Hawkeye, and even through a year of rumors, denials and speculation, we now know Renner does have the part.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wasp and Ant-Man announced at New York Comic-Con in October since it’s much closer to the start date of production for The Avengers. If Longoria is Wasp, who’s Ant-Man? The rumor out there and fan-favorite choice is Nathan Fillion but I’d imagine they’d go for someone younger.

Do you want to see Wasp and Ant-Man join The Avengers? Who should play them?

If you weren’t there, check out our report of the Marvel Studios panel for Thor, Captain America and The Avengers.

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Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012. We’ll find out what comes next at San Diego Comic-Con this week!

Source: Showbiz Spy

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  1. i hope not, there is too many characters already

    • I agree with you, even though in a way i would like to see them like many fans. But these are enough characters in my opinion, otherwise the movie will be overloaded with actors and not invest the time to develop these characters. That will end up giving a crappy story and turning off the general audiences as they will be trying to learn so many characters. As it is, another character i didnt see at the comic con picture was don cheadley as war machine, or perhaps they will leave him out of the action on this one.

    • My wish was for Marvel to be true to the fans and not do what Fox did to the X-men by playing too fast and loose with character timelines. While I would agree that having too many characters is a challenge to juggle, I absolutely think that Hank and Janet should be included. While they never seem to be anyone’s favorites, and all anyone ever seems to talk about is big guns — Thor, Cap, Iron, Man and Hulk, it’s important to remember how essential Hank and Jan are to very fabric of the Avengers.

      I was hoping to see the Avengers movie feature Hank as a scientist working for Stark industries on AI weaponry when things go terribly awry. Jan is Hanks girlfriend (but flirting with Tony). Jealousies, accidents… Ultron. Avengers Assemble. I could totally see Jan and Hank being subsidiary and maybe joining the fracas at the end, possibly after Ultron has been defeated and the team turns to fighting one of thier own (the rampaging Hulk who “loses it” in the fight with Ultron.)

      I agree that Black Widow and Hawkeye should be relegated to service as SHIELD agents. I am really not wild about screen time going to them in the first movie, especially if it detracts in any way from the character development with The Wasp and Ant Man. BTW, with Downey’s portrayal of wise-cracking, loudmouth Tony, why do we need Clint Barton. And frankly archery is not that exciting of a power. It seems an easy way to add a popular character that is easy to budget for in terms of effects. Marvel should do this all the way and stay true.

      • @ GAGA for Janet

        You make some very sensible points. I’m really not all that keen on the Ultimates route which is where this movie seems to be anchored.

        I would just love to see the ORIGINAL founding members with other key members added in later films.

        The Ultimates is such a small window in the history of Marvel comics and not part of the original mainstream Avengers.

        I certainly don’t buy into the “more realistic” fallacy or that the series attracted a new fan base. That is such a throw away statement.

        The Avengers have been around since the early sixties and they deserve to be represented in a highly dramatic action packed realistic fun adventure.

        It should be the kind of grand epic film that breaks new ground but I seriously doubt we’re going to see anything remotely close other than a super hero soap opera copulated with trendy “Joss” dialogue.

      • YES!!! YOU ARE RIGHT :)

  2. What’s this I can hear? Might it be another nail being hammered into The Avenger’s already crowded coffin, why yes I do believe it is!

  3. Two more chracters wouldnt kill the picture.
    I hope the rumors are true.

  4. Maybe Ant-man and The Wasp will just have cameos in the movie, or in the after-credits. Ala Nick Fury in Ironman.

  5. @Kris, Black Widow and Hawkeye will be S.H.I.E.L.D agents, so they won’t be core characters just background. The core is Captain America,Iron Man,Thor & Hulk. Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne ARE FOUNDING MEMBERS and are just as important to the CORE roster and this movie, without them it WOULD NOT be an Avengers origin movie.It IS ALSO POSSIBLE THAT HANK & JAN MAY BE JUST S.H.I.E.L.D SCIENTISTS AT THE BEGINNING ONLY,THEN BECOME ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THE AVENGERS WHEN THEY DECIDE TO USE THEIR ABILITIES TO BE STRONGER ASSETS BY BEING DIRECTLY INVOLVED,MAYBE TOWARDS THE END. This is SPECIFICALLY why Joss Whedon was chosen because of his uncanny ability to juggle and balance an ensemble cast properly. Multiple characters are juggled in the comics all the time but I’m sure it’s a lot more tricky to get it right on screen. Whedon is currently involved in all of the Avengers individual projects making sure that the continuity is right and fluid and will all mesh well by the time Avengers is ready for filming. Although Oceans 11 isn’t a comic book movie or action movie per say,it shows how an ensemble cast can be properly balanced.

