‘Europa Report’ Trailer: Awe & Terror Around Jupiter’s Moons

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It is widely thought that the best chance for discovering extraterrestrial life in Earth’s stellar backyard lies beneath the thick ice of Jupiter’s moon, Europa. In the near future of Europa Report, an international team of astronauts sets off on a multi-year journey to prove just that. But once they pierce the surface of Europa and look into the lightless oceans beneath the ice, the joy of discovery gives way to terror.

Europa Report is the first English-language film by Ecuadorian director Sebastián Cordero (Rage). The film’s cast is headlined by Sharlto Copley (Elysium), Michael Nyqvist (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), and Daniel Wu (The Man With the Iron Fists).

Unlike the film’s enigmatic first teaser, this full-length trailer for Europa Report makes it quite clear exactly what the film’s plot will entail. The interesting visual conceit for the movie is that it’s filmed entirely by incidental cameras of both the handheld and mission recorder variety. As such, it’s technically a “found footage” film, but more dynamic and flexible than previous entries in the subgenre.

Europa Report Sharlto Copley Europa Report Trailer: Awe & Terror Around Jupiters Moons

There is a tinge of disappointment that what initially appeared to be a realistic portrayal of space exploration will also include some form of menacing alien beast. That said, however played out the “monsters menace astronauts” genre can be, seeing it applied ably to a gritty depiction of plausible space travel could be interesting indeed. Also, the film looks like it’s going to milk the mission recorder cameras for all their worth.

With the intense preview for Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity turning heads, it appears as if 2013 will be a banner year for nightmare-inducing scenes of being lost in space. And to its credit, this preview of Europa Report also promises a sharp, tense example of hard science fiction.


Europa Report will touch down in theaters on June 27th, 2013.

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  1. Looks cool. I’m game :)

  2. Looks intriguing. Arthur C Clarke picked Europa as a kind of cosmic petri dish in his novel (and the movie) 2010, because of the possibility of a vast ocean of water beneath its icy surface being able to sustain some form of embryonic life. So this film’s setup isn’t beyond the realms of plausibility. Hope it doesn’t degenerate into an Alien ripoff, or worse: an Apollo 18 ripoff.

    • I’m glad you brought up 2010, that was my first thought.

      I must admit though I’m getting a little sick of ‘found footage’ type films, especially ones that rely completely on said footage.

      Blair-Witch and Cloverfield have a lot to answer for. But this doesn’t look too bad, but as you say hopefully it doesn’t degenerate into something awful.

      With regards to Alien, it basically ended any meaningful or even unique way of representing a monster or alien creature.

      When you have something that bursts out of your body in such spectacular fashion, and the method of how it gets inside you in the first place, really you’ve got nowhere else to go. It’s hard to be unique when unique has already been done.

      • Yeah, Alien set the bar so high in that regard that I honestly can’t think of another representation of extraterrestrial life in the 34 years since that’s even come close to its visceral impact. It’s still being ripped off, or at least “inspiring” lesser copies to this day. The same is true of its depiction of a dirty, industrial, lived-in human aesthetic. One of my major disappointments with Prometheus was its realisation of the Engineers as a bunch of vaguely giant-size waxy blokes instead of going with Giger’s more far-out visions of a truly biomechanoid species: not being able to tell where organic tissue ends and machinery begins.

        • “Your comment is awaiting moderation”??!? Must have been all those Star Trek and Iron Man 3 references…

  3. Again… Scientists/astraunoughts doing things als Prometheus. Hey an alien biological entity, lets go try an play with it. So stupid.

    • Guess people willing to go into deep space are very keen on obtaining their darwin awards.. In movies anyways.

      • Or perhaps people willing to go into deep space (a very great risk in itself) are eager to explore and to discover new things, while not knowing that they are in a horror film. If they would stay away from anything that is unfamiliar to them and that might be dangerous they could have stayed home.

        • Hehe true true, they are adventurers but still, to have taken the huge risk of space travel etc one would think they wiuld be extremely caucious or at the very least have strict protocols in place in the advent they encounted alien life. But yeah, as u say, its a horror movie afterall, if they behaved as scientists should then the plot woundnt really move forward lol.

          • Exactly. :D

    • @ Bellcure

      To be fair, the astronaut in question decides to see if the “entity” (or whatever it is) is reacting to the lights by turning them OFF rather than going and poking it, but of course that might have been the next step…

  4. Looks interesting!

  5. This reminds me of that Apollo movie. The one that came out last year that was Really bad. I like Copley so I hope this one doesn’t turn out like that one did..

  6. Most of the single camera, found footage things I have watched have been garbage. I hope this one is better. The premise is intriguing, but this could just be hollow hope on my part. Guess I’ll have to give it a peek and see how it is.

  7. Typo: The movie will be available on iTunes and On Demand from 27th June, it will be in theatres from 2nd August.

  8. is it just me that thought that was christian bale in the photo above?

    • Oh man i can see it lok

  9. This trailer had so much potential but then just turned into Apollo 18, very disappointing!!

    • Agree 100%

  10. It is one of my greatest hopes to live the day when we land of Europa. Hearing about its future exploits on Discovery channel is quite fascinating.

    Having said that, the fact that this movie is taking the thriller route is strongly disappointing. So tired of seeing these thrillers all over the place. It is ruining cinema.

    This movie should be more like Mission to Mars without it being an epic thriller.

  11. Seriously sick of the “mankind reaches too far” sci-fi trope.

  12. Damn, I thought this was going to be like Moon, but it looks more like Prometheus, just without the beautiful visuals.

  13. Their was nothing wrong with Prometheus, I loved it..

  14. Kind of reminds me of Applo 18.

    I like it, I’m in.

  15. Arthur C Clarke’s 2061 went even further with Europa being a source of alien life near Earth but that has never quite made to the cinema screen…