    • You are speaking the truth about Ocean’s 11 and making an ensemble cast work but that was Stephen Soderbergh who IMO is a much more accomplished director..I hope I am wrong but I don’t think Whedon will able to pull it off…

      • Soderbergh is Awesome, it’s quite a gamble but even if Soderbergh was hired it’d still be no guarantee that it would work. With something like this I’d have to hire someone who is already familiar with these characters,has written many ensemble stories,written ACTUAL great comic issues and is actually a fanboy himself. That’s Josh Whedon. Remember Jon Favereau will be Producer and Kevin Feige will Exec-Produce

        • It seems like it would be redundant to have both Ant-Man and the Wasp together. They’re too similar. If I remember correctly, Hank Pym started out as Giant Man. Or at least he was when the Avengers started. But it’s been a long time since I picked up a comic book.

          • @ Gene

            Hank Pym aka Ant-Man first appeared in MARVEL’s Tales to Astonish #27 Jan 1962.

            I’ve copied and pasted the following fro Wikipedia :-)

            Pym began what would be a constant shifting of superhero identities in Tales to Astonish, becoming the 12-foot-tall Giant-Man in issue #49 (Nov. 1963).

            Retitled “Giant-Man”, Pym and the Wasp continued to star in the feature until issue #69 (July 1965), while simultaneously appearing in The Avengers until issue #15 (April 1965), after which the couple temporarily left the team.

            Pym rejoined the Avengers and adopted the new identity of Goliath in Avengers #28 (May 1966). Gradually falling to mental duress, he adopted a fourth superhero identity, Yellowjacket, in issue #59 (Dec. 1968).

            Pym reappeared as Ant-Man in Avengers #93 (Nov. 1971) and for issues #4 – 10 starred in the lead story of the first volume of Marvel Feature (July 1972 – July 1973).

            Temporarily abandoning a costumed persona, Pym joined the team the West Coast Avengers as a scientist and inventor in West Coast Avengers vol. 2, #21 (June 1987).

            The character returned to the Avengers as the superhero Giant-Man in The Avengers vol. 3, #1 (Feb. 1998). When the team disbanded after a series of tragedies, Pym, using the Yellowjacket persona again, took a leave of absence beginning with vol. 3, #85 (Sept. 2004)

  6. If they start killing off superheros like they did in the third X-Men I swear I’m not watching another Marvel movie.

  7. They are amassing a might line-up for this film with the Avengers + the SHIELD agents..I am now wondering who is the antagonist(s) going to be?



    • @GreenKnight333, It’s difficult to say at this point being that the script is STILL being tweaked and has not been leaked to the masses. One particular easter egg was shown at COMICON, it was THE INFINITY GAUNTLET!!! An Infinity Gauntlet prop was presented and will be shown in the “Thor” movie along with the “Cosmic Cube”. So who knows,there may be a subtle presence of Thanos in The Avengers or he may just send a horde of Skrulls down first and show up by the last sequel,MAYBE. My theory is: Avengers #1)villain:Loki(somewhat),SKRULLS,Hulk(rogue/mindcontrolled) Avengers#2)villain:Ultron Avengers #3)villain:THANOS! Just my theory,I may be 100% wrong.

      • The infinity gaunlet !! WOW!! Did not know that

        I love the Thanos Quest and Infinty Gaunlet series in the comics(I have them both) but I think that if that is the case then I think both Marvel and DC may be trying to cram too much into an Avengers or GL movie..I mean as a fan of these characters for the last 35 years I know the myhtos and the characters and all the nuances each character brings but will it be TOO much for a general audience to take it and understand..I’m not saying the average general audience member is stupid but if there are 30 characters introduced in these films I’ll get them because I know the source material very well..will the average person find this convoluted and over wrought with too many characters to keep track of…

        • The only characters I can picture as the villains in the movie are the Chitari (German name for Skrull perhaps) or Thanos. Ultron can’t be it if Antman and Wasp are jut being introduced. Can’t be a team of super- villains or just Loki cuz if Fury’s assembling the group for a purpose then he wouldn’t expect the super-villains to rise. The Kree is one other possibility, butI doubt it.

          • Why can’t Ultron work? If Pymm and Wasp are brought into the fold then Ultron could be the reason why(tech that Pymm was working on at Stark or Hammer industries)..Indestructible hi-tech weapon goes crazy as becomes self-aware and replicates like crazy as it takes over most of the advanced tech systems on the planet…AND PLEASE NOT SOME TYPE OF COMPUTER VIRUS SAVING THE DAY…

            • They could include Ultron, but not as a main threat. The first movie should have some kind of invasion (Ala Thanos, Kree, or Chitauri (Skrull), then the second can have a super-villain team-up like in Ultimates 2 with the Liberators.

          • The name Chitauri is not German, it’s an Aboriginal South African name given to a species of “reptilian” extraterrestrials that are woven into native South African folklore.

    • I’m guessing something along the lines of Ultimates 1 or Ultimates 2 where all of these characters are used (including Wasp and Ant-Man) and they fought what are basically the Ultimate version of the Skrulls but in the Ultimates 2, it’s Loki (Hiddleston kinda hinted hey may be in The Avengers even though he can’t talk about it) but the Ultron bots Pym makes are in that book series too.

  8. I think this is pretty cool, Though I wonder why they never tried to get her on board earlier to introduce her with the rest of the Avengers.

    They aren’t going to introduce the Wasp till after the credits of the movie. First of all Eva Longoria isn’t going to sign on for something like that. Second of all Wasp is not Nick Fury, her appearance wont justify waiting till after the credit.

    You know actually I was thinking about another actress that might be good. I was thinking of Eva Mendes. She would be really good for the Wasp.

    • @Wepz,I agree,Hank & Jan WILL be in this and not just after the ending credits,in what aspect,it’s hard to say. It is reported though that Hawkeye IS in “Thor” and there will be some necessary “Avengers” related cameos/easter eggs in Captain America also.

      • I am willing to bet that SHIELD is tasked with finding the body of Steve Rogers and after they find him he wakes and thinks the Nazi’s have him and goes beserk and the Black Widow and Hawkeye try to contain him…

    • Mendes, ABSO-frickin’-LUTELY!

      I’m apparently one of those seemingly deranged psychotics that finds Eva Longoria positively uninteresting; whenever Desperate Housewives execs announce that a Major Character Will Die this season, I’m crossing my fingers that “Gabrielle Solis” becomes worm-buffet…

      If Eva Mendes wants to move onto the block to console poor Carlos, hey…I’ll take it!

  9. Oh Hell no! Yea she is nice to look at but she cannot act a lick. Please let this be a falsehood, rumor drummed up by her agent.

    • Eva Longoria and Nathan Fillion as Hank & Jan ARE JUST RUMORS,however more than likely Hank & Jan will be cast in The Avengers(maybe just as scientific consultants) and they maybe cast by two totally different,unnamed and unsuspected actors,just like the surprise with Mark Ruffalo.

  10. If this rumor is true well then we could kick The Avengers sorry butts goodbye.

    • Eva Longoria as the Wasp? You have got to be kidding. An older version of Megan Fox. Eye candy for middle aged fanboys but can’t act to save her life.

      I’m very quickly losing faith in Marvel Studios. Looks like they’re going down the cheap fast food route.

  11. Yeah, she’s hot and all, but I was picturing someone younger… and better at acting.

  12. The Nathan Fillion rumor was debunked at Comic Con last week. On to the next one…….

  13. Whos gonna play batman in the avengers have they stated that?

    • Get out.

  14. The Avengers is getting crowded enough but since they are an important part of the team I guess they should add them…..I don’t know who I’d suggest as Janet cuz all my picks would be based mostly on their looks, I can’t think of anyone young,good looking and talented enough. As for Hank, how bout David Wenham (Faramir in LOTR,Carl in Van Helsing)?

    • David Wenham is a very good call as is Simon Baker from The Mentalist.

    • Lucy Liu? Wasp WAS asian in the ultimates continuity…hell, when the team’s having a “who would play us ina movie” conversation, Nick even says that’s who should play her. ;)

  15. Ya, I don’t think it’s too many because it’ll likely be done in a similar fashion to the Ultimates books which have all these characters plus another two (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver).

    • I prefer imbecile if you don’t mind..

      • Rob a comic book is a LOT different from seeing a film. When I’m reading the comic if there is a part I didn’t quite understand or I can’t remember who someone is then I just go back and reread.I can study each and every dialogue box and really pick apart each panel of artwork which is something I can’t do in a theater.If I am a layperson who is just going to see an action movie then I may have trouble remembering who everyone is and what their role is..and I can’t rewind it back in the theater and rewatch. Which may make the film convoluted and over bearing..I can annoy the people I’m with and ask lots of questions while the film is running but we won’t go there. :)

        That’s the problem I had with Serenity..I never watched Firefly prior to that film and I felt I couldn’t connect with the characters because that part of the story had already been covered in the TV series. I hope Whedon and Marvel don’t make the same mistake with Avengers by assuming everyone has already seen IM I & II, Thor and Captain AMerica or has read the comics.(I myself have only read a few of the Ultimates issues and I wasn’t a fan So that is leaving me a little worried about how this film will turn out)..If they haven’t then the Avengers film will be extremely difficult to follow minus the various origin material which was presented in other films.

        Make any sense? :)

        • @GreenKnight,that makes a whole lot of sense. Keep in mind as you said these stories are being laid out through individual movies which makes it easier to know what is going on through continuity. If a person hasn’t seen the other movies then they shouldn’t have to but it’d be more fulfilling. I don’t think Marvel Studios will just throw out random stuff that only fanboys are aware of. This is this first time that an interconnected Universe of different movies is being made into one big film(and more to come) so that IS why it is so important for it to be laid out in a connected way otherwise people may get LOST. BUT speaking of LOST try never watching the first season,begin watching it from some random season. You may not know how,who or what exactly is going on but it’s so entertaining that it drags you in making you eventually want to know and see more and like most people you will be hooked. That’s sort of the idea here.

  16. Ya the nathan stuff is dead from his own mouth…he does not have time… watch?v=925hMGAW6YI

  17. It seems like to me the obvious situation for so many heroes is a Skrull/Chitari invasion. Nick Fury would fall back and be at a command post likely with AntMan Wasp and Black Widow holding the fort. Hawkeye providing Mid-range attack and support. Leaving the main group on the offensive most likely to meet some goal to prevent global takeover. Cap. America as Field Team leader with Support by Thor and Ironman(who will probably hack some alien computers or something) and that leaves Hulk Rampaging around destroying the opposition and Distracting the Alien Hordes during the Offensive Team attack. So with all that said there is plenty of room for all these heroes to be a team and there is room for AntMan and Wasp. Im not to keen on Eva as Wasp tho.

  18. Eliza Dushku as the Wasp. i know i know you all think she is all wrong for the part ,but, remember she is on of Joss’s favorite actresses (Buffy/Angel,
    Dollhouse) he knows how she works, and vise-virsa.

    till next time

  19. olivia munn would make a good wasp she’s a combo of the ultimates and the avenger’s wasp

  20. Why can’t they simply make an Avengers movie starting with the ORIGINAL founding members and recruit new members with the second and third film?

    It’s all starting to look like an overcrowded cheesefest as far as I’m concerned.

    An Avengers film should be a powerful and grand dramatic epic with the sci-fi, action, story, and acting as realistic as it can get.

    I would like to excercise the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t help but see this as as an overblown overcrowded extended TV episode by the extremely over rated and under experienced Joss Whedon.

  21. A guilty pleasure of mine is Desperate Housewives (im sorry) and I dont see anything wrong with Eva’s acting in that show :s

    We cant discount Summer Glau as the wasp with Joss at the helm, he loves her. As much as I love eliza dushku/faith/echo (my number 1 celebrity crush) I think Glau would play a better wasp than eliza

    As for the villains, would the skrulls be property of fox? since they are mainly a Fantastic Four villian? I wouldnt want Ultron or Thanos introduced to soon.

    My guess is it will have something to do with the red skull and a small band of followers that are trying to resurrect/thaw him out
    Or the chitari or hydra and one of these groups will turn the hulk into the main antagonist


  23. they should definitely assume that everyone has seen IM I & II, Hulk, Thor and Captain America before seeing Avengers. I dont want to be bored or have them waste precious screen time covering the events of those movies

    I think it should be stressed in the trailers for avengers that this movie come after of those other films

  24. Lol, some of you need to give Marvel the benefit of a doubt about The Avengers film. Who knows, maybe it’ll be long enough to give each character screen time and if the film does great, we will have sequels. Too many characters if they add Ant-Man & Wasp? Geez people complained too many villains in Spider-man 3 which i find hard to understand when we seen Sandman throughout the film, New Goblin attack Peter twice and then help during the climax i wouldn’t count him as villain, and of-course Venom who didnt show till little over half of the movie was runned through. I don’t about the rest of you but im gonna wait for the film to actually come out before i jump to conclusions or pass any sort of judgement.

    • That may be so and if the movie’s okay, I’ll then change my mind, eat my words, jump for joy…etc…etc.

      In the meantime, I’m having fun commenting, bashing my head against a wall, jumping to conclusions, passing judgement…etc…etc…simply based on how it seems to me at the moment. :-)

    • People say that too many villains in SM3 was the problem. It wasn’t,it was the handling of Venom that messed things up, another more sensible villain should have taken the place of Venom while Venom should have been left as a cliffhanger at the end.

      • Well ive read from peoples posts in the past it was about too many villains. Not just on this site but elsewhere on the net aswell.

      • Not so much the handling of Venom, as the symbiote-possessed Peter Parker doing a bad retread of Tony Manero’s dance-walk from Saturday Night Fever’s opening credits.

        Watching it, I couldn’t help making up lyrics as the music played in my head:

        Well you can tell by the way I use my webs,
        I’m a Spider-Man, no time to kvetch
        MJ’s loud and seldom warm,
        I’ve been kicked around…since I was born

        And now it’s all right, nobody’s got my goat
        Since I got me this here symbiote;
        You can try to understand
        The Bugle’s effect on mortal man

        Whether you’re a hero, or some psychotic zero
        I’m slingin’ my webs, s-s-slingin’ my webs!
        Feel the city breakin as my booty’s shakin’
        I’m slingin’ my webs, s-s-slingin’ my webs!
        THWIPP! THWIPP! THWIPP! THWIPP! slingin’ my webs, slingin’ my webs!
        THWIPP! THWIPP! THWIPP! THWIPP! slingin’ my we-eh-eh-ebs!

        • I get what your saying but I was talking about the “too many villains” theory of why SM3 was bad, not the “emo/dark jazz” routine(that was horrible though).

  25. Meh, we don’t need either a wasp or an ant in this thing, we need a Giant-Man.

  26. Didn’t read all the comments so, apologies if this has already been discussed. Wouldn’t these types of characters – Wasp & Ant-Man – be better suited for the shorts used as character introductions preceding the feature Marvel films, as mentioned a few weeks ago here on ScreenRant? They just seem like characters who would attract only a hardcore comic fan audience if they were given solo film projects.

    • What do you mean by “these types of characters” Ant-Man & Wasp are two of the ORIGINAL founding members of The Avengers.


        • Wasp is the reason they’re CALLED the Avengers, she coined the name. THAT’S why she’s important.

  27. I think having a slightly older man play Hank Pym would work out fantastically, especially when the jealousy and instability issues comes into play. I’d love to see Nathan Fillion in this role.

  28. I wouldn’t mind if they left out antman until after he gets his movie, but they have to include wasp. she is my favorite avenger, and being a female hero she won’t get her own movie, or if she does, it will suck.

    sad, but true.

  29. Eva Longoria has said she is not going to be Wasp. Alos you can’t have Wasp in a movie without Ant man. They are married. One can’t be there without the other